Mainly anime fandoms (one major crossover; open to M or F partners)

Started by Lunar Raven, October 11, 2015, 07:33:50 AM

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Lunar Raven

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Hello and thanks for looking!  Although I have a wide variety of interests, recently I've been looking for some specific things; mainly anime/manga based/styled RPs.  I don't mind the gender of the person playing the character I'd like to play besides, so females and males can feel free if they like the role - that being said, I'm mainly looking for partners who will take female roles.

Edit: If you have any particular slants you would like to add to any of these, feel free to suggest them.

The following are pairings I'd like to do, but don't have a particular solid idea for what sort of plot I'd like to do for them:

(Characters in bold are the roles I'd like to play.)
(Point at the pairings to get more on my thoughts on them.)

Very short list, but high on wants.

There may be other pairings, but these are the main ones on my mind right now.

For those of you who can remember this classic...


Naruto/Legend of Korra crossover
This was a sort of weird idea that cropped up on me at one point and grew on me afterwards as I developed it.  It's a bit in the 'way-out-there' scale, but I'm hoping it will catch the attention of someone who would like to do it.


Basic Idea: Sasuke finds his way into the Avatar universe whilst experimenting with the Rinnegan's dimensional shifting powers, but it is not the Avatar universe that we know - Avatar Korra is now the last survivor of the water tribe (in similar manner to Aang), the Air Nomads are divided between peace-keepers/makers led by Tenzin and assassins led by Zaheer, whilst Fire Lord Ozai continue to lead the Fire Nation on its war of world domination, yet are opposed by an increasingly rebellious, Earth Kingdom that is regaining its power under the leadership the Dictator Kuvira.  Denied the use of shinobi ninjutsu and the loss of his Rinnegan, Sasuke will eventually team up with Korra to help restore balance a world that is on the brink of destroying itself, and, in the process, find out what went wrong.

Story Direction: In his own world, Sasuke is an almost god-like character, but coming into the Avatar universe, he's lost most of his abilities (including the vaunted sharingan for which his clan is so famous for), save for skills with the sword, unarmed combat, intellect, and battle experience.  The would be a very humbling experience for him.  Korra is destined avatar, but she's alone in a world that wants to use her for its own ends or kill her, and its hard to sort out who is who.  Sasuke presents the option of being unaligned with anyone, whilst he needs her to teach him the tools of the trade in the Avatar-universe - bending - and possibly eventually restore his Rinnegan so he can get back home.  Their adventures should take them through trials and hardships as all the avatars did in the canon series.

The era of this more like the Last Airbender timeline with its less technological timeframe (which I liked better).

Partner: I'm looking for someone to take the role of Avatar Korra.  100% replication of her is not necessary (though you can if you wish to), given as this being a sort of reboot, the experiences that have shaped her life could result in a bit of a different personality.  Knowledge of all things Naruto isn't necessary either, but would be a plus.  What I'd really like from a partner is collaboration in building and playing out this darker, grittier Avatar-verse, as well as playing out secondary characters to help make the whole thing come to life.

The Pairing: The romance in here will be between the two aforementioned characters, though in this case I'm looking for it to develop very slowly - anyone who knows anything about these two will immediately be able to conjecture that they won't be leaping into each others arms  :P  So I'm looking for a slow build-up, tension (probably unintentional at first) and possibly confrontations if that's your sort of thing.  I'm not against extra-romances that have the two slowly realise they have something going between them.  As for sexual content, that quite discussable at this point as I'm looking more for the adventure than the sex.

I'd like there to be some discussion about what we'd like, so I'm not looking to jump into this with the first person that answers.  If this got your attention, give me a buzz.
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