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Author Topic: Avatar: Ashes Reignited [AtlA/LoK] (EX-strong lesbian themes, SM, possible futa)  (Read 911 times)

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Avatar: Ashes Reignited


"Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I encountered the new Avatar, a waterbender named Korra. And although her bending skills are great, she has a lot to learn before she can defeat the Firelord. But I believe Korra can save the world."

"The Avatar failed. The Fire Nation stood victorious. But there was a price. My father, the newly crowned Phoenix King, was crippled in the battle. Over the past year, his grip on the world has tightened. I have pledged my life to my father and the Fire Nation, but his insanity and tyranny grows every day. If I do not act, all that will be left are ruins and ashes."

This is a story in which the villains have won. But the day is not lost. Some villains are worse than others, new heroes rise and old alliances may be reforged. The Avatar is broken, but even a broken sword can be remade.

A year has passed since Phoenix King Ozai defeated Avatar Korra (yes, that's right, gentle reader! See setting details and credits further below!). The people, heroes and old masters who had banded around her are imprisoned, scattered or dead. Yet he grows more paranoid with each day, seeing usurpers and traitors everywhere. He alone cannot control the three Nations.

Azula has grown disillusioned with her father. Her position as Firelord is administrative at best, her title as Queen of the Earth Kingdom now only nominal, after her father decided to assign a position of governorship to one of his men. Crippled, he fears her growing skill more than ever and will not even see her in person, yet has recently announced that she is to marry an influential nobleman. All these together have finally convinced her: the Phoenix King needs to go. Her own bid for supreme power is only just beginning … and involves the Avatar and her closest allies.

And what of the others? Imprisoned, held ransom, enslaved. But beaten? Much can be achieved when your enemy thinks you defeated, if hope is not lost. And not everything need go as the young Firelord plans…

Themes and Tone

This game combines smut with political intrigue and fancy martial arts. Most female characters are lesbian or bisexual and the game will be taking place in the EXTREME category due to the potential for and references to genuine rather than sexual torture (of which there will also be plenty, worry not!), strong SM elements and brainwashing.

The tone for this game is intended as a healthy mix -- dark, but with some lighter and romantic moments. Heavy on social scenes and sexual content, but with the potential for a lot of action and fun as well.

The format will be freeform and we are looking for highly motivated, active participants who are willing to contribute to the greater story and bring in their own character agenda.

Setting Creation Background and Credits
It was a while ago that I answered the request for a solo game that sought to pair up the Fire Princess, Azula, and the waterbender Katara. It spawned the game 'The new toy of the princess' and its later heavily revised revival, 'Year of the Phoenix King'.

Chuukun, my game partner, and I decided to incorporate elements from Legends of Korra into the world of The Last Airbender and see how that would change things. To replace Aang, who never entered the iceberg, with Korra. To include Asami and have her take Toph's place in the main cast.

Toph was intended to start her own rebellion in the Earth Kingdom at a later date and rise to prominence in a different way. It was a rather elaborate, thought out setup that I want to revive with this group game.


The Fire Nation
Paranoia reigns. While Azula has proven an effective Firelord, her efforts are continually frustrated by restrictions placed upon her, orders by her father and the corruption of local nobility. Even here, in their victory, the madness of Ozai is felt.

The Earth Kingdom
With large chunks burnt to ashes, the Earth Kingdom's remaining forces had no choice but to surrender fully and completely. In place of Azula, who usurped the throne in a coup during the war, the Phoenix King has assigned a local governor originating from the colonies, a cruel man who wastes most of the resources on raising the Fire Nation immigrants above the locals. Talks of a new rebel force gathering abound, but so far nothing substantial has been found.

The Water Tribes
The Southern Water Tribe is practically nonexistent as a nation, lying in shambles and demilitarized. They have been annexed and are now Fire Nation colonies. The Northern Water Tribe is under constant siege, but remains the last holdout. Ozai is gathering his forces personally for one last push to conquer the final front.

The Air Nomads
Destroyed, to the last.

All characters are aged up appropriately to adult age. Their relative ages compared to each other are intact, but I tried to add some variety to account for different birth dates. The respective ages as of the start of the game are as follows.

Main Cast - List of Ages
Korra, 19
Asami, 20
Katara, 18
Sokka, 19
Toph, 17
Suki, 19
Zuko, 20
Jet, presumably died at 19. It wasn't very clear though.
Azula, 19
Ty Lee, 18
Mai, 20

Mai recently had her birthday, Ty Lee's is coming up.

We'll keep things simple. What I'm looking for are strong writers with a solid grasp of the series and its characters. Detailed, evocative posts -- they needn't always be huge walls of text and everyone makes the occasional mistake, but certainly shouldn't be just a few quick lines.

Please post questions, character ideas, full character submissions and whatever else may come up in this thread.

Canon Characters
A full background writeup is not needed, but I want to see some writing on their personality and your take on how the changes made to the setting by this game affected them. You may use a suitable adult-version image and/or include an appearance description text.

Please provide a writing sample. Try to do something representative that shows you 'get' the character you want to play and that you can present them in a suitable manner.

Original Characters
Please provide the full gamut - a detailed background, personality, appearance and writing sample. You may use images if the style looks suitably similar to the cartoons. Otherwise please stick to a written entry.

If so desired, unless other prospective players have strong objections, one or two female characters (canon or original) may instead be fully functional hermaphrodites. This is intended as a rare genetic quirk and not viewed favorably by most of society, hence the limited availability.

Azula, Firelord. Earth Queen. After more and more disappointments, intends to overthrow her mad father and bring stability to the three nations. Not insane, but still ruthless, manipulative and often cruel. Strangely affectionate with Ty Lee, partially because they are in a very active SM relationship. (On very rare, very special occasions Ty Lee gets to be the dom, but shhhh, that's a secret. Spilling it will get you banished, peasant!)

Has aspirations of converting her most powerful former enemies to her cause and forming a royal harem.

Ty Lee, upbeat acrobat and the original chi blocker. Staunch supporter of Azula. Her most trusted friend, lover and slave. It is she who introduced Azula to the idea of dominating other women sexually and their master-slave play has fostered absolute trust.

Mai, the deadly knife thrower and deadpan snarker. Since Azula became Firelord, has been appointed royal advisor and sometimes acts in her place. Feeling rejected by Zuko,  she harbors resentment towards the Avatar and her crew.

Katara, the Master Waterbender. Defeated and imprisoned by Firelord Azula who intends to turn her into an ally. Harbors a crush on the Avatar, but is unaware that Korra and Asami are in love. Guilty about her feelings due to traditional water tribe upbringing.

Korra, the Avatar. Master of three Elements. Currently imprisoned. Was subjected to the worst of tortures by the crazed
Phoenix King, Ozai. A powerful and spirited woman, she fell for Asami when they met. For OOC considerations, they agreed to keep their relationship a secret until the war was dealt with. Feel free to spin your own reasons for it.

Asami, Fire Nation traitor and mechanist. In a secret relationship with Korra (see above). Is being kept under house arrest at the estate of her father in the Fire Nation capital. Her father, Hiroshi Sato, is an important merchant and politician.

Zuko, Azula's brother. Traitor to the Fire Nation. Dead as far as anyone knows. If interested, PM me for details.

Other characters are available for applying! However, the above should be filled first if at all possible and will have me acting as a GM for them. Original characters who fit into the general social area established above -- Royal Palace, Fire Nation nobility/high-rank military and so on -- can be easily integrated.

Other venues such as Ozai and his battle for the Northern Water Tribe territory or Toph and her resistance in the Earth Kingdom can be explored, but may need to be handled by a prospective Co-GM.

The Airbenders were actually eradicated. Their Avatar was killed as a child and, for some reason, did not reincarnate immediately. The Avatar has no living teacher to learn airbending from and would only be able to unlock them through spiritual communion with her past lives. Which, starting out, is not Korra's strength or priority, so her bending is restricted to Fire, Earth and Water barring further spiritual developments.

Korra does not have a flying Bison, greatly reducing their ability and potential for movement across the continent for a long time. This was the primary motivation to change Toph's role away from being a member of Team Avatar.
It could also mean that the Avatar never visited Ba Sing Se, leading to a smoother takeover by the Fire Nation.

Asami would have appeared as the primary student/assistant to the Mechanist, her attitude and interest in machinery crossing the borders between Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. Her joining Team Avatar means they gain air transport, but has her marked as a traitor to the Fire Nation.

Korra is more martial than Aang by far. She would be more respected as a worthy opponent by many of the Fire Nation officers, including Admiral Zhao.

Zuko does not waver after his first time to change sides and stays with Team Avatar. In our solo game this was because he had developed one-sided feelings for Korra, but could be for a number of other reasons if this is not wanted. This puts Mai firmly in Azula's camp.

With Mai never betraying Azula for Zuko, she does not suffer from her breakdown. Her stress is eased by the presence of her loyal (if dysfunctional) friends. As a result, the final battle between Katara, Zuko and Azula goes quite differently.

Korra gives Ozai a good fight, but is defeated. She manages to cripple Ozai and he, in turn, captures her. Due to his new weakness, he grows increasingly erratic and paranoid. As the Phoenix King, he begins to move against the last remaining holdout: the Northern Water Tribe.

Azula currently holds both the title of Firelord and Queen of the Earth Kingdom, at least until Ozai finds a suitable pawn to take over the Earth Kingdom.
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Re: Avatar: Ashes Reignited (A:tlA/LoK) (strong lesbian themes)
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2015, 01:29:10 PM »
Further Information

  • Though not a hard requirement, post length should generally not fall below 250 words.
  • We'll try for a regular posting rate, 1-3 days between posts.

In the meantime, Admiral Zhao sure approves of Avatar Korra!
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Offline Lustful Bride

*plants interest flag* I'm gonna think on this abit and get back to you. :)

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Thank you for your interest!  :-)

Added a 'further information' section to the second post, now featuring some bits on post length and rate.

Offline Lustful Bride

*light bulb* got the idea while listening to this song.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The idea I'm nursing is of my character being the daughter of a former Kiyoshi warrior who ran away when her island fell and overtime she learned how to dance/ move from her mother. She could work in a club as an "entertainer" for the fire nation soldiers, making them forget all about their day, laughing at their jokes, and just letting them have someone to talk to or sit back and watch her dance. Could be she has a small razor blade hidden in each of her fans.

She'd  be secretly ashamed of her mother's cowardice, but at the same time she wasn't there and didn't see the war with her own eyes, shes judging things more from the perspective of a rebel.

Just an initial thought. Plot bunny went wild :P

Edits: made some edits for clarity.
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Offline Anna Katrine

I am definately interested in joining this :) Will have to read it through properly again tomorrow before I can start to think of any characters :)

Offline sinoraa

I'd certainly be interested in giving Korra a go. My idea for her would be a darker twist on the character, driven slightly mad by her isolation,continued torture and thoughts of revenge.
In a attempt to escape her confinement, she retreats into the spirit world to seek refuge. However rather than seeking out wisdom from her past lives, I believe she would seek out a means to help her in the present. Sending spirits to attack key locations and maybe even using a lesser version of the Astral projection, to strike at the enemy and remind people she is still alive.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Korra had never been much for meditation. It seemed like a waste of time, with few practical applications. But now, chained and locked down as she was, it was her only recourse from insanity.
It had started as brief flashes, incoherent dreams. But eventually she had been able to fully enter the spirit world. It was far from ideal, but it beat facing reality. Here she was strong, she was free, she could go where ever she wished... She could fight...

Ozai would soon learn she would not be contained. He could torture her to his heart content. But she knew, he was to afraid to take the final step. He could not risk another reincarnation, rising up to challenge his rule. So he would keep her alive, even as she began to strain against the bonds which held her. As her spirit rose to undo all that he has done.

With each night, her power grows and soon, she'll be ready to end this.

I imagine it would be a bit of a blend of Dark Korra as well. Where it is some what tainted by her pain, hatred and fear. She wouldn't have full control over it, often appearing at seemingly random locations causing some destruction, before simply vanishing.
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Offline VonDoomTopic starter

All interesting ideas!

I'm not certain if that is already intended as your application and writing sample, sinoraa, but if it is I fear I may have to provide a form after all. I don't think it's necessary to provide big background writeups for canon characters, but I still need a proper personality entry and while I said 250 words minimum is not a hard rule, it should still be the guideline.

Edit: I'll work up my own Azula writeup shortly. It should serve as an example for what a canon character proposal might look like. I'll also provide a basic form for original characters.
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Offline VonDoomTopic starter

After due consideration, some factors have become clear to me that may impede interest for this as a group game.

A very specific setting:
I want to emphasize again that accepted players are invited to actively contribute and introduce new elements to the story, provide backdrops and may introduce minor NPCs freely. Most elements provided in the opening are up for discussion and the specifics to any of the cliff notes attached to the canon characters are open for reinterpretation by their players.

Crossover between the two series:
Not much to add there, people either like the idea or they don't.

Smut and Politics, Politics and Smut:
The original solo game was pretty much pure smut, with politics and off-screen action only being implied and alluded to.  I was hoping to establish a more thorough experience -- yes, many characters start out captive, but escape is a possibility, being freed is a possibility, giving in and being recruited (or pretending to) is a possibility. All of which can go into political storylines, intrigue, action and more.

I wanted to move away from the pure 'Azula turns someone into a sex slave' premise of the solo and offer a full game (though the former is completely within the realm of possibility if desired).

What am I getting at? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps just trying to lay a few of my own worries to rest, since I'm an eternal worrier. But if you are interested and have feedback or are interested in only parts of the premise while others are problematic, let me know. Let's talk!

Either way, should the premise not gain enough traction and interest within a couple of days, I will attempt another Avatar game dedicated simply to the more sexual parts. While more limited in scope, that's a far less daunting and ambitious proposition and would not require nearly as many players.

But enough of my ramblings. Have a look at the sample writeup, which is coincidentally my own character:

Code: [Select]
[td][floatleft][img height=250][/img][/floatleft][b]Name:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]


[b]Important Canon Differences[/b]



[b]Writing Sample[/b]

Name: Azula
Titles: Firelord, Earth Queen (nominal), Phoenix Princess, Fire Princess (former), various lesser titles for smaller hereditary holdings
Gender: female
Age: 19
Eye Color:  amber
Hair Color: black
Ethnicity: Fire Nation

Here is where a text appearance entry should be provided. Be reasonably detailed. If using an image instead or in addition, please place it at the top. Remove this section if you don't provide text.

This is where an original character would have their backstory.

Important Canon Differences
Azula fought fewer but far more intense battles with Avatar Korra when they eventually clashed, since she would actually fight back.

With Zuko joining the Avatar early on and never rekindling his old relationship with Mai, Azula had the full support of her two closest friends and allies. As a result, she never develops her increased paranoia and doesn't suffer from an eventual breakdown.

While their relationship was always very close and implicitly trusting until the divisive event that didn't happen in this game, Azula and Ty Lee are now intimate. Details pending discussion with her eventual player.

Retaining her self-control, Azula straight up won the Agni Kai with Zuko, apparently killing him while Katara was captured and secreted away.

'Almost isn't good enough'. Far from a throwaway line, this statement defines her. She felt neglected, even hated by her mother, who seemed to prefer her more sensitive brother. Disappointed by the uncle she admired as a renowned general, when he failed to see that she was far more interested in being a warrior-hero like he was to her. Only Ozai saw those qualities, fostered them and thus earned her admiration.

Always under intense pressure, she strove towards perfection and quickly developed characteristics very reminiscent of the classic definition of a sociopath -- manipulative, often uncaring of others' feelings and highly charismatic. She does not, however, lack the capacity for empathy and has keen insight into other people, often reading those unschooled in hiding their emotions like a book and able to predict even those who are quite well.

Azula values warrior-like qualities in a person -- strength, discipline, the ability to take and understand orders properly. Guile and cunning are desirable in war and she views employing such against foes as anything but dishonorable. Though she loves to mock her brother for his focus on it, she has her own manner of honor -- war prisoners, such as the Kyoshi Warriors, were treated surprisingly well under her reign compared to accounts of earlier treatments of waterbenders (Hama) and the total massacre of the Air Nomads. She also tries to avoid needless bloodshed -- for pragmatic reasons. It's bad form to waste potential resources, after all.

Ozai effectively putting her on the benches with her 'promotion' to Firelord was a big strike against him. For the first time, Azula directed her own keen insight against him and began to see that he was not so different after all, fearing her like so many others. By putting her on the throne, he could keep her ambition in check, keep her from the front and active combat and bury her under tedious administrative work. When he was badly hurt after his battle for Korra, he became worse and Azula grew more and more frustrated by irrational orders and his dismissal of her. By the time the game begins, she has turned completely against him and views him as an enemy who must be not just defeated, but usurped. After all, what use is defeating him if she doesn't get to wear the crown afterwards?

Short cliffnotes on important capabilities. We all know what bending can do, so no need to be overly detailed unless it's something exotic or weird.

Firebending Prodigy - One of the most skilled firebenders alive. Able to create and sustain blue flame.

Bend the Lightning - Azula can generate powerful lightning strikes, but can only release them in a straight line.

A Player - As in 'you weren't even'. Azula exudes superiority and is very adept at social manipulation.

Acrobat - While this will ever be the field in which Ty Lee reigns supreme, Azula is no slouch, balancing perfectly on just her arms in heavy armor, running along slack lines and leaping circles around less agile foes.

Martial Mastery - Azula's style is distinct from most firebenders, with balanced use of both hands and feet, and incorporates evasion and counter moves into a constant stream of attacks. She seems to have incorporated some waterbending principles to that end, as also indicated by her lightning bending. Detailed analysis.

Writing Sample
(Taken from Year of the Phoenix King. If you have a previous RP post of the character you're applying for, you may use it freely, but please supply a link to the game.)

Azula's fingers idly caressed the skin above her prisoner's sternum, just between her breasts, demonstrating an utter disregard for Katara's defensive antics. Though her legs had enough freedom for the waterbender to press them together, if very uncomfortably because of the chains that forced her ankles apart, anything above her waist did not share that privilege.

"Whatever I make my business - is my business," she said with a smile, brushing just a little to the right, almost touching Katara's naked breast. It was covered only by a thin piece of cloth -- a cloth died in the very colors of the Fire Nation -- the only protection she had from those amber eyes. But they seemed more interested in her own. "So Zuko and Korra didn't get together," she mused, all the while continuing her careful ministrations. Perhaps her outburst had indeed had its intended effect, since the topic seemed to have moved away from Katara's virginity, or perhaps it had told Azula all she needed to know. "I suppose he never was very good at getting what he wanted." She smiled, showing white teeth and lightly poked Katara with her index finger. "Unlike me."

"Still, you certainly were very eager to clarify that. I wonder why." She trailed off, her expression once again looking very much like the proverbial catowl. "Did you have your eyes on my brother, I wonder?" Her finger began to wander lower, sensually drawing down along Katara's stomach, gently, insisting, and infuriatingly impossible to draw away from.

"No, that's not it," she continued, speaking more to herself than her prisoner as she drew her conclusions from what she already knew and Katara's current reactions. Azula's eyes widened in delight with sudden realization -- both of the fact and the implications. "It's the Avatar, isn't it. How surprisingly deviant of you."

A brief glance upwards, to Katara's trembling hands and the goosebumps upon her skin. "Is it a woman's touch that you desire, then? The avatar's hands? Her lips?" As she spoke, she came even closer. Only inches separated her face from Katara's -- and then, she suddenly reached around the bound water tribe woman, hand possessively grabbing her rear, hoping to incite a gasp, or words of protest, anything that she could silence as she leaned forward to claim Katara's lips.

She knew it would be, had to be, a short-lived moment and withdrew just as quickly. Katara had not yet been trained properly, was still rebellious and would attempt to resist -- the moment of surprise was Azula's opening, her opportunity to leave Katara with a memory to simmer upon.

Yet there was a desire in that short kiss, a desire burning powerful, selfish and possessive, something that said, on an instinctive level beneath all the trappings and conscious thought: I want you. You will be mine. Azula's lips were warm and soft, her breath hot and distracting. And then it was gone.
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Offline sinoraa

All interesting ideas!

I'm not certain if that is already intended as your application and writing sample, sinoraa, but if it is I fear I may have to provide a form after all. I don't think it's necessary to provide big background writeups for canon characters, but I still need a proper personality entry and while I said 250 words minimum is not a hard rule, it should still be the guideline.

Edit: I'll work up my own Azula writeup shortly. It should serve as an example for what a canon character proposal might look like. I'll also provide a basic form for original characters.
Nah it was just meant as a sample. I didn't want to get overly excited and write something longer and more detailed, just to be shot down. But if your okay with the concept, I can get to work on something more official.

Offline Lustful Bride

Name: Niri Soto
Titles: Lady Kyoshi, The Last Kyoshi.
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Ethnicity:Earth Nation

Alternate image

Niri spent many days out in the hot sun, either walking the streets and doing menial work or volunteer work in the fields to help her mother provide for them, as such she actually has a noticeable tan when she takes her clothes off. Her hair goes down to her hips but she usually keeps it tied so its not in the way.

Niri grew up in the slums of a fire nation colony within what was once the Earth kingdom. She lived alone with her mother in a tiny shack for most of her life. She didn’t know who her father was but she had a few theories, especially since her mother never explained how she managed to get off Kiyoshi island and all the way to the Earth Kingdom alive, with no money or title. Since they didn't come from money Niri spent her childhood working with her mother and in any menial job (such as shining fire nation shoes or doing dishes) in order to help provide for them. Her mother feared for how this was affecting her daughter's mental and emotional state, being forced to live so low and in constant fear, so every night she regaled her with tales of the great Kyoshi warriors. When she was old enough she even began showing her some of the old movements from her younger years.

When Niri's body began to develop she was taught how to defend herself should she need it, all of this helped build up her rebellious spirit and desire to see the Fire Nation shackles thrown off. This was also when her mother told her of how she ran away from Kiyoshi island during one of the many fire nation attacks, and how she abandoned it, even content to remain in the colony when her island was finally conquered.

Niri's training eventually helped her land a job at an 'Entertainment' club where they needed a dancer. Upon joining she quickly became a favorite to the soldiers and adopted a persona. As "Lady Kyoshi" she gave the men something pretty to look at and desire as she danced for them and for those who could pay she would listen to their problems and pretend that she was theirs.

Her mother doesn't approve but neither will she step in to stop her daughter, secretly ashamed that she ran away while others died in her place. The news of the avatar's defeat last year had done nothing to crush her rebel spirit, of anything it has only added fuel to it. And Niri is more than happy to fight the fire benders in every way she can. Now Niri sells information to thieves, rebels and anyone else who will pay. Or sometimes for free if it will hurt the Fire Nation.  With all the extra money she has had razor blades inside of the wood of her fans in case of future need. While she hasn't killed anyone yet, Niri likes to think that she could when given the opportunity.

Important Canon Differences
Possibly the Last of the Kiyoshi if not counting her mother. Its possible there are other survivors from when the island fell last year but she hasn't heard of any others.

Niri is still young and Naïve, like many of those who grew up under Fire Nation control, she hears the whispered tales of what it was like before the war and thinks that there is a chance to bring it back. She holds up the Kyoshi warriors to an almost mythical level, and prefers wearing the make up over seeing her own face.

"I will find honor for us, in victory or death." those were the words she told her mother during a heated argument. She resents how her mother had abandoned her sisters and didn't even bat an eye at the news of its conquest. She feels it shames her as the daughter of a coward and perhaps its her youth or being told so many rose tinted stories, but she pushes herself to prove she isn't a coward when there really is no need to.

Fan Fighter- Niri learned all of her mother's Kiyoshi training, and can turn even a common paper fan into a deadly weapon. Blocking, striking, it also helps that there's a razor hidden in each of her fans.

Dance master- The Kyoshi style of fighting already looked enough like a dance to begin with. But now since Niri has learned some tricks and moves from other 'Entertainers' she can switch from dancing to fighting seamlessly and not only enjoys it, but she couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Girlfriend experience,- Part of being an entertainer is having the ability to act/ lie. Most of her tips came from lonely soldiers or guards who thought she was actually interested in what they had to say, or that she actually liked them. Its just as easy as putting on her makeup, a purr here and a laugh there is all it takes for some to break a vow of secrecy.

Idealist- Niri is well and truly devoted to her cause. Seeing it as the only way to bring honor to her name from her mother's cowardice and is willing to do anything it takes to defeat the fire nation. Or at least she thinks so.

Writing Sample

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The club was so busy this night. Apparently the fire nation 'Peacekeepers' had dealt with some group of rebels, most likely just bandits, and decided to celebrate their victory. Niri was getting such a workout from her dance that she was worried her makeup would run from all the sweat trailing down her forehead. Standing upon the small stage, with several multicolored oil lamps around her, Niri moved her fans around herself, most of her dress now gone and laying upon the stage below her. She moved in time with the music, her fans at times opening and closing, wafting the sweet scent of herbs around or fanning smoke away from herself. Sometimes she would use her fans to give teasing glances to those who looked like they needed to empty their purse. She wasn't going to call it quits tonight until she had enough to buy herself multiple make up kits, maybe she would even afford a fancy dinner.

The crowd wasn't all on her though, there were other girls dancing, serving drinks or servicing the men all around the club. And that was just fine for Niri, she didn't need and certainly didn't want every eye upon her. Swaying her hips in tune with the music she continued entertaining the customers. Not even flinching or stopping her dance as a few men broke into a fight. What happened to them wasn't her concern, just earning money.

By the time her dance was finished more than a few men were offering her money to sit with them or even sleep with them, forgetting or not caring that she wasn't a whore. She strolled through the crowd, half naked and searching for a big spender to toy with. Her clothes were picked up by one of the servants from the stage and the way cleared for the next girl, as soon as she was up the customers were cheering for her. All save for one, a lonely lieutenant sitting at a table, nursing his drink.

'Perfect.'Niri thought, smiling as she strutted over to him. Once she was close enough she placed a hand on the man's shoulder. "Is something the matter my lord? Are you not entertained?" She cooed to him, pretending to be interested in his problems, but listening just in case he had something of worth. At first the Lieutenant seemed to resist but all it took was for her to sit down at his table and smile, and he broke like a bridge of straw.

"I can't handle this job anymore. It weighs down on me every single day. When I'm outside the walls all I can think about is coming home, and when I'm home all I can think about is going outside. I feel like I'm loosing my mind." He said, staring into the half empty cup before Niri grabbed the pot nearby and refilled it for him.

"I'm sure its a hard job, keeping order. Keeping us all safe from those rebels." She whispered, already giving him a pair of puppy eyes, like she was enthralled with him. Maybe he knew her trick, maybe he didn't. It didn't matter, because he was talking, and was going to keep talking till the night ended.

(Hope this works, please let me know if I need to make any changes.)
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Offline MiraMirror

Working out an idea with Doom at the moment~

The idea so far is a Dai Li member acting as a double agent against our "fair Princess", handing information to a select informant or two so it can be relayed to the goodies.  Cooperative plotting is totally available. ^^

Offline Lustful Bride

Working out an idea with Doom at the moment~

The idea so far is a Dai Li member acting as a double agent against our "fair Princess", handing information to a select informant or two so it can be relayed to the goodies.  Cooperative plotting is totally available. ^^

*raises hand* my character sells information she steals from talkative customers, there could be something there. Though I'm not sure if drunk soldier talk would be of value at that level :P

Offline MiraMirror

*raises hand* my character sells information she steals from talkative customers, there could be something there. Though I'm not sure if drunk soldier talk would be of value at that level :P

It's possible, but I'd need to ask Doom to sort of get a feel for the levels of how this works. I know the Dai Li is the only thing Azula took home with her, so they're all "hers", so to speak. I'm not sure how much interaction they get with the soldiers or with Azula herself, so I'll start asking him on Skype. ^^

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@Lustful Bride Looks very nice! The one thing I'm not sure about is -- in parts it sounds like her background expects the events from Last Airbender to have been over a decade ago when it's only supposed to have been about a year. (Also, I saw your solo request -- in the event that we don't get enough interest in the core canon characters to be able to start things off properly, I may just take you up on that if it's still available by then.)

Offline Lustful Bride

@Lustful Bride Looks very nice! The one thing I'm not sure about is -- in parts it sounds like her background expects the events from Last Airbender to have been over a decade ago when it's only supposed to have been about a year. (Also, I saw your solo request -- in the event that we don't get enough interest in the core canon characters to be able to start things off properly, I may just take you up on that if it's still available by then.)

Aw thanks. ^3^ I will gladly take your offer if it comes.

Edit: made changes so it fits more with the AU.
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Offline Anna Katrine

I am currently thinking up a patriotic fire nation soldier ready to do anything for her nation. But I can shift some of those idea onto Mai I think, seeing as some of the same values are represented in her aswell.

Offline Visna

Keeping an eye on this! Interested in the plot, but want to consider if I have enough time to devote to a large group game.

Offline Kokaine

I'm actually pretty interested in this.

I think I saw someone state they wanted Korra (though if it is available I really really would like to give it a go!) so I will have to think on who to play.

Offline VonDoomTopic starter

Thanks for all the interest so far! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post them!

@Kokaine Sinoraa mentioned she's going to try for her, but there is no 'first come first serve'. If you like the character and want to give her a try, feel free to supply an application.  :-)

Offline Ace Flyer

Also consider me interested. I've an eye on Ty Lee, Asami, or Katara...Just feeling things out a bit to make sure I have the time for another group game, so I'll be in touch.

Offline sinoraa

@Kokaine Go for it. I am still waiting to see how this one pans out before getting fully invested.  Korra is a fun character but if you want her, have fun. I can always make a original character if the need arises.

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Posting interest in playing a futa character if that becomes available