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April 22, 2018, 12:12:08 AM

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Author Topic: Warrior Born, Orginal Super Hero pitch set on Marvelverse (M looking for F)  (Read 894 times)

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Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

I was wondering if I might interest somone in a one on one SuperHero story based in the Marvel Universe yet original characters.    The rough pitch I have for you as far as my character is Geoff Barns, former Marine Corps Officer (Captain)  of Marine Force RECON that was injured by enhanced beings during an operation that left him partially paralyzed.

He volunteered for a program for the government to build its own enhanced powered strike team.   The process restored his body and even enhanced his own natural and trained fighting ability.   It also granted him the power to manipulate and use the negative emotional energy that comprises the Dark Force dimension.   With this power he can do the following.

  • Created a dark energy construct about his body that moves and flows with his actions, granting him armored protection against military grade weapons and medium explosives.
  • Created twin blades extending from his wrists that are two feet in length.   He had an innate skill with these blades and he is a deadly hand to hand combatant with them.   He has the skill and strength to use the blades the cut through reinforced steel, but not higher durable metals or materials like carbon steel or titanium.
  • Plunge an area about 10 meters cubed into pitch darkness.  Not even infrared or ultraviolet will work in this area.   Geoff can see in this area with no issue.   While he does this he cannot use any of his other powers.
  • Muscle, bone mass, and connective tissue strength and durability is about five times as dense as a normal human.   This enables Geoff to have superhuman strength to lift max three tons.
  • Extremely sensitive to light.   Has to wear special visor glasses or contact lenses.   Without them a normal lit room cuts his vision to 25% efficiency.   Anything brighter would blind him
  • Geoff has difficulty blending into a crowd unless some effort is made to disguise his appearance.  His hair is silver, his skin is pale to neat albino white, and his eyes are flat black with no visible iris, pupil or eyeball.
  • The negative emotional feedback  takes its toll.   Using his power for more than two hours causes him to slip into more violent and dark emotions, and to loose control.   It is almost a berserker like state.   This lasts no more than ten minutes and at that time he is exhausted.   He then is unable to use his power without eight hours of solid rest, and for all purposes his reflexes and strength are average human ability.

I an open to whatever character you want to play.  A teammate that he meets, or a former girlfriend turned rival much like the Batman/Catwoman dynamic but now are fighting on the same side.  I am open to whenever our characters meet up.   It can be at the formation of the team, or he could have left, the strain and burden of the dark emotions flooding back into him causing him to go off on his own.    For a personality I see Geoff as a dedicated solider and patriot with a ruthless and practical streak to him.   Think the Marvel Ultimate Universe Captain America with an edge to him.   He is all about the mission and does not deal well with distractions, and his previous relationships with women when he was a Marine were more one night stands since he did not feel it was right to start a deep relationship when in Force RECON.   It lead to a couple of messy break ups when the women wanted more from him.   Also the dark emotional edge to him can come into play much later in the story and would help make any hard sex, BDSM edge to any sex scenes fit right, that is if the plot and character development call for such scenes.

That is my concept in a very large nutshell.   My On and Offs as well as links to my other role plays are on my signature block below.    I want to thank you in advance for your consideration and time, and do hope to hear back from you.

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

I am giving this a bum to see if this concept my interest anyone.

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Still looking for a potential writing partner for this concept.   Looking forward to hearing from you.

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Dusting this concept off as I still had not find a writing partner for it.  The universe does not need to be set in Marvel or DC comic universes, or cinematic universes.  It could be a continuity of our own making.  Hope to hear from someone in that this concept sparks some interest in someone out there.  If so send me a OM and lets talk.

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Again I do have a craving to play this beloved character of mine.   If the character and the idea strike your fancy please do let me know and I am willing to craft all sorts of plot angles and hooks with you.  I am very flexible.

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Bumping this concept again.  Very flexible if some elements appeal to you but others do not.   Hope to hear from you soon.

Offline BlackStoneTopic starter

Giving this muse and itch one mre shot, see if there is any interest, or if this like many ideas of late should go the way of the dodo.  Let me know if this interests you.
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