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April 12, 2021, 02:23:43 pm

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Author Topic: Kalab’s Kravings: There Will Be Blood (Male for MxF)  (Read 393 times)

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Offline KalabTopic starter

Kalab’s Kravings: There Will Be Blood (Male for MxF)
« on: October 18, 2015, 11:44:35 am »
Thanks for dropping in and thank you in advance for your patience as this will be a continuous work in progress. I’ll be adding more ideas as time goes by. First I'll cover a few things I look for in a partner.

1. Absolutely no one liners. I look for at least 2 paragraphs bare minimum but prefer more.

2. Details. I like details. Details also help to eliminate one liners.

3. Please do not badger me for a reply. This includes passive aggressive nudging. That is one of the things that will kill my interest for an RP very quickly. Patience, I will get to you. I will not drop the RP without letting you know.

4. Contribution. Feel free to contribute ideas and/or move the story along.

Now on to the good stuff.
Fading of the Light
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Yin and Yang. Negative and Positive. Darkness and Light. Evil and Good.  One cannot exist without the other. They exist as opposing forces that also serve to compliment each other. The balance must always exist. One cannot exist without the other yet their battle for domination is eternal. There have been times when one side has gained the advantage and the scales tip and the balance is threatened. This is the purpose of his existence; to right the scales. He is the Keeper of the Balance. He is the Angel of Death and the Hand of Retribution. He is War and Peace. He was created by the first Imbalance and has walked the Earth passing judgement on the opposing forces with impunity and absence of bias. Though he has held many titles and been known by many names he is always Bane.

He sensed the veil of darkness expanding, attempting to block out the light. He could always sense the stability of the balance. It teeters back and forth constantly; forever in motion. Each side continuously gaining a brief advantage over the other. This is not a momentary elevation of power. Darkness has gained the upper hand and continues to drown out the light. A change this significant cannot be ignored; once again it is time for him to act.

The rise of darkness can be attributed to anything we choose. It could be a powerful Vampire or Lycan amassing an army of supernatural creatures to exert their dominance over the human race. It could be Demons have breached the Veil between our worlds and are crossing over enmass to claim our world as their own. It can even be some sort of corruption within the forces of Light. Anything that we can think of can be used as the reason for the scales tipping in favor of Darkness.
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