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Author Topic: Xiphus' detailed request thread! (Seeking MxF, FxF, Futa, and possibly MxM)  (Read 814 times)

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          At least I hope it becomes detailed. Hello there I am Xiphus, and thanks for stopping by.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me through PMs. Everything here can be modified for female/female or futa/female. I play male and female characters. I don't know why everyone assumed I only play female's. So this thread is targeted at the lovely females of the site. Also, don't be afraid to ask for any kinks you don't think I am into, I may surprise you. There is very few I am not interested in. So just try me

          First off, a little about me. I am a 24 year old gender fluent person who has been rping for around 14 years now, though most of it was table top, so don't expect me to be amazing, I still have plenty of room to grow. I would consider myself a literate person, and I am looking to grow beyond that. I am fairy open with myself, and because of that I can play any gender, monsters, and any role. Sub/switch/dom. If there is any questions just message me :) Also, I will play in either PMs or threads now. You just have to...kinda push me into threads. I am a shy person by nature. Oh, and my kink list is a little outdated, but I haven't decided if i am going to update it, or just say that I am willing to do most anything, just ask. I am also completely willing to listen to your cravings or ideas, so just let me know what you are looking for, and I will let you know if I like it.

          From here on out things will be separated with big, colorful words lol

Cravings of the day

This is a section where I post what I am looking for every day. It may not actually change everyday, as I sometimes crave the same thing for a few days. I may post a few things to it every day, just so it is able to be updated.

I really really want something different. Something that keeps me on my toes, and challenges me as a writer. I'm not sure exactly what I want though.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Be polite. I have had many people message me a be rude, if you want to make a good impression, a lasting one, be polite. Plus, it is more likely you will catch my interest that way.
  • While I do believe in quality over quantity, please don't give me just a one liner, or even two. I would like to at least have a good paragraph. I will always post one paragraph, and i can easily pump out two+, but more if requested.
  • All characters will be 18+
  • Have decent grammar. I am a little of a grammar nazi, which is funny because I mess up sometimes two, and just don't realize it. I try my best though, so that is all I ask.
  • Do not drop me without warning, I will let you know if I am going to drop you, so please do the same. If you get bored of the rp we are doing, but want to still rp with me, tell me. We can just make a new scene or something. Also, a note on respect, DO NOT ask me to play a cannon against your OC if you are not willing to play a cannon against my OC. To me Thats really disrespectful. It may just be me, but I am sick and tired of having people ask for a cannon for their OC and not do the same for me. I like some cannons too, so I guess fair is fair. However, cannon against a cannon is fair game, and if your OC happens to catch my interest I'll be willing to do it. Also, some cannons I just enjoy playing so I may do it, but you'll have to be pretty convincing.
  • This isn't as much of a rule, more like...bonus points? I love to OOC, I think the rp goes better when you make friends with the person on the other side of the posts.
  • No godmoding. I won't control your character, so don't control mine please


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Samurai/samurai
  • Samurai/ninja
  • samurai/shogun
  • ninja/shogun
  • best friends
  • alien/human
  • Human/supernatural creatures
  • boss/employee
  • step siblings
  • doctor/patient
  • scientist/assistant
  • hunter/hunted
  • assassin/pirate
  • pirate/pirate
  • pirate/kidnapped victim
  • mad scientist/victim
  • assassin/target
  • thief/victim
  • bodyguard/employer
  • master/maid
  • mistress/butler
  • club owner/dancer
  • rich/poor
  • teacher/student
  • head master/student
  • teacher/teacher
  • teacher/head master
  • student/student
  • nerd/bully
  • cheerleader/nerd
  • jock/nerd
  • teacher/parent
  • married man or woman/their affair
  • sister/brothers girlfriend
  • cheating scene of any type. There is way too many to type out right now, just ask if this interests you at all.
  • asylum scene
  • cop/murderer
  • cop/gang leader
  • corrupted cop/criminal
  • demon/angel
  • vampire/human
  • vampire/werewolf
  • demon/reaper
  • angel/reaper
  • female cop/shape changing canine partner
  • zombie Apocalypse
  • demon/butler
  • demon/contract
  • shapechanger/any race
  • hunter/prey
  • drow/elf
  • angel/vampire
  • wizard/witch
  • princess or prince/peasant
  • arranged marriage
  • Reverse Harem
  • Harem
  • I am open up to anything else even if it isn't on this list
let's add tentacle creatures into the mix somewhere lol


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
  • Vampire Academy
  • Bleach
  • Naruto
  • One Piece
  • Fairy Tail
  • Mass Effect
  • Dark Souls 1 and 2
  • RWBY
  • Supergirl
  • Sword Art Online
  • Pokemon
  • Digimon
  • Harry Potter
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Sailor Moon
  • Again, if there is anything that isn't on here that you want to do, feel free to ask.
  • Gundam
  • The Dark Series, Carpathians, not the werewolf ones, I haven't read those yet
  • Supernatural
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Lord of the rings series
  • The Hobbit
  • Star Wars
  • Attack on Titan
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Disney and all of it's related parts.
  • Marvel Universe. Both the MCU and comics
  • DC
Percy Jackson and the Olympians(aged up if we use any canons and 18+)[/li][/list]

Plot Ideas
Some of these(most of them probably) are just rough ideas, which I prefer so that each time I do them they are different. I like to just put out a rough idea, then brain storm and finish the idea with my partner. I may add more 'complete' ideas later down the road, but for now Just dont expect me to have an idea where I've already planned out who your character will be, and everything about them. (plus I hate doing that, I like to see what my partner thinks fits the idea.) Also. None of these will probably have names, I'm sorry. I'll try to think of one as I go, but it's doubtful since I suck at naming things.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

My guardian Demon (The sex of the characters can be changed)

Maybe a demon forced to be the guardian 'Angel' of a young woman whose parents are abusive, and being a demon, decides that even a child doesn't deserve this ((good guy demon?)) And ends up protecting her by literally stopping them whenever they try being her only friend? Maybe as they live closely to each other they form a relationship...think of it like a bad anime that at the same time has adorable yet epic moments that force you to keep watching. Though this one is debatable, but I think it could be very interesting.

Two Petals Flow Gently in the Wind (weird name, but I like it lol)

Two samurai, both betrayed by their shoguns, now on their for the first time in their lives. This plot would start where two samurai go on a mission for each of their shoguns to kill one another, but one of them would over hear an assassin talking to their leader about the assassin killing the one that was alive. The samurai would then send a note to the other one telling them about this, but doing in during the night when they could be sure they were not being watched. And then the story can start from their, what if the other samurai didn't believe them, or just whatever. I am looking forward to trying this one out.

A woman buys a man from a slave market, he is said to be a powerful warrior, she had bought him for her husband to use in gladiatorial matches. At first everything goes well, the man performs famously, defeating foe after foe, making the man, a lesser noble, quickly rise in ranks of nobility. The man was promised freedom as all are, but the more he fights, the more the crowd loves him. The more they want him to stay, and so does the wife. She has become rich from this man, but her husband, once a hard working noble who was young skinny, and attractive has become lazy and gaining weight. Now she seeks out the younger man whom has shown to be a mighty warrior, at first it may just be a game to the woman, she just likes to tease him with something he can never have. From there is can either become a romance between the two, of he could take advantage of her one day when she gets too close to the cage he is forced to live in. I can play any of these roles

A demon has been trapped in a mountain for years, trapped by magic beyond what the earth has any more. He has been growing in power as he stayed there slowly increasing his sphere of influence, his power would rival that of any champion of the gods. Finally one day he managed to hear someone's thoughts, and he spoke to them, and he would try to convince them to free him. Multiple potential here. The person could know the ancient tale of the demon inside the mountain and run away, until he managed to reach them again, but this time in their sleep where he slowly takes advantage of them every night, slowly breaking their minds until the want to free him, want him to take them as his bride. Of course it could be a bit silly and a witch frees him, but casts a spell of binding on him before she does, so he becomes her familiar. Could be interesting and silly. Other options are open.

I have a weird idea for like, a sorceress or a druid of something to summon their familiar for the first time and it to be Some kind of tentacle creature. It's a rough idea but it's just a small craving. I could play the woman or the tentacle monster.

I also would like to do something with a Dragon. Maybe instead of a princess calling a knight to kill it, she decided to show her father she doesn't need a man to rule the country. So she takes her training in self defense, probably from a high ranking knight and she goes off to slay the Dragon. This could go multiple ways. She could be captured by said Dragon, and he could keep her for use when he is awake, or to use her to rule her kingdom through her. However, I had the idea that maybe she finds him in human form, weakened after a fight with a recent knight. At first she would think him a knight himself, and help him recover. Then, as she goes to ascend the mountain it snows heavily on them, trapping them in a cave. There they would have to use each other to stay alive and he would have to hunt for her. Maybe she finds out by him telling her, or maybe she sees him. She could kill him in his sleep, or maybe she has feelings for him?

Lets try something a bit more modern hm?
I was going to post a new vampire plot but I have so many of those... So ask if you want to hear it,  it I won't force anyone else to read even more vampire plots than I already have. I may have a few new ones though.

I read a book once that I would love to do a rp around, and it uses a demon which I already have a lot of but screw it. He is a handsome rich man, but he is terrible with women, and his wife has been going else where to find enjoyment in her life, and for better sex. So the man does something drastic. He offers his soul to a demon for help, in return the demon will get his soul when he passed. At first the demon just helps the man, but he starts to enjoy the rich life, having never had a "meat suit" as supernatural says, quit as rich and attractive as this man. So he started to take the man's body for himself, and the wife would see the difference immediately. He cares about her it seems suddenly, he holds her hand and it doesn't get clammy, sexually he seems to read her mind and know everything she wants. Out side of the bedroom he spends time with her, takes her places, and buys her things. It could be fun to play out the whole thing, and add in an Angel later coming to kill the demon. Even purify it because the demon started to become different, less evil because he fell in love.

A rich merchant stumbles upon a black market, and there he sees a human slave ring. At first he is appalled by this sight, but then he starts to see that not everyone was abusive to the men and women, most were, but not all. He sees them buying them for menial Labour, and for sex some of them. He was just going to watch at first, but then he sees a woman who is strikingly beautiful, exotic. He can't help it, and he starts bidding. Seeing a new comer, the veterans raise the price in him, but he gets her for way more than he should have paid. He didn't care. At first she may be afraid of him, and he would have to earn her trust. Though, he could have been interested from the beginning and bought her to humiliate her, rape her or anything else. Also, we could flip it and it is a female merchant who finds a handsome man, or beautiful woman. We could even have the slave be the dominant to the merchants submissive.

Something interracial now? Lets throw a bit of netorare into the mix as well.

A woman was happily married, be she Asian or white, or anything else, to a man who worked hard to earn very little money. She loved him, and money didn't bother her, but then he got fired. She started working and quickly started making more money than he did, but he became lazy while she worked. She would be an assistant to a CEO of a company, what kind can be discussed later, and he happens to be a successful, charming black man. As to how they get started in their romance? It Could be At a Christmas party the company throws, a weekend at a bar as a celebration to a merger, it could be anything.

I would like to do something with a male adventurer or me playing a female, who starts their journey at 16, or more. They could start it for various reasons, but a long the trip they manage to find themselves in a lot of trouble, between elves and monster girls, or monsters if female. I want it to be smutty yea, but not full of it. I also want adventure, and intrigue. Story and development. I don't want to use any kind of system for it, no dice, just one of us GMing the world. I would prefer to be the player, but if you can message me with a good enough idea for a character I will consider GMing.

All my plots can be reversed so the female is the dominant, or the one seducing the male into something.[/spoiler[

Anyone who manages to read all of this gets a cookie lol I know it Kant organized very well, or at all really, but I am trying.

I thank you if you managed to make it this far into this. I tried to make it as easy to maneuver as possible, but I am not sure how everyone will feel about this. Just PM if you want to rp, or just to give me feedback on my thread, like what I could add to make it better, or remove if I went a little to far with anything.  I look forward to rping or talking to you all soon![/list][/list][/list]
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Re: Xiphus' detailed request thread! (M/F, F/F)
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Re: Xiphus' detailed request thread! (M/F, F/F)
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I'm back after an extended leave, but I have new plots, new cravings, and a revitalized will to role play!

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Bumping this

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