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Author Topic: The Wolves of Highwind Reach [D&D 3.5: M for F]  (Read 359 times)

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The Wolves of Highwind Reach [D&D 3.5: M for F]
« on: October 10, 2015, 12:03:23 am »

irst and foremost, the reader is to be reminded that times then were far different.  The Great War made terror known to all and no one knew peace.  The lords of the land warred against each other with their massive armies, and nearly the whole of the continent suffered for their capricious whims.  The Five Princes vied for the Dead King's throne, and each fielded a terrific army in battle.  These great armies had no equal in the whole of history.  Every deprivation was known to the people who tilled the land, and none of these escaped the war unscathed.  Indeed, the most prone to quietude were altered into violence by desperation.  For quick death in those times was often the most humane fate.  Think of how many millions clawed slowly to the vales of shadow by dying of thirst or hunger.  Consider how many millions climbed onto the hangman's gallows after being convicted of real or fictitious crimes.  Then, imagine what our civilization would be like if all of those soldiers, conscripted or otherwise, had not cast themselves into that deadly chasm called war. -- The Myriad by Othemadias Lampnos, Vol. I, Pg. 9.

This is a FANTASY GAME set in a TERRIBLE WAR.  Though it is a SYSTEM GAME, it is thematically a horror-survival romance.

Seeking:  I am seeking a female player to play a female character.  This is a long-term game which focuses on the romance between our characters during a time of great turmoil.  This is a system game (D&D 3.5).

Synopsis:  This game takes place during a vast and devastating war.  The player-characters are both survivors who are initially struggling to avoid detection by military forces.  Previously in life, they lived in a small village.  The male tended cattle and hunted quail, while the female gathered berries and caught fish.  During the second month of hostilities, their village was ransacked by Lord Llewyn's forces, and the villagers were captured.  The old and infirm were summarily executed, while the healthy were either forcefully conscripted or enslaved.  The male was pressed into service as an archer, while the female was to be a sex-slave for Lord Llewyn's officers.  However, the two manage to escape into the Highwind Reach forest, where they will become heroes.  The characters will become werewolves.

Arturos Weller
CG Human Male

Art is a handsome young man whose parents were killed by Lord Llewyn's forces.  He was subsequently conscripted and forced to serve Lord Llewyn's Third Archery Regiment.  However, he managed to escape his regiment, worked his way to the rear of his deployment in the dead of night, and concocted a plan to assassinate Lord Llewyn in his tent.  He stalked Lord Llewyn's party for three days, all the while avoiding detection.  Finally, when he saw an opportunity to strike, a cry in the night beckoned.  The voice sounded familiar and so Art went to investigate.  He soon came upon a young woman he had known in the village.  She was surrounded by three soldiers.  One was eagerly slapping her across the face while the other two held her wrists. 

"You little whore!" bellowed the soldier.  "Open your goddamn mouth!"  The soldier tried to pry the woman's mouth open to no avail.  He drew his sword from its scabbard, lifted the blade upwards, and then staggered forwards, then teetered backwards, and then fell onto his back with an arrow in his chest.  The two remaining soldiers released her and searched the tree line for the assassin, their hands alighting on their swords and drawing them.  Your character picked up the fallen soldier's blade and nearly beheaded one of the soldiers, while plunging her new blade into the other's heart. 

"Do you know if there are more of us?" Art asked her as he came running from his hiding spot.  He froze when an alarm bell rung in the distance.  He quickly snatched her wrist and pulled her back into the forest.  They did not stop running for nearly two days.

Character Creation:  Undecided about [Normal or Gestalt], [Level 0 or Level 1], [Normal Attributes or Special Attributes], [Normal or E6], [starting with NPC class or adventurer class], and others.
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