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Author Topic: Ollum's Lewd & Sexy Funtimes  (Read 5082 times)

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Ollum's Lewd & Sexy Funtimes
« on: October 17, 2015, 08:54:05 PM »
This thread is going to be dedicated to my rp ideas that specifically revolve around the theme of Comedy, light heartedness and generally more easy going stories.  Because sometimes it's just better to play something fun instead of having to reply to a post simply feel like work.

Less of the grim dark and extreme desires will find it's way into this thread. Mostly high fantasy adventures, Sex fueled romps, and a harem plot or two. I would add that does not mean that we aren't supposed to make these dam good stories. I want it all from gritty to buckle down seriousness to the occasional dark and depressing. But the main theme will definatly be jovial and upbeat in tone.

I would say most of these would fall into the Fantasy category. And for my High fantasy themes I typically use D&D as my favoured setting. Particularly Fearun or Greyhawk. The odd Sci-fi piece and Steampunk may work their way inside.

All of my current ideas revolve around D/s. I am looking for people willing to play very submissive and open woman. Soft, happy and playful at times, generally being a mischevious little bitch.

Needless to say almost all of the pictures in these are NFSW so.....ya, Assuming anyone actually read this part you were officially warned.

Most current and Desired craving!

Pretty Princess-

Princess Lilian of the House Corteau, Daugther and only child of the King Karl Franz Corteau, ruler of the Nation of Dearoth. Her most common title and referral is The Heavenly Rose. As she is labelled as the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. A title she herself adores. Lillian as the daughter and heir to a reasonably powerful and influential kingdom is unsurprisingly quite a prime target to certain people and enemies of the state. And the same effort that goes in to protecting her father is applied to protecting her. Doubly so because the King is well known by courtiers and other nobles to be obsessively protective of his daughter. And works hard to ensure she remains and innocent of the evils of the world for as long as possible.

This sheltered lifestyle has shaped the beautiful princess in many ways. She is very playful and mischievous. A childhood spent trying to outwit and escape from her constantly present chaperones left her with a bit of a defiant streak when it comes to the idea of body guards and constant over-watch. But her fathers protectiveness has succeeded in many ways. She is a hopelessly neieve woman when it comes to the outside world. Having lived only within the palaces boundaries her entire life (albeit generous boundaries) Only leave them under heavy guard and for very specific reasons. She is a touch spoiled as all princesses are and knows that her father cannot refuse her much if she puts on just the perfect puppy dog face. Despite this She isn't cruel And she constantly thinks the best of people and situations. The servants like her because she treats them well always says please and thank you. She despises violence and in many ways is a quintessential 'girly girl'.

Of course being so Naive and sheltered comes with it's disadvantages. She can be easily manipulated into detrimental situations or into trusting people who mean to abuse her station and power for themselves. This is another purpose of her bodyguards to make sure no one gets too close to her for just this reason. The guards themselves are only the most trusted of the King's servants, men who have proven their willingness to sacrifice their safety and put their lives on the line in the name of king and country again and again.

What starts this RP off is a major festival happening in the kingdom. A relatively new tradition started by the king that began with the birth of his daughter. Each of her birthdays would include a day of celebration. An excuse for a holiday that was graciously recieved by the citizenry. But this year is a little different. The king's daughter is turning 19! by any definition she is now a full grown woman in her own right. And the king, being the softhearted man he is around his precious daughter decided that this year would be a unique take on the annual birthday festival. All outlying villages and towns have gathered in the city for a week long celebration, a celebration that the princess longs to be more a part of this year aside from the usual obligitory appearances and receiving of gifts from select society figures. After pleading and begging and making every promise she could imagine to her father he finally gave her permission to go out into the city and enjoy the festivities on her own. Believing things to be safer now during this high holiday and the increased city guard presence that matches the sharp increase in temporary population.

Long story short shit happens! During one of the days the princess who is never out of eyesight of MC ends up getting separated from me. Maybe he crowds jostle them apart for just long enough to lose sight of her slender body and red hair. Capitalizing on an opportunity to escape that her mischievous mind cannot resist but to take. Either way she escapes my care and ends up in the very situation that her father always feared. She goes missing.

later that day a lock of hair and a strip of fabric from her dress are sent to the palace along with a note for the kings eyes only. Needless to say things escalate quickly. The city watch is scrambled, soldiers are turned out in droves into the streets and the entire City of Dearoth is now locked down for the remainder of the festival. Nobody goes in or out. and no ships leave or enter the harbour. After three hard days of tearing everything apart Lillian is eventually found. unconscious and bruised but otherwise none the worse for wear. She didn't seem to have been assaulted or raped. Whoever wanted her wanted to keep her as intact as possible for later leverage.

Her eyes flutter open long enough to see her body guard cutting her bound wrists and ankles loose and picking her up in his arms. The next time she wakes up is in her bedroom, flanked by her handmaidens and the sobering sound of large drums being beaten in the courtyard. The drums are beat at just faster than funeral pace. Ominous and booming, and from her height in the towers almost masking the voice reading aloud My characters charges and failure. And declaring that he is to be appropriately punished by the lash (flogging)

Now how this all comes into play is as follows. After outrunning several previous body guards you are assigned a new one. Me, one who is finally given the authority by the king to lay hands upon his daughter if necessary (i.e throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her down the halls to her room) And is proving to be a challenge for her to escape from. In her mind MC is just another of fathers emotionless knights who know nothing of fun and think only of killing and how sharp are their swords for doing said killing. At least that was until she realized that he was actually guarding her for a very good reason. And the guilt she feels for him being punished for her decision to run from his protection has her trying to make it up to him. Eventually our characters will fall in love, form an affair and go at it like rabbits. But initially she is not going to be his favourite person in the world. And she has to deal with both her own experience of being kidnapped but also the deep guilt from seeing him punished wrongly for her mistake.

They come to see each other as they are. She is a young girl, now frightened at the first glimpse of a darker side the to world she never knew existed. She is starting to know that she will need help to protect herself and no longer shies away from her bodyguards.. as much. And her guardian for all his black and white views and seemingly callous view of the world and people at times. is that way because it is his duty to be so. That he cannot afford to make mistakes or err in judgment and at times has to make decisions that effect the life and death status of himself and others.

They will also discover that Lillian is a very submissive woman once past her playful nature. Not just sexually but in general. Once she embraces her guardian literally and figuratively she grows to enjoy the companionship of an alpha type man in her life. Finding it thrilling and comforting to submit herself to someone completely with no fear of being abused of taken advantage.

Some ideas for a more steampunk/Victorian angle. - her clothes and weapon are far too ornate and fancy for her to actually be a killer of any kind. She is probably just a young girl who shoots for sport and for the feel of excitement. How about we introduce her to someone who actually has shot a man and been shot in return?

And something more traditionally fantasy /light medieval

Royal Affairs

This is an intentionally comedic and sexually driven role play. Set in a really any setting, though I would prefer fantasy or steam-punk. I am looking for someone willing to play a beautiful Queen and play her against a heroic knight of your realm. Not the most imaginative RP so far but bear with me and keep reading.

The queen is young, Not a teenager but in her mid twenties. She was briefly engaged to be married, the usual political marriage a queen can expect to participate in. However her betrothed died shortly following their union. The queen has taken no lovers since. Mostly out of mourning but also because it was difficult for a queen to simply take a lover. There tended to be consequences and royalty had to be extra careful who they selected for the privilege of sharing their bed. Manipulators and blackmailers were everywhere.

But the queen is finally growing frustrated with the lack of release in her life, sexually and emotionally. She doesn't necessarily want a husband but she definitely wants a lover. And this recently returned knight hero seems like the perfect candidate in her eyes. He is young, strong and handsome. And she knows he is devoted to her and her rule as queen. He would not try to manipulate her for the throne and its power. Like any good knight he would obey any command and perform any task set by his liege without question. He would fall on his own sword rather than face the disgrace of disappointing the monarch.

As the queen lays an accolade on this devoted warrior for his service she extends and invitation to dinner in his honour. The knight naturally assumes this is to be some wort of celebratory feast. Wine, food, singers and bards and so forth. The usual royal banquet. And he thinks nothing of the unusually late time the queen set for the meal.

When he arrives at the proper time and dressed in his finest clothes he is surprised that the queens own handmaiden is there to greet him, with a smirk that should had made him more suspicious of where the night would lead. The maid led the honoured soldier through the torch lit halls and not to the grand dining room of the palace. Instead he is taken to the queens own chambers. Inside the oppulant room is indeed a fine meal and fine wine laid out on a beautifully carved table. It also was a room empty of all people save the queen herself. And lit only by candlelight.

At the head of the table sits the queen, dressed in a garment so beautiful and elegant it should be a work of art. But it also cannot be described as 'modest' by any standard. It reveals much about the queens gorgeous body. She rises to greet him warmly and invites him to sit down and enjoy this meal in his honour.

If one is daring and willing to play a second character I have an idea.

Meanwhile, while the good queen and her lover partake in bedroom antics. The queen's younger sister. An equally ravishing creature of only 19 years. Has also taken notice of the shining knight. She attended the ceremony where this handsome knight she had never met before was receiving accolades and reward from her sister. She found him handsome, and like many a princess fantasized about a big strong knight of her own coming to romance her all through her childhood. She also had more naughty thoughts about what she would do to that knight in thanks for rescuing her or winning tournaments for her.

I am sure you can see where this is going. It doesn't take long for the pretty princess to start spending more time around the knight. Talking and flirting and showing him some patronage in the form of ladies tokens. Like scarves and ribbons. Eventually she will move to seduce him herself. Which leaves the poor knight in an awkward position and living through the worst moral hell for a man in his position.

He never thought of his queen in such a way but he found it impossible to refuse her advances. After all she was his queen, and any attempts for him to say much of anything that first night were all but cut off by the very horny monarch and his own internal screaming.

Now that same queen's sister, his nations princess is expressing similar desires for his attention. She is equally as motivated as her sister to pursue an affair and will not take no for an answer. Knowing full well how to put her pretty eyes and pretend innocence (not to mention her position as royalty) to keep on the offensive.

Neither the queen nor her sister are initially aware that they are having an affair with the same man. And the knight in turn does not want to tell either of them for fear of creating a rift between the two. And because his head is constantly reeling in attempts to process what is happening to him and how to deal with it just on a day by day basis.

But eventually both the queen and the princess will piece it together. Notice how much time he spends in the company of the other and how he makes excuses some nights as to why he cant visit them (because he is visiting the others bed) The question becomes what will they do with that information and how will they confront each other (and him) about it.

Notes: This is a sexual story. Obviously. The story mostly revolves around the growing affair between a queen and her knight. It starts purely as a way for the queen to relieve some tension and indulge herself. But as the knight is basically her first true lover and possibly the only man to truly make love to her she might grow attached to him.

She will become more trusting while in his arms and she will become more and more eager to experiment. To delve beyond the vanilla and try anything and everything with him. Especially acts of submission and servitude. Something a queen has to be very careful about. Who knows what could happen if a sexually submissive woman was manipulated by someone insidious.

This will have plenty of sex and sexuality involved. The queen especially will be aggressive right out of the gate. Seducing the knight right after that private celebratory dinner. 

All kinds of kinks can and hopefully will be played out. We can discuss specifics.

I found a picture of a young queen:

This was a fun inspirational image as well.

Other ideas (mostly half-baked and needing further work and thought. But if you want to add to one than be my guest!)

On to the first idea,

Savage Nature

The orcs have been stepped on and discarded by the other races for too long. It is true by most 'civilized' standards they are brutish and harsh creatures. From to bouts of aggression and outright violence if provoked (an easy thing to do). Orc society and culture is considere crude and base and they are often seen as nusances if not great dangers in large enough groups.

Their culture is tribal and life is as one might expect. The Strong rule, the aged and wise council and the weak serve or simply fade away. Orcs are a straightforward people. They have little time for fanciful speech, they will not speak a paragraph when a sentence will due. They have honour in their own way and customs. Honesty and courage are prized by all. This rule applies to woman as well as men. For unlike humans and elves, docility is not a prized virtue in orcish woman. Neither is delicacy or a weak will. Orc men value strength in a mate. Strength of arm and of spirit.

To a male orc, being challenged by a woman in combat or otherwise is arousing. Incredibly so, and for orc woman, being defeated is just as arousing. The sign of a mate who is capable and skilled enough to defeat you is a mate worthy of you. And he will continue to be worthy of you as long as he can continue to dominate and defeat you and your challenges. Or another orc proves himself more worthy.

Men want a woman who is a fighter and a value to the tribe or clan. Woman who fight the clan's enemies or hunt food or have some other useful skill and contribution. All must pull their weight in the to ensure the survival and strength of the clan.

It is hardly uncommon for orcs to become wanderers and adventurers. Leaving their clan behind to explore and gain the fame and experiences only the wider world can offer. Some orcs die, others find a new home in the civilized lands. But many will return to their clans eventually. Laden with wealth and trinkets, or at least stories and scars proving their deeds and honour.

Unsurprisingly most orcs work as mercenaries, caravan guards or join militaries of kingdoms that are all too happy to have orcs serve as shock troops for their front lines. Many will also find their ways into darker areas of employment, often not their first choice but work can be difficult to find and nations can be more predjudiced than they like to think. Enforcers and thugs for thieves guilds and gangs. Adding to the stigma that many people already have against orcs which in turn exasperates the cycle even more. Forcing more adventuring orcs to take less savory work to survive.

Female orcs:

Male orcs:

Version 1

Young orcs can be just as rebellious as their human and elf counterparts. Just as restless and headstrong and itching to escape the confines of daily tribal life. Luckily orcs have few stimgas against their young leaving the clan for a time. And it is often encouraged. Usually to see out and join other clans, this prevents clans from becoming inbred.

Sometimes young orcs band together during this informal pilgrimage. Rivalries and clan disputes are often dropped and they travel until they decide to part ways for whatever reason. But at least you have a familiar travelling companion for the start of your journey.

So for this version of the story we will both play orcs. One male and one female who embark on an adventure to see the wider world. And of course become well aquainted with each other along the way.

Version 2

One orc has grown tired of his people being spat on and driven treated like animals. Through conquest or force of personality he came to dominate and unite many clans into a single earthshaking force and carved himself a proper nation. Being the first orc to rightly call himself ‘King’ and rule over a united empire of his people. But his work is hardly done just by claiming the land.

Human and elven kingdoms will consider his gathered power and growing settlements a threat and work to dismantle what he has built, fearing he will only expand further into their lands. Other orc clans will not so easily join the fold and will cling to older traditions and their tribal lifestyles. And the ones that already have need to be placated and kept in line. Given direction and purpose to keep them busy. To say nothing of the day to day duties of running a kingdom.

For this I want to play the orc king and his quest to find a queen suitable of him. There are many orc woman who see this new king as a powerful man and nothing attracts an orc woman like power and strength.

You will play an orc woman, how you come to catch the kings eye through the throng of the other females is something we can discuss. But I am looking for someone to play a woman who is strong and proud. Someone who is willing to stand up to the king, challenge him when she feels appropriate.

Version 3

Sometimes a lucky orc will find themselves a true set of friends and companions to travel and work with in the world. Looking beyond the brutish physique and green skin to the often honourable warrior and steadfast friend beneath. Or they carve a name for themselves as a warrior of great skill that can be hired for a proportionally appropriate amount of coin.

Either case orcs can find themselves in all manner of situations with all manner of people. I was hoping to play an orc male opposite.... well anyone really. A female of another species. Human or elf would be the two most obvious I would think.

Or if a couple people are interested in this one maybe two woman. Who hire the orc for some needed muscle. This would be a more typical D&D style party adventure. I figure the woman would be a rogue, mage, cleric, sorceress or even a prim and proper paladin knight. What better woman to go opposite a barbarian.

Version 4

Similar to the second version. Where I play an orc king only this time the orc has carved himself a kingdom right beside a human or elven kingdom and has consequently gone to war with them at least once.

To prevent further war there is an arranged marriage planned. Something never before heard of because it would lend actual acknowledgment to the existence of the orc kingdom and its rulers title as king. A princess or high ranking member of the human/elf kingdom(again, maybe a woman knight or paladin or high priestess or something. Or just a good old fashioned pretty princess) will be sent to marry the orc and seal a treaty of peace to end hostilities between both kingdoms.

Kinks: This rp will be very sexual regardless of which version we play. Our characters are going to get it on often once their relationship kicks off. Which could take time depending on which story we play.

D/s. Bondage play, Impact play, oral, anal, vanilla, cock/ball worship, Large Endowment (male and female), cumplay, sexy attire (whether the woman considers it sexy, or innapropriate female armour is just a thing in our world), Jewelry, Toys

If anyone has questions or has a kink they really want to explore than let me know. Open to suggestions.

Also I know the D/s thing might sound weird after I spent all that time basically saying how orc woman don't take shit. But what I had in my head was this. An orc woman submits to a mate that she finds worthy. And orc males can 'claim' a female as his own in a small ritual which basically amounts to a fight. If he wins, she belongs to him. If she wins he obviously is not strong enough to Handle her anyway.

But orcs still have to prove their skills and abilities, as it were. Usually providing their mate with trophies from slain creatures or victorious battle. Or better yet. Fighting such battles with his mate. So it's like a 'he is in charge, but he still is obligated to take care of his mate and earn her loyalty. But as long as he does. She happily submits and accepts herself as his mate.

If any of that made sense.

A Test of Faith

If anyone has an idea from looking at this above picture i would love to hear it.

And now. Other characters in this art style (i really like the way this artist draws. Oh and NSFW for all of them) (Trading dirty names is always fun) (dissobedient girls get punished) (but let's face it, at the end of the day would you really consider it a punishment?)

Bad Girl(s)

I don't have a hard idea but I love the idea of playing against these woman. especially the blue skinned one. Probably something sci-fi or cyberpunk.

Ditzy Bimbo

Ditzy bimbo

Not much to say about this story. It is fairly straight forward. I would love to play with someone willing to undergo a transformation into a sex loving, air headed and mindlessly slutty and giggling bimbo. This could be done in a variety of ways. From careful training and conditioning to medical technology and various surgical alterations. Probably both. It could even be magic if we did the proper setting.

The basic outline of the story is that I am looking for a highly intelligent woman. One that is, on the outside independant and proud but secretly craves to be brought down and reduced to the status of a lowly and brainless fuck puppet. She craves it the humiliation, to completely lose herself and become the ultimate bimbo. Everything a capable and brilliant woman like her should revile and look down upon. 

The kinks of this kind of game should be reasonably clear. I am looking for a woman to that the ultimate bimbo. She may start off sharp as whip and with an IQ in the high two hundreds. But she will eventually become the ditziest (and happiest) cum dumpster to walk the face of the earth. She will become a girly girl, loves pink and bright colours, Only thinks about how she looks, is her boyfriend happy and how can she best have sex with him to make him happy. She loves dressing up in sexy outfits and would grow to think nothing of the idea of being used and fucked in public. After all if it makes her boyfriend happy, and she gets to be filled with cock and cum than that is all that matters.

This is an idea of some of the initial changes she might make on her road. Getting implants up to a D cup, dying her hair blonde. Maybe getting some other surgery to round her bum and make her as perfectly shaped as possible.

I am looking for someone willing to undergo that transformation and take the training. I figure this will be in a modern or post modern setting. Where technology and surgery have advanced a little farther. This will be a heavy smut rp focused on strict regime of behavioural standards, imposing speech restritcions and all manner of things until she doesn't even think of herself as anything other than a beautiful and spoiled little bimbo princess.

Tantric Sex-

Tantric Sex-

A normally very shy and timid young girl looking to give her boyfriend a very special present by taking the plunge to move their relationship in much more intimate direction. After stumbling across his unattended laptop one evening she found all manner of things bookmarked. From stories to photos to a couple choice videos. It doesn't take much to embaress her, even a casual compliment about her looks would make her cheeks beat red. But these images had the opposite effect and for the first time really spurred the naughtier depths of her imagination. She spent a two weeks looking things up online, Or just going back to his laptop when he wasn't home and looking up his search history. Doing what research she comfortably felt she could make in regards to what she saw on that laptop. The kind of woman that were portrayed in this stories and videos.

Then one day when her boyfriend comes home he finds the entire house is dark. And his girlfriends voice calling out to him to keep the lights off and come into the living room. He didn't think much of it because his girlfriend had always been very shy about sex. It wasn't that it was bad but it was just very..... plain and vanilla. He loved her and she knew that. But watching that porn and reading those erotic stories helped in a small way to curb the cravings of his loins for something more spiced and varied. To do stuff with a woman he always figured his girlfriend would think him a deviant for asking her to do. Which is why he was surprised to find her kneeling on the floor in a plain but still sexy set of lingerie. Sorounded only by the light of a dozen candles and a small box that she offered with a slightly dopey and nervous smile. Caught between terror and giddy excitement for the line she had just crossed.

Inside the box is a small note briefly explaining how she stumbled onto his laptop, what she saw, continued to see and now wants to give to and share with him. Underneath that note is a plain brown leather collar and a leash. As he lifts it out of the box it reveals a second note that simply reads. "Welcome home Master."

OOC: while very smutty this rp will also revolve around our characters experimenting sexually and romantically. It will start off as basic D/s but it can move out from there. Bdsm, exhibitionism, petplay and all manner of kinks as they explore boundaries and then try pushing those boundaries together. It will also put them on the spot when friends and family start learning about the dynamics of their relationship and it become more and more and more obvious as they become less embarassed and more emboldened by their new lifestyle.

I am looking for someone to play the female character. I envision her as a soft spoken and shy girl. Someone easily embaressed and has a very timid and shy attitude about sex. Before this point their escapades in the bedroom were about as vanilla as can be. She often doubts her own physical looks. Thinking herself too heavy and her breasts too large. They are sometimes an inconvenience (because they are fucking huge).

Her boyfriend thinks she is the most gorgeous creature on the planet. He often tries to nudge her to try new things or wear more flattering clothes for her figure. But just because she is such a timid and submissive being he fears what pushing her too far might do. A big part of this roleplay will be bringing out our characters confidence in themselves. The act of being a dom will help bring my character's confidence and air of authority out. He would find being in control extremely satisfying and settle into a comfortable routine of taking charge and pushing their shared bounderies.

Your character in turn, would feel liberated by the lack of control and decision making. Since she is simply obeying the commands of her loving master finds herself doing things she would never have dreamed that she would do. Wearing clothes and acting in ways she never envisioned for herself. And finding out that she simply loves every second of attention she gets, every approving smile and loving pat on the head from her master takes away any concern or doubt from her mind that the course of action he tells her to take is indeed the correct one.

I am primarily looking for someone to play a very, very submissive woman with very exaggerated proportions. This is still a smutty style of game. There will also be alot of kinks thrown into this. It will start off innocent enough but this has the potential to get as depraved as we want it to get.

Exhibitionism will become very big as they start really exploring themselves. Especially as your character learns that no one's opinion matters other than her master's

Version 2:

Much the same general outline of a submissive girl and a guy coaxing her deeper and deeper into a relationship if trust, exploration and plenty of sex. Only instead of a mousey naturally shy girl practically afraid of her own shadow. The girl would be a more naturally confident, willful and spirited creature. But its not just that she would have an independent streak, she would be the type of person some might refer to as 'a Mega Bitch'. She has a very abrasive personality with a chip off her shoulder a mile wide, and seems to drive people away for the most part. She does have friends with whom she parties hard and probably gets into trouble alongside. Maybe she is just a rebellious young teenager/college kid looking to live out her youthful years to the fullest or maybe she has a some kind of issues with letting too many people, particularly men get close to her.

Enter a man who seems somewhat taken with her. Where and how they meet is up for discussion but I picture her acting as she usually does and trying to brush him off, probably with an insult. But the man is strangely persistant and seems unfazed by her words and basically tells her that she is going to go on a date with him. Finding his confidence and unwillingness to back down amusing, or maybe just to spite him(thinking he is just going to blow it or she will do her best to have a terrible time) she agrees.

To her surprise he is a gentleman the entire time. He brushes off her more coloured remarks and retains that strange confidence and authority that makes her (frustratingly) not hate him. Before she knows it she is being told to give him her number and she finds herself agreeing, even giving him the right number.

Micro ideas

Asserting dominance-

This is actually going to be a furry themed one. They all have the same over-arching idea but it has a few general paths it can take. in all instances I am looking for someone willing to portray a female character, In this instance a mare(s) which I will show below. Against my a Stallion (my character)

I am looking for someone to play a very strong willed and hot blooded girl. Independent and accustomed to being the dominant one in sex and relationships. Accustomed to getting her way. But the type of girl who would can only respect someone capable of matching her in strength and skill. And would be putty in the hands of someone willing and capable of taming her wild nature. She would just as soon punch a man who touched her out cold as let him fuck her. But to the man who can stop her punch and handedly pin her against the wall, all while slapping her face or ass and calling her a bad girl in front of everyone. To the type fo guy that treats her like she is piece of ass that he owns and doesn't take her shit. then she is helpless against such an alpha male. She craves being put in her place and being humiliated and dominated. But only by that man capable of doing so. Anyone else who tries the same might find themselves with a hoove shaped bruise on their face.

This will involve very rough sex and a very physical relationship. Verbal abuse, humiliating attire and public displays will be a definite thing. Not cruel or mentally and physically scarring. Just that the Mare enjoys being treated roughly. Called dirty names and loves, loves, loves! being dominated.

Halfling Harem-

A very D&D inspired game idea. Based off another idea of mine called size matters. The concept should not need to be explained but here it goes. I am looking for one or two people willing to play a small adventuring group of Halfling woman. A rogue, ranger, wizard, cleric, bard, maybe a warrior even or any classes you feel like. I was thinking a group of three at the minimum and five at most. They are all fast friends. Well mostly anyway.

 But what the halflings figure out they lack is pretty obvious. Size and strength. And before setting off on their latest adventure they try to recruit a human/ half-elf that can make a suitable co-worker. Someone that wont use their bulk to take advantage of them or double cross them or think himself their better and proverbially look down on them. They are looking for someone to work with them, not over them. Which eventually leads them to recruiting my character.

Now since this idea is in this particular thread. It can be well taken that this will turn into a very sexual and comedic adventure type of roleplay. With our characters quickly getting into all kinds of trouble and relying on each other to get back out of it. And at the end of the night all of the lovely ladies crawl into the human's tent and play around under the bedroll.

Obviously sizeplay will be a thing. As will any kinks we want to explore. Some of the girls may be into more kinky stuff than others. And of course all of them would be watching the others enjoy themselves regardless of what show was on display.

Govenors Tribute-

A roman legion marches in to Germania and brutally surpresses a rebellion. After disarming each of the offending tribes and executing their cheiftens and leaders he is proclaimed military Governor until such a time as this region is deemed to be trustworthy once again. The new heads of the tribes, eager to show their renewed loyalty shower the new governor with all the wealth they can muster in the hopes of averting his ire. Including a special tribute from each tribe. Their most beautiful woman. Carefully selected for their looks and youth and offered as personal slaves. Thinking that even if the gold and riches do not dissuade him from putting them all to the sword surely the beauty and skill of their woman might convince him?

Random Pictures (really craving playing against this girl for some reason) (hell yes I want someone to help me come up with some ideas for this scene right here.)

Side notes Regarding all ideas posted here:

-Pretty much all details are open to ideas and adjustments if you want to put something forward. The worst I can say is no, but I am pretty open to most things.

-If you have any questions in general about the current idea(s) just fire away. I find that once my ideas are written down and posted they aren't nearly as refined as I thought they were. So everything is open to ideas and interpretation.

-Post frequency is once a week at least please. preferably a couple times a week. God knows I get busy and may not adhear to this myself at all times but a quick apology and explanation can go a long way.

-I try with grammer I do, and I hope you do as well. But I am not a Nazi by any means and hope you will not be one in return. I make mistakes, shit happens. If by chance you are perfect and never make grammical mistakes well than good on you, I am not one of those people and I would appreciate to not be looked down upon because of it. small reminders are nice every now and again if I completely and utterly butcher the English language. But not every little mistake.

-Length of posts I am very reasonable on as well. I understand there is not always enough to talk about to fill three paragraphs. And I hate it when people just type random things for the sake of filling space. I would rather have a single paragraph that speaks volumes than four filler paragraphs that say nothing.

-Details, How do things taste, Feel, sound, How do certain people and situations make your character feel. The little things they do like lick their lips, Flutter their lashes, Their breathing becomes shallower, Heavier, Whatever the case may be I hope you get my point. I drop the ball on this at times as well but I do try and I usually make the effort to go back and edit my posts to include many of the smaller details that I missed previously.

-The kinks and level of intensity desired changes with each idea. Some are much tamer and others are a little more extreme. If you express and interest and PM me with the Pairing listed in your subject line than I can Pm you a list of the kinks desired for that particular rp. And you can see if they match your own desires. Like the specifics of the Rp itself the kinks can be negotiated but you may find I am a little firmer on which ones I definatly want to keep and what I am willing to part with.

-Really just check my preferences. I don;t like a O&O's page because what I want can't change as i binge on one thing and get tired of it for a while or try something new. Or just ask. Nothing to lose by asking.

-If you don't like something that is happening in the rp, The direction it is taking, Feel it's to slow (I have been told I progress slowly at times) Or to fast or whatever. Tell me, we can either fix it or part ways. I am a big boy and I can take a criticism. Provided it is a criticism and not an insult or bitching. there is a difference.

-General note. I am not big into MxM. I have tried it a few times. And it's just not my thing. if you want a sexual MxM story or was thinking of adjusting one of the characters into a male or adding one for a threesome than sorry.

-I am pretty much always a dominant when it comes to the sexual aspects of the RP. I don't tend to submit easily or comfortably and will naturally try to have my character take control. Some times I can lay back and 'ride the wave' as it were. But not often. Though I do love an uppity submissive to play against. Someone who will try and take control and then need to be punished appropriately.

-PM me. Please do not post in this thread. If you do, then I know you obviously didn't bother to read this through and I more than likely wont bother to respond to you. If that sounds cruel than I'm sorry but, oh well. It takes all of two minutes to read through this little section and It's not that dry of a read (at least I hope so).

-Also, if we had an rp together, but It was dragging on for over a month without getting a reply from you than I probably unbookmarked it. If you had or still have an interest in reviving it than by all means fire away a Pm with the name of the rp in question and a link to it and I will see if my interest in it still holds.

-Conversely, if we had an rp together and it was my fault there was no post for at least a month but you are still interested in carrying it on. Than feel free to PM me and call me all the mean names you want. I either had writers block for so long and eventually just forgot about it or my interest waned on it for a while and I eventually forgot about it. in which case I am a horrible person and feel free to call me out as such, I apologize.

-I think that's it for now...... Ya that's it.
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Other ideas

Gym Bunny-

Just a short idea where I want someone to play this woman.

The little plot is she decides to go to her gym for a midnight work out. As she washes herself in the shower she finds herself joined by a much larger man than herself. She is a tough little spitfire of a woman but she is more toned and petite than heavily muscled. She certainly couldn't out wrestle him if it came to that. 

She thinks nothing of it at first but cant help but notice his eyes are rather unashamedly browsing her wares. She doesn't quite know how to tell him off (and a part of her is rather flattered by the admiration in his eyes) and decides to have some innocent fun of her own. Soon enough she is tracing her eyes down every inch of his body and ever inch of his huge cock. Which quickly becomes a focal point of her attention and very difficult to look away from. So difficult she didn't even notice as the cock got closer and closer until it was so close she barely had to reach to grasp it.

She gulped and finally broke contact with the organ and notices she was face to face with a barrel chest and abdomen of muscle that she had to strain to look up past to see the face that owned all of it. Soo she didn't have to strain at all as she was wordlessly lifted to eye level, a height that seemed much taller now. Wrapped in his powerful arms she couldn't get out of what was going to happen next even if she wanted to. And currently her mind had all but gone blank about anything not to do with wrapping herself around that cock.

Emperor x Concubine -

YC -

The Emperor -

Kinks: Public humiliation, Public displays, servitude, anal, oral, impact play, bondage, leashes, collars. Pretty much anything is open.

A simple enough concept. Your homeland are neighbours to the great Coryani empire. A powerful nation that you have been at war with for years now. Both sides seek an end to the fighting that has cost thousands of lives and has gotten no side closer to winning.

You arrive with a delegation, the eldest daughter of your peoples king you come with your father to personally discuss a peace agreement with the Coryani Emperor. The talks proceed with the pace and fevor usual for such events. Which is to say none at all. It is a dull affair but an important one. Two weeks are spent at this neutral ground, there were apologies, insults and shouts hurled across the room by both sides but in the end a satisfactory if tense agreement was made.

You were made well aware that you would be part of the peace offering made by your father. A proposed marriage and union between your people. Such a political marriage was also an expected outcome of agreements like this the world over. Only you were not offered as a bride perse. You are offered to the Emperor to act as his consort, More of a concubine than an Empress. Now this isn't shocking news. Your people know Coryan is a very patriachal society. Men rule in the highest positions and control their families with undisputed authority and responsibility for their actions, and their wives serve them obediently at their side and tend to their protectors. 

Once more as a consort you are expected to be a submissive and docile bride. Obedient in all ways to your new 'husband'.

Your character knows that this is going to be her fate. But she agrees to bear it when asked by her father. After all, a life of humiliation forced servitude is a small price to pay for lasting peace between two nations. The Coryani Emperor at least is not an old or ugly man. He is in the prime of his life and certainly carries himself with a strong and regal bearing.


So this is the premise of the roleplay. It will be smut heavy and revolve around your character becoming forcebly accustomed to life in Coryan. To her new status as consort and the idea that she must obey his every whim sexual or mundane with no say in the matter. She will be put on display in outfits and attire that would bring her public shame back home just for looking at. Expected to perform deeds and be called names that she herself only associated with prostitutes.

Again, is this a nightmare scenario or a dream come true for her? Will she come to love being humiliated and treated like property or embrace her new life and the simplicity of purpose that submission brings?

Modern Slavery:

Not much to say on this one. It is a simple enough concept where out characters exist in a modern or post modern world where people can willingly become indentured servants. This is not like the indentured servitide of the middle ages. There are strict rules and laws that apply. Indentured servants often serve specific roles as outlined in a pre negotiated contract. Of course there are domenstic servants and pleasure servants. These kinds of contracts exist and are the ones people most commonly associate with the practice. But there are also work related contracts. These types of deals work alongside traditional apprenticeships.

A person in question could be purchased to serve a corperation in a specific function. Say, as a lay worker or carpenter or what have you. Some servants can benefit greatly from their time in servitude and learn incredible skills that will make them very valuable and hireable when their contract ends. Contracts usually last 2-3 years. No contract can legally last more than five years. And the legal rights of indenstured servants is strictly laid out. Punishments are permittable only if the servant in question is in gross violation of their duties. Abuse is never permitted. The owner of the contract must provide for their servants needs. Adaquate food and lodging must be supplied and must adhere to appropriate quality of life standards. Servants can even level complaints against their masters. Which must be treated seriously by law enforcement personal. Masters found to be neglegent or abusive to their servants will face all manner of charges, including fines and prison time. As well as the loss of any contracts they own and the inability to purchase further contracts.

There are many reasons why someone may enter into such a contract. Many are from poorer upbringings and see it as their only means of food and shelter. Others fell into debt from the middle or upper classes of society. The contract owner agrees to resolve their debt in return for service. these are usually some of the longest lasting contracts because of the amount of money involved in paying off such debts.

As you can probably imagine I want to play as a contract owner who just purchased YC's contract. YC's duties include a variety of domestic actions but you also know you are agreeing to be a pleasure slave as well. Your reasoning for signing the contract are your own though I imagine YC as one from an upper middle class background who's family fell into debt and you took the initiative to approach a contract broker and sell yourself into servitude to pay off your families debt.

I see your character as a very young girl. Probably just turned 16, which in this world is considered the golden age. You can drive, drink, consent to sex and most importantly sign your own documents. You are officially considered an adult by every standard of society. And it was probably your own idea to sell yourself, maybe without your parents knowledge or consent. You did the research and had everything arranged to the day of your 16th birthday the forms were signed, the deal was pre negotiated and closed. When the car pulled up to whisk you away to your new temporary life there was nothing your parents could do.

Your youth may be one of the big reasons you were sold so quickly and for so much. Contracts for younger servants are more often than not for personal care and pleasure services. That will reflect in how your now master treats you as well. MC will encourage yours to act as youthfully as you want. Your wardrobe will consist of very innocent but naughty attire. The relationship between master and slave can take on all kinds of roles as the master explores a variety of sexual kinks and releases. Expect anything from Dd/Lg to petplay to bdsm, public displays of sex and sexuality. Sexy/slutty outfits. Toys and all kinds of things.
 Here is a picture of your character


The Emperor's harem
Be warned, this will be a harem idea for anyone who somehow didn't catch onto that from the title.

The premise for this rp is short and sweet. But I want a bit of a twist to it. MC will be the Emperor in question and I am looking for someone willing to play their main character as the Empress. That is right, the Emperor will not only have a harem but be married and happily so. In fact the harem itself will be the Empresses idea.

The Royal couple are deeply in love. Their romance is the stuff of legend and the cause of many songs and poems in their empire and most of the citizens have heard tales of how they hold hands in public and are never afraid to show affection. Public affection being something many monarchs would consider prudish or scandalous but the people are inspired by it.

What most citizens don't know, but the servants and guards of the castle do know, is that the royal couple are more than just romantic and affectionate. They don't fuck like rabbits, rather, rabbits would struggle to keep up with the pace of the royal couple. Whenever time permits them they are almost always attached at the hips and at the lips.

That is what leads to the Empress's idea. She always had a dirty mind, that is a big part of why her husband lusts after her so much. The empress knows that they can't always be together in the same bed. Unfortunately their duties as monarchs often have them working ludicrous hours and attending all manner of meetings and talks. Sometimes they are separated for weeks because of their duties. The Empress finds ways to pleasure herself. Her handmaidens are also highly skilled and trained in arts of pleasure and she uses them to great extent when separated from her husband.

She confides in the Emperor that she seeks comfort in the arms of other woman when they are apart. And the Emperor accepts this and understands. But he has yet to engage in the practice of taking another woman to bed. His wife has certainly encouraged him to take a servant or two but his husband is far too much of a gentlemen and feels he would be cheating on his beloved.

The Empress knows her husband's libido can be strong and during one tour that promises to keep him away from the palace for some weeks she sets her plan into motion to put together a harem for him. She sets out to bring together a small group of young maiden's. She selects them all herself. Carefully interviewing and picking a selection of woman that will appeal to a variety of tastes. To sate whatever mood her husband might be in. Plump, busty, slender, fiery, docile, pale, dark skinned, In effect she set out to make her husband his own pleasure squad. Woman that would sate him when she was unable.

These woman are also picked because they are willing to be naughty. They are each willing to be as tame or wild as needed but the Empress stressed to each that they should be willing and able to satisfy his desires regardless of how kinky they may seem. And actively encourage such release from the Emperor. To do this she made sure that all of these woman were just as depraved if not more so than herself.

When they are back together maybe the queen is inspired by her creation and opts to try and include them more and more into their royal couples regular sex lives.

The lovely Queen -
(In some typical boudoir attire.)

Rich Bitch-




Alternate character- (if we want to say that this is a world where elves exist. I wont say no)


A classic story really. I am looking for someone to play a young woman. Around 20~. She comes from an extremely wealthy background. She received a top notch education and still is but currently has no ambition to use it. She wants to live out youth while she can and enjoy every kind of party she can experience. And with the money at her fingertips that is a lot of parties indeed.

She really is your basic 'Megabitch' type of personality. She is spoiled rotten, believes she is the center of the world at times and is the undisputed alpha girl amongst her friends. She is also incredibly vain and critical of her image. She thinks nothing of dropping thousands of dollars on a single pair of shoes  much less care about what she spends over the entire shopping trip. She often wears sexy clothing that accentuates her natural beauty (and she is a beauty by any standard)

She lives alone in her own apartment. A massive penthouse that her parents paid for and purchased just for her. She doesn't see them often as they are both busy running the financial empire she is supposedly going to inherit one day. And is often left with little oversight to her day to day habits. And even when her parents do complain they often give in anyway.

One day your character is at a nightclub she regularly frequents. One of the wilder locations in the city where a good time is almost certainly to be had by anyone who goes actively looking. She goes with a few friends as usual and as usual she and they all draw quite a bit of attention from men and ladies alike. YC is also a terrible tease. Especially to the boys (she finds herself attracted to girls) and loves to dance and flirt and watch the tents pitch, so to speak before she cheekily makes her excuses and leaves them horny and desperate for more.

This night YC notices that there are some people not focused on her and her friends. There is a small group gathered around another woman. A tall muscled woman who sits against the cushioned backing like some kind of throne. With her legs spread like a man and her strong arms stretched. She exudes confidence and seems to be eyeing up those who are gathered around her(mostly the girls). Taking free drinks when offered. She even has a soft body or two trying to nestle into her side and flirt over her impressive physique.

It may not have been lust or attraction that first made YC cross the floor to talk to this new woman, a woman she had never seen in this club (Her club!) before and steal attention that rightfully should have been focused on her. It is most likely her alpha girl instincts kicked in and she saw this woman as a threat to her comfortable status quo of being the most popular piece of ass in the building. Needless to say when you do push your way through the moderate throng to get a closer glimpse of this imposing bitch. However she had that scene playing out in her head, she certainly did not expect it to play out as it did.

Notes: this rp is mainly smutty. And mostly focused around BDSM themes. Humiliation, public displays and even some pain play will play big roles in the rp as MC trains yours from the uppity bitch to the (still uppity) devoted slave lover.

Some degradation and other extreme themes will pop in. Ass play will be a big sexual thing for this. For whatever reason all my lesbian dommes are really big into anal play and anal toys and this will be no exception.

Brotherly love/ Sisterly care

ya, Incest..... If you didn't see that one coming.

Rose and Amber are two adorable young girls. Woman, is more appropriate now. It is impossible to argue that they have both blossomed into creatures of beauty. They are still young though and retained much of their childlike innocence. They are only 18 and just turned. They are both smart as whips and incredibly willing to learn and experience new things. With their age and blossoming bodies this curiosity has recently turned the twins minds to sex.

Now the girls have always been inseperable. From the day they were able to walk they did nearly everything together. They insisted on it as children and at the time their parents just thought it was the cutest thing in the world. Two five year old girls insisting they eat the exact same meals and have the same teachers for classes and all of that. Anyone who knew the girls at all knew that they came as a pair. For everything. Sports, teams, get-togethers. You get both or you get neither. As the girls got older their parents becaming increasingly worried but the girls acted very mature. Surprisngly mature for sisters. Surprisingly close and affectionate as well. Not like how sisters would usually scratch and claw and snarl at each other through teenage years.

What most people didn't know is that the girls started to come to the collective conclusion that they loved each other. Not just as siblings but they actually loved each other. Their first sexual explorations were with eachother. Mostly just kissing and lighter touching. Both girls are too nervous to take it any further. They are also terrified of talking about it to their parents.

Despite this two do know two things. The first is that they don't want to end their relationship simply because some people say it is wrong for them to love each other. The second thing they know is the more complicated part. They both have feelings about someone else in their family. Their older brother, Michael has always been kind and protective towards the girls. All through school they knew that if they ever had a problem with bullies or just needed someone to hug their big brother was always willing to drop what he was doing and lend a hand.

They are looking to expand their relationship and continue exploring the realm of lust and love with the one person they both trust more than anyone else. The one person who probably has both the least chance of judging them and wont simply take advantage of the fantasy of fucking a set of willing twins.

Rose and Amber -
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Re: Ollum's Lewd & Sexy Funtimes
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Paradise -

I have three versions of this story and they are all mostly the same. It is a simple story with little background and meant more to be jumped into for the sake of sexy times.

Basic premise for all is that there exists a simple society. Located in dense jungle and far from any civilization. There remains one fact that is key, all of the citizens of this society are woman.

The first idea of this story is that the village Is primarily made of woman because they work hard to keep it that way. They worship and old and ancient deity of fertility, youth and maidenhood. The goddess grants them long life in exchange for their devotion and their adherence to her many tenants. In return they keep the village in a sate of feminine purity. She also grants her subjects youth and beauty for the duration of their lifespans. But even with a goddesses touch they cannot live forever. Eventually they must replenish their numbers. She also knows that her followers have certain needs. Needs that eventually can only be sated by a males touch.

The goddess works to manipulate 'chance' encounters for her followers. There are other tribes that inhabit the jungles. Tribes with males, usually strong and powerful warriors. The goddess spies the best specimen of masculinity she can find and informs her priestesses by way of a vision. The village then sets out to follow their goddesses will and find the chosen male. He is then asked or lured back to the village where he will take up the role of siring the next generation.


The second idea is a lot like the first only The longevity of the villagers is because they are feral elves. They are a wild and uncivilized subspecies. Totally at odds with what most elves societies are like. They are not necessarily primitive because they choose to remain so they are simply primitive. But also prominently female. The reason for their feminine population is unknown. But there is also no formal goddess ruling their society. They are a more spiritual and shamanistic. They view certain things as inherently feminine.

But the rareness of males in their population has made them oddly worshipful of the symbol of the phallus. Viewing it as an important bringing of passion, pleasure and new life. They are not completely without males normally. There are always a few in their population and they are always treated like kings. But there has not been a male birth in many many years for the tribe. Long enough that the only males that were left have passed away without siring any sons. Understandably the tribe is very terrified at the prospect of dying out. Elves live for centuries yes but without males they will all eventually die with no one left to carry on their traditions.

Cue the arrival of MC. The Captain of a High elven frigate. An explorer vessel for the great Illyrion Empire seeking new lands and new treasures to bring back home. There was a storm that rocked and ripped his once majestic vessel to splinters. Most of the crew died trying to keep what was left of the ship alive or from the elements shortly after. By the grace of the gods or sheer dumb tenacity he managed not to drown. After spending days out at sea he thought he was dead for certain. The sad excuse for a raft he had cobbled together from the debris had no food or water and certainly no means of navigation. He was already half a world away from his homeland, there was no chance of help coming or his disappearance even being considered for years to come.

Somewhere along the line he drifted into unconsciousness. Which was fine by him, he just assumed that the next time he opened his eyes it would be in paradise of the gods. I assume you can figure out where the story goes from here.

The best part about this one is the clash of civilizations. The ultra civilized High elf against a small horde of female barbarians. There will undoubtedly be a language barrier to get around. All things like bathing, food, How casually they approach him for sex. A lot of things to become accustomed to.

Here are some ideas for what i mean by 'feral elves'

From Marquise to Maid:

Setting: Victorian Steampunk, Political and social instability and upheaval.

Characters: Noble woman (you) and a nobleman (me)

Plot: Your character comes from a country which is currently being rocked from the inside out. For years there have been rumors of uprisings against the ruling class who have been rapidly losing their grip on their own populace and power bases. And in the last few months those rumors have since exploded into a full fledged civil war. For those neighbouring countries it is very frightening not only because the violence could potentially spread into their own realms but because now they are being asked by nearly all factions involved to lend aid and assistance. Which would be fine for most leaders id they were absolutely sure of who would merge victorious from this turmoil. but it is quite possible they could end up aiding the losing side and then the victorious faction would simply emerge from the rubble and they would now have a very pissed off neighbour with a long memory. So for the time being there seems to just to a general consencious to just sit things out and watch from the outside. Borders are closed down and refugees are accepted but no one is allowed to enter into the war torn nation. As expected most communications have since stopped and if it wasn't for the daily explosions people might assume that everything had simmered down.

What matters for you and my character is that you are a woman from a noble family. One of the larger factions fighting in your countries civil war is a heavily left wing and is specifically targeting nobles and their families and looking to exterminate the once oppressive upper class of their society. You like many of your fellows once the war started fled. And to avoid being hunted down by your enemies you change your name and hide your identity. To support yourself for the time being you find work as a maid. Something you once considered lowly but now a necessity to help retain your amonimity.

Now my character does in fact know you are from this nation. But as far as he is concerned you are a refugee like so many others. Just a common woman fleeing war and terror. That is part of why he offered your character a job and a place to stay initially. He felt it was something he could do to help a woman in distress. As for his feelings toward you, well he may have thought you were simply pretty at first but didn't plan on acting on that. That sort of blossomed over time.

You planned to work until you had enough money to move on out of this country. Even further away from your home to relatives farther away. The rest of your family was supposed to meet you there. During your time in service you began to notice the way my character eye's you as you enter and leave the room. Watching you carefully, at first you may have thought that he was on to you and that he knew who you were. But it didn't take you long to discover that he is looking at you because he likes what he sees. Soon he starts talking to you, small forced sentances here and there. Giving small compliments that you return with a smile. Then he starts asking for you by name to attend him. Taking his coat. Clean his quarters and so forth. Anything that gets you closer to him for longer periods. He likes you, he likes you a lot and to your own surprise you aren't repulsed by the idea. If anything being so directly commanded feeds your submissive nature. You went from hating maid work to actually enjoying it to an extent.

One day he calls you into his study and makes you a very surprising offer. He offers you a raise, better quarters, less work and a more defined purpose and job description. He wants you to be his private maid. Not an uncommon thing in this kingdom for young men to have. Instead of a valet or footman to see to him and his personal needs like dressing. They hire young woman who have certain extra duties. Duties like Cleaning his bedroom. That was the only room she had to service. She would bring him most of his meals, and of course make love to him, whenever he desired it however he desired to do it. she would be a sexual outlet. Officially the actual job title of 'private maid' doesn't strictly exist. Yes everyone in the nation knows they exist and yes every maid knows that their master may or may not make them an offer at some point and most girls do take the opportunity. Because they are also well paid and they get to sleep in their masters bed every night and usually dine with him. Depending on the master of course. But according to the most strict and official channels such maids don't exist and they are considered by the more prudish 'old school' aristocracts to be rather scandalous.

The pay raise is substantial and would certainly help fund your travels all the quicker. But are you actually going to take the job because of that reason? Will you actually leave his service when you have enough money? and most importantly will you eventually tell him who you really are.

If you were wondering what my character does than that is a fair question. Before this whole shit debacle started he was a member of parliament, working to the secretary of war to the ministry of war and defence. Since the civil war started next door he has been dealing nearly non stop with the influx of reports and comminuques from inside the war torn nation and from other neighbouring kingdoms. Each who had their own opinions on policies of intervention and who to support if they were to do so. The whole situation is a mess and keeps his away from home longer and longer each day this drags on.

Notes: So this rp is about budding romance. I am looking for a very sexual experience and a very submissive partner. There will be plenty of kinks to explore and while sometimes they will make simple and pure love at other times we can get pretty kinky. I want exploration to be a thing in this. My character exploring his own sexual desires and kinks and in turn pushing YC to her limits and beyond. Bondage, cock & ball worship, anal, ora, spankings. Public displays and voyeurism, whether it be just sexy and innapropriate outfits or blossom into full on sex. potential humiliation from public scenes and forced turned consensual exhibitionism. But if you don't want to include humiliation as a kink than that is certainly negotiable. But I would prefer to keep public and semi public scenes included if possible.

Bathing scenes and other personal scenes like feeding MC delicacies with YC's fingers. We can go back and forth on specifics but what I am trying to say is that I am looking for someone willing to have some fun. Sex and Sexuality will be a big part of this rp. Their romance and growing relationship will also be a main feature to explore in the rp.

 As for the story, well we can do this several ways. Maybe her family gets worried and comes looking for her. Maybe noble hunters from her home country are scouring the neighbouring kingdoms for aristocratic refugees. Maybe this kingdom becomes embroiled in the same war that in engulfing your country. I am open to ideas on this one.

Just for reference, in my head I see the war torn country as this worlds version of France. With the neighbouring power as a sort of England. Note I don't mean we have to roleplay with literal French and English Characters but you get the theme I am trying to go for.

 I also see your character as around 19~ young enough to be terrified at the strange new land she has had to find a life in but old enough to know the innuendo and meaning behind the title of 'Personal Maid'

 (by far my Favourite option. I would be most pleased to play against this one.)



Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I also had a second version of this story I recently thought up. The premise does not change at all. You are still a young woman of higher class descent fleeing her war torn country in search of safety and family. But this one is a little more fantasy leaning.

The warring Nation that you hail from is actually the homeland of the Dark elves. Who have gone to war with their fairer skinned kin after tensions reached and inevitable boiling point. Now dark elves aren't evil in this world. The name just refers to their skin tone which is dark and brown compared to their lighter skinned cousins, Sun elves.

The human realms don't fully understand the arguments and conflicts that flame up between the elven subraces. As they are told these go back centuries or longer and few elves have bothered to waste the time explaining such a length of disagreement in detail. Suffice to say the elves do not like each other and have not for as long as anyone can remember.

Where your character comes in is because the Sun elves are the ones who launched the first strike against your people. And with the Dark elf nation bordering the human nation of Dearoth many refugees fled there to hide until the war is over.

You were one such woman. In the chaos and confusion of the invasion you lost contact with most of your family. As a non combatant you fled into Dearoth hoping to find your family as well as protection. You were a noble in your peoples society before the war started. You still retain your title but you do not use it. The Sun elves have supposedly hired a slew of assassins and agents to kill or capture every member of the dark elf nobility they can find. To weaken their leadership and culture from the top down.

Like the first version of this story, your character lies about their heritage and upbringing for their own safety and takes whatever work she can find. She needs the money to support herself and to help hunt down her family in the wartime chaos.

The only difference here is that I picture your character having a younger sister that she travelled with. A girl still old enough to be considered a woman but young enough to need a guardian or parent(say 16 or 17). A role your character has tried to take on herself. She has a job in the same household you work in. Working for the same lord and doing the same domestic work.

This adds a new layer to your characters possible reasoning to accept the offer to become her masters private maid. Maybe she fears both her sister and her will be thrown out if she refuses. Or the extra money she earns will help both of their lives in this foreign place. Or she is afraid that he might decide to offer this job to her sister if she refuses.

Which could lead to some fun humiliation play because her sister would quickly learn what her sisters new job is. And probably see her in her new outfits or hear her as she moans and worships her master. I think you would agree that it would probably be sexy if the sister ended up joining them later in the rp.




Your sister





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Hello Everybody. I'm looking for a good ol' classic medieval tale. Something involving knights and princesses/queens. My two current most desired ideas are listed at the top of the thread. If anyone is interested in them by all means hit me up.

I have been wanted ot work out and try a harem rp. I have a couple ideas in this thread but I also have an idea or two I haven't posted. If anyone is interested in playing out a harem of lovely ladies, please let me know.