Something a little different (Looking for Males or Females)

Started by TheDoctor46, October 23, 2015, 02:45:25 AM

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Something a little different

I am currently writing a game with Dashenka called Everything's allowed in Prison.

It is a game about a girl who's in prison. She's been given a live show on the television and the internet in which she will get fucked.

She gets fucked basically every day by different people, ranging from inmates to guards and wardens or guests from outside.

This is where we need your help. We want to encourage players, to have a go at the girl as well. Any character goes really, as long as it's a human character and the girl should not suffer any permanent damage. Other than that, anything goes. You'll basically be a guest in our story. Your character will enter, do their business, and then leave, simple as that!

If you are interested, please send a PM to myself with your interest. You can discuss the how and what with me. Female characters are welcome too. It can also be a recurring character.

DO NOT contact Dashenka. She'd like to be surprised and kept in the dark about potential guest writers.

Note: We do ask at least a post per day or if it's a very good post, once every two days.

Hope to hear from you soon!