Female seeking DM for a dark fantasy game.

Started by PostNukePrincess, October 26, 2015, 12:30:14 PM

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Hey yall I am back again and looking for a new adventure, recently I started a new game with a freind and it has inspired me to make this post. The game is a sci-fi game where I am dm a universe full of monsters and aliens as my friend goes on various adventures in space. I am having a lot of fun playing the more Dom oriented DM but it has really awoken my need to play sub. So what I am proposing is a similar type of game in a more fantasy oriented game.

I would play a young sexy apprentice sorceress that is traveling around on a sort of quest. This is more of a general idea so we can discuss and work out as much as you would like but the basic premise is a lot of smaller adventures where MC will encounter various monsters and groups. With a higher arching story that eventually links them all together.

I am looking for a kind of darker adventure with moments of cheesy and light comedy I think that the two pair nicely, just think Fallout. Where there is a lot of comedy and then some dark stuff can creep in at any moment. Checkout my f list and Ons&Offs list to see the kind of smut I am interested in. I can provide visuals and ideas at any time and am very open to ideas so pm me if interested
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