Femdom Buffyverse Plot-Heavy RP (Looking for someone to play submissive male)

Started by Bibliophilia, October 11, 2015, 10:44:48 PM

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"I have come to redefine the words pain and suffering since I fell in love with you."*

This plot is set in the Buffyverse, but kind of an AU of it.  It involves Willow and Spike developing a Dominant and submissive relationship, where Willow is the dominant personality and Spike is the submissive.  I would like to incorporate forced sissification, light CBT, pegging, watersports and humiliation.  I would also like to involve bloodplay and more heavy pain/cutting than I would in a typical game, since Spike is a vampire and far more resilient than a human being.  Willow, being a witch, can also apply more creative forms of torture than someone without magic could pull off.  I want to play with these inventive archetypes and powers, as well as weaknesses. (The specifics of what will be involved, fetish-wise/kink-wise, are totally negotiable.)

Now, if you've not already cried "NOPE!" and closed the thread, we can get down to the meat and potatoes.

I'm a plot whore.  I love to play smut, don't get me wrong, but story takes precedence for me, and with the Buffyverse, there's a whole mess of story we can play with.  I'd like to work out a kind of plot outline from the get-go, just points on the storyline that we'll be working toward throughout the course of play, where the real meat is left up to us to evolve and expand upon at our discretion.  For the moment, I'd like to just plan the one, relatively simple, plotline to follow, with the option to develop another once the first is near completion.  If we're still both interested, of course.

That being said, the development of the relationship between the two characters is a close second with this idea.  I don't want them to just jump into bed together.  I don't want Spike to immediately be a submissive little puppy.  I want there to be tension, build-up, release, further tension, resistance, turmoil, excitement, desire and so on.  We all know Spike's not opposed to kinky sex, but neither is he a natural submissive.  It's there in his character, anyone who's seen the show knows that, but he balks at the idea of giving himself over fully.  That's a good thing.  I despised the way he was with Buffy when he first realized he was in love with her, when he went all stalker/sad puppy and just let her walk all over him.  Spike is a strong personality and nothing says that one can't be both a submissive and strong.  Hell, you can't really have one without the other.  I want there to be friction in the training process, which will, ideally, begin in an insidious manner.  A slow process of Willow teaching Spike to do as she says, making him want to submit to her, before they even start involving sex in the matter.

That's a lot of text, I know.  I realize I have a very detailed way I want things to go, and it's going to be difficult to find someone who agrees with me on everything, but everything in the previous two paragraphs is pretty non-negotiable.   I find these things are really necessary for me to remain interested in the story.  I'm willing to be patient, if it means finding the perfect partner for this.

Equally non-negotiable are my posting terms.  I only play in the forums.  I will never give you a one-liner.  Hell, I'll never give you less than two meaty, detail-intensive, crunchy paragraphs.  My posts tend to average between 2 and 5 paragraphs, and I take my time with them.  I'll read your post, reread your post and refer back to it as I am writing my own post.  This level of commitment means I'm unlikely to post more than twice a week, and sometimes only once, depending on my life and work.  This will be my only solo RP, though, so you can bet I'll be posting to you if I have time and energy to do so.

I do not expect my partner to devote their time to me like this.  The reason I only have one solo is because I, personally, find it difficult to maintain more than one at a time.  I'm not sure why, but I have failed in this regard in the past, and I hate to disappoint my partners by taking on more than I can handle and having to drop everything when I get overwhelmed.

What I do desire in a partner is commitment to the story, honest interest in the plot and development of the plot and relationship between the characters, a fairly extensive familiarity with the characters and the universe they inhabit, and at least two paragraphs per post of about six or seven sentences of variable complexity and length.  Good grammar and spelling is a must, because while I can easily overlook the occasional mistake, multiple glaring mistakes in a post pull me out of the story and make it almost impossible for me to regain the desire to respond.  Honesty is important here, as well.  If you have an Off, let me know.  If my character does or says something that doesn't work for you, let me know.  I'll do the same.  It's far too easy to change a post to let a good game die over something a character in the story does. 

If you're still here after all of that, then I am thrilled.  I know it seems like a lot to ask people to wade through, but I really want this plot to work, and that means making everything crystal clear from the word go.

Now, the last bit I'll put here are the ways in which the AU is different from canon.  For one, Willow's not a lesbian.  I'm fairly certain that the character was omnisexual, so that's what I'm going with here.  I'll be playing Willow in the story as omnisexual.

The setting is negotiable, though I want it set anywhere but Sunnydale.  Sunnydale simply isn't an option, because Sunnydale is a crater.  In the final episode of season 7, Angel was the one who wore the amulet, and Angel is the one who died.  Buffy went off to find and train freshly awakened Slayers, and Willow parted ways with her to follow her own path.  How Spike shows up, why Spike shows up and where the story is set, that is all something I'd like to plan out with my partner.

So, since it's after the show ended, that means Spike has a soul.  But, he's proven that soul or not, he's still a bad-ass, and I like that about him.  I like that he's rough around the edges, always up for a fight and putting his skills to use for the good guys.  I don't want to change either character's personality, not really, so I'd like it if my partner was knowledgeable on the canon and willing to play to it.  Of course, that doesn't mean you can't add your own flavor.  I'll be making my mark on Willow, as well, even if her core personality won't be altered.

Okay.  I think that's everything.  I might alter this if questions come up, or I think of something I've forgotten.  Feel free to post here in the thread, or PM me, if you're interested!

* Yes, I know he said that line to Buffy, but it was too perfect for the plot not to use.


Plot Synopsis Examples

The following are a couple of plotline ideas that I came up with for examples of how our co-designed plot outline would look, or at least what I'm looking for outline-wise and plot-wise.  We might end up actually using one later on, but for the first plot, I'd like to have the story be co-written with equal input from myself and my partner.

It's Only Natural!

  • Willow owns a magic shop/holistic healing center.  She begins to get concerned, because her regular customers begin to disappear.
  • When consulting the tarot/spirits/whatever, she is guided to find Spike and seek out his help.
  • They discover that there is a cult leader luring Wiccans, and the like, to his "Temple of Divine Nature."
  • Willow and Spike figure out that the leader is a satyr feeding on the sexual energy of those he has lured into his cult.
  • They have to get in, eliminate the satyr and save the innocent victims without succumbing to the carnal temptations themselves.

The Hunger.

  • Fresh graves are being robbed and the corpses are being found days later with parts missing.
  • Spike witnesses one of the robberies and goes to Willow, because she's the only 'Scooby' in town.
  • Through research and investigation, they figure out that the grave-robber is a Wendigo.
  • In their hunt, they find a body, this one murdered and gnawed on by the beast.  *Possibly the werewolf hunter from Season 2.
  • Willow gets infected with a Wendigo's bite at some point, and it makes her crave human flesh.  Spike has to help her fight the urge to feed, a fight he knows well, because if she eats human flesh she'll become a Wendigo.
  • In order to save Willow from the curse, they have to burn the Wendigo that bit her and lay the spirit to rest.

Now, you might have noticed I took some inspiration from other supernatural shows and even video games.  I don't think this really causes an issue with the Buffyverse, because it was fairly inclusive as far as creepy-crawlies were concerned.  Trolls, demons, gods, snake-monsters, ghosts, parallel planes of existence...it pretty much had it all.  That means we can pull ideas for possible plots from all sorts of places, and it should still totally fit the feel of the show.

As you can see, the outlines are very scant.  Just a general guideline for how the story will progress and the few major points it will hit along the way.  The bulk of the writing will be done within the actual story.  And there's always the option for either partner to put forward new ideas or a revision of one already laid out, as the story progresses.  No outline is set in stone, and it makes things more exciting if, in the middle of things, a new and better way of progressing occurs and is hashed out between both writers.  It makes the story more organic and alive, for both people.

The key, of course, is communication.  Nothing major should be added, deleted or altered without discussion.