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Author Topic: A Zombie's Other Cravings [High Fantasy & High Romance Themes within.]  (Read 1123 times)

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Hey All, how are you doing today? Just your friendly Zombie here.Welcome to the thread! Hope you enjoy what you see here today. I'm a high fantasy,high romance plot driven kind of woman. Don't get me wrong though I do love some smutty one shots.Anything with a good plot line in a fantasy setting usually gets my muse to go on overdrive. I love romance, yearning, wanting something that is so taboo you can tastes like your tongue has been dipped in sin. However I also love Vampires, Dragons, Werewolves, The Fae and any hybrid that you could think of that's not necessarily around in this reality. ( Yet..) And if you put  two and two together well...You've pretty much taken a zombie and given her a brain. I'm also a big pervert, so seduce me and I'm also yours. I like a good tease!  Now that you know a little bit about what I’m about  let’s get down to business. : P

  What I want with my partner. ( Besides brains... Of course.)

1.OOC chatter usually helps keep a roleplay alive! So I like tons of it. It can be anywhere over PM & Skype but I like to keep in touch. It also helps because what if we have brilliant ideas we can pass along to each other?!

2. I roleplay in thread and on Google Docs for faster editing & easier access. I do not RP in PM.

3. I tend to play more switch females rather than dominate or submissives but I do enjoy all roles. I'm currently looking to play a switch or submissive  female character. I'm not interested in playing any dom female roles at this time. That being said I also do play  dom male roles as well, my only request is if you want me to play a male role that I also play a female role. So basically 2 X 2 since for the most part I'm looking to fill female roles.

4. I love Fandoms and original setting roleplays. Never be afraid to suggest something that you have an idea about. I love love loooove when someone get’s excited about what we are doing and has an idea to make it better. It’s fantastic and it gets me more excited to write too. Also don’t be afraid to tell me how you feel about it, if you're no longer interested in it or otherwise. I wont hold it against you. You’re not breaking any hearts here. If you're one of those people who ghost away that's okay too.

5. I hate one liners! I usually can write 3 to  a whole chapters worth of work. Don't leave me hanging.

6. I'm looking for a few long term roleplays with a lot of story line. I can play a multitude of characters in one story so keep that in mind. I'm also a fan of world building with multiple races,wars and what not. I'm not really into smut  or one shots at the moment but you can convince me.

Alright enough of that nonsense time to get to the fun stuff!!

A Moon Called Mercy

Roughly based on the series Bitten. ( This is a loose idea, definitely needs improvements but with your help I’m sure it’ll be amazing.)
The world of wolves if being torn asunder. Pack wars are tearing apart the nation as the fight for the  Ultimate Alpha teems with competitors for the North American territory. Its pack against pack, turning friends into enemies while still trying to keep it under the radar of the human society. No one is winning, those that attempt to step up are quickly pulled down and destroyed but in the midst of the chaos a miracle comes to light. A female werewolf is made. It has been centuries since a female werewolf has entered the world of wolves a gift and a curse. It was soon noticed when the female werewolf was around Alpha males they held a strange power over all the other wolves. No one could disobey them even if they tried it would cause a lot of pain. This made her more than desirable in more ways than one.... ( That’s all i got for now..Help!)

Cry Wolf
also werewolves
( Another werewolf story I'm interested in)
She never had a chance. The scratches on her back changed her life forever. She was a werewolf now,controlled by the night. She never saw what happened that night but she could never go back to the life that she had known. She’s alone in the world,running through the forest like a lost pup. Little did she know there was a pack that controlled that territory and they had begun to watch her every move. The alpha especially. He felt something when he was close to her,something strange. But he knew what it was after awhile. She was his mate. His to have for the rest of eternity. Would she accept it. ( This one has a lot of potential for improvement so let me know)

The Eyes of the Beast
Witch X Demon
( I'm starting to notice a theme here...)
She’s on the run again.She’s the most powerful witch that has existed for decades. Some want her power others her knowledge for their kingdoms to become the most powerful force within these magical realms. They weren’t all to nice about it if you can believe that. They wanted to force her into submission but she never goes down without a fight. Through out her travels however she stumbles on a cave which holds an untold horror. Lurking in the darkness lies the exiled demon king who was tricked from his throne by his most trusted adviser. He was cursed into being more beast than man, a feral creature that could no longer protect his people. So he hid in this cave searching for a solution to end his madness. Lucky for him the witch stumbled into his grasp.

A distasteful Agreement
multirace possibility
( Needs some work but so do most of my plots)
Basically there's 2 Plains in this world one where humans reside much like our modern day reality here and another plain where dragons and fairies and elves and basically every fantasy ever dreamed about lives good or evil. Well the dragon born race that can take the app are ancestors of humans rules that other plain for eons but for awhile now they haven't been able to conceive children as well as they use to only a few dragons are born each year with any race within that realm. On a last ditch effort the king travels to the other realm and kidnap a few humans one of them being a witch an extra fertile which with a health condition that the dragons can with time cure. So I exchange for bearing children they promise to cure her etc etc. ( this is a potential world builder)   

Pairings I'm currently craving with no plot in mind

Creator X monster

Angel X Demon

Vampire X Anything

Shapeshifter X Human

Dragon X Human

Anything you can think of....

And that's all folks.

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Re: A Zombie's Other Cravings ( Looking for M character)
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2015, 01:30:37 PM »
Updated with The Eyes of the Beast  >:)

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Re: A Zombie's Other Cravings ( Looking for M character)
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2015, 09:36:03 PM »
Updated with Suburban Chained && A distasteful Agreement  O8)

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Re: A Zombie's Other Cravings ( Looking for M character)
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Re: A Zombie's Other Cravings ( Looking for M character)
« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2016, 06:44:40 PM »
Updated :D

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Re: A Zombie's Other Cravings
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2016, 02:40:33 PM »
Updated with a Semi-Idea.

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Revamped and All that!