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November 17, 2017, 07:16:50 PM

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Author Topic: [Dungeon World] Fate's Own Reward  (Read 627 times)

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[Dungeon World] Fate's Own Reward
« on: October 25, 2015, 07:07:59 PM »
"They where the masks of dead creatures and seem to ooze a dark sludge from the very pours of their flesh. Their speak is gargled, but barely understandable. They are abominations to nature, ordered to capture us and bring us to them. Especially the druid for his connection to the land. We don't know exactly why they attack us, but their nature is not good or healthy for any. And this happens as we pass travel from a dying forest who's trees have been cut by men too many times that the soil can simply no longer birth healthy new life."

Three wandering adventurers make their way through a dying forest, the soil no longer able to birth new life, so many trees have been planted to be cut down. The trio are two of the dimunitive halflings, a Druid known as Thumper and a Thief known as Dodger. They are accompanied by an Elven ranger called Celion. Silence and an aura of death spills across this land and perhaps it is due to the closeness of the borders of the Dead Lands, a place where magic once ruled before what rose did fall... Strange magicks fill those lands and rumours dwell of it spreading further. As the trio cross a clump of blackened dead trees they notice all too late that they are surrounded!

Creatures in the garb of long-dead wizards from the lost civilisation of old bare upon the trio, zombies! "The Druid... Holds a connection to the land..." they groan, seemingly each word murmered by one in turn until the sentence is complete, before they rush to attack! Lucky they will take a short spell to reach the three, giving them time to perhaps attack before feeling their brunt...

But what will Thumper, the Druid, do?

ooc: This is the IC intro for Rish, as he's the one player ready to go. I'll let everyone else know when they're ready to post by having their own ambushes laid out here with a message letting you know it's okay to post.

Rish, take it away!

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Re: [Dungeon World] Fate's Own Reward
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2015, 11:29:27 AM »
Name:Thumper (Sigrise)
Alignment: Chaotic (
Stats: Str 15 (+1), Dex 8 (-1), Con 13 (+1), Int 12 (+0), Wis 16 (+2), Cha 9 (+0)
LvL: 1(2 Confirmed. Need rest)
EXP: 12/??
HP: 19
Base Damage: D6
Passive Effects: During camp he sings the healing song of the brook. All members of camp gain 1d6 HP back.
Current Action: Ordering, Bear transformation.

The druid that went by the name of Thump glared harshly at the abominations that spoke with a hoarse and emotionless tone of his connection. The sheer wrongness of the land echoing out to him, giving him plenty of warning of the creatures that they may of encountered. And the words that a wise, old being they had passed spoke lead to further warning. It had left the group weary, waiting for an attack to come in the last few days. Part of the evil stood before him, charging directly towards him due to his connection. "Celion!" His voice calls out, softly but loud enough for his team to hear. "Try to pin their legs and feet to the ground if you can to step their movements. Or just pierce right through their heads. Dodger...just do your usual thing." He mumbles a little at the end. Dodger tended to vanish and appear by the side of their enemies. It had gotten to the point where he had given up trying to command him.

But that left him to do what he needed to do. Something that would make him lose his connection to his human voice and bring himself into the form of a beast. He focused, drawing on the untainted nature that buried their roots deep into the earth. Slowly willing himself to become a great bear. Visualizing the thick fur that hat matches his hair. The ears of his bear form shifting into that of a bunnies, the sharp dark claws meant to cut and pierce with a thick grip. The overall strength and brutal fangs within his lips. He pictured this all, and tried to let nature embrace him and turn himself into a creature he was used to taking on for defence.

Online wanderTopic starter

Re: [Dungeon World] Fate's Own Reward
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2015, 02:47:43 PM »

Roll 2d6 + Wis modifier to see if you succeed in your shapeshift and for how long it lasts.

You will gain the Move: Mighty Maul. It is a melee move that uses Str as a modifier and will double base damage if you get 10+ when you attack. You'll also be able to roll this instead of Defy Danger when attacked in melee.

If you roll 6 or less, you'll gain this Move for one use before shifting back whilst losing the defence aspect. Also you may only use Str or Con depending on your narrative to Defy Danger as you become little more than a massive mass of muscle and fur.