Dungeons, Debauchery, Damsels...D&D Any edition..with naughties?

Started by Mia Saisyu, October 15, 2015, 02:59:39 PM

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Mia Saisyu


I have a few characters that are looking for a good ( or not so good ) home! I'm ideally looking for a game with equal parts naughties and normals! Basically, I like smutty situations being involved..

Here are some ideas / sort of the stuff i'm looking for.

Scenario 1:
A character breaks off from the group and is subjected to slave training by bandits. It may take a couple of weeks for them to find her - but will she be in the same condition when found, or a little bit messed up in the head from "training" ?
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Scenario 2: Party ends up fighting some giant plant-monster thing that swallows one character whole. There's a trick to beating the thing up though, every time the person inside doped up on pollen gets off, it regenerates a huge amount of health.

Scenario 3 : A face-off with a perverted evil sorceress might subdue a character by summoning a slime onto them in combat that quickly works to dissolve armor / do naughty things. There are multiple ways to take someone out of combat..

Are we on the same page now? Great! Let me show you a few of my characters.

Elesa Levalle, magic instructor.
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Elesa Aravelle




Hardly a prodigy, Elesa studied her way through Alther's Magical School like the rest - and achieved consistently good grades through consistent hard work.
Elesa became noticed as she aged, and eventually was able to recieve a promotion - one that would let her become the teacher of the Defense of Magical arts, class number 103.

Elesa, or "Miss Aravelle" was a very relaxed, lenient teacher, and the object of affection of quite a few students. Thanks to her extremely overzealous studies, she'd achieved a heightend level of magery much faster than many of the students and instructors at the school.

Elesa performed her duties well, teaching students in disarming others through charms, distracting, and slowing, even counterspelling. However, one student who took her class decided to test her mettle.

Through use of foul magics, a certain female student unleashed a succubus in the classroom - at which Elesa couldn't cope with. She was overwhelmed, seduced, and made to embarrass herself before her class with public masturbation..and that's when things got particularily bad.
This certain succubus began summoning in "friends" from her plane. Bit by bit, the school was overtaken - Alther's Magical School was led entirely by demons, and Elesa was thrown into the dungeons.

Thanks to a quick wit, and a few quick spells, Elesa was able to escape through sheer luck, and fled her tower. But now jobless, Elesa had lost her purpose, direction, and friends.

She needed power to deal with her school's invasion, and Elesa set out to quest for..just that.

Leanne, Sinner Priestess / Paladin
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Leanna, Sinner priestess





In a once beautiful shining temple of pelor, secluded in a capital city due to lack of funding from local and state taxes, existed a little sisterhood coven, tucked away, that devoted themselves to tending to the sick and aiding the homeless of the community. One such priestess, Leanna Altiel, was bandaging an orphan's wounds near the temple altar when the sudden gust of wind signaled the presence of an otherworldly being.

The stained glass windows illuminate the presence of an otherworldly being. An angel of the sun god had appeared in this very temple - not one, but three descended from the large gap in the ceiling where sunlight trickles to the floor below. They had said that Pelor had blessed this church, and had heard the prayers of the priestesses.

And with those words the fall began.
It started simple, a simple uttering urging a few of the priestesses to pray naked, to be bare before the sun god. The "angels" would visit every day to provide their guidance, often staying well into the evening. Eventually, it became that the will of the god was to greet its followers in deep, empassioned kiss, sharing the love of the sun god.

It spiraled quickly from there. A few wild magics, and the sun god was not a sun god at all. "Pelor" was in love with "Malcanthet" , and such a thing demanded tribute. And with a few utterings. New rules became law. It was the will of her holiness to worship through "release". Leanna's first intimacies  were far more than any virgin girl dared to concieve. Sharing the love of the goddess, Leanna and the other temple girls were subjected to continual more depravity. A few of the girls became "ill" and fell prey to these creatures, but one girl with a slightly brighter soul than others became a snack. Eventually, more and more debased rules were placed, and more priestesses had fallen.
Eventually, it was said to Leanna that there was a succubus in the ranks three , to be exact. It was then , one day, in the angels "absence", that Leanna met a succubus in full splendor and experienced something that literally made it feel like her entire body was a ...tool of pleasure. With the preening the "angels" had imprinted upon her, Leanna quickly fell to deft touches and experienced the most embarrassing moments over, and over, and over again. Finding the priestess in a tangled bed mottled with her excitement, the angels caressed her and uttered that there was a traitor amongst the ranks, a succubus - and told her of what such a creature does. Leanna, being one of the only remaining creatures, vowed to bring the wrath of the sun father and the holy lady upon this creature for decimating her sisterhood.

But yet, the hunger did linger, the thoughts, the imprints, all the sinful desire. And so the hunt began, but the vengeance she sought may not be what she desired at all.

*Has own heretical set of beliefs - such as being unable to wear panties when aroused.

Revi Aterra, wild alchemist engineer.
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Revi Aterra



Revi was a child who was born into a lineage of mercenary shop owners and alchemists. The Aterra family had several different shops in the region, called "Soldier's Rest" that sold traveling supplies, and dealt in special and magical items.
The pretty, upon reaching the age of adulthood, was literally given charge by her parents to nurture a shop and make it grow - flock it with magical items, as well as supplies, and make money from the region. Being a pretty lass herself certainly helped the cause, as well - a few travelers
came and stopped specifically to see the charismatic shopkeep. However, in a trade with mercenaries for goods, Revy picked up a certain scroll. A blueprint for a magical ring that allows anyone who can place the ring on another - to be utterly and completely enthralled, and owned by that person, forever, forced to obey all commands.
Such an item would change the face of the world forever, or so Revi thought. However, the blueprint wasn't complete - it required several rare gems to refine - and even at that, it seemed that about half of the blueprint was still missing.

Her first mistake was talking with a rather pretty girl while drunk at the local tavern late in the eve. Smitten by a gorgeous redhead, Revi blabbed about the entire thing as she was led  home..seduced, brought to a mess on the bedsheets...

..and then found the blueprint missing. Research found that the girl who'd made off with her blueprints was a very prestigious brothel owner..who'd no doubt have an infinite amount of "employees", were the blueprints to fall into her hands completely.

With this, Revi sets out to find the rest of her blueprints - and somehow make her store prosper, at the same time..

Interested? Great! I'd ideally like to play with dice on www.rolld20.net - but any program you like is fine!

My heart desires a game with multiple players, but solo will be fine since beggars can't be choosers!

Contact me at :
skype: momochuko
AIM: celesteashiel
yahoo: miachuko

Thank you!


I can play the role of GM and would be able to run a group of 2-3 players I'd there is anybody else who is interested. :)