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Author Topic: Cockold plots (m lf f)  (Read 844 times)

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Cockold plots (m lf f)
« on: October 24, 2015, 04:10:38 PM »
Hi looking at doing a cockold story , happy to do this as a one shot or a more long term story.

I'll be playing the husband as an NPC in all the following (rough) plot outlines and my principal character will be 'the other guy'. If any interest you, please PM me, happy to discuss any kinks ...also please more than a line a time for posts.

1) Husband notices next door neighbours son has a very obvious crush on his wife, recalling his own teenage years where he was attracted to the woman next door he suggests they invite the boy over and have the wife seduce the teen  TAKEN

2) Husbands best friend is unlucky in love , infact he's not gotten laid for a few years and he's the most wonderful guy , husband suggests they invite friend over for dinner and ask if he'd like to have a threesome , when the husband finally gives up exhausted that's when the friend keeps going.

3) Married couple on vacation sunbathing at a private beach when five teen (two girls and three boys) show up , after a few minutes the two girls walk down the beach with their boyfriends leaving the third boy on his own , wife feels sorry for the boy and tells husband to invite the kid over where the young man is encouraged to have sex with the wife.

4) husband's cheating has pushed wife to breaking point, she doesn't want to leave him but she has to do something , at least make him understand what its like to know your partners having sex with another she ties him up 'as part of a kinky game' and then invites the one guy he really doesn't like to come over.....his younger brother

5) Sick of your husband borrowing money from a good natured co worker of yours who obviously has a crush on you, and then not being able to pay the money back you half jokingly suggest you have sex with the co -worker to clear the debt, when your husband regularly agrees you're shocked and pretty pissed off, so you push it a little further you suggest having sex in front of your husband not expecting him to agree..then he does.... looking at my character being younger and perhaps a little naïve

6) Your character is a respectable member of society, on the church committee , a member of a number of societies , you are everything a good Christian wife should be , people think you have a wonderful marriage but its all a lie. Your character is desperate to be used and your husband is desperate to watch you with another man but you don't want any sex to be a one off and your husband can't afford to let any suspect that you and he are anything other than what they project themselves to be. Then along comes my character an overseas High School student coming as part of a homestay for a year(my guys age will be 16-18) ....the problem is that at some point my guy will want more from the wife than the husband ever expected. Happy to look at this developing into a master /slave role or keep it very vanilla . I'm thinking the NPC husband is either a vicar or a senior church elder happy for the wife to be any age between 20 to mid forties,,,poss impregnation

7) Your character has been happily married for four years, your sex life is fantastic and in all the time you have been married you have never once had sex with your husband. He prefers to watch you have sex with other men and has no interest in having sex with you, you on the other hand love having sex with a variety of men. You do have regulars, half a dozen men who come over to your home at least twice a month for sex and your husband always seems to find a guy if one of the regulars isn't available. One day one of those regulars wants you to have sex with his son (my character) he wants the kid to lose his virginity with someone who knows what she is doing. When you have finished having sex my character says its the best thousand dollars his dad ever spent.

That's when you find out your husband doesn't have a great paying job and that he has in fact been pimping you every night of your marriage now you may be a slut but you're not a whore, angered but not wanting to end your marriage or leave him because he lets you have sex with a variety of men and you don't think you'll find another man who would do that you make a'll have sex who ever he wants every other night and he can be paid of it, if you can have sex every othernight with who ever you want for select my character and go about fulfilling every fantasy our characters have.. and force your husband to watch not just the sex but my character start taking over his marriage.

8) My character is a middle aged man who lives on his own, your character will be late teens to mid twenties , she's married to her high school sweetheart, both families were against the marriage and while your parents have helped financially to avoid you living in the street, they have told you they won't help any more , at least not until your new 'husband' managed to keep a job longer than a week...his family have no money and wouldn't help if they did. With your husbands in ability to keep a job without getting himself fired , life on your income is tough. When the bills start to mount your husband asks mine for some character does help but on one condition if they ask for more money , it will only be in exchange for sex with his wife(your character) ...a month later your character and her husband need help again.....what they don't realise is that my character has his own plans for your character...he wants control ove rher life and by extension her marriage....

9) Your character is engaged and is due to get married soon, its been a fairly vanilla relationship , a few months ago  you both decided to act out each others fantasies, especially ones involving other men and women, in part to almost get it out of your system as you both believe that once married you should not have sex with others. One of your future usbands fantasies is to invite  guy to have sex with you and watch . He choses my guy without realising that your character would enjoy not just the sex but being watched that she wanted to repeat the coupling even beyond the wedding day....what no one relaised was the chosen guy wanted so much more. Happy for my guy to be the boy next door, future husbands younger brother or even the middle aged guy who lives next door...looking to make this very dark ...will involve wedding gown sex, sex on the wedding day and the taking over of the honeymoon by my character.

10) This might suit if your character is a foreign bride or at least someone form a very poor background. Your husband promised a better life, he wasn't the nicest person or the best looking , infact he was lay and not a very nice man, but compared to what you had grown up with he was wealthy, thou of course like all things he'd promised to be , he was , in fact poor when compared to other peopel in his town. Still struggle for him was luxary for you. I few weeks after marriage a man comes over , he is owed a lot of money and your husband offers your body in order to pay the debt. weeks pass by and several men have come over to have sex with you in payment of your husbands debt. This is not what you wanted but the alternative is to go back to the old life, a life of real poverty so you endure. Until one day a young neighbouring boy shows up...the lawnmower boy , unlike the other men the debt with this boy is only a few dollars and not thousands. Surely your husband can pay twnety dollars...but no....he again offers your body for such a small amount. On a whim you suggest your husband watch hoping that seeing others have sex with you will put a stop to this.

It doesn't , infact quite the opposite he enjoys watching and a part of you enjoys being watched, still you hate being used as a whore so uou make a decision, you will play the part your husband wants you to play , except you won't be his whore you'll be the boys whore and soon you'll be the boys slave.

Happy to look at any idea's you might have , as you'll notice I do have a preference for my principal character to be young and happy for his age to be 16 as per site rules however if you prefer 18 plus characters that's all good. Also if the story extends beyond a one off I would be looking for at least one scene of multiple women to one guy.

Also please note I'm very visual would prefer to have at least one photo of your character -actual person- added to the opening post(at least) , obviously I'll post one of my chap.
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Re: Cockold plots (m lf f)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2015, 08:34:50 PM »
added idea 5

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Re: Cockold plots (m lf f)
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2015, 04:09:52 PM »
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Re: Cockold plots (m lf f)
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Re: Cockold plots (m lf f)
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Re: Cockold plots (m lf f)
« Reply #5 on: November 19, 2015, 09:56:14 PM »
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Re: Cockold plots (m lf f)
« Reply #6 on: December 01, 2015, 10:20:57 PM »
number 1 is taken ...saying that if you have a good plot idea beyond the first encounter I'm happy to write for it....that or you're happy to use Kate Middleton as the face claim.

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Re: Cockold plots (m lf f)
« Reply #7 on: February 23, 2016, 08:36:30 PM »
giving this a bump

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Re: Cockold plots (m lf f)
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