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Started by Blinkin, October 20, 2015, 11:08:42 AM

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I've been seeing a lot of request for teacher/student stories recently, but the usual blackmail scenario just doesn't appeal to me very much at the moment.

So... I thought that I would offer up my own story concept and see what happens. I would be playing the female teacher, or a male student in this and the sex of my partner has no bearing on the sex of the characters being played. I'm an equal opportunity pervert! ;)

Ms. Baldwin is a devoted, dedicated teacher who loves to watch her students succeed and strive for their highest potential. Usually, she does well enough with this, but she has one student that has  consistantly resisted all of her urging, every attempt and just does enough to slide by. She knows that he is a smart boy; potentially one of the brightest that she's ever seen... but he's satisfied with his C average and that's that.

But it's not good enough for her. He's making passing grades, he's not getting into trouble and there's little left for her to tempt him with... well, almost nothing.

She's very aware that he's fasenated by her breasts; every time she looks in his direction, he's staring... when she talks to him, she has to remind him that her eyes are a little higher... it's both a little embarrassing and flattering at the same time. They're not huge, but she's never tried to really hide them either.

So, a desperate idea comes to mind. After class one afternoon, she makes him an offer. If he gets an A on his mid-terms, she'll let him see the "girls" in all of their glory.

When he comes up with the grades, she keeps her part of the bargain but is surprised by how arousing it is to have him looking at her bare chest. Things slowly escalate; each time he makes the grade, she spends a little longer with her admirer gazing at her... eventually, she lets him touch... more clothing comes off...

Eventually, she finds herself involved in a romantic relationship with him, sneaking kisses between classes, caresses and meeting during lunch for more than teacher/student conferences. They're going on dates, out of town, cuddling on the couch in her home... doing things that couples do.

Then, she finds out that she's pregnant and the secret relationship that gets her heart pounding so hard is about to become very public.

I'm very open to kinks, alterations of the basics and expanding on any number of elements. Anyone interested? Drop me a PM!
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