Blackmailing the teacher (m lf Female teacher)

Started by eiselmann, October 18, 2015, 04:38:27 PM

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A few weeks ago my character had to come back to school having forgotten his homework assignment, he spies your character having sex with one of the football team and secretly records the encounter. He stays behind at the end of school almost every day after that and records your character having sex with different students ...all of them heavily into sports.

Being just an average kind of student (can play him as a nerd) with a massive crush on your character my guy gets a little angrier and frustrated with each day that passes when he realises other guys are getting to be with you and he's not your type. This reaches breaking point when one particular jerk gets to have sex with your character, this si a guy who had bullied and humiliated my guy several times. SO instead of just watching my character decides to get his share.

When the jerk has finished and left  my guy will walk into the classroom and demand sex or he'll release the video's destroying your marriage and your career.

What he doesn't know is that not only does your character have sex with these students with the full knowledge of your husband and the Principal of the school but that several teachers /parents/ senior girls are also having sex with students who are leading sportsmen , as part of a project to attract the top sports students in the city which attracts more funding from several alumnae donors. On top oif that your husband totally knows what you do and has no issue with it so this blackmail wouldn't work......except your characters deepest fantasy is to be blackmailed and forced to bend to the will of other.

The story would explore a relationship that starts to take over the life of your character and eventually becomes more important than her marriage, while my guy slowly learns about the secret to all the donor money and decides to overturn the schools social ladder by taking control of the 'program'

I'll play the husband as a NPC happy to play all the male NPC in fact , there of course will be a number of female MPC's and I'm looking for several smut scenes to involve multiple women to my guy.

Please more than a line a time, happy to discuss any kinks you want to include....again as with many of my ideas I prefer my guy to be 16 but happy to make him 17-18 the age of your character is open but mid 20's to early forties would be a preference.

PM if interested

Also I'm a visual person would like at least photo of a real person even if its just in your opening post

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