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April 17, 2021, 12:59:49 am

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Author Topic: Gonna GM a system fantasy adventure (FxF, futaxF, futaxfuta)  (Read 501 times)

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Offline SainTopic starter

Gonna GM a system fantasy adventure (FxF, futaxF, futaxfuta)
« on: October 19, 2015, 02:05:49 pm »
Really craving something along these lines right now  ;D

I’m looking to GM a somewhat smutty adventure of two characters in a fantasy setting getting in peril and bondage together, and probably, usually, escaping eventually. It would be a system campaign with an original setting that I’ll probably spin on the fly (or preferably we work together and you feed me good ideas as we play). It’ll be a one person campaign in either D&D 3.5, pathfinder or D&D 5th edition (I think I prefer the 5th for simplicity’s sake), but have not yet decided the level so we can negotiate about that after all else is settled.

The game would revolve around two female (or futa) characters. Yours that has a proper stat sheet and all that and is a general go-getter and problem solver. Mine that is a fluffy, cute and utterly useless. Naturally, she’ll be statless and will be at best a detriment in every encounter and obstacle, often doing more harm than good. For whatever obscure reason (we can decide some excuse) your character keeps mine around and they travel the setting doing whatever their motivation drives them to do (we can decide some grand epic plot to save the world or just have them go after money). In any case their adventures would lead our heroines into constant trouble so you may want to play your character as a sub or switch as well.

A lot of this is negotiable, but you get the general gist of it. If you like scenarios in fantasy settings of two damsels getting tied together, adventuring for some great goal and developing friendship or romance in between then this might be your game.

-A poster who writes on average between a few thick paragraphs of text to more. Elaborate emotions and reactions, I don’t like one liners for anything than maybe combat. Pace might vary from post or two a day to my usual rate (1/3day or so).
-Not really looking to emphasize the mechanical aspect of the game system, rather to focus on the plot, smut and character development.
-Ability to contribute and pitch ideas for the world and plot. While I’m looking to GM the game, it is a 2 person story. I don’t want to be the sole dictator and you should be able to freely share ideas.
-Don’t use ugly art as character inspiration.
-Bondage and NC themes are going to be there, you better like them.
-Ability to play a proactive character that can progress the plot and move things on, I’m the one who’s going to play the dead weight in this one!
-Taking just one character. I know sometimes people see a GM and more than one person wants to jump at the game. However, I'm not looking to make this into a group game.

-Setting. It’ll be fantasy, but the world is up for discussion (don't throw me a link to some world you've written ready before hand or found somewhere though :P part of the reason to make a new one is to avoid having to read pages of lore).
-Genre. I like writing comedy, but we could go with a darker style too. We could go low fantasy, high fantasy or anything in between. Probably science fantasy too if you're into space tights.
-Pairing. Any of the following is fine for this: FxF, FutaxF, FutaxFuta. Likewise the roles of the pairing are up for discussion. Are they a sister pair, master and servant, knight and squire, master and apprentice, princess her knight? I’m open for different options as long as we get a fun character synergy established.
-Races. I’m fine with humans as well as any exotic or monstery race, even anthro.
-Other kinks. We can include tentacles and anything up to my comfort zone (translates to everything), but can also leave a lot of things off if you’re uncomfortable with them.

If this idea tickles your interest toss me a PM or reply to this thread and we can figure out if our writing styles and ideas could match.

Currently plotting this one out so it's closed for now.
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