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Author Topic: MxM roleplays needed! Several openers or plots! (Updated!)  (Read 834 times)

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MxM roleplays needed! Several openers or plots! (Updated!)
« on: October 12, 2015, 06:18:43 PM »
So I will throw out a couple of openers here and pictures of the characters with them. First I would like to point out that NONE OF THE ART IS MINE, I just use it as a visual reference, the character in the picture is just what mine would look like, it is not the actual character.

Here they are! ((These are NOT just smut, there is plot to them so please feel free to ask me or work with me on it.))
O/Os added!

Pairings I'd like to do: Yes I know some of the pics are celebs, using them as a visual reference.

Very important update!

So I have been kicking around a solo story for a very VERY long time, meaning highschool (some 15 years ago might I add) and I've come to a point that I feel I may need help on completing it so I am willing to turn it into a roleplay BUT this isn't for your normal RP partner. I am looking for someone detailed and able to help move the plot to it's goals WITH adding in other interesting twists and turns. This story is going to consist of BOTH hetero and yaoi and MAYBE yuri with the right partner and with that being said my partner MUST be willing to take up many roles of NPCs as will I be. This is mainly a plot driven story but there will be sexual encounters in it. For SERIOUS inquiries only so please feel free to note me for more information or even main plot idea or even character description. As for the story I have already started it so here it is, go read if you'd like!


Hetero! MC is a single female in her late twenties that took over a ranch that her mother and father left behind. The ranch was more for city slickers who wanted to experience life on the ranch but unlike her mother and father who were a bit easier on the guests MC doesn't let them back out once they sign the contract that they will be official farm hands for their stay without paying a hefty price to break the signing. This is where YC comes in. Now he can be any type of business owner, business owners son, rebellious youth, etc. that came to the ranch either of their own free will or as a punishment or to see what it was like as far as country life goes. There is even room for the guy to bring a girlfriend or a fiance however this will lead to a romance between our two characters so the girlfriend/fiance would have to go by the end of it. Note me if this sounds like something you would like to discuss further, can be short term or long term.

Hetero! - Noble woman (18 years - me) x Older Highlander male: MC's father is a very well known nobleman, sitting high within the court. The timeline is Medieval and the wars had stopped for awhile now but there is talk of rebellion among the highlanders ((this isn't all historical either, will be fantasy fiction)) but England doesn't want Scotland to rebel, not by any means so there are arranged marriages purposed. One being to YC who is the eldest of four brothers and in need of a wife after being widowed thrice already, two by execution and once by suicide but because of the peace being offered through weddings your Clan's council and elders encourage you to accept the wedding offers. ((Plot the rest with me!!!!)) [/s]

Mob Boss' Son (me) x Bodyguard (you)[/s]
Mob Boss x Mob Boss
CEO (me) x Bodyguard (you)
Student/party boy (me) x Mob Boss (you)
Mob Boss (me) x Cop (you) - Can be reversed.
Mob Boss's son (me) x Cop (you) - Can also be reversed.
Student (me) x Teacher (you)
Student (me) x Businessman (you)
Brothers (incest)
Best friends (older or younger)
~~New starter/opener a the bottom of page for a completely different kind of story~~

Mafia boss's son x Bodyguard - So the boss has a rowdy kid that needs handled, he skips school, starts fights, bad mouths teachers/other guards/lackeys/father/clients/etc. He needs a lesson on how to behave. What I am looking for is someone to discipline him in a more sexual manner but he will be completely unwilling in the beginning, BUT this will turn to romance. He will be young but age gaps are completely okay with me, non-con is more than okay but eventually it will turn to dub-con and eventually more than willing. Eventually/occasionally will want to switch it up a bit, maybe as a reward for good behavior he gets to top or something? Or maybe he wants to feel more dominant and YC feels pity for him and lets him, either way your character needs to stay in control, the kink that this hits home most with is a slave controlling their master behind closed doors.

Mafia boss x Mafia boss - Rivals or Allies? Up to you but either way there needs to be physical/territorial struggle between the two, there needs to be killing (of irrelevant characters), blood (yes this can mean blood play, i.e. a fight between both our characters leading to some nice hot steamy scene), cursing, abuse of substances and many other things that come with the mafia/crime life. I would like some kind of romance in this though it will be a bit reluctant on MC's part until farther into the story, mpreg is encouraged but no necessary.

CEO x Bodyguard - You are new on the job, you're the best of the best but for reasons undisclosed in the interview for the job you quit (whatever profession you belonged to - FBI, Swat Team (sniper/sharpshooter), Green Berets, w/e.) and decided to take up the job of a bodyguard for a middle aged (age may change) CEO. The man is wealthy, good looking and mysterious even to his own personnel, even you. Behind the guise of a technology driven company lies something more that the man keeps hidden, do you want to find out what it is? How far can he push your loyalty and obedience until you break? Will you submit or will he? Note me for plotting!


WoW - Blood elf x Blood elf
FFXIV - Miqote (me) x Elezen/Miqote/Hyur/Au Ra
Tera Rising - Castanic (me) x Castanic/Elf/Human

All of these pairings I'm open for larger age gaps but nothing over 44


Opener for CEO x Bodyguard

Royce Malenda was famous, one of the most famous people in the technology field year to date but not because he was just computer smart but because he was business smart as well. From a young age the male had been a prodigy, succeeding where few had and where many more had wanted to but lacked the knowledge or financial support. When Royce’s father died unexpectedly he got just what he needed, money from the insurance company which went much farther than he had ever planned but it got him off the ground and at the age of eighteen the young man was founding his own company. That was eight years ago and not one year has gone by that he hasn’t introduced at least five new products into the world to awe and inspire others if not help them. Technology was the road to wealth and he had seen that from a young age whether it be an automated sweeper to a wristband that could alert you if you were having a heartattack or stroke. Those were just a few of his inventions though the wristband was still in the works, one of his latest ideas but not too far from production.

Lifting the glass to his lips Royce looked over the papers in front of him, the documents that had been faxed from Japan were scattered about his desk but he just signed and leaned back again. Alex Gandri had been his bodyguard for five years now, the man was older and much wiser than anyone he had ever meet. Not that it mattered as Royce didn’t consult the man on anything other than safety but he could just tell by looking at the gentleman, the softness in his eyes and the tone he used when talking to him. However Alex had only been at best a mall security guard, he wasn’t really fit for the assignment that Royce had put him on, Royce’s own personal safety. There were things that Royce knew, secrets he would take to his grave but there were people who didn’t trust that, they didn’t think the younger male would stay quiet about the things he knew. Frowning Royce looked to the short, thick glass with light brown liquid in it, shifting his wrist back and forth he swirled the whiskey as he thought more about the interrupted trip to Japan.

If there had ever been a horrible time to come back from a very profitable trip then that was most certainly the time, in Japan was a very important, wealthy investor that he had to make contact with. Royce’s frown deepened after taking a large gulp of the drink and then setting the half empty glass back onto the dark cherry wood library style desk. Pushing himself up with a groan and moving to the picture window that looked out over the city he started to dig deeper in the dark secrets in his head. Who would have gone to that length? Digging through to find his travel plans, following him all the way to Japan and then taking out the man that had been by his side for five years. All of that just to make a point? With furrowing brows he leaned against the window pane and watched the overcast sky. If it were who he was thinking then things could get much more dangerous from there on, only that person had a dramatic reaction to things and the trip to Japan could have set in false insecurities. Perhaps that person thought that Royce was trying to sell them out or get back up or even enlist someone to go after all Royce’s enemies.

Turning his head to the knock at the door “Come in Janice.” Janice Beckins had been his assistant for as long as he could remember, a very polite, well mannered woman who was in her early forties with salt and pepper hair. If there were ever a stereo type pin up of a secretary from the seventies then she would fit perfectly into it. Hat salt and peppered hair pulled up into a tight bun with hair sprayed bangs, thick brown glasses with a gold chain that allowed them to hang from her neck when not in use. Even her suits were nostalgic with their colors never straying from tan, brown or black with heels no more than 1 ½ inches from the ground. Smiling he nodded at her as she entered the room with a coffee and more folders that he had asked for but there was something more wrapped in a napkin. Taking a deep breath Royce adjusted himself so his back was now against the window rather than his shoulder. “And what pray-tell is that? I didn’t ask for anything else did I?”

Rolling her eyes Janice sat everything out on her bosses desk where he liked it and then took the glass of half drank whiskey while setting down the wrapped snickerdoodle cookie in it’s place. “No you didn’t but I thought you might like to enjoy some of the birthday spoils as well, Jason says thank you also, he was very appreciative that you personally went to say happy birthday to him.” Straightening up a few of the papers on his desk she glanced up at her boss, for being so young he was an amazing CEO, someone who actually knew how to run a business. One thing she had always been in awe about was how he understood how people wanted to be treated, how they deserved to be treated. Each month there was a print out that told him who’s birthdays were on what day and he would make it a point to go to that person and wish them a happy birthday. On top of that once a month he would order cupcakes for the whole company, each department got their own order. Perhaps it was over the top compared to other companies but in Janice’s eyes the young man was perfect. “Don’t forget, you have an interview in a half an hour with the new guard, I personally selected his resume, he was the most qualified out of all that applied, and before you ask; yes it was very impressive.”

Smiling again Royce nodded to the woman, she had been put in charge of setting up interviews for his new bodyguard and apparently she had taken it very personally, having shut done at least a dozen that he knew of. “Thank you Janice, for everything.” Royce chuckled at the wave of the hand he got as she left the room, notedly taking his whiskey with her, that he frowned on but at least she left him a cookie.


Find Me
Name: Jameson Castor
Age: 90 years (human)
Race: Demon with Cyborg enhancements
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Yellow


They were out again, the group known as Quarantine, and as usual they were hunting. Quarantine was made up of several different social statures that came together for one cause, wiping out demons and anything deemed unnatural. Unnatural included cyborgs, stray A.I. bots and even just rare mutations of human genes such as legs being fused together, two heads or some freak looking creature that wasn’t what the ideal human should look like. Members for this particular group came from all walks of life such as the poor who lived beneath the old crumbling bridges of vintage cars that used wheels and gasoline as means to accelerate. Then there were the working class that were barely scraping by and just one bad week of poor budgeting or crisis could break the bank and find themselves joining the poor beneath the bridges or in old run down human apartments. However the ones that ran the group and made all the calls were the ones that were much better off than the rest, the ones with all the wealth and easy desk jobs. All of them however came together for the just cause of ridding the world of the monsters that went bump in the night and caused unneeded chaos in day to day life or that just smudged it with their ugly appearance. So they hunted that in which didn’t belong in their world.

It wasn’t all the time they could hunt though, for once the government stepped in and loaned a helping hand to the ones that were now a rapidly growing minority. Only on the first Wednesday of every month were they allowed to go out and kill off any night creature that was found to be a nuisance, though one thing was still wrong with this law, there was no documentation or proof needed that the creature was disruptive. Granted this seemed like a pretty shitty law but at least it meant Jameson only had to run one day out of the month and not every single moment like it had been a few years ago. Peeking out of the dumpster his yellow eyes moved from left to right and up and down making sure that the area was clear before he crawled out and brushed himself off. Now he stunk as well as was dirty but at least he was alive for the moment, moving to the opening in the alleyway he peeked around the corner and once again looked in all direction. It was almost time for the sun to be up and that would mark the end of the day for hunting though he knew better, a few still hunted for an hour or so after the sun came up. Though it was against the law those that broke it rarely got punished because they were seen to be doing a civil service in ridding the world of a havoc causing nuisance.

A shot rang out echoing down the alley and the sound of breaking metal followed in its wake, Jameson was momentarily taken off guard and grabbed his upper arm in pain before he bolted. Holding his arm and running as fast as he could Jameson fled to the street and headed toward the inner city where he knew all bets were off of survival but unfortunately those were better odds than what were stacked against him now. The outer city though peaceful was where the Quarantine hunted the most as they knew those that were peaceful creatures would hide out to seek sanctuary from the day to day life of running in the inner city where most laws didn’t apply. The inner city was weird in this world, it wasn’t like old books showed or stories he had heard told from the older generation. Inner city used to be filled with ghettos, crime rings and just all around no one wanted to be there however these inner cities were different but yet they still held some of the same values. Here the buildings were not as run down, they were upscale and rich often visited them, with their pets and guards. Drugs were still passed around freely as if it was a desert tray, sex and prostitution were like fashion runways but everything was glamourous. Everything shone with bright lights, glitter, and gold and silver as if it were derived straight from the story of gods in an ancient time, everything was beautiful but deadly. Pulling out a gun and killing someone was normal, so normal that the police didn’t respond unless it was on the verge of a massacre.

Panting hard as he came to a stop just inside of a small shop two steps over the city limits Jameson slumped in the corner of the store still holding his arm. It was clean and bright within the cool air, there were very few people but heard them in the other isles, one seemed to be just on the other side of the display for sex slaves. Flinching and closing his eyes tightly he heard the heavy footsteps come to a running stop in front of the store and he prayed they would start again and keep running down the street, but they didn’t. The sound of the chime on the door set Jameson in a panicked motion again as he darted down the aisle, the sound of the shots rang out again and he moved faster, he was running for his life. When he finally reached the back door he launched out into the back alley which was paved nicely and well lit. Stumbling and rolling into a trash can he pushed himself up with his good arm and took off again, several more shots were heard but they were distantly behind him. It wasn’t clear what had transpired behind him in the store but more than likely there had been returned fire on the man as most of the shop owners didn’t take kindly to open fire in their stores without permission, one reason he had ducked into that particular store. There were signs that lit up on tops of the stores that didn’t want gun fire inside, it would be a gun with a red X over it, pretty clear even if someone wasn’t A.I. smart. Once more he slowed down and ducked into an alley to sit down against the wall, the pain in his arm getting worse.

Looking down at his left arm Jameson frowned, the wires and several sheets of metal protruded out from the bleeding skin beneath the now frayed material of his jacket. Jameson was exactly the type of creature the Quarantine wanted gone, he was a cross between a demon and a cyborg, an experiment by humans, a man made atrocity. If it hadn’t been bad enough that Jameson had been born a demon, killing his own mother unintentionally during birth, then the scientist raised him and experimented with his demonic fluids and appendages. Hell would have been a much more pleasant environment to grow up in rather than where he did, always being poked by needles, cut by scalpels and so many different types of radiation and environment changes. All of it was for science they said but luckily there were still humans that viewed even demons as living breathing things that deserved a chance at life. Like in some cliché book about a crazy animal activist a group broke into the facility that he had been kept in and released them all. Though it was a very heartwarming thing it was also a very sad and horrific thing as some of the demons hadn’t been as civilized and understanding as Jameson and the activist were only repaid with gruesome deaths.

Sitting on the cool ground and not moving Jameson rested until the sun had been up for more than three hours, startling a few times as people entered and exited the alley he was in, all giving him suspicious looks but moving on as if none of their business. When he finally decided to move he headed back toward the outer city, it was far too dangerous for his kind here and he knew that, he could technically still be hunted here since he wasn’t accompanied. The inner city crowd seemed to be accepting sometimes of creatures if they were befriended by an occupant of the inner city, but not always.



Name: Argus Mantelli
Name: Brian Mantelli (son)
Age: 44
Age: 17 (son)
Hair: Black
Hair: Black (son)
Eyes: Grey
Eyes: Deep Grey (son)
Physique: Toned
Physique: Very fit (son)
Occupation: Contractor/Construction - CEO
Occupation: School (son)
Sexual Orientation: Undecided (Dub-Con gay)
Sexual Orientation: Gay (son)

"So you're going half way across the United States to talk to some brat kid that wants to borrow about fifty thousand dollars and you haven't even met him before?" Tyler wasn't believing this, there had to be more to the story than what Argus was telling him and it had to be juicy, the older male wouldn't just up and leave his comfy home to travel somewhere to loan a complete stranger more money than the person's life is even worth. Leaning against the frame of the bathroom he watched his friend and old college room mate trim his beard and mustache, Argus always kept it trimmed fairly short.

With a heavy sigh Argus rolled his grey eyes up and shook his head but continued in his mission to trim the hairs that had become unruly, "I told you once, he isn't a complete stranger." The snort coming from the tall Hawaiian native was rather rude, "Okay so personally I don't know the kid but he is a very close friend's son and I'm not about to just brush him off, I'll at least met him just like a normal client and see what he has to say, when I see if the project is worth the money I'll decide." Knocking the razor gently on the side of the sink he knocked most of the hair from the plastic guard that guided and measured the length between the blades and skin, it was a very small distance as Argus liked his beard and mustache short. "If I figure the project not to be worth my time or money I'll just turn him down but politely and send him on his way, I've got to at least do that for Jeremy's sake, his kid deserves it and not to mention I'm like twenty years late in meeting the youngster." Argus had never gotten to meet Jeremy's son due to life, a career took Argus from the quiet shore of Ocean City, Delaware all the way over to Santa Monica, California where he had gotten a full ride scholarship for Architecture though he would much rather be the one out getting his hands dirty than the one scribbling on a piece of paper and making big corporate decisions, no he liked to be out getting hot and sweaty more than being a paper pusher. "Besides, I have the chance to see Jeremy again if he isn't too busy doing his modeling stuff." Jeremy was still just as handsome as he had been back in high school, Argus had always been envious of his looks and how many girls he got but at least Argus was able to hold onto his youthful look and maybe Jeremy had too but the last picture he saw of him showed he was aging.

Rolling his eyes Tyler adjusted so his back was against the frame now instead of his shoulder, "You'd think you were in love with him by the way you talk." A soft smile played at his lips, Tyler knew there weren't romantic feelings between Argus or anyone for that matter, after he had split up from his wife things went very dull for the other and Tyler felt bad for his friend but at the same time he also was glad he didn't care about anyone, it was less stress for Argus. "That reminds me, are you going to take Brian with you?" Frowning he hoped that Argus was going to take the kid with him, Brian was in that rebellious stage where if he could cause a problem or chaos then he would do it, besides that the kid creeped Tyler out.

Argus let out a booming laugh and leaned on the sink with both palms flat, he heard the distress in Tyler's voice and couldn't help the amusement, "Yes, I'm taking my son with me, he is still on restrictions but I was able to convince the court to let me take him with me for awhile. If you want to come visit while I am there then by all means just send me a text or call and I'll send you a ticket, Ocean City is pretty nice and it has amazing ocean views as well as some nice swimming." Brian. It was the only thing that Argus and his ex-wife now shared and ever talked about other wise they never saw or spoke to one another anymore and truthfully it didn't bother Argus as much as he thought it would, he had loved her dearly but now that she was out of his life things straightened out. As he finished up and cleaned the sink and razor he kept glancing over at Tyler who was just watching him quietly, "You're not done talking, I can tell. Spit it out already." Tyler was very good at hiding his feelings and thoughts from a lot of people but he and Argus had spent many years together in college and after the divorce took place, he had always hated leaving Brian in the house alone so he asked Tyler to move in who at that time was homeless for the most part and living the life of a nomad going from couch to couch.

"You don't intend to stay there do you? I mean your coming back to Cali right?" It wasn't really for his own interests but Tyler had been living the good life off of Argus and though he had started his own career in a law firm he still had no intentions of taking on his own responsibilities of owning a house or taxes or anything else like that, he wanted to remain under Argus' wing for a while longer. So it was a bit shallow of him but he also cared to see his friend again, he didn't want the man he had gotten really close to, to just up and leave after so long, there were no romantic relations between the two but Argus was always a pillar to Tyler and he wasn't about to lose that just because some kid asked him to come back to his home town.

"Stop being an insecure woman." Reaching up he patted Tyler on the cheek playfully like he used to do to his wife, "I'll come home sweetheart don't you worry. I'm serious though Tyler I'm only going for a visit, see the home town a bit and meet up with some old friends and then Jeremy and his kid, that's it. It isn't like I had planned on just dropping everything here and going."

"Thank god, I'm not moving to some boring ass town you hicks grew up in." Brian had come up the stairs to hear the conversation about moving and was more than thankful they weren't moving, he had too many friends and too many wild Cali nights still left in his blood stream to just move to some unknown shore town. "I still don't want to go, why can't you just leave me with mom?" Yeah it was a bit of a whiny voice but Brian was beat down in life at the moment, a few acts of vandalism under his belt and the damn court threw the book at him hard, he had to have constant supervision and then he was still under restrictions even after his birthday, it was pure bullshit to him, Brian didn't want to have to hold mommy or daddy's hand for the rest of his life. However he knew it was a stupid question, his father would never let him stay with his mom as she was never home anymore and always flying out of the country or even out of state for her job, the life of being a celebrities manager had it's draw backs when it came to parenthood.

Glaring over at his son he frowned and then sighed and pushed past both the males blocking the doorway, "You're going with me and that's the end of it Brian, just live with it and look at it as a vacation and besides there are parties and things there too to do, it isn't like it is full of a town of old people or anything. There are still thriving businesses and young people there as well, maybe you'll even make a few new friends you can hang out with while we are there, under conditions set by me though." Argus threw a warning glance over his shoulder at Brian, it had been under his mother's care that Brian had gotten into all the trouble he had, the kid just needed more supervision and Argus had given that to him so he had been excellent for him so far. Entering his room he looked around, putting his hands up behind his head and lacing his fingers together he stared out the window at the ocean view, he was going to go back to his home town after how many years? He hadn't even attended class reunions due to work in the beginning but after while he just didn't even know when they were and the couple he had looked into had already passed by the time he found any information. It didn't matter, he was going to go now and see the old city and relax a bit.


Full Name: Leonardo (Leo) Tral
Title:  "Last Resort"
Nickname(s): Sphinx

Height:  6'4
Weight: 240lbs (all muscle)
Age:  32

Eye color(s):  Deep Violet
Contacts?:  Occasionally, Golden Brown
Glasses?:  Occasionally, Black/Thick rimmed

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.):  Muscular
Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.):  None

Hair color(s): Black
Hair length: Short
Hair style: Military Cut

Skin/fur color(s):  Dark, Very Tan
Complexion:  Smooth/Fair
Scars: Deep scar straight down his spine, middle of shoulders to waistline
Tattoos(what they are and where):  Tribal on right shoulder
Piercings(what they are and where): Double left eyebrow piercing

Personality snapshot: Very rough, serious and cold
Most prominent personality trait: Serious
Best traits of their personality: Loyal
Worst traits of their personality: Cold/Uncaring/Lack of compassion

Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): Single

Occupation: Hitman/Hired Killer/Mercenary

Good habits: Cooking and cleaning, apartment is never messy
Bad habits: Killing people he isn't supposed to
Special skills(Not meaning powers): Sharp shooter, martial arts
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, playing with his salamander (the actual reptile - you pervs)

Full Name: Travòs Lasile
Title: Husband/Friend of Leo
Nickname(s): Trav

Height: 6'0
Weight: 210lbs
Age: 30

Eye color(s): Steel grey
Contacts?: No
Glasses?: Reading glasses

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Slim/Some muscle definition
Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.):  None

Hair color(s): Brown
Hair length: Short
Hair style: Stylish?

Skin/fur color(s): Olive/Tan
Complexion: Smooth/Fair
Scars: None
Tattoos(what they are and where): None
Piercings(what they are and where): None

Personality snapshot: Quiet, calm, passive-aggressive
Most prominent personality trait: Calm
Best traits of their personality: Compassionate
Worst traits of their personality: Passive

Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): Married

Occupation: Crime scene analyst

Good habits: Cooking, cleaning, keeping Leo out of trouble (might be considered a bad trait as well)
Bad habits: Drinking (gets mouth/aggressive), plotting to kill his wife
Special skills(Not meaning powers): Intelligent, overly observant
Hobbies: Reading, keeping Leo out of trouble, crosswords

"If you kill her things get easier you know. That bank account of your's wouldn't be so light all the time, you'd be able to chase some ass for once or let someone have your's." Sphinx looked over at Trav, to anyone else it would have been a very cold and serious look but he knew that the younger male would see the humor in his hard to read eyes since the other had known him far longer than anyone in his life. Rolling his eyes back to the crossword book he currently had laying in his lap and tapping his pen on his leg, his ankle crossed over the other knee as he lounged in the chair of the waiting room.  It wasn't his normal thing to do as he preferred to read instead of doing the damned crosswords that Trav liked to lose himself in but since the bland white waiting room was starting to weigh on his sanity he decided to partake in his friends hobby when it was offered to him from the deep brown suitcase. As Trav rambled on Sphinx filled in a couple more rows on the paper before looking up when a certain word stuck out much more than the rest, like a sore thumb in fact as it seemed to also sound a bit painful when the other spoke it. " that what this is all about? Lucy's pregnant?" Lucy was Trav's wife, a narcissistic bitch that he personally had wanted to kill on many occasions but because of Trav he couldn't, it isn't that the other was stopping him, no in fact the other male had been wanting to off his wife for sometime however even Trav realized it was much too dangerous with their current relationship status. As a Lawyer and a Crime Scene Analyst, Forensic Investigator, Crime Scene Investigator, or hell whatever they were going by now a days, but either way they were somewhat a match made in heaven on a cold day in hell. There were a few cases in which their marriage became so shaky Trav moved in with Sphinx and stayed for months on end just because they were actually pitted against one another and more than often Trav came out on top, the bitch always thought she was so smart to word things just so he would stumble but he never did. Either way the media always had fun with it at their expense, they would elaborate on the victories or the looses and for the most part rub it in the other's face and set their marriage on the rocks again which in turn if she were murdered, all eyes would turn to Trav and as Trav's friend that was the last thing Sphinx wanted to do. "Wait...wait..." Folding the crossword and leaning forward Sphinx narrowed his eyes at Trav as if trying to read him like small print on a contract, whatever he was trying to read was extremely important and when he finally did see what he was looking for he slung the crossword toward Trav and shot up out of his chair. Thankfully the waiting room was empty and the note on the glass said the front desk was out for lunch and would return in a half hour "Jesus fucking Christ, could you have married a bigger cunt?" Being calm and collected like Trav wasn't exactly what Sphinx was known for, if anything it was for flying off the handle and killing anyone and everyone around him when something brought him up out of his chair like it just had. "So the kid isn't even yours then? You said you haven't cam in her for years but yet she suddenly ends up pregnant? How the fuck does that work Trav? She the Virgin fucking Mary?"

A frown plastered Travòs' face as he heard and saw Sphinx's reaction, he knew the other would get upset because the older male had never liked Lucy from the beginning, the first time Trav had introduced them it was in a bar and when Trav walked away for a brief moment Lucy hit on him. It perhaps wasn't the best choice in Trav's life to marry the blond but she had been much different back then though now he was convinceds it was all just an act but he couldn't figure out why she would want to get in his good graces or even to get him to marry her. Trav had nothing special to offer anyone, he wasn't rich, he didn't have the most amazing genes and he wasn't exactly a social butterfly at the top of the ladder so that is why he had taken her as genuine when she said she loved him and that she was just a bit more frisky when drunk. "That's right, I haven't and she doesn't know that, nor will she Sph--" Quickly he looked around and cleared his throat after a new type of glare coming from Sphinx, "Nor will she know Leo, I don't want anymore scandals putting wind in her sails, I'm okay with a kid anyways, I love kids and have always wanted one even if it isn't mine and I doubt once we do split I will ever get the chance to have a kid so I win in the end." Coming out hadn't been an option at this point in Trav's life and the only one that knew he had urges toward the same sex was Sphinx who proudly admitted to his sexual desires and escapades in which of course Lucy hated when she found out. Sphinx was an amazingly sex male if Trav had to say so, the man had that 'tall, dark and handsome' thing down to perfection and the fact that he was built like a brick shithouse made him even more appealing but the one thing that if Trav thought on it too long, would turn him on, was how deadly his best friend was. However he and Sphinx never really looked at each other like that, it wasn't something they had ever talked about when Trav finally did come out to the older male but it was almost like something that was unspoken but rather clear to one another, besides that Sphinx was much too passive for Trav's taste. A small smile crossed his lips when the other rolled his eyes at him yet again, it was somewhat of a signature for Sphinx to roll his eyes and then either go back to what he was doing or simply to just turn away which he did this time.

"So what? Are you going to get a divorce then? She won't let you keep the kid if you get a divorce, she'd rather get the child support or just keep it in spite of you, you know that right?" It was a rhetorical question, he knew the answer to that since Trav was after all a very intelligent person and more than likely the most intelligent person that Sphinx had ever met which is why he also had great respect for the other. With a heavy sigh he got that cold and annoyed look on his face "So what the fuck am I doing here now with you? What is the point of bringing me in here to tell me this?" Listening to what Trav had to say somewhat pissed him off, it wasn't like Sphinx was a very busy individual but he hated being dragged to places like this, there were very few interesting magazines on the cherry side tables and even fewer interesting pictures to look at on the bleach white walls. "'ve been hiding this from me for at least what? Six months then?" That didn't really please Sphinx either, to know that Trav had been sitting on that kind of thing for so long without telling anyone meant that the younger male was with drawing into himself and thinking by himself on what to do which again, was a very bad thing for the other. Trav was smart but he got hurt easily and this wasn't something a person could brush off, his wife had cheated on him, got pregnant and now he was going to take responsibility of the other man's child. Taking in another deep breath Sphinx sat down next to Trav and put his hands behind his head, the small stubs of his hair pricking at his finger tips, closing his eyes and lounging back again he stretched out. The black long sleeve shirt he wore was already tight and when he stretched his arms out to put his hands behind his head the fabric strained over his chest and defined it to perfection, his jeans just baggy enough and hiding off tan color of this construction boots. "I'll make it look like an accident by the way...the kid will be yours so just leave it to me." There was very few protests from Trav, instead the other just said a few hushed words that Sphinx couldn't make out but when he opened his eyes and saw the other had his head down and his shoulders sagged as he rested his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands he assumed it was a reluctant approval.


The baby in his arms was beautiful there was no doubt about that, a baby boy at the weight of 8lbs 2oz slept in Trav's arms as he stared out the picture window that looked over part of the city and then gave a breath taking look over the harbor and beyond. Laying a soft kiss on the smooth skin of Brice's temple Trav swayed back and forth a bit more before turning away from the dying light on the horizon and went the the kitchen, his steps were light and quiet against the tile floor. It had already been a week that he was on administrative leave while his wife's death was investigated, there hadn't been any real indication that he was the one that did it or even Sphinx but some of the girls at the firm had raised his name and their shaky marriage enough that just as a precaution they gave him a month off with pay. That didn't bother Trav to be honest, it was going to give him time to find a babysitter and get his life situated before going back to work and getting back into the swing of things however finding a babysitter was going to be the rough part about all of it. With Trav's job it was very hard to find a dependable person that was able to jump at moments notice, there had been many 3am calls from the station with a homicide or another case needing his immediate attention so finding someone that could take Brice at a moment's notice was going to be difficult. The only suggestion Sphinx had for him was a live in babysitter, someone that agreed to watch over the baby even if Trav were home in exchange for a salary, food and board, there were plenty of good people out that Sphinx had investigated and gave a list to Trav. A smile crossed his lips as he grabbed a bottle and a bottle of sparkling water from the fridge and then shutting it with his door, Sphinx self proclaimed himself as the godfather to Brice before the child was even born, it was his way of showing Trav support in his decision to keep the child.

Sitting down on the couch slowly Trav smiled with a soft squeal came from the baby in his arms, the first interview was going to be tomorrow morning for the new babysitter and then things would be on their way to becoming normal again. Nuzzling against Brice again he smiled, if he found the new sitter soon enough then they all would spend a few weeks together before he got to go back to work and that would give them all a chance to get to know one another. Honestly Trav was expecting more females to be in the list that Sphinx had personally screened and ran background checks for but to his surprise the other had more male names and information packets on than females but either way he figured it wouldn't matter. A house full of guys could be just as good as a house with a woman, as far as he was concerned his place didn't need a woman's touch and Brice could grow up just fine without a woman in his life and since Trav didn't expect to go jumping into the dating pool the child wouldn't be submitted to such things he and other men would do together. Even that small though brought a blush to his cheeks, he honestly felt like a mother by the way he found he wanted to shelter Brice from such as sex and nudity, Trav never held Brice without being fully dressed let alone walk around the apartment without being fully clothed.


Click. The sound of the case was the only sound in the vacant room other than the sound of boots scraping on settled dust and dirt on the floor with the random piece of debris here and there that got caught under the rubber sole of the tan boots. With a huff Sphinx brought the strap up over his shoulder and made his way from the room in the abandoned building in just enough time to watch the street lights flicker on, glancing over to the alley before pulling his ball cap down a bit and then walking down the sidewalk toward his usual clean up spot. It wasn't much, just a small alley that many cops had followed his trail to before it went cold, thanks to the teachings of Trav, Sphinx could wipe all traces of his existence off of a crime scene, unless of course Trav was on that particular case. However when Trav was called in for those cases it made Sphinx very grateful that the other male was his best friend because whatever Trav found, he made disappear as well to help Trav out. Well as far as tonight had gone, it was rather smooth, it was just another hit on a fairly common person it wasn't like it was any real challenge as he didn't have to track the particular druggie down, it was hit for the mob, someone that owed them money and they didn't have time or the means to handle. Once inside the alley he normally changed in he stripped down to his briefs and placed all his clothing in another back that had been waiting for him, including new shoes and used the small rake inside to eliminate his shoe prints as he made his way out of the alley, after getting dressed again that is. Walking back past the other alley where the man lay dead in a puddle of blood, Sphinx walked to his car two blocks away but instead of going home like usual to drink himself to sleep, he decided to go to Clem's, a local bar that always had cheap shots and cheaper dates. It had been a few months since he had last been laid after all so why not stop by, grab a quick piece of ass, head home and fuck their brains out and he would even fix them breakfast in the morning before throwing their ass out.

Not even looking at the swoon of women that had spotted him the minute he walked into the door, Sphinx made his way to a back table that he had sat at in the past, it was comfortable and it had a nice long rip in the seat that you could often find goodies in, drugs, guns, money, hell you never knew what you could pull out of there. As he sat down the check the rip but amazingly there wasn't anything interesting in there tonight, just a condom that some young kid probably stashed for a future date or something, thinking he was clever probably. Looking up for a brief moment when he heard the overly exaggerated sweet voice he glared, he hated blonds that made themselves look innocent and naive, stupid whores. "Bourbon, Natie and a bottle of Tequila." The girl had a rather shocked expression on her face but she turned and went after his order, his violet eyes met a pair of dark brown ones behind the counter, they were almost black and staring him down hard but they were familiar so he didn't care.
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