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Author Topic: The Villain's Nefarious Plots [M lf F's, Various]  (Read 223 times)

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The Villain's Nefarious Plots [M lf F's, Various]
« on: October 12, 2015, 04:31:59 PM »
A collection of some general cravings I have. Let me know if this tickles any fancies.

The Swap [LF either 2 F and 1 M or 3 F. Light, Impreg]

They're friends, neighbors, and have known each other for years. Heck, they've been getting together for board games and fun evenings since before any of them got married. Now they're thinking about children but there's a bit of a snag. After years of trying tests have found that one one of the husbands and only one of the wives are actually fertile.

So if these couples are going to have children, they might consider switching things around...

Looking for either one more male and two females to play the sterile husband and the wives. The sterile male husband can be switched out for a lesbian, making the issue more obvious.

Queen of the Castle [Looking for at least 1 F, Light, Fetish]

Cheryl Fletcher noticed a while back that she tended to gravitate toward porn novels, but recently she's realized that she's been moving further and further along a certain kind of fetish. A fetish she didn't realize even had a name until recently, but now that she knows the name it makes sense. Even with her married life, her husband Julian was admitted that before they got together he "played the field" and even cheated on some previous partners. She knew she should be outraged at that, way more then she was.

Now it makes sense though, everything has fallen into place.

Now she's pretty sure she has a Cuckqueaning fetish, the female version of the Cuckholding fetish - so how does she tell Julian that she actually wants him to go out and bring home other women for sex, and she'd get off tremendously if he fucked them while she got to watch...

Y [LF F, Light-to-Bon, Sci-Fi]

Welcome to the year 2287, A time when Womankind is making its first real steps into the galaxy. Sadly, the male half of the species didn't make it. A runaway biological weapon killed every human being with a Y gene about 150 years ago, even in the Womb. Thanks to cloning and genetic engineering the species survived anyway but Men have only existed in old stories and in historical textbooks for well over a century. Scattered among 7 star systems are about 80 billion living humans and not only are all of them Women but most of them don't even know what a Man is.

But the crew a salvage ship has just made a startling discovery. Among the remains of an old astronomical survey ship that was lost almost 200 years ago is a living human male in cryonic suspension. They just made the salvage of a lifetime with the discovery of someone who might just be the Last Man Alive.

Time Perv [LF F, Sci-Fi, Light to Light-NC]

From his perspective it began when he discovered that one of his ancestors had actually been dead for several days before they were supposed to conceive the next generation of his predecessors. After that it was a slow degrading slope ever since. Where it begins for us though is anyone's guess.

Known simply as "Jay", he came from several hundred years in the future where he got access to a time machine. He's a pervert that uses his time machine supposedly to prevent temporal paradoxes, but he's begun to sexually plunder history while he's at it, causing at least as many paradoxes as he prevents...

The Hunt [LF F, NC]

She had wanted a baby, but this couldn't of been the way she wanted it too happen. Not by her partner, not with medical help - when she finally got pregnant it was from being raped in an alley by a stranger looking for a cheap thrill.

And he won't stop with her either, a serial rapist stalking women seeking children and more then willing to give them the babies they want...

That Lonely Holler [LF F, Light-to-Bon]

The small mountain town of Putnam, Kentucky has it's fair share of secrets. Some of them are real big ones actually, bigger then you're expect for this quiet town hidden deep in the mountains. It's the local mines, you see. Coal is King in this small mountain town, but it's a well known fact that a mine can have more then one type of rock in it and the mines around Putnam also have radioactive uranium in them. Some very powerful people have been working to keep this a secret, but you can see the effects if you know what you're looking for.

Most dramatically, the men that work in those mines are usually completely sterile within a few years of the beginning of their employment. Some even so far as to lose all desire to touch their wives in any sort of sexual way. Laura Caldwell knows about that first hand. She doesn't know why, she just knows that her husband hasn't wanted to have sex with her - or anyone else as far as she can tell - in over a year now.

And in her growing sexual frustration, she can't help but notice how handsome and virile the newly elected Sheriff Hensley is. It's almost a shame he's too tall to get a job in the mines...

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