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Author Topic: A Lunar Domain of Fantastic Delights  (Read 267 times)

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A Lunar Domain of Fantastic Delights
« on: October 19, 2015, 05:18:09 PM »

Thanks for looking into my story request thread.  This is the section were I will be storing my Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Sci-Fantasy story ideas.  Here is were I store ideas that are currently giving me a creative itch and would wish to do.  Hopefully, you find something here to interest you; thank you for looking!

Female Role; Breeding; Werewolf; Incest (mother/son)

Main Theme(s): Angst, Breeding, Drama, Gritty survival, Incest (mother/son), Skinwalkers/werewolves

Setting: Original setting; low-fantasy (sword and sorcery), degeneracy (?), gothic horror, tribalism/savages

Estimated Content Ratio: 40% story, 30% character development, 30% erotica

Setting Specific Information
Skinwalkers are individuals who use shamanistic magic to change from human form into a specific animal form.  In general, they look human, but have a feral appearance and, occasionally, superficial traits of their animal form.  They also take on the social structure of their animal types.  Skinwalkers used to be human in an age long past, but have subtly shifted since then – now their animal traits are locked and part of their bloodlines – they can only breed true within their own tribe or normal humans (hence a wolfwalker and a bearwalker could never produce offspring.)

Were- creatures are extremely rare, in theory the perfection of the skinwalker's art that merges wo/man and beast; the actual reason why it happens is unknown – perhaps a fluke of genetics, or a (dangerous) blessing of the old gods.  They are usually revered as divine avatars by their local tribe, except in rare circumstances.  More so than skinwalkers, full weres always feel the pull of their animal instincts.  Whilst individuals keep their personalities, everything is seen through a very angry/bloodthirsty tinge (think Hulk, before he had control.)

In this setting, those who become were-creatures have a form of immortality.  Unless beheaded, they cannot be killed unless they are in were form, and anything that would kill them in their human form simply causes them to become inert until the next full moon.  In addition, their aging slows to a crawl, and some weres have been around for centuries.  In were form, they can sustain injuries, but only silver-alloyed weapons can cause significant harm and is actually painful (importantly, it can cut through a were's bone).  The only two ways to kill a were-creature is with silver (or the savagings of another were-creature); impalement of the heart or beheading.


General Prompt: In the wolf tribe, the alpha male rules supreme and his will is unquestioned in case disorder reigns and weakens the tribe to its enemies.  Even so, there are those who different ways rather than merely cling to old traditions, and when one woman awakens into a werewolf, she uses that power to show that women are every bit as capable as their male counterparts and soundly humiliates the tribes alpha.  Despite this, certain things are too ingrained into the general psyche of the tribe – she is rejected and made pariah.

In scorn or resignation, she leaves everything behind, including family, and goes on journeys far to learn the wisdom of many lands – she is an adventurer, a warrior, a siren, a lover to many men, a priestess, a witch, and a lost soul.  After many years, and a few close calls with death, she feels the pull to return to the grim, misty lands of her birth; perhaps a chance to see it one last time.  In her absence, the wolf tribe has been decimated by its enemies, and pushed from their ancestral lands – her one well-intentioned, yet reckless act, capitalised on by the tribes many enemies who had felt that wolf tribe had grown to strong and too dangerous.  Perhaps the gods had deemed that the time was right to return and lead her people?

Yet, in her absence, the people had not completely despaired.  The tribe had a new alpha, one who had also received the blessing of the gods.  And now, as word of her return to the lands came to them, he came out to meet her and, as the tribe expected, humble her for her presumed insolence.  Yet the man that comes to her at the head of his warriors is no stranger, but the son she left behind, seemingly a lifetime ago.  There is no fight as there is no desire to fight.

Story Considerations: I'm thinking that this would generally start out small, focussing mainly on the primary characters of the story at first, before expanding to tribe itself, and then the world beyond.  Alternatively, world-building and scene setting could be done beforehand to give some context to the characters.

Onto another point, I'd like lycanthropy to remain as a curse rather than as a superpower with an inconvenience or two – the classic interpretation; transformation is agonising, happens on the full moon, etc... that said, it could be coaxed out with magic if needed, though it should never be the first solution to a problem.  On the whole, a were-creature isn't an anthropomorphic animal/human hybrid – it's a terrifying and unnatural creature that any sane person would be terrified of (in short, more like this and not like this.

What I'd really like to do with this story is to explore the various facets/nuances of the characters involved and their responses to the impositions of the world around them.  Whether they restore the tribe, or go off and do their own thing, I think is best left to the flow of the story – I am without preference as to the exact nature of the ending; it could be exultingly triumphant, somewhat downbeat, or romantically tragic.

Erotica Direction: One thing I'd like to emphasise from the beginning of this, is that I'd like characters who are sexual but not licentious – with animalistic instincts, the consideration of sex often tugs on the mind, but not always acted upon for whatever reasons – basically the fight between the animal instinct and the human reason.

I'd like to play the taboo relationship for all its worth, including the guilt in the aftermath.  I'm thinking that as an opening for this, it could begin on a celebratory night after a victory of some type, when passions are running high, inhibitions dulled, and their animal sides more in control of them – as the alpha in the tribe, he is entitled to the best females and she has more than proved her worth, whilst she can sub-consciously sense that he really is the alpha in the truest sense of the word which tempers her fire and makes her receptive.

As for the exact content, I'm open to allowing our individual O/O compatibilities determine the possibilities.


Partner: Looking for someone to take the role of the female lead in this story.  I'm open to how the character is portrayed, though I would like someone who can portray a sort of natural earthy/raw sexuality that is not necessarily prurient in nature.  A person who is characterised by hard, but level-headed practicality would also be appreciated – as a tribalistic person, these are people who are more concerned with survival and the naked fundamentals of life rather that developing civilisation.  Below are pictures that I think careers the feel of the character.


My Character: I'm looking to play as the Alpha (unnamed as of yet).  He's an individual with a lot of cares, especially since every decision he makes can spell the life or death of his clansmen.  His exact relation with his mother, prior to meeting, is up for discussion though I'd prefer it wasn't the cheesy 'always had a thing for her' sort of thing.  He's an individual more about action than words, at least at first.  Lycanthropy has proven a double-edged sword for him and often has caused more harm than good for him.  I'm thinking quite spiritual (possibly ancestor-worship sort of thing).


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