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Author Topic: Ms. Herzog Teaches A Lesson ~ A Femdom Tale  (Read 411 times)

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Ms. Herzog Teaches A Lesson ~ A Femdom Tale
« on: October 18, 2015, 06:31:18 pm »
~Ms. Herzog Teaches A Lesson~

"Marie, can you hold my calls until after lunch?" Elliot asked as he slipped into his corner office. He calmly drew the blinds to the windows, which was a bit silly since no one was going to be able to spy on him unless they were roving about in a helicopter. He took a seat behind his desk, and removed his personal laptop from his leather briefcase. It turned on with a chime. His eyes drifted down to his phone to see the blinking orange light of an incoming call. He suspected it might be Mr. Sallis, his boss, scheduling another 'all-hands-on-deck' meeting. It'd been a down year for Hamilton & Hamilton, and Elliot's team had done very little to keep the company in the black.

He shook his head, best to worry about that later. He connected his laptop to the private hotspot he'd established, and quickly searched in his browser for the website The Silk Web with complete uncertainty of what he might find. The site had been tangled in his thoughts since he first heard of it while on a business lunch with Brendan and Joe Ryle. He'd been drifting out of the conversation as the two prattled on about what upgrades they wanted to make to their BMWs when suddenly Brendan said:

"...yeah, I guess his wife got suspicious when she saw all these charges on his credit card to some website called The Silk Web or something. I wouldn't have suspected Danny to be into that."

"What is it?" Joe asked.

Brendan scoffed. "It's a place where these wannabe tough women take pleasure in trying to break a guy down or dress him up like some fruitcake. Y'know, some power fantasy some women have. My ex-wife would fit right in with that circus."

"You signing up for a membership?" Joe asked with a laugh.

"Please. Some cunt tried that with me I'd tell her to march her ass back into the kitchen and make me a damn sandwich."

The two got a good chuckle out of that, but something swept into Elliot. An odd sensation filled him. It was like a door that had been locked for so long finally starting to push back against the chains holding it shut. Elliot had always known -- and buried deep -- the submissive and sensitive desires he had.

He couldn't talk to his wife Claire about them either, she came from a staunch conservative background. So, he buried the feelings deeper while trying to eradicate them with sordid affairs and wild sexual romps with escorts as he desperately tried to assert the masculinity that started to feel more and more like a facade. He wanted to feel weak, submissive, pretty and --

"Welcome to The Silk Web!"

The voice on the computer startled him and he jammed a finger down on the volume button to mute it. He exhaled heavily, collected himself, and started to browse. He could feel his blood roaring in his eardrums. The site was broken down to a simple grid of female dominants. If you selected a lady it would bring you to her page where it listed a short bio and what her speciality was. Elliot browsed through, a mild look of amusement on his face, but some of the excitement had died. Most of the women were ... well, homely or old enough to be his mother-in-law.

He was just about to close the page, it'd been a fun excursion anyway, when he saw a profile at the very bottom. The woman there was young, with blonde hair in a tight updo, dark red lips, and a very stern look in her eyes behind her glasses. Madam Herzog she was listed as. Elliot brought his face a bit closer to the screen. He laughed softly. This girl looked a bit like Natalie over in Human Resources, well, if Natalie ever made herself up that is.

He thought about looking at the profile later, but it was the girl -- Madam Herzog's little blurb beneath her profile pic that gave him pause.

~I am like nothing you have experienced before. I will change your life~

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Re: Ms. Herzog Teaches A Lesson ~ A Femdom Tale
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2015, 09:38:31 am »
Hi - I would love to learn more about this idea and see if we can work something out?  Never RP'd a submissive before but would like to give it a try.