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August 19, 2022, 11:50:06 pm

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Author Topic: Hentai inspired games. (F for M. Smutt heavy)  (Read 1155 times)

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Hentai inspired games. (F for M. Smutt heavy)
« on: October 26, 2015, 03:32:11 pm »
I’m looking for something anime inspired with heavy Hentai elements. It will lean abit more towards smut than plot, and I am eagerly looking to make it as raunchy and kinky as my partner is willing to go. We can have everything from Ahegao to Paizuri. There are no limits, feel free to ask. You can even suggest ideas of your own,  ;D

And one more thing: Leave logic at the door.

Idea 1:  The terrible war between those loyal to the Emperor and those loyal to the Shogunate ravages Japan. It is brother against brother in some places. Entire families torn apart by this conflict..  A young lord holds his small prefecture the best that he can. Being loyal to the emperor has made him enemies with all those around him and they encroach on his land more every day. He fears that he will meet his end with everything he knows and loves burned and his lands salted.

Until his agents bring him news of a foreign woman, from some type of business that wishes to help. Providing his army with fire arms in exchange for a lucrative trade deal and a small port.

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Or perhaps this business woman sees an opportunity to marry into royalty. What's a few coins, a new bride, worth when compared to complete victory?

Idea 2: A city has recently lost one of its best, and oldest, superheroes. He was the light that kept all manner of evil scurrying away. Everything from low life thugs , to the heads of organized crime families an dastardly mutants and monsters. He did his best to keep the fight for truth, justice and the rule of law alive, but due to his age he can no longer do so.

After announcing his retirement many criminals took this as a chance to take over the city without any resistance. But the old hero didn't abandon his home. He ensured that the guild of heroes would have his replacement in place before the city could break down into chaos. On her first day she ends up saving a young man who was a fan of the previous hero but soon falls head over heels infatuated with her. So with the devotion of any Fan he searches her out, taking every opportunity he can to take a photo of her, until one day he gets her with her mask off and tracks her down.

Seeing the opportunity of a life time, he finds the new heroine and promises not to share her identity, if she will be his girlfriend. With no other choice, she agrees. Turning from a mighty superheroine to some fanboy's wet dream.

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Idea 3: haven't worked out the full details but I was thinking something along the lines of a student blackmailing a teacher into nit only giving him a perfect GPA in his class but to do whatever he says or else he will reveal a secret of hers that will cost her career.
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