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The Photograph [NC-E]
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Author Topic: Sentinel:A world divided (Still recruiting in need of women, accepts most races)  (Read 6392 times)

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Offline Lady Sakura

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Mmm, Pharos. <3

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Player Name:  Untamed_Skies

Character Name: Kellan Rivera

Race/Lineage: Mundane Human

Concealment: He's a human

Sex: Male

Physical Description: Standing just under six feet, with well groomed hair. His body is kept in atheletic condition, anyone glancing at him on the street would mistake him for a athelete. He tends to dress to the occasion, but will usually gell his hair to the side and keep a stubble. Though is known to grow beards in the winter.

Age: 161

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Ons & Offs: 
Ons: Non humans, super humans, areas where he might get caught, people who are "out of his class", and good girls who can't help but go bad
Offs: really creepy not really human looking creatures, anything ultra extreme, but outside of that is willing to experiment

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachutes

Faction: Outsider

Occupation: Mercenary: Gets contacts through his online website and meets with them on a agreed upon location

Living Arrangements: Has an apartment, business is good in Highlands City

Flashy: Kellan likes to look good, and looks to add a little flare to whatever he does. In a club he'll try to look like the best on the floor, in combat he'll try to look the best there. Where ever he goes, whatever he does he wants to be the focus and center of attention, and he tries to make it look effortless as he does it. His mistakes are taken harshly.
Playful: Kellan is the type of person who enjoys having fun, be it a drink, a party, or just some random game that someone invited him too. He seems to be allergic to being very serious, quick to crack humor or drop a smartass line. He just doesn't get why everyone is so hung up on everything. Life's better when you relax and enjoy it.

Impulsive: Kellan is the type who acts on a whim depsite whatever careful planning or attempt to avoid doing so might be. He's capable of patient, but if something angers him or attracts him, he's not the type to wait and wonder. It's just another minute spent not enjoying himself, and why is that any good?

Rebel:  Kellan has a problem with authority and the moment he's told no is the moment it becomes the object he most desires. He'll charge the "authority" higher prices then he otherwise normally would, and is quicker to accept jobs that would make life difficult for him. What makes them so special anyway?

Professional: Despite how he holds himelf he has proven himself to be a constant professional. Following all his contracts as he needs, and working to the best of his abilities. He doesn't accept money until he's finished his work unless it's a long term job. He's usually not so bold to accept jobs he deems out of his ability.

Kellan was born in Boston Massachusetts in 1834, though he couldn't tell you who his parents were or what his lineage was. He was abandoned or perhaps they were killed and he wound up in a orphanage for a bit. He didn't spend much time as a orphan though, running away and living on the street by the age of eight. He back a urchin, and then he joined one of the gangs in the street to try and make money. He'd be a petty thief and a pedlar for a good deal of time. He was smart, but he also had a chip on his shoulder. Always frustrated with people who had a house, and had a family, and lived a conventional life. They didn't share, they didn't take pity on him, no one wanted to adopt him. What made them so good? What made them special? Why was what he was doing to get by so bad? Cause it took from them a couple of their luxuries? This frustration lead to him taking more risks for bigger prizes to make himself look better. Trouble was, when you weren't supposed to get noticed, it had a habit of getting you noticed.

Whether it was good luck or bad luck he caught the attention of what was the Sentinel Order at the time. They were impressed by his skill and felt they could mold him into a model citizen. So they busted one of his scams and took him into custody at 14. There they exposed him to the way the world really was and started giving him the skills to make him successful within the order. He was a quick study and a quicky learner, but he displayed a obvious problem with a authority. Ignoring commands, and breaking plenty of rules as he went along and did it. By the time he was 21 they had kicked him out of the order, which was fine enough by him. He had gotten what he needed from them, knew how to fight monsters, and suddenly had a totally new lucerative career to get in on.

He'd spend the next few years traveling, taking care of monsters for a price, the order couldn't be everywhere after all, but visitors could be anywhere. What happened between 1800 and 1900 is unclear. It's clear that Kellan is a mundane human, relying on special artifacts to give him advantages he needs to get by, but clearly he clearly didn't age. Kellan claims he found the fountain of youth, but others are certain he found a artifact or had a powerful ritual cast on him to give him eternal life. He was the type of person to take on any job for the right price. Regardless he kept to his freelance way, staying out of the first world war, but getting in on the second one. When the "Order" became the "Program" Kellan stayed out of it. He'd stay freelance, now that there was a new boogieman for the good guys it meant his inside knowledge was useful and he wasn't opposed to taking jobs against them. In fact he enjoyed them, Sentinel thought they could just boss anyone around for centuries, since before Kellan came along.

Naturally a bigger visitor population meant more work and in 1970 Kellan relocated to H.C. He found work of all sorts, helping Sentinel, helping the community, helping a handful of naughty, naughty individuals. Enough so that he decided to make a permanant residence out of the area so long as there was work. Something that eventually looked like he might actually start running out of until Stanley Barret rode into town with all his doom and gloom. Kellan found work on all sides and became a big player briefly as Barret's schemes made good business for freelancers. Then eventually the "Program" wisened up to it's own misuse and abuse of power and got rid of him. Still the damage was done, the people they protected started looking for help outside of them, which meant very good business in the days to come, and Kellan was always open for business.


None so far as he knows, he's a orphan.

Special Abilities:
None he is a mundane

Special artifact/item:
Sun light left glove: Creates sunlight to weaken creatures from nocturne

Moonlight right glove: Creates moonlight to weakn creatures from Nirvana

Silver blades: For creatures weak to silver

Sunglasses of tracking: Allows him to highlight a specific set of footprints to follow when he wears them during the day.

Paralysis binds: A rope that paralyzes target after they are tied up.

Spring of youth: Claims to have water from the fountain of youth that keeps him young.

Martial Skills:
Kellan knows how to use firearms though he doesn't like using them

Skilled with blades

skilled with various monster hunting techniques (knows to stake vampires and the like)

Offline Lady Sakura

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Jules!! a.k.a Squirrel a.ka. Minitron!

*faints* <3

Offline TheBlackThrone

The face claim for Bon is Young Oliver Bjerrehuus.

Player Name: TheBlackThrone

Character Name: Bon Winfield Cassidy

Race/Lineage: Demon Possessed Human

Concealment: Avoids churches, religious/holy artifacts or jewelry, prayer, showing off at the gym, and people who make him angry.

Sex: Male

Physical Description: Bon dresses like any human with a pretty casual fashion sense: jeans, tanks, button-ups, compress T-shirts, long sleeves, etc. Whatever he’s in the mood for, he tends to just throw something on. His hair is black, short and layered and eyes snow-grey. His skin is tan and physique athletic like he spends a few hours at the gym on regular occasion. Upon first inspection, he looks to be a man that can hold his own. There is rarely a wrinkle of fear on his face even when in the most dire of situations. He is seasoned like the hair he at times neglects to shave from his face and the numerous scars that cover his body from stabs, gunshots, burns, etc. When utilizing the powers brought by his possession, odd runes appear on his body in black, depicting an ancient, inhuman language. His eyes can shift from grey to yellow, red or black and his features can take on mild, horrific transformations. Small cone-like horns tend to appear about his hairline and his teeth tend to sharpen. When the Demon of Wrath, Agmadin Selika, settles into his body, Bon’s body often expands to accommodate it, going from 6’3” to nearly 9’, depending on the level of rage. Overall, he’s a good-looking guy. It’s just a shame he’s such a dick.

Age: Appears 28 (True Age: 78)

Position: Member of the Sentinel Task Force

Living Arrangements: Because of his job, he rarely tends to stay in the same place, and so tends to live in a super cheap, crummy apartment.

Occupation: Tattoo Artist

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Ons & Offs: You can refer to my O/Os in my signature.
Character Ons: Bon likes a woman who is just as much of a smart-ass as him. One who is strong (doesn’t have to be physically), beautiful, and has a good head on her shoulders. Flirty, clever, out-going, and who has a sense of humor. He is also a sucker for the good girls. The sweet and innocent girls who are his complete opposite.
Character Offs: An overly-sensitive woman, whiner, and attention-whore. Religious people, weaklings, and holy objects.

Place of Birth: The Bronx, NY

Personality: Bon is a lone wolf by nurture. He’s used to being unable to rely on others to get shit done and so has taken it upon himself to always solve problems whether his own or apart of his job. He is reckless when it comes to teamwork. If a decision isn’t made quick enough, then he’ll go and handle it, and he’s pretty damn good at improvising. The man is known to be fearless, and you would be too if you were possessed by demons. This makes him pretty handy when it comes to taking on dirty jobs or delivering unsavory news. He’s cocky, can be a smart-ass, and believes that there isn’t a chump out there whose face he can’t punch in. On the other hand, Bon is a somewhat good listener, it just depends if: a) he likes you, b) you’re hot, and c) you got something important to say. One can always expect an honest critique or opinion from him—honesty is one of his best assets. He’s stubborn, and he’s never wrong. Don’t argue, it’s a waste of time.
Now, what you’ve been waiting for. The man has anger issues. Being a harbinger of wrath isn’t easy for the demon feeds off of his anger and has made him quite the tripwire. Bon when pushed the wrong way will attack. He is that guy who when in a bar chooses to punch the face of the largest and scariest guy there. If there’s a bar fight, there’s a high chance Bon is involved. To help him with his problems, he goes to therapy and learns “calming mechanisms” to lower his anger level before it gets too high. He also goes to Anger Management for shits and giggles (eh, it’s mandatory). Over the years, he has learned to control his temper and has learned to recognize when he’s getting irritable and will make an effort to take a step back.

Alone is what he has been for quite some time. It wasn’t until he joined The Sentinels that he found beings that he could somewhat call friends. He was never good with relationships. Women can’t stand his temper for it scares them and makes him quite the liability at times when in situations of provocation. Bon, no matter how angry he gets, will never lay a hand on a woman. That ethic is stronger than even the demon that controls him. He keeps women at a distance so that they don’t have to suffer such a sensitive relationship. He’ll fuck you, but refuse to be your boyfriend. Bon’s hypothetical summary of a relationship is: “If I wasta’ go wit’ you, I would love ye’ with all of my heart, and den if I see anoter man lookin’ at ye, I’d kill’im, and den you’d be mad, and I’d be mad at ye; and we’d fight, ‘an argue, and then I’d wind up cursin’, and your feelins’ would get hurt, and I’ll say things I didn’t mean, and ye’ll break up wit’ me.” Almost sounds like it’s happened before. Oh, and did I mention he’s Irish?
Quirks: Right eye tends to twitch when he’s secretly angry, but doesn’t want to make it known. At that point, he’s using the mechanisms he learned from his psychiatrist to calm down. He has many of them, and sometimes people think he’s crazy when he’s reciting them. Hey, it’s for your benefit! When asleep after a night of drinking, he tends to snore louder than a subway—not exactly a good cuddle partner. Alcohol tends to be a problem, often times making his temper worse, which is why he never drinks before a mission if he can help it. Eh... maybe one quick shot depending on the difficulty and if there’s a high chance that he’s not going to like it. Besides booze, he’ll smoke cigarettes to calm his nerves, and unfortunately, there aren’t enough cigarettes in the world to stop him from rippin’ some guy a new one.

History: Bon grew up in a dysfunctional family. His father left his mother long ago when he was an infant, and as he grew, his mother raised him along with her many boyfriends down the line. The one she wound up marrying was Steve Thomas, a so-far successful drug dealer and mechanic. He, however, never told his mother about his drug dealer occupation and as long as he brought home money from his supposed mechanic job, then nobody asked questions. One day, a failed deal attracted some ugly attention from the gang he was working for. The gang came to Bon’s house hoping to find the man who hadn’t showed up to work that day. They found only a boy and his babysitter watching toons on the TV and took them hostage. His mother’s and stepfather’s failure to answer their phones cost the two their lives. They put a bullet in them both. The babysitter died instantly, but Bon wasn’t so lucky. Scared and growing cold, he was left to bleed out, and as he died, something came to him and spoke to him: Boy, how badly do you want to live? It was a question he would never forget.
Bon’s mother and stepfather both went missing after that night. Police had him placed under foster care. He moved to live with his grandparents in Wicklow, Ireland and they took custody over him unaware of the menace they had let in. As Bon grew up, he got into fights at school, and even went as far as to kill a kid on accident. He was sentenced to a Catholic Children Detention Center, and it was there he faced much torture. The priests were quick to notice the evil that had made nest in his body and were determined to get it out of him. It hurt. It hurt, it hurt, to be there, to pray. He was forced to do so, and as a boy, he was gullible enough to believe that the priest’s actually could free him. They made promises to him that if he cooperated with them, then they would let him go outside and play with the other boys and girls. It had taken years for the priests to fulfill their promise for he had spent many as their guinea pig. When Bon was 13, as a birthday gift, the priests allowed him to finally go outside. He joined a group in a game of rugby and had a blast. He was an excellent player and his team fell in love with his enthusiasm. Jealousy, however, is an ugly beast. One of the boy’s had grown envious and didn’t like the fact that his team was losing. They had to take out the star player, and in one play, the entire enemy team sacked Bon. It was supposed to be a harmless display of aggression, but they had broken the boy’s wrist. The accident triggered his rage, and the wrath Bon unleashed on the boy was so strong that no one could stop him from pummeling his face into a bloody pile of brain matter. His strength was extraordinary. He had resisted priests and law enforcement. It didn’t help that he was angry at himself and everyone for believing that he could be saved. He fled the detention center, his grandparents, and Ireland all together, and for many years, the Catholics lost track of him.
Bon had returned to New York and over the years, he worked at restaurants, getting paid under the table, and even worked at a tattoo shop. When he grew older, he became a bouncer at a strip club until one fight led him to kill a man. He was sentenced to prison, and while in prison there were many thugs who fed his demon. His behavior got him placed in solitary confinement, and it was there he stayed for many years. During those years, Bon had lost a piece of himself, which turned him into the cold asshole he is known as to this day. A secret group of sentinels visited him one day and with their strange gifts broke him out of prison. His record and existence were erased from the minds and books of the law. Bon moved from New York to Highland City where he was able to start over. He works for The Sentinels on their task force, and as a civilian makes a living owning a tattoo parlor called Pirate Bay.

Actual Father: Arthur Cassidy (Alive) – Elderly
Mother: Julia Warrener (Alive) – Elderly
Step Father: Steve Thomas (Alive-maybe) – if alive Elderly
Grandparents: Ethan and Olivia Warrener (Now deceased)

Special Abilities: (In summary) Bon’s possession grants him enhanced physical and mental abilities. He has inhuman strength, can leap great heights, and run up to recorded speeds of 45mph, and faster depending on his level of rage. He knows when someone’s around without needing to see, smell, or hear them, a trick mostly due to his ability to detect souls. Mentally, he isn’t easy to control by those with psychic abilities due to the fact that other entities inhabit his body, and incapacitating Bon makes him unable to control it. He can detect beings both celestial and demonic as well as sacred objects. His demons allow him to communicate with other demons, devils, and angels.

Demon Count: 2
Malevolence: It is the evil presence that naturally envelopes him. Animals, spiritual creatures, the arcane, and beings of holy affinity can sense it and usually find it suffocating. Priests and nuns fear and avoid him, and most tend to steer clear of him—well, until they get to know him. Sometimes his frank personality is enough alone to keep someone at bay.
Telekinesis: Levitating objects, rearranging of furniture, walking on walls, and body contortion; on a good day, he can do all of that crazy shit.
Exorcism: Bon can use his demons to force other demons to leave the bodies of others. His demons are violence and fear and their aggression can be used in The Sentinel’s favor to force other demons to flee.
Immortality: As far as Bon’s age is concerned, his demons have slowed, if not stopped his aging process so that their host can remain young and in peak shape. Bon is unable to die by natural means or by normal methods. The bond his demons have with his spirit is so strong that exorcising them would kill him, and not exactly put his soul to proper rest. As long as the demons have his soul, he’ll never know peace in the afterlife only torment.

Multiple Possession: Recently, Bon has shown the ability to be possessed by more than one demon. This has made the mystics of The Order curious, and they wonder if there is a limit to how many demons he can possess before they drive him to madness.
The Sentinel’s have classified Bon’s anger into levels after countless observations. Below are the levels in detail along with percentages of Bon’s susceptibility to holy magic as decided by the GM:
Agmadin Selika

Irritation – Level 1: The most harmless of levels, but enough to get his heart vigorously pumping. By that point, Bon is trying to use a mechanism to calm himself down or escape the source that is making him feel such a way. Loose objects tend to vibrate in his presence as though a small earthquake was near, and it’s mostly a reaction to when Bon is trying to fight the demon that is pumping anger into his system. The longer it takes him to calm down, the more vigorous the tremors become. [20%]
Anger – Level 2: In this state, Bon is physically in a brawl or cursing someone out. He is seconds from getting violent if not already. His face is flushed red, and if he’s still resisting the urge to ascend onto the next level, objects are flying everywhere. In this state, he is still capable of being calmed, whether with soothing magic or words. It takes a lot for him to come down once he’s started to climb, which is why he can’t do it alone. Level 2; he’s a threat and level 2 usually doesn’t even exist for if left to his own devices, he’ll instantly scale to level 3. [35%]
Rage – Level 3: At this point, Bon’s eyes have changed and the demonic language has wrapped his body. His muscles have increased in size and lo’ the one in his line of sight. Lo’ the one who has pushed him to this point for he won’t stop until the afflicter is dead. Like a wild animal, Bon lunges into combat and his strikes are swift and wild. He’ll claw, he’ll use his teeth, he’ll deal dirty shots to the groin. He’ll spit, kick dirt, whatever leads to him inevitably taking down his opponent. If he manages to get his hands on you, you’re done. His strength allows him to rip a man to bloody pieces and his demon pulls his every string. He will have Bon ruthlessly attack no matter how many bullets are fired, stabs are delivered, and magic thrown. Whatever damage is done to Bon is not happening to the demon, so it could care less. In this state, it’s difficult to restrain him, but it can be done. Restraining him is encouraged and sleeping magic, soothing magic, exceptionally strong tranquilizers, holy magic or a psychic breach of his conscience to find Bon’s consciousness are the best methods to draw him back to the front and regain control. [50%]
Wrath – Level 4: After the ritual that turned the tables on wrath demon Agmadin Selika, the bond between demon and host were reversed. No longer having control of his host, the demon could no longer harm or threaten him as it saw fit. With the removal of the phoenix amulet, Bon can willingly allow his demon to become one with him and both demon and host become a threat. No longer human in this state, Bon is transformed into the demon Agmadin Selika, a nine-foot horned giant of fiery destruction. Level 4 is achieved through life-threatening, traumatic situations. [100%]

Agmidio Simun

Terror: With the Agmidio Simun in his possession, Bon can send the demon to torment his enemies. The demon will latch onto its victim like a parasite and force emotions of fear to overwhelm the victim’s body. The demon feeds best on mentally disturbed and unstable victims. Only one with mental fortitude and self-discipline will be able to shake off the demon’s assault. If the victim doesn’t shake the demon soon enough, then the victim will become either paralyzed with dread or hysterical with terror. The end result will then be Agmidio Simun devouring the victim.

Special artifact/item: Handcuffs – there’s nothing literally special about them. He wears his broken cuffs as a reminder of the life he left behind. He doesn’t intend to ever go back to it if he can help it.

Martial Skills: Bon is a ruthless fighter as well as killer. His every strike seeks to fatally incapacitate a person, which is why when he trains or spars, he doesn’t do so seriously, and shouldn’t be provoked. Agmadin will gladly force him to render harm to friends or foes alike. It bears no discrimination. His favorite weapons are guns and knives, whatever weapon that can allow him to kill swiftly and demon-preferred MASCAL. However, Bon doesn’t need a conventional weapon to kill someone. He’s been doing it for a long time and can be quite creative when unarmed. The Task Force has taught him to better control his violent fighting style in the form of various techniques taught to all members of the Task Force.
Weaknesses: Bon never goes to church, avoids them, and often avoids clergy for their presence annoys his demon. He cannot handle holy objects; holy water burns like acid; and he can’t stand the muttering of prayer. You want to see him mad? Just do those things. An exorcism will kill him, and when Agmadin relinquishes its control over him, Bon will have to deal with the consequences. Even though he is human, Bon is susceptible to holy magic. Instead of affecting him, it assaults his demon, which can aid in pulling him out of a fit. Invoking the name of his demons can be used to banish them and inevitably end Bon’s life. Only Bon knows the names of his demons, and he tells them to no one.

Offline EdwardShane

*an orange and purple cat appears from thin air on Bon's head, curled up like a hat*  "Hey, you.  Good to see you again!  Miss me?"  *Argent then playfully bops his nose with one of her paws before blinking away again*

As an aside, if anyone wants to work out if and how they know Argent, feel free to let me know!

Offline Lady Sakura

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I'll definitely be sending you a pm. Cause the story line with Nyasha has changed significantly.

Offline Crash

Super Bon Bon is back!

Offline TheBlackThrone

Yes, tattoos and bar songs to go around. ;D

Offline LimitlessNikkie

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Player Name: LimitlessNikkie

Character Name: Sasski Emerson

Race/Lineage:  Nymph mother, Father is a Demon of Lust

Concealment: Bad make up, wigs and ill fitting clothing when required

Sex:  Female

Physical Description: Sasski is the type of person that like Helen of Troy could bring the world to it's knees with little more then a twist of her lips. She has a flawless cream complexion that is without blemish or mark. With delicate features, bright blue eyes and full plump lips, a mere smile could be devastating. She has long white blond hair that just can't be achieved by the best hair colorist. Standing 5'9 she has a long, delicate, willowy build with just enough curve in all the right places though she only weights about 122lbs in all.

Age:  25

Position: Assistant Director of Investigation

Living Arrangements: Sasski lives with the sentinels.

Occupation: Models occationally

Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual

Ons & Offs: O and Os

Place of Birth: Somewhere on the ground in the Mendocino National Forest

Personality: Sasski is practically the walking definition of mercurial. It isn't that she is indecisive because she's not once she makes up her mind then it's done but she has mood swings that can go from one extreme to the next in a matter of moments, this of course is worst when she doesn't feed. The only calm she gets is when she's well fed. Sasski is one of those people who is just intense, everything is a matter of life or death, nothing is minor or little, everything, ever moment, every action matters.
When she is in a good mood she is quick to laugh, she's affectionate and bright. There's no hiding that in another time another place she would have been a creature of pleasure and indulgence, that it was fate and circumstance that changer her nature so drastically.
When Sasski's mad and I mean really mad she turns inward only to lash out. Sometimes she'll act out sexually using her allure to take a man to bed knowing the 'high' she gets off feeding will burn off the turmoil of her emotions. Sasski is not what one would call happy ever but she has for the most part learned how to keep herself even for all appearance though it has taken a great deal of work and quite a few friends to be able to do so. She sometimes is perceived as distant because in truth she is needing that distance to maintain her hard won control.

History: To understand Sasski one must understand her mother first. Sasski's mother a full blooded Nymph was in Terra for one reason, to try to save it. She lived in the forests, a vengeful being hurting those that hurt what she loved. It was only chance, horrible horrible change that the thing found her while he was in heat. The thing was a demon of lust who it seemed had been denying himself for a while because as soon as he laid eyes on Sasski's mother he fell on her and raped her savagely leaving Sasski's mother broken in more ways then would ever be visible.

Until The day Sasski was born her mother denied the fact that she was pregnant. She gave birth on the forest floor surrounded by the animals she loved howling in agony not from the physical pain but because it felt as if her soul was being shredded. The very last thing she would ever want was a child, an innocent that would only serve to remind her of the most horrific moment of her life.

Every time her mother looked at her she hated Sasski. She didn't want to but she did. She hated the dewy glow to her child skin, the color of her hair that was that of her father, the sparkle of her eyes. For 6 years she tried to raise the child but she knew she was failing when Sasski driven mad with her own hungers tried to walk onto the highway that bordered the forest and tried to die.

Broken by her inability to love her own child Sasski's mother gave her up to an orphanage knowing even if they were neglectful that they would do better by the child then a mother that could barely stand to look at her. In the orphanage Sasski learned to cope with the things she could barely understand. Contact with others soothed the wild desires within her and calmed her mood swings to a degree. She learned to deal with things though she was scarred by her childhood in ways she could never guess. She was perpetually angry, the emotion living just under the skin in everything she did. She could never sit still and couldn't believe anyone could actually care for her.

As a young girl people seemed to care for her but she learned quickly few cared for the things she said instead enjoying the movement of her mouth rather then the words coming from it. She came to resent those around her for pretending when all they wanted was to possess her. she acted out hurting those around her as much as herself. She was nine when she first started using her compulsion and learned what a heavy cost it came with.

Sasski lived with the skin hunger her whole life but up until she started using the compulsion she rarely noticed it. It was an itch under her skin, an un-named desire but it was fleeting. People were always touching her, stroking her hair, hugging her, holding her hand, sitting too close, it was as if they were drawn to her so she was always well fed, until she started using her powers and started learning about all the things being different entailed.

Her teenage years were the worst for her. Sasski's beauty already devastating went into full bloom as did her skin hunger and if it hadn't been for the Sentinels she might have hurt someone. They took her in as a student and she learned about herself, the things she was too young to learn from her mother and with that control. She learned to temper her beauty both outside and in. She learned how to feed her skin hunger without hurting those around her but it was her own mentor that was the biggest influence in her life. Besides teaching her how to fight and put all that anger to good use he was someone who cared about her and that was something she needed more then anything in her life.

He was a rock to her, the first person in her life who wanted to know her and help her and he did greatly. She learned from him it was possible for people to care about her truly care not because of her beauty but in spite of it. Through him she came to accept herself and love herself as she never had been able to before. She was far from cured but he tempered her enough that she could function without being a danger to others. It was him that made her want to be a mentor. She knew how much that relationship could help others and the nurturing part of her wanted to protect another child from the childhood she'd experienced and help them grow into and accept themselves no matter what they were.

Family: None

Special Abilities: Allure (intensified attraction and or lust can be turned on and off at will), Skin Hunger (Addiction to physical contact), Grace (physically mastery of her body) and Compulsion (Ability to compel others to do as she pleases though it intensifies her skin hunger greatly to use it)

Special artifact/item: A silver dagger that when in contact with anothers skin enhances her Compulsion without draining her so severely

Martial Skills: Sasski is an exceptionally skilled fighter. She knows how to use a number of weapons but is most skilled in unarmed combat and knife fighting. Other skills she has are fencing, using a hand gun, and wielding a whip with precision.

More On Special Abilities
Allure - a mental ability to increase the reaction some one has to her beauty weather it be to admire her or to lust after her.

Skin Hunger - This is an addiction to physical contact. Beyond just an addiction she can not live without it. Denial comes with severe mood swings, weight loss, nausea, fatigue and eventual death though the withdraw is so painful that Sasski has never gone past the mood swings stage.

Grace - A passive ability honed with exercise, an innate awareness of ones body, their strengths and abilities.

Compulsion -  The ability to compel another to do as the compeller desires though comes with a high cost in Sasski's case an spiked increase in skin hunger
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Player Name: LimitlessNikkie

Character Name: Razi

Race/Lineage:  Devil

Concealment: A mild glamour to hide her vivid coloring, the red eyes and patches of scales that cover her body

Sex:  Female

Physical Description: In her unconcealed form Razi stands at 6'2 with incredibly long legs and a slender build she flaunts with pride. She has all the curves a woman could want with a trim waist and nice hips with a high firm ass and a modest c cup. She has pale skin and dark midnight black hair but most eye grabbing about her is her vivid markings. With bright orange eyes and purple and black marking around her eyes and the bright red orange and yellow scale patches that cover her body from the patch on her cheek bones and neck to the line running down her back and around her waist covering a measure of her hips.
Concealed she sports bright blue eyes and a pale completion only hiding the vivid marks of her race.

Age:  409

Goal: The complete fall of the sentinel organization.

Occupation: Lawyer

Minions: A live in maid with chronic Fibromyalgia

Living Arrangements: A large upscale house

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Ons & Offs: OAndOs

Place of Birth: Inferno

Personality: You won't meet anyone with such complete and unwavering self confidence. Razi is one of those rare people who is completely and utterly comfortable in her skin and honestly cares very little for the opinions of well anyone. That's not to says she's not nice she can be but most of the time her lack of care for what anyone thinks does one of two things, draws them in or pushes them away. Razi is very much the master of her own universe.

History: Razi was born to Inferno after the fall of the devils reign. It was too bad really she would have done well as a ruler. As it was she didn't do too badly. As a young child she was simply in-containable, so wild and free spirited and so completely selfish she was reckless lacking any kind of sophistication in her manipulations. Her class and suave was slowly learned but it was a lesson she learned well.

Very much a daddy's little girl she grew up under his tutelage. Learning how to keep a pet, how to twist them and turn them to feel just what she needed so she could feed. Of course these poor beings didn't choose to her her pray but they signed their name on the dotted line without reading the fine print so blinded by their own desire. Too bad for them.

Years passed and Razi went from being the demonic little girl, to a woman who was both feared and respected. She was not a cuddly demon who fed off joy or bliss or lust, she fed off pain and with a father who fed on fear the two of them together could make even the most hardened demon second guess himself. Razi might not have been a ruler but in her mind this was better, all the fun of being in charge and none of the responsibility.

For three hundred years she lived quiet contently in Inferno. She had no desire to leave, it was an accident that she ended up here. One wrong step and poof she's stumbling into a barren dessert with no idea where she was. She almost starved that first year reduced to torturing small animals as she tried to learn this new world where she had to hid and run, where she felt weaker just for being here.

She was found by a sentinel. She was found because she's finally in desperation after 2 years of being on the edge of starving took a human and enslaved them. She'd promised that pretty little thing timeless beauty for five years of servitude that she wouldn't remember.The girl had agreed without a blink of an eye, The ink wasn't yet dry on the page when Razi strung her up and started wiping her.

Razi had that girl 3 weeks when the team of Sentinels came for her. I guess the screams had upset the neighbors. They probably would have killed her then and there if the leader hadn't been a greedy little shit. In her he saw he thought he saw a weak woman he could exploit for his own gains. How great would it be he thought if they could tame a devil to work with them. Except she was too dangerous to let roam free. So while the sentinels let her live it wasn't free. They kept her locked up in a box for over fifty years. On the edge of starving Razi used the only tools open to her they couldn't take away, her mind.

Razi learned everything should could about this new world about them people that now surrounded her. She learned and with every day her resentment towards them grew until it was like a living beast inside her clawing to get free. After years and years and years of playing nice they finally let her out of the box and tried trusting her but it was a mistake on their part and an opportunity Razi took full advantage of. She broke out and fled, but she didn't go far. Across the country found her a nice little home where the sentinels were already in disarray and she could start doing what she'd dreamed about doing all those long nights locked up in that cold glass box, taking them down little by little, destroying them the way they wanted to destroy her.

Family: Thermosis -Father - Alive - In Inferno; Miae - Mother - Deceased - In Inferno

Special Abilities:  Razi has a few wonderful little talents. She has wish granting ability though most of the time it is an illusion she had limited ability to grant wishes though it comes at the greatest cost to both herself and the wisher in the binding of her soul to theirs to actually create anything. breaking a contract is more difficult the more complex the deal and will often kill one or both of those involved.

She is exceptionally charming with a silver tongue. she could charm almost anyone, her words like the sweetest honey in your ear.

Illusionary powers, the ability to create and sustain completely realistic illusions, you'd walk off a cliff thinking there was a bridge there if she really wanted you to.

She also like every other of her race feeds off of and can read the emotions of others. Razi feeds off of pain and fear. She lives off of this not needing to eat traditional food in the least.
Special artifact/item: A pendent of memories. A pendent past down by her fathers family storing all the memories of her family line, though the pendent has a mind of it's own showing you what it wants you to see rather then what you ask for. It's rather temperamental at the best of times.

Martial Skills: Knives, needles, whips, and switches were her favorites. She can wield all with exceptional skill having and an extensive knowledge of anatomy of may different types of creatures.
She also can do hand to hand combat enjoying it a great deal.
Passably she can use a sword though she doesn't care for it, the same with a bow.
Guns are too impersonal for her taste but she knows how to use one and like anything else she has learned to use it passably well.
Since coming to Terra she's developed a like to tasers having a long ranger taser gun she favors along with a dagger and a whip she brought from Inferno the day she fell here.

Offline skyre

Player Name: Skyre

Character Name: Bjorn Jarn

Race/Lineage:  Human/Seggr-bjorn dar

Concealment: He hides in plain sight at times. He is equally comfortable in his animal form as his human and his animal form is well known locally as a particularly large and apparently tame bear. In human form he claims to be a skilled hunter, fisherman and to be trained in tracking. All of these things are true and they are how he makes a living in the human world.

Sex: Male.

Physical Description: His human form reflects something of his background and his nature. He is tall at six foot and eight inches with long blonde hair that he wears loose or at best tied back in a loose plait, a full beard and cool, hard blue eyes. He is heavily muscled with a few faded tattoos of such varied design as to suggest he has been to quite a few corners of the world at one time or another. His animal form is a huge brown Kodiak bear. He seldom assumes an in between form as he believes his animal form is both more powerful and more useful. He's probably right. He tends to wear linen and cotton and he doesn't notice the cold.

Age: Indeterminate. He appears to be in his thirties.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Ons & Offs:  I'll fill this in when I've made my mind up about them...

Place of Birth: A village in Sweden that no longer exists.

Role: Bjorn has been known to serve as a Watcher, but he isn't formally a member of Sentinel. He has a great deal of influence in the Supernatural community and puts a great deal of effort and time in with new members, but he wouldn't say that he was a leader either, although in practical terms he certainly is.

Living Arrangements: He lives in a large timber house that he built with his own hands or paws near the beach on the edge of the woods. Although strictly speaking he doesn't need a house, he keeps one to give people a place to find him if they need him. It's not exactly luxurious. In fact it doesn't even have electricity, but there's hot and cold water, the beds are very comfortable and there's always something warm on the stove though and those are the things that really matter right? He owns an old pick up truck and an even more ancient fishing boat.

Occupation: He is a hunter, fisherman and tracker. It's just he isn't always human when he does these things...

Personality:  His personality reflects his dual nature. He's calm and quiet. He's welcoming to those he knows, but slower to accept and trust strangers. Those who he comes to think of as friends he would do just about anything for. His temper is slow to start, but fierce once awakened. He's perfectly happy on his own or with company. He tends to be a bit vague on social niceties. Like not wandering around naked after changing his form for instance. This has more to to with the fact that he's comfortable with what he is and who he is than not actually knowing the rules. He either takes an interest in people or none at all. There is seldom an in between with him. People can be interesting for a variety of reasons though.  His animal form mirror his human personality closely although he is then even less interested in most people. He can be quite territorial in both forms, but once he decides to allow you into his territory there will be no further issues. He speaks the truth always. He has no time for deceipt or deception. Whilst he believes in right and wrong, his attitude to what he sees as the unnecessary complexities of human laws is more ambivalent. Whilst he is capable of killing he generally will only do so as a last resort or in self defence. He has killed before. Extended periods of cold weather tend to make him sleepy and lethargic. Hot weather makes him want to swim and lie about in the shade.

History: Bjorn was born many years ago. He's lost track of exactly when. Certainly it was long before motorcars roamed the roads. Knowing exactly how old he is doesn't matter to him. It's a human trait he has no need of. He was born in a village deep in the heart of a forest that has since slipped off the map. His mother and father were both changers and he has been slipping between forms since he was old enough to crawl. He has alway preferred to be in the wilds than in a city. By nature he strongly believes in right and wrong and in exploration and learning through discovery. It is this Creed that has driven his wanderings around the world, never settling in one place for too long. He has been known by many names and called many places home. At this moment in his life he has settled in one place, primarily to stop the Sentinels from constantly nagging at him for moving around and for personal reasons he has agreed to offer refuge and council to those who need it.
His attitude is generally to offer instruction and advice. Whether or not the recipient chooses to listen or act upon it is entirely up to them. Those who do not listen will not receive further help from him. Those who do may learn something.
He is not formally a member of the Sentinels as such, but he has given his word to support their cause and to assist them in any way that he can. He had not revealed to anyone the circumstances as to why he gave this personal oath.

Family: None that he's in contact with. He has a brother, but he hasn't seen him in decades. His brother has gone feral in the wilds of Canada avoiding all contact with humans. His parents have both changed their identities and separated. This is not unusual within his culture and it doesn't unduly trouble him.

Special Abilities: He can transform to animal form at will day or night. Returning to his human form requires that he be out of direct sunlight though and sunlight slows his healing considerably from its normally high rate. Deep shadows or being inside a building or cave is enough to allow him to return to his human form and speed up his healing, but it's still not as swift as during the hours of darkness. When he transforms, he appears fully naked, which can in itself be problematic. In his animal form he has a inhumanely keen sense of smell and hearing, sharper even than a bloodhound. This is not unusual for a bear. He retains his full human intelligence in animal form, but may or may not choose to reveal that. His animal form is both significantly larger and stronger than even a powerful wild Kodiak bear and he is capable giving an intimidating bellow that strikes fear in the heart of mortals. When he is angered his animal form increases in size and strength.  There doesn't seem to be an upper limit to his size or strength, but he has no direct control over the increase. He heals all none fatal injuries incredibly quickly.

Special artifact/item: He wears a leather thong with a small bronze Mjolnir hammer on it round his neck. It's the only piece of jewellery that he wears. It has an uncomplicated enchantment bound to it that is able to recreate a simple set of linen trousers and a shirt at will. This might not seem like a terribly useful enchantment to most people, but to Bjorn it comes in quite handy at times.

Martial Skills: In human form he is skilled with an axe, bolt action rifle and his fists. He's not formally trained in any of them as such, but he has years of experience with all of them and that counts for something.
In animal form he uses his claws and jaws to deadly effect. Should he so choose he's equally capable of cuffing or striking people with his paws without leaving so much as a bruise, or carrying an egg in his mouth without breaking it.
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Offline skyre

Player Name: Skyre

Character Name: Leo Levi

Race/Lineage:  Human with a touch of elf blood from his great, great grandmother. He is currently unaware of this though.

Concealment: Leo hides in plain sight. Other than the colour of his eyes and his obvious and near complete blindness Leo appears to be a normal human.

Sex: Male.

Physical Description: Leo cuts an odd appearance in modern society. He wears a black top hat, dress coat, waistcoat with a watch chain, a white shirt and dress trousers and black leather shoes or boots.
His straight black hair is neatly cut short and his face is clean shaven every morning without fail, a task he still performs unaided. He doesn't not wear aftershave as his heightened sense of smell does not cope well with it. His hearing and sense of touch have also sharpened noticeably in the past few months.
His eyes are quite striking being a vivid violet, tinged deeply with Octarine, the colour of magic. They were originally brown, but their colour was instantly rewritten when Leo read a previously unknown True Word, an incantation that binds the various planes together. His tinted eyes stare unseeing at the world as Leo was, in a conventional sense, rendered completely blind the moment that he read the True Word some six months ago.
His hands are light and slender, with dextrous fingers that he uses to help explore and find his way around the world. On cold days he wears close fitting, silk lined black leather gloves. On warm days he may or may not wear white kid gloves depending on his mood.
There is a livid rune like brand seared into the flesh of his right upper arm. It is a physical symbol of the bond that controls his elemental Pyra. It turns him into a living talisman that (mostly) forces her obedience to him. It is always noticeably warm to the touch and Leo does not like it to be touched.
He's tall and slender, not at all heavily built. Lightly muscled, but he doesn't work out much if at all. Being blind doesn't help with that.

Age: 24

Sexual Orientation: straight

Ons & Offs:  Leo dislikes violence, blood, stuff like that. Beyond that he's probably game for most things.

Place of Birth: Cambridge, the United Kingdom.

Role: Chief mischief maker. Expert for hire and purveyor of wondrous talismans and amulets. Sellsword, but without the whole sword thing. Thief. Con man. Magician. Liar.

Living Arrangements: Leo appears without warning and disappears with even less. He has no permanent living arrangements at the moment. There are rumours that someone has been living in the abandoned funfair.

Occupation: Magician. Sort of. Con man. Sort of. Trickster. Definitely.

Personality: Leo is an extrovert and he enjoys being the centre of attention. He makes acquaintances easily, but currently has no actual friends. He is polite, confident and self assured. He's also a liar, a cheat and a thief at times if he chooses to be. He is capable of being selfless and generous, but he's also capable of being selfish and devious. He is a man of sharp and pronounced contrasts. He has recently developed a strong instinct for self preservation and under pressure that is likely to show.

History: Leo's family were well known for their scholarly endeavours. His mother held a doctorate in mythology and sociology and his father in ancient religions. His childhood was happy and carefree in an untroubled home. It was at an early age that Leo became obsessed with illusions and magic tricks. For a while it seemed that both he and his sister were both going to follow their parents into academia. All that changed the day he came home and saw Pyra.
His sister had acquired a black book of incantations and spells and out of pure curiosity she attempted to perform the ritual. Unfortunately for her it turned out there was Gaian blood in the family, so rather than nothing happening, an enraged fire elemental was summoned right into the living room. By chance Leo was out of the house at the time at a gathering of the Magic Circle in London otherwise he would doubtless have been killed by the elemental who had rampaged through the house killing his parents and his sister and setting fire to everything. When he returned home Leo was horror struck at the ruins of his home, but through the flames Leo saw an otherworldly creature dancing in the fire before abruptly vanishing.
From the burnt embers he retrieved the undamaged book and two charred blacked dice. For weeks he resisted the urge to read the book, to recreate the ritual that he was sure had lead to his family's demise. Ultimately the temptation was too much though and intending only to attempt to summon the elemental to speak with it, Leo prepared the ritual and cast the dice. To his own great surprise the ritual not only worked, but the elemental did not attack him, instead bowing before him acknowledging him as her master. However he didn't learn a thing as Pyra is incapable of speaking or has shown no inclination to do so thus far. So to ensure that the elemental never ran free again he bound her to his will using another ritual from the black book. At times she may rail against her imprisonment, but the power of her binding is absolute and she will fall back under Leo's sway.
That first ritual revealed to Leo a previously hidden world and he became obsessed with real magic and talismans in particular. Whilst he had no talent for magic itself, his ability to craft talismans and focus amulets was impressive. He began to combine the use of talismans into a magic show, abandoning his academic studies to become a successful illusionist. In secret he continued his studies from the black book and other illicit grimoires that he acquired. It was an unusual coincidence that properties associated with organised crime in towns where he performed tended to suffer unexplained fires that destroyed them completely whilst he was in town.
 His life changed catastrophically six months ago when Leo obtained a locked tome from a contact and upon opening it he found that it contained a True Word. That is one of the binding spells of the realms given a physical form, something mortal eyes were never intended to read. Such was the power of the True Word that it scorched itself into his very being. His vision was vision seared away by the incalculable awe and power of what he had just seen, even as his now blind eyes turned violet and Octarine.
Leo disappeared the same night, abandoning almost all of his worldly possessions in the process. Where he has been living and how is a mystery, but there are rumours that a blind magician has been performing street theatre in the city for the past few weeks.

Family: Parents and sister all deceased. Pyra's doing before she was bound. He does not discuss them, so their names are irrelevant.

Special Abilities: Seer's Sight. Leo is in the conventional sense completely blind. However he sees the world through the ebb and flow of the winds of magic. He can see enough to know where people are and to find his way into and out of a room unaided. Detail is quite beyond his ability to see though and his vision can be affected by disruption to the flow of magic or by magical spells. He doesn't rely on his vision, but he would most likely lose track of people and become disorientated if he were to be affected.

Special artifacts/items: Leo calls himself a Enchanter, that is he is an expert at creating talismans. He is also very good at understanding and divining amulets and magical artifacts to understand their true powers or abilities.
A talisman is an ordinary object that has an enchantment, incantation or spell bound to it to to make it magical. He relies upon these enchanted objects for his personal protection and offensive abilities. Unfortunately the talismans he possesses are somewhat unreliable in their use.

Joker's Deck.

Leo always carries two decks of playing cards that have been enchanted with a kinetic spell and an elemental force spell so that the cards slice through the air like blades, crackling with raw elemental energy. The cards are homing, but do not always identify the correct target...
Roll a D6 for every card that Leo draws and throws.
 1. Elemental effect is enhanced. The card explodes violently on impact, but its elemental charge is selected at random. Roll a D4 to determine it.
2. Leo picks the wrong card. The elemental charge is selected at random. Roll a D4 to determine it.
3-5. Leo picks the elemental effect that he intended.
6. Elemental effect is enhanced. The card explodes on impact. Leo picks the elemental effect he intended.

Roll a 2D6 every time the cards are used. On a 1 the cards target a random friendly character as the homing enchantment goes haywire. On a 12 the cards miss their target completely. Leo will recreate the decks in between encounters.

Obsidian Marbles.

A leather pouch containing a number of cold jet black marbles which Leo keeps in his pocket at all times. When Leo opens the pouch and scatters them on the floor they multiply with each bounce and skitter to become a sliding, shifting sea underfoot.
Roll a D6 everytime the marbles are used.
1. Chaos reigns. The marbles go everywhere affecting everyone. The effect lasts for one turn of posts.
2-5. The marbles affect only the intended target or targets normally. The effect lasts for one post.
6. The target or targets fall heavily, injuring themselves and leaving themselves wide open for attack. The effect lasts for two posts.

Deadtime Hunter's Silver Fob Watch.

Once per encounter Leo can use his deadtime watch to slow time. The effect lasts for about thirty seconds and only affect Leo himself. The watch recharges at midnight of every day. Leo may use the watch twice in an encounter only if it takes place on two days over midnight.

Rogue's Top Hat.

By touching the brim of his hat in just the right spot Leo can blink himself away from danger.
Roll a D6 everytime the top hat is used.
1. Enchantment exhausted. The hat works one last time and then will no longer function for the rest of the assignment.
2-4. The enchantment works as planned.
5. The enchantment goes haywire. Leo teleports in a random direction. Roll a D8 to determine the direction.
6. The enchantment works too well. Leo's attacker or the nearest enemy to him also disappears, but mysteriously fails to reappear when he does.

Trickster's Crutch.

Leo leans upon an ornate black silver topped cane. If he brings the steel tip down heavily on the floor a blast of energy will send anyone close by flying. There will be a loud thunderclap and a flash of light accompanying the concussive blast.
Roll a D6 everytime the cane is used.
1. The blast sends Leo tumbling too. His vision is affected and it will take him a few seconds to scramble to his feet and work everything out again.
2-5. The blast functions normally.
6. The tip strikes the target directly causing a contact explosion resulting in additional serious injuries.

Demon Dice.

Leo carries a pair of charred, blacked dice. Tossing them to the ground will summon is his bound fire elemental Pyra. Pyra herself is actually bound toand controlled by a sigil seared into Leo's right arm.
Roll 2D6 whenever Leo uses the dice to summon Pyra.
2. Pyra is angered. She attacks Leo directly. This post and does not return to his control until the next.
3. Pyra is angered. She attacks a random friendly character including Leo. She returns to Leo's control in the next post.
4-10. Pyra is summoned as normal.
11. Pyra's abilities are enhanced. Her attacks cause additional explosive damage.
12. Double Trouble. Pyra emerges with a playmate. For the duration of the summoning Leo has two elementals to control.

Martial Skills:
Leo is not a trained fighter. He will use his talismans to fight and defend himself from a distance. Up close he stands no chance of defending himself due his lack of training and blindness.
He's not great at taking cover or avoiding things, simply because he cannot clearly see the perils around him.
If an enemy gets too close to him he will either attempt to evade, use his blink enchantment or set Pyra on them.
His blindness makes him a highly ineffective character in hand to hand combat. I would expect him to be overpowered to the point of his life being in peril in two posts at most. He is also likely to loose his cool and become decidedly panicky in this situation.

Anything else:
This is Pyra. She is smoking hot. Literally.
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Yay Sassy's back too!

Offline Lady Sakura

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Yay Sassy's back too!

And the lovely Razi :D Will get to enjoy watching her play again.

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Wow busy morning, Me and Sakky are looking them over, (between work and everything it's a slow process) we'll be processing through the characters, and will get answers to everyone as the day goes along.

It is great to see some new imaginings of old faces, and the changes made so far are really fantastic. Great to see those imaginations in full swing  ;D

Offline Crash

Player Name: Crash

Character Name: Olaf “Ollie” Lokken

Race/Lineage: Human

Concealment: None at all.  Ollie is human in almost every way.

Sex: Male

Physical Description: Ollie keeps himself in shape.  He runs and works out and enjoys surfing, even in the cold waters off the coast of Oregon.  He had shaggy blonde hair that is mid length and pale eyes.  Ollie dresses business casual at work as it common when at the lab be it for the order or for his new position as New Frontiers resident Forensic Pathologist. 

Age: Appears to be in his early to mid twenties.

Position: Watcher/Rookie

Living Arrangements: Old ass beach house that is he fixing up on the weekends.

Occupation: Forensic Anthropologist

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Ons & Offs: 

Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California 

Personality: Ollie is an introspective kind of guy.  He prefers to think things through instead of rushing head long into the unknown.  He did that once with a friend and it got his friend killed.  As introspective as Ollie can be he is extremely curious, a trait that is part of the reason he caught the orders eye when he was in college.  At work he can be overly serious for someone so young, but he takes he work to heart and is a stickler for professional ethics regardless of how others might feel about the victim or potential suspect.  He is soft spoken when away from work and loves to spend time on the beach or surfing.  He says it helps him get perspective whatever that means.

History: Ollie was a normal kid.   He got interested in archeology when he got introduced to Indiana Jones movies and it just stuck with him all the way through college.  He applied to Oregon State University for college and received his bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology. 

During his time in college he had a run in with a ghost. It was a relatively harmless encounter, but one the curious young man couldn’t get out of his head so he founded his own ghost hunting club on campus.  For many of his friends it was just an excuse to tell fun stories about their adventures to girls at parties, but for Ollie and his buddy James it was more than that.  He bought or made their own EMF detectors and spirit boxes and did their best to document what they found.  It was on one case late his Senior year that he and James encountered more than a lost worried specter.  They unknowingly disturbed the site of a demon, long locked away by the local Chinook Native Americans and forgotten to legend.  The demon toyed with them that night letting them think they were tracking real evidence of ghostly activity, possessing James and nearly killing Ollie.  The local police choked it up to drugs and put an ABP out for James who was later found hanging from a tree near campus.  It was ruled a suicide, but Ollie knew better.  He finished his undergrad that spring and left Oregon to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Anthropology at Johns Hopkins University. 

Ollie continued his studies into the paranormal and broadened his research to include cryptids and began to focus on abnormal remains at school as a focus.  When he graduated he was already making a name for himself as an expert in abnormal cases that stumped your average anthropologist.  This was because Ollie knew about these creatures, though no one would believe him and he had already begun cataloging them when he was contacted by members of the Sentinels.  His recruitment was swift and before he knew it he was back in Oregon and all of those memories of his friend James.  It hasn’t been easy, but Ollie wants to do the memory of his friend proud and works extremely hard.

Ollie’s parents Helga and Joseph are still alive and live in California.  His younger sister Ingrid is currently a student at Oregon State University too and he tries to see her often.
Ragnar:  As much of a family member as him own blood.  Ragnar was Ollie’s mentor and trainer during his first year as part of the Order, until he was sent to New Frontier to finish his training.

Special Abilities:
Doctorate in Physical Anthropology – Hard work and lots of study got Ollie where his is today and opened the door to his chosen field at such a young age.  He is certified through the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and works often with New Frontier City on criminal cases as well as for the Order.

Special artifact/item:

Ollie has been training in kendo and with small arms.  He has surprised himself with his talent.  While he was in training he became friends with an old Dwarf, Ragnar, who is a Runesmith in the Order and controls the Armory.  As a graduation gift he gave Ollie a rune inscribed kevlar vest that affords him protection against blows that would kill an ordinary human, a rune-crafted .44 auto and the broadsword Balmung, used by Sigurd to kill the dragon Fafnir.  Obviously the old dwarf knew that Ollie’s curiosity was going to get the better of him again.

Martial Skills: Ollie has been training in kendo and other sword techniques befitting his current choice of armaments.  He has been improving his target shooting as well.  He is far from threatening any of the older agents or even some of the rookies as a talented combatant, but he won’t embarrass himself in the field and knows his limitations, which is important.

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Damarius's face claim is Joe Manganiello.

Player Name: TheBlackThrone

Character Name: Damarius

Race/Lineage: Gargoyle

Concealment: He stays in his human form.

Sex: Male

Physical Description: Damarius in either his stone or gargoyle form is quite the behemoth. As a gargoyle, he stands 12’ from his three-taloned feet to the tips of his bull-like horns. Between his horns and down his spine is thick, black hair that stops at the base of his five-foot, whip-like tail. The gargoyle has massive bat-like wings with claws at the elbows for grabbing things. His fore and hind claws are extremely sharp to allow him to latch onto the most solid of surfaces and dig through the earth. As a human, Damarius has a rugged appearance and his hair tends to grow to various lengths. It will be whatever he awakens with. He is fit and his grey eyes are cold like the stone he was crafted from. His demeanor is seasoned; a man well-experienced with the world.

Age: 919

Position: Assistant Director of Visitor Relations and Security

Living Arrangements: He sleeps on the highest tower or building in the city. Preferably, he sleeps on top of Sentinel HQ.

Occupation: He makes enough money being assistant director that having an outside job is unnecessary.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Ons & Offs: He can appreciate a fearless woman or one just as hard and dangerous as him. A beautiful woman who can understand that gargoyles need to sleep!

Place of Birth: Montreal Castle, Jordan


Arrogant: Damarius has grown arrogant over the years. He prides himself to be an expert when it comes to those skills he excels at. Having spent his beginning years as a trophy of war for kings, he feels that his time and expertise are worth more than those of most people. He does not like to waste his time on people who he feels are inferior physically or mentally.

Perfectionist: He is slightly OCD. When he commits to something, such as cleaning his guns, he has to finish the job. He can’t let something go unfinished such as an uncompleted assignment, dishes that he didn’t finish cleaning, etc. So if you’re waiting on him, you’re going to be waiting on him until he’s done. Impatient people will suffer in his presence. He also must do the job at the best of his ability, such as making sure to not leave a speck on a dish.

Sophisticated: Despite coming off as insensitive or rude, Damarius is pretty wise. He’s had many years to learn from his mistakes, and he feels that he knows the world quite well, especially human behavior.

Approachable: Contrary to his mannerisms, he’s approachable. He is a listener and he will give advice whether it be frank with truth or actually beneficial.

Deceitful: Damarius can be slightly deceiving. You never know what he’s thinking, and thinking is what he’s always doing. It’s just hard to determine if he’s thinking about harming someone or not.

Reliable: If you got a job that he won’t mind carrying out for you, make sure that it is exactly what you want him to do because if you have second thoughts later, it won’t be easy to stop him. He has to finish the job.


1095 AD – 1192 AD The Crusades

Damarius was apart of a family of gargoyles that made their home upon the walls of Montreal Castle in Jordan. The rock fae lived in peace, using the cover of night to hunt for human food. They were a pack that shared what they killed and moved as a unit to ensure each other’s safe return. It wasn’t long before their methods began to spook the humans and in retaliation many of his brothers and sisters were smashed while in their still form. Damarius was soon alone and still clinging to the pack mentality that no longer existed. He had to learn how to survive on his own and at times, he failed to find a safe hiding place come dawn. His wandering led him to Anatolia where he lived among the Turks, feeding upon their bodies. One day, his statue was discovered and the Turks threatened to smash him for his demonic appearance. His saviors arrived bearing shields with a crimson cross on the front. They swept the capital in a wave of death and took him as a prize. Damarius’s devilish appearance was exactly how the crusaders envisioned their enemies to be. He was taken to France, and he resided there throughout the second and third crusade until he was given as a gift to the English king Richard I, or “Richard the Lionheart” for taking back Jerusalem.

1286-1328 AD The Scottish Wars of Independence

It was during the reign of King Alexander III of Scotland. King Henry III of England wed his daughter Margaret to the Scottish king, and as one of the wedding gifts, the English king granted them an heirloom that had watched the castle halls for centuries. Damarius aided young King Alexander III during the Battle of Largs against the Viking king Haakon IV of Norway.

Several wars followed with the eventual occupation by English king Edward I. He recalled Damarius having once been in English possession and greedily took him back. He resided at Stirling, and there, he indiscriminately took the lives of English and Scot during the night. He watched many great warriors rise and fall over the struggle for Scottish independence until it finally came in 1328 with the Treaty of Edinburgh.

The following wars and struggles for power soured Damarius’s view of humans and monsters. The gargoyle thought that they differed from humans in ethics, but they were all the same. Creatures battle for dominion, ideal peace and survival. To conquer meant survival. To own everything brought the power to control. Having grown tired of being passed along as the object he was , Damarius learned how to blend in amongst his food.

The ability had been a hidden gift granted to him by an old mentor. He was trained on Orkney Island by an old trow (see Scottish mythology) named Bran the Raven Beard. He and the trow had been similar, being unable to function during the day. Though “big and hairy” Damarius’s training was shorter than most. He was a fast learner and had come to Bran with skills polished by years of conflict. When he completed his training, Damarius thought that his reward had been nothing until come the Age of Enlightenment.

1400-1700 AD The Renaissance.

It was during The Renaissance that Damarius uncovered his new ability. He was discovered in Naples, Italy by a sculptor named Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The archaic hunk of rock had caught his interest, and he was moved to his villa where he was renovated into a smooth and detailed masterpiece. No longer was Damarius a deformed monstrosity. He became symmetrical and though still bearing the horrific chill of a devil, he was beautiful. When he emerged from stone at night, his gargoyle frame was changed. He was better and more capable than before, and the transformation had led to him experimenting with his metamorphosis. When he emerged from the stone again, by will, he emerged as a man. Now able to blend into society as a silent predator, as a pseudohuman, he submitted to his new life.

During the Napoleonic wars up until World War I, Damarius resided in several places throughout Europe. He lived in Italy, Germany, and France. He had lived as a farmer, aristocrat, lover, mercenary, and hunter in the African safari. No matter what life he lived, his nocturnal limitations kept him from retaining its success. His lovers eventually lost interest in him, unable to wait for him to awaken every night. His crops needed constant maintenance for vermin and escaped pigs would diminish his yields. As an aristocrat, his nocturnal manifestations brought unwanted attention and prying eyes into his secret life. He found himself slowly returning to his life as a mere cathedral decoration, and it was during World War I that he encountered a change of scenery.

1914-1918 AD World War I.

In World War I, Damarius had fought alongside Italy under the Triple Alliance until Austria-Hungary’s aggression resorted in Italy allying with the Triple Entente. When the United States entered the battle, the Americans that he had fought alongside had peaked his interest about the country. North America had been a mysterious continent to him and it wasn’t until the war’s conclusion that Damarius went on a journey to the melting pot. He arrived in the United States as an Italian immigrant and acquired his citizenship.

He resided in New York, working the night shift as a security officer for the Bank of New York.

1939-1949 AD World War II

Damarius joined the draft in World War II under his pseudonym PVT Ezzio Ferraro. He found himself going to war with the one country he had been most partial to (Italy) in the Battle of Sicily, Salerno, and Monte Cassino. He assisted in Operation Overlord, advancing in rank from private to sergeant. He might had advanced further in rank if it wasn’t for his questionable disappearances during daylight hours. Regardless, the numerous trenches and bunkers that he had mysteriously taken earned him several distinguished awards. Sergeant Ferraro died by the end of the war, his body believed to have been uncovered in a mortar strike. With the war having been won, Damarius shed his alias and returned to his relaxed life in New York. World War II had been his last war for a while.

The crime that had been drastically rising in the city brought by the emergence of Charles “Lucky” Luciano and the five families had been enough drama to get Damarius more involved with the community. He became an enforcer under the New York City Police Department until the establishment of the Sentinel Program.

Family: All deceased.

Special Abilities:

Shapeshift – Damarius can shapeshift from gargoyle to human form on whim. When he’s angry, his fae features can manifest at times such as red eyes, jagged rows of teeth, and horn and claw growth.

Stone Skin – Damarius does not bleed. Therefore, scrapes, bruises, cuts, and scratches don’t exist to him. His skin is cold to the touch like stone and just as sturdy. Serious injury such as gunshots, blunt or high impact strikes can cause his skin or body to crack if not shatter.

Regeneration – Damarius regenerates when he sleeps. He can regenerate missing limbs by absorbing the minerals from the earth or stone he’s perched on.

Protection – Damarius has the power to grant full protection to the domicile he chooses to sleep on. The protection lasts for as long as the gargoyle sleeps, and it will allow no harm to come to the building whether by vandalism, arson, or B&E. The building will be impervious and those within safe for as long as they don’t welcome the threat inside.


Flight & Other – He can fly, climb, and burrow underground. Damarius will opt to sleep underground if ever he feels threatened. The end of his tail resembles the tip of a spear for a reason. It can be just as deadly a weapon as his hard skull and the horns that grow from it.

Inhuman Capabilities – being a gargoyle gives him some natural advantages. He is stronger than a normal human capable of lifting both small and diesel machinery. His endurance is higher and his durability makes him one hard mofo to kill. Being an entity of stone makes him heavier, but sturdier so that trips or leg sweeps won't be a wise move for his opponent.

Combat Experience – he’s well-versed in weaponry from ancient to current modern weaponry. He likes collecting new toys to try out and he’s quite the professional when using them.

Covert Operations – Damarius is an expert at stealth and infiltration. He knows how to blend into the crowd, adapt to the situation, and infect it from the inside out.

Odorless – he bears no distinct odor. He smells of the earth, specifically, rock.

Immunities – Petrification/Poisons/Toxins/Disease – Damarius, if turned to stone, is barely affected. He can reemerge from the stone unharmed just as he does every night. The gargoyle also doesn’t have blood or veins. He doesn’t bleed. He cracks and breaks.

Foreign Language – Damarius is fluent in several European languages, specifically: French, German, Italian, and Latin. He also knows Gaelic, Turkish, and Greek.

Weaknesses: His greatest weakness is during the day where he surrenders to a cold, hard slumber. When it comes time to rest, Damarius will either choose a location where he can blend in such as the roof of old cathedrals or museums, or burrow underground. As a statue, he is vulnerable to smashing. If smashed, the gargoyle can be rebuilt if any of the fragments are retained or replaced. There has to be enough birthstone—the stone he was born from—to be able to rebuild him. If too much is missing or fragmented beyond repair, then he cannot be brought back. Even if so, if the builder is not a skilled artisan, then Damarius’s rebirth could be paved in horror and disfigurement.

Being a product of stone makes him a heavy guy. He doesn't look heavy, but appearances can be deceiving. This makes him slower than others, but speed is well-compensated by his sturdiness and immovability.

Special artifact/item: None

Martial Skills: Refer to combat experience in strengths.

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Face claimed

Would you mind writing up a racial description for him, and we'll add Gargoyles to the Gaia section of creatures?

Offline TheBlackThrone

Face claimed

Would you mind writing up a racial description for him, and we'll add Gargoyles to the Gaia section of creatures?

What do you mean racial description? I wrote him a description, but I have a feeling that's not what you were looking for?

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There is a lot of information on the first page. For New Races we ask that you use the template below so we can add it to the "database"

Code: [Select]

[b]Home Plane[/b]: (Gaia, Nocturne, Inferno, Nirvana)

[b]Special Strengths[/b]: (Is this a magically inclined race? Can they see in the dark? Etc.)

[b]Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities[/b]:  (Do they have specific weaknesses?I.E. Vampires are weak to sunlight,)

[b]Description:[/b] (List how they exist in the world they come from, and any specific behaviors the race has within it's civilization)

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What do you mean racial description? I wrote him a description, but I have a feeling that's not what you were looking for?

Basically a quick write-up on Gargoyles, since that's a race that while everyone assumed existed, you made a character for.

Offline TheBlackThrone

I see gargoyles being Nocturne, but then I see them also being Terra only because they were created by humans in origin. I can see them being crafted by humans and brought to life by sorcerers, and thus began their existence.

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

Nocturne could make sense, but from what I've seen they don't revolve around the moonlight.

Keeping within the ideals of the universe, Gaia is a plane born heavily in magic, so at the Fracture point magical creatures would find themselves on Gaia. Gaia has many sorcerers there as well. They could have been created by elves or drow, or something akin to their equivalent.

Offline TheBlackThrone

Nocturne could make sense, but from what I've seen they don't revolve around the moonlight.

Keeping within the ideals of the universe, Gaia is a plane born heavily in magic, so at the Fracture point magical creatures would find themselves on Gaia. Gaia has many sorcerers there as well. They could have been created by elves or drow, or something akin to their equivalent.

I only leaned more toward Nocturne because they come out at night, eat people, and sleep during the day. They also aren't heavy tree huggers. They would like the high towers and skyscrapers of the industrial city.

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Then Nocturne would make sense, I wasn't positive how traditional you were looking to make them.