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Author Topic: Aquarius & Caleen (2.0) ~ D/s, Human Only, Always Recruiting  (Read 405 times)

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Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Aquarius & Caleen (2.0) ~ D/s, Human Only, Always Recruiting
« on: October 17, 2015, 04:36:31 PM »
In another time, and another place, there is a land named Aquarius. It is a land ruled by a benevolent Queen, and where women are born with all the power over the men. Born into slavery, the men of Aquarius believe in the divinity of the female form and serve obediently. Aquarius' previous Queen however, had a thirst for conquest and over the course of the last five years before her death, she conquered three smaller countries, enslaving the men and in some cases, saving women from slavery. So there are men among the slaves that have known freedom, they have known what it is to have complete control over the life of a lower being. Now, they get to experience the chains, the obedience or the punishment. Some adapted, some even embraced it, others...

The new neighbor, Caleen, also believes in the divine feminine, but the interpretation differs greatly. In Caleen, it is men who own women. They are wife-slaves, to be cherished and provided for, but are subservient no less. Until the last few weeks, war with Aquarius seemed inevitable, the bloodthirsty reputation of its fierce female warrior preceding the armies. Something changed; the Queen who was so thirsty for conquest was killed, and the woman who replaced her is of a different cloth; she doesn't want more land. She wants more riches and for her Queendom to prosper. Queen Sephria negotiated a peace and trade treaty between Aquarius and Caleen, offered Caleen the use of a chapter house for its Embassy, a small enclosed village at the edge of the capital city, where Caleen men and women would be able to live and trade without being threatened of being converted to the Aquarian culture, as long as they do not attempt to free Aquarian men from their slavery. The same amnesty extends to the gladiator area.
  • Sandbox, freeform game located on the NC Human board
  • Recruiting never closes
  • Aquarius has been around since July 2013, and has always been active. The game is not going to fade into oblivion within weeks
  • This is a soft reboot, made to bring the game back together after it had lost some of its focus and spread too thin.
  • This game focuses more on binary genders, and the gender roles are very defined. If you wish to play non-binary, you character may have a difficult life
  • Although the relationship described above are heterosexual, homosexual relationships are also possible.
  • Even if there is a theme of ownership, of Master and slave relationship, the depth of the required submission is decided between players.
  • Post minimum is a big paragraph (no one-liners), but the current player base tends to go with a minimum of 3.
  • Available prominent roles, like leader of a House or a Ministry

Offline Lynnette

Re: Aquarius & Caleen (2.0) ~ D/s, Human Only, Always Recruiting
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2015, 05:28:36 PM »
I'm potentially interested, but I would like to ask one big thing first. How has the game been so far, in terms of progression? Has it boiled down to a lot of people just chatting with other people, or is there a sense of story-progression and whatnot? And if so, would it be possible to get a short-short rundown of any very major events?

Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Re: Aquarius & Caleen (2.0) ~ D/s, Human Only, Always Recruiting
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2015, 06:38:59 PM »
As far as story progression goes, we've had the death of the conqueror queen by means of poisoning. A slave, gifted from a small house, stabbed the queen with a poisonous blade. A distant cousin of hers, a woman who did not see eye to eye with the dead queen's politics (she is of an opposing house) found herself unexpectedly summoned to be crowned. Sephria became Queen. Sephria is from a house of merchants, houses are guilds of a sort. So her goal is to prosper, to make sure that Aquarius becomes richer and the trade flourishes. For her first action as Queen of Aquarius, Sephria has sent letters to the King of Caleen to request a peace and trade treaty to be signed, so that the two strong countries would not come to blows, but profit of each other's differences. The King and the Queen met on neutral grounds, they negotiated the peace, and a treaty was signed.

This is where the story is at, now. Treaty signed, parcels of Aquarian lands are loaned to Caleen for their Embassy, and Caleen returned the favor, though the only area played is the capital city of Aquarius, as well as the fortress of the Queen, the Embassy of Caleen and the gladiator arena all found within the limits of the capital.

I hope that answers your question. :)

Offline CynadeaTopic starter

Re: Aquarius & Caleen (2.0) ~ D/s, Human Only, Always Recruiting
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2016, 09:00:23 AM »
The game is 18 months old and still getting posts almost daily. There is space for dominants and submissive of both genders.