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Started by TheDefiantPirate, October 12, 2015, 12:06:58 PM

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Welcome to my RP treasure horde :D

About me:
I am your Average guy. living in the Good ol' State of Arizona, in the Good ol' USA! I am a Nerd, a Geek and what, "High Society" calls an weird, outcast, nobody. :P I like Science Fiction, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Battlestar Galactica. Mainly I like fantasy settings as well, Such as Lord of the Rings ect. I am an all around Gamer, video games, board games, table top games, if its gaming related I'm in! However there are some things that I don't like, I'm not a big horror fan, I dislike Vampire type stuff. (though I am open to hearing out vampire ideas and considering them.) look at my on offs for more info Link in Signature.

SPG (Spelling Punctuation Grammar): As you can probably tell, I'm not to big on proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I do try my best when asked to, and I also ask that my partners try their best. The post must be legible, easy to read, no Text speak!(U=You) The post must be well detailed, or at least have enough meat on the bone that I can give a reply. It does not have to be 50,000 word paper, but I doubt we would be able to really have a good game, if you struggle to pump out at least one paragraph if not two. Just try your best no one liners and know that I am not a Grammar Nazi who will call you out on every mistake.

Struggles: Listen we all have our off days, if you struggle in a game, I will message you and find out whats going on. I understand all to well RL (Real Life) comes first. So let me know if you need to stop or slow down, because things do get crazy in real life, I am a patient person. we all do our best work, when we take our time and dont rush things. If it takes you a few weeks to get a post out. That's fine let me know so that I don't think you just dropped off the face of the planet.

RP count: 9/12 (3 Open)

this is a counter to let potential partners know weather or not i have a slot open for a new RP

NOTE If updating this counter makes it appear that I am bumping PLEASE let me know so that I may figure out a new method for keeping this counter a part of this thread have it be Updatable but not break the forum rules


Hi All,

Just a quick Update I am still here I am Still going to finish this whole thing laying out a list of plots what im craving so on i just have not had time due to College classes trying to find a job and other Real life issues please be paitient this thread will be filled out eventually lol :D


Hello Everyone here is my list of plots finally And remember All my Plots are able to be reworked in whatever way you wish just hit me up and lets start talking about it some 90% of all details are negotiable

Main Plots

Gorgonverse:    CRAVING
      Genders: Female characters only
                 Kinks/Fetishes: Futanari/Hermpahordie, Petrification, Orgasm Denial, Transformation, Brainwashing, BDSM
                 Simple plot outline: An event in ancient times, caused all sentient beings to be semi immortal. At the cost of becoming mono-gendered(female). the gorgons lead by Medusa, (already all female and semi immortal) took over the world, and enslaved all other beings. RP would be a slave character, being bought by a gorgon character, trained used and abused by the gorgon. Eventually opportunity would present slave with chance to, evolve and become a gorgon. through magic (though potential end game unless otherwise planed).
                    Plot notes: This idea’s background originally was a virus, brought by a meteor from space. However, that is only one possibility, the backstory can be set up however. As long as 1. All sentient beings are female, 2. No one physically ages past 20-35, 3. No fatal disease or illness. While the above Kinks/Fetishes are listed as required, I am open to dropping some of them should a potential partner for it not want a particular one. The setting is also adaptable, this plot is more focused on smut, than story however its not all just smut. and a story can be worked out. gender bending is left out of the, “Required Kinks/Fetishes” because we would start it after everyone has become female so it plays no real factor.   

Area 51:   CRAVING
      Genders: Female characters only
                 Kinks/Fetishes: Futanari/Hermaphordite, Brainwashing, Transformation, Gender bending, Egg laying, Pregnancy, inflation, foot worship, BDSM
                 Simple Plot Outline: The flying saucer UFO crash at Roswell New Mexico really happened. the Alien Pilot was taken to Area 51, where for years, she was kept in stasis. However, one day she is able to break out, so she can conquer the world and enslave humanity for her races pleasure.

              Plot Notes: The RP would be a human character, with a pre RP set up path choice, ether wind up a breeding slave. or the human characters DNA is special allowing her to be transformed into the same species as the original alien invader. ether way human will be enslaved by the alien character and used in a verity of ways  again heavy smut but not without story. Normally, the Alien would have a pheromone that will instantly transform Male humans into females. Thus allowing for the full species to be used as breeding slaves, the Alien also would normally have brainwashing abilities through her saliva, so that just a simple kiss would cause brainwashing. However, should a partner prefer, the alien can be reworked to conquer and enslave humanity in other ways, I'm game to listen to any ideas. ;)

Teachers Pet Bitch:      CRAVING
      Genders: Female Characters Preferred though open to using any other gender set up with personal side exceptions that are non-negotiable
                Kinks/Fetishes: BDSM, pet play, brainwashing, incest
                Simple Plot Outline: A rich Spoiled high school graduate, is kidnapped by one of their former teachers. and is trained to be the teachers personal pet. 
                Plot Notes: This one is even lighter on the story side of things, however again I do work some story into all plots. I prefer all female characters, however as stated I am open to other character genders. This plot also is very adaptable, and expandable when it comes to the kinks and fetishes. so little info is here, but that is only because it is that flexible and adaptable.

Empire of Bimbos:
      Genders: Any With personal Exception
                 Kinks/Fetishes: Bimboification, Transformation, Gender Bender, Brainwashing, Animal, Anthromorphs, Futa/Herm
                 Simple Plot Outline: One of our characters is part of an archology team, on a South Pacific Island.  where your character comes into contact with the Soul of the imprisoned God/Goddess of Beauty Sexuality and Pleasure. the God/Goddess asks the human to help find them a body and they will be rewarded.
                 Notes: our characters would choose from there what their plans are, do they forcibly make everyone join them. or do they give humans the option of joining or being “perfected”. This is a Bimboification RP, The Bimboification Kink is non-negotiable unless a very, very good alternative is proposed. In general men (Besides one of our player characters) will be gender bent into hermaphrodites and bimbofied, we can ether have them be Airheaded Valley girls who don’t even know what 2+2 is. or we can have them be intelligent but still sexually overcharged  do they take over the world or just rebuild the lost civilization. 

                Genders: Any With personal Exception
                 Kinks/Fetishes: Bimboification Transformation Gender Bender Brainwashing Animal Anthromorphs Futa/Herm
                 Notes: Again this is a Bimboification RP, that kink is non-negotiable unless you present me with a good idea for what to use instead of bimbos.
                 Simple Plot Outline. (ether in the Fallout Universe or a Fallout Like Universe) Atomic missiles rain down our characters are locked inside a Huge Shelter called a Vault for a number of years. one of our characters will be slowly over the years transform the population under the guise of a Polygamy Social Experiment. into their personal Bimbo Harem much in the same light as Cult of Pleasure above.

Sensual labyrinth:                 CRAVING
                Genders: Preferably all female open to others
                Kinks/Fetishes: Transformation brainwashing futa/herm virgin, BDSM
                Simple Plot outline: A Warrior/hero needs to find a powerful new weapon or source of power to save (his/her) Family and village. in order to do this they must enter the Sensual Labyrinth where they will face many sexual themed challenges. with their prize at the center of this labyrinth to be awarded by the Goddess of pleasure herself. however should they lose their natural virginity they lose and will forever be the willing servant of the goddess.
               Notes. More story centered this time. if a partner would prefer a male hero or a pleasure god that is fine. however no matter the gender of the hero starting out the Labyrinth will transform, the character giving them the genitalia of their opposite gender. IE Male characters get a Vagina Female characters get a dick. this is so they can actually take part in/beat the challenges of the labyrinth. 

Centaur Village:           CRAVING
                Genders: Preferably all Female though open to others
                Kinks/Fetishes: Brainwashing Transformation furry/anthro, BDSM
                Simple Plot Outline: A character (Whatever Race/Gender) accidentally wonders into Centaur controlled lands. and is captured put through an overnight test that will ether leave the character free or to be made into a pleasure slave for the rest of the Centaur Tribe.
                 Notes. More smut centered, but open to working more story in if desired adaptable on kinks fetishes and genders as well.

To Ride or To be Ridden:                         CRAVING

Genders: MXF FXF

Kinks/Fetishes: BDSM, Pet Play-mainly Pony variety, lactation, Con, light to medium Bondage

Simple Plot Outline: A Romantica* novelist is attempting to write their next story, featuring BDSM Pony Pet Play. However, they can not seem to get it to feel right, while at a fancy rich persons party, that the novelist got invited to as a, "Oh look how kind I am, inviting the less fortunate to a high class party, so they can get a taste of what its like to be rich, but really its so we all can laugh at how poor they are behind their backs!" pity invite. While at the party the novelist find out about a BDSM Pet Play Vacation resort, on a private island in the Caribbean for the rich and famous. The rich people most of the time are the Riders and Trainers, though there are those that do like being a submissive. However, this ranch also hires on common people, not only to be Pets but as other hired hands. The Novelist will be able to get into contact with this Ranch, and set up a deal with the owner. The Novelist will come to the island, and learn both sides of Pony Play. One week as a rider, the next as a pony, back to a rider, then again back to pony. Does a special relationship develop, between the owner and the writer? Does the writer develop a taste for one role or the other? Does the writer give up their pen for a pair of hoof boots? only time will tell!

Notes: One of our characters will be the owner, the other the novelist. This one is probably at this point, the only plot out of the gate heavy on story, though I can see more than enough Smut potential to satisfy, and there is still room to customize this however we decide to work it!

*a Romantic novel for those who don't know is, a Romance novel with such extreme detail in the naught sex scenes, that it is borderline Erotica...In other words, its a super pornographic romance story! :P   


Other random Parring ideas that we can build upon

Furry/Anthro Futa Alien/human abduction transformation pure smut

Owner of a Brothel/Normal person transformed and brainwashed into a whore

Random cursed house in the forest transformes two humans slowly into full animals
when having sex or feeling pleasure/lust of sexual nature

Settings in Mass Effect Star Trek Star Wars Custom worlds ect  where one character is brainwashed transformed enslaved and dominated by the other

A BDSM night club owner and a patron that turns into a Master(Mistress)/Slave Relationship both in night club and owners own home

A Loki like God/Goddess who kidnaps a person and brainwashes and transforms them into the perfect slave eventually wanting to conquer all of earth

Person gets kidnapped and broght to a Mental hospital the person who runs it brainwashes them into being an obedient love slave

The plot formally known as Forest of the werecreatures Where a character enters a forest only to be attacked by a werecreature if this character can avoid transforming for 5 nights they will be able to shake the "Curse" however each time they fail to keep themselves from transforming it feels more and more pleasurable until they become addicted to the changes and are lost to the "Curse" forever 


And finally my current Cravings Plots i have a itch for are marked above with red CRAVING next to them

Personally I would love to use more BDSM, Pony/Pet Play, Futa/Hermaphrodite Centaurs or other character species that are unusual or exotic

I am feeling more in the mood to be the Submissive or a submissive that is like a second in command type deal

Though please note there are some things, that I must in general say no to, and will most likely not be talked into. However, if a partner can make a good case for it, and present the idea to me in a way that gets me curious, then I might consider trying these out...maybe.
Male/Male parings
Heavy Vore
Blood Guts Gore Death
if its disgusting and something a person might end up losing their lunch to then its not happening....Generally

I ask that you respect these offs, and know that if you are into those, and you have been unable to talk me into trying them, I DO NOT JUDGE YOU! You are into whatever you are into, and that's fine, we all have things we like, and things we don't like! I am still willing to be friendly and talk with you! :D   


Update: A couple new mini ideas, that need more development with a partner/

Idea 1: Not so much an idea, as a craving I would like to experiment with. something with Bovine "Cow-Girls" who are milked daily, the main idea really is using lactation and bondage heavily.

Idea 2: Set in the Star Trek universe, one of us would play an Orion Slave girl sold into slavery by her father. This idea is based off the backstory for a character, I created for a Star Trek RP club website. I want to experiment with what would happen were her story on the other website, not pan out like its going to. however i am leaving it open so that my partner here could play the slave girl if they so desire.

As i get more ideas and have enough to justify an update i will update! :D 


Mini Update: Small edits and rewordings to a few of the previous posts


New Mini update:

Removed To Ride or To be Ridden plot from the December 9th update post

Added To Ride or To be Ridden plot to the Main Plot list post as a fully detailed Plot

Updated To Ride or To be Ridden to Craving 

NOTE: I Do NOT limit my plots to one partner/instance. If more that one partner wants to run a plot I'm game. Because I have personally found that, a plot can take a different unique shape each time. No two partners are exactly the same, thus the plots evolve differently each time.


Mini Update

Added a Current RP open counter to the first post this is to let potential partners know just how many Slots I have open for a new thread


This is not only the monthly bump but also an update

So first order of buisness.....BUMP

Now that is out of the way lets talk about the update (Which I might still be in the process of making the changes as you read this so please be patient


  • New Post "Plot Concepts and ideas" this will be where my currently half baked plot ideas go they are different from the random pairings in that the Random pairings have set characters and are generally more or less ready to go where as stuff that will be in Plot Concepts and Ideas are just that ideas that need a lot of work before they are ready I wish to post them so that maybe potential partners might be willing to help me work them into actual plots

  • New Plot "Cult of Pleasure (Temporarily on a separate post below this one and the new "Plot Concepts and Ideas" post) this is the True "Cult of Pleasure" plot the plot originally known as "Cult of Pleasure" is vastly different from what I had originally intended and thus has been renamed (See Change section) this Plot will eventually get added with the rest of the full plots once i get around to writing it up in detail XD

  • The plot formally known as "Cult of Pleasure has been renamed to "Empire of Bimbos" this is because originally i had intended to run "Cult of Pleasure" with a friend however it evolved into what "Empire of Bimbos" is and that is vastly different than i originally planed there for i have named it not only to match but also so that i can add the original "Cult of Pleasure" to the list

  • Open Role Play Counter is now upto 4 slots open I would list the RP's and what happened however i have lost count with which RP failed where so just know that i have 4 openings

One final thing Sorry in advance for the current state of Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (Or as i like to short SPG) I currently do not have the patients to edit this Change log and the two additional post i am adding Over time i will come back and clean this up but for now just bear with my ok XD


"Plot Concepts and Ideas"

Concepts and ideas for plots will go here they are in the earliest stages and need a lot of help before they become playable though if a potential partner wishes to try and help work on it i am open to suggestions

There are Currently: 2 Concepts

"Tales of Erotic Addiction" A character goes into a creepy book store run by a very creepy old man the character gets a hold of an Erotic Anthology Short Story series each volume contains part of erotic stories and the character becomes addicted to them feeling compelled to read the next volume what the character does not know is that these books and stories are slowly brainwashing them into a willing and submissive plaything which the owner of the book store will sell into sexual slavery (IE the world we come up with will have Legal Sex slavery But only if the "Slave is willing and the contract has a Reasonable(with in the slaves lifetime) expiration date at which time the Slave will be allowed to go back to being free)

where i am stuck with this idea is how to work the stories with mine and a partners character as well as how to handle the stories with out diving into other fully formed plots how long each story section is in the book and how many posts would we do for each chapter each volume ect

"Blue Steel Bimbos"

THis idea is a Bimboification plot based off the Anime/Manga Arpeggio of Blue Steel one character would be a Fog ship with a mental model the other would be a human who becomes captain of the fog ship the trouble comes in with What do we have them do The crew size of WWII Era Warships in the event of going the Harem route as WWII Era warships only got to about 2000 people at most and i know there are some out there that want to have the whole world as their harem so yea and even then how do we go about bimbofiing others this one requires more knowledge of Arpeggio of Blue Steel than i currently know and can look up


Temporary Plot Additon

"Cult of Pleasure"

two archaeologist who are exploring a tropical island find a lost civilization and someone living in the ruins the former god/goddess He/she brings the two into her cult and use them to help rebuild her power taking over the world turning it into a pure sexual paradise

More details to come for now this will have to do :P   


Additional change:

Removed Forest of the Werecreatures from the plot list this plot has suffered from age and not being fully developed from the start I will move it to the Other Parings as a vague pairing