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Author Topic: Azula and the Last of the Kyoshi. (Last Airbender.) (F/F)  (Read 1073 times)

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Azula and the Last of the Kyoshi. (Last Airbender.) (F/F)
« on: October 21, 2015, 01:15:07 AM »

NOTE: This RP will not involve Suki...*ships her with Sokka far too much to split that couple up* So instead it will involve a different Kyoshi who survived their meeting in the woods.

Been Recently getting back into Avatar: The Last Airbender  and *SPOILERS* Recently got to the part where azula disguises herself as a Kyoshi Warrior and I just began craving several ideas involving her and a Kyoshi. Given that its Azula, naturaly some of them will be dark or have dark scenes/moments in them. Some darker than others. I will list them below, feel free to pick one out and we can collab on whichever catches your eye.

A) Hunted by the Kyoshi: Azula thought that after that forest encounter she had done away with all of the little painted fan fighters. But apparently one of them had managed to drag herself out of the corpse pile of her friends and allies and swore revenge upon her. Azula only noticed her though almost a year after that event. It happened when one of her guard's took an arrow right to the knee, and another one to the eye. Tied to it was a small letter, bearing the symbol of the Kyoshi, letting Azula know she hadn't killed one of them properly. Since then these little assassination attempts have only become more frequent and more trouble some. She has lost 14 servants already because she ordered them to taste her food and drink, and they dropped dead from poisoning. Purple Thylacline poison no less, paralyzing and slow and only curable if you have the antivenom in hand the moment your poisoned.

Since none of her agents or soldiers seem capable of finding a woman in a dress with a painted face, Azula decides to face her alone, she will even make it easy for her. With no one else around to protect her or alert her of the Assasin's presence, the fire Nation princess bathed herself in a local hot spring, taking her sweet time and waiting for the perfect opportunity.

What happens next is up for discussion, maybe the Assasin succeeds (unlikely), perhaps Azula kills the last of the Kyoshi instantly, or after an extended battle. Perhaps one of them captures the other and intends to take full advantage of the situation, or they find themselves playing a game of cat and mouse that refuses to end.

B)Guarded by the Kyoshi.: The great Hundred Year's war is finally over. The Fire Nation has ended its aggressive expansion and the time of reconciliation and reconstruction has begun. But one important matter still remains, the incarceration of the mad Princess Azula. Daughter of Firelord Ozai, and a terrible war criminal, many would have wanted to have her strung up or beheaded for her crimes. But the new Firelord, her own brother, cannot order the execution of his sister. Even after all the pain she put him through he cannot go through with it.

So instead he hands her over to the order of the White Lotus, the secret society seals Azula away on a mountain top, guarded by one who proved herself elsewhere in the final battle of the war. And one who belonged to an order that Azula thought were extinct. A Kyoshi warrior.

For almost the entirety of the first year of her imprisonment, Azula does nothing but have a silent staring contest with her jailer. Only breaking it to be fed, oR the occasional visit from her brother or someone else. Sometimes she would notice tiny little differences in how the woman dressed, how she had her hair, or makeup. It helped remind her that days were actually passing. The Kyoshi warrior didn't much mind, she was almost thankful for the silence to be truthful. She had seen how Azula slaughtered all of her fellows with such terrible ease and delight, that in truth she was utterly terrified of the princess. But she was the last of her clan and took this as a way to avenge all those she killed.

She thought that she was ready for anything and everything that the princess might be able to throw at her or use to escape, until the first words out of her mouth were the one thing she never expected, a complement. "You have beautiful eyes."   And with that blush that came to her face, Azula knew that she was already trapped in her web.

What happens in the future is up for discussion. We can delve deeper into Azula's madness or maybe pull her out of it. Or perhaps this isolation helped heal her mind?

C) Serving the new Firelord.: Firelord Ozai is dead. Apparently poisoned by an Earth Kingdom spy. This spy would have even killed Azula and Zuko had it not been for a brave envoy from the isle of Kyoshi. Or at least that's what the public has been told of it. In truth, it was the Kyoshi herself who poisoned the previous Firelord before being detained by Azula's two friends after an extended fight with the Dai Lee, that left the throne room in tatters.

Some poor peasant who was dressed up as an Earth spy was killed to cover up the secret and no one was the wiser.

After being saved by the kindly Envoy who had come to discuss terms of surrender, Azula graciously made a decree to spare her little Kyoshi island and its people, planning to turn it into a fun little tourist destination. For citizens of the fire nation to experience cultures not their own. As well as teaching the Fire Nation some of their moves so that they may have better female agents all of their own.  It was part of a little deal that Azula that the Kyoshi had made while she hung from chains in a fire nation cell*. That if she would spare her island and let the people continue on with their lives, that she would serve her in every way possible. The Kyoshi warrior swore her life to Azula's life. On her honor, on that of her family, and that of the Avatar that her order took their name from.

Azula is not one to squander such opportunities. She has seen how useful the Dai Lee are for her. And having a group of warrior women devoted to her could be just as useful. One can never have enough skilled fighters in their employment.

But for the time being this single one will have to do for her. Wrapped around her finger, this Kyoshi is willing to do anything to avoid the fate that befell her sisters, falling down upon her island. She may not enjoy it but she will serve Firelord Azula until the end of her own life, even if it cost her her own life.  But she will learn that service carries with it rewards, and the new Firelord does not forget those who do her great service. And perhaps from the Firelord's two closest confidants as well.

*It could also be the Kyoshi was summoned there by Azula to take her father's throne in a spectacular way without drawing suspicion to herself.

Other ideas: Half formed ideas, more like scenes.

-Azula and a lover/rival fighting for eternity against eachother in the Spirit world.

-Azula killing her Kyoshi rival and for the first time feeling guilty about killing someone, she hit her with lightning and stopped her heart. Nothing she can do will bring her back, so she takes the warriors blade and wishes to join her in the next life, and kills herself, making it look like the warrior did it to preserve her honor. 

-IF we go for a romance tragedy, it could follow Azula finding her lover in the spirit world after all she has done, and whatever existence the two will have in the afterlife.

I will clean this up more ./ edit things around for more clarity as I think of what to fix.
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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Azula and the Last of the Kyoshi. (Last Airbender.)
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2015, 11:41:53 AM »
>Bump< Still enjoying this pairing and eager to do more/discuss with anyone if they have new ideas to share.

Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Azula and the Last of the Kyoshi. (Last Airbender.)
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2016, 10:51:06 AM »

Still interested in this pairing if anyone wants it.

Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Azula and the Last of the Kyoshi. (Last Airbender.)
« Reply #3 on: September 26, 2016, 04:50:21 PM »

I am kind of tempted to give this RP a try again.