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Author Topic: Sentinel:A world divided (Still recruiting in need of women, accepts most races)  (Read 8144 times)

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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

We're still recruiting and hoping to find interested parties!
We have 3 Assistant Director positions that need to be filled.

Assistant Director of Education
Assistant Director of Mystique
Assistant Director of Operations

A Watcher Position
2 Witches which can be either male or female.
3 Investigators
1 for the Task Force

For the Supernatural Community

2 Leaders
2 Guards

For the naughty Anarchy Group

we need 2 more trouble makers.

For the Outsider Sector we have plenty there to just fill for the game and be on who's ever side makes you feel more useful.

Also. We have a interesting position available. This sexy guy right here

Is looking for a person to play his Female Guardian and Secretary while he sleeps during the day being what he is. If you're interested state your claim here.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.

The Fracture

Imagine a world of Angels and demons, vampires and werewolves, elves and orcs. Creatures large and small, where both magic and science could thrive at it's strongest. Where creatures of both virtue and vice grew, expanded and developed. Every myth, every legend, everything that has ever been imagined exists in a single world. Once this wasn't an idea one needed to imagine. It was reality, and it was a vicious cruel reality. With so many different creatures prone to so many ideals, so many different cultures, so many that acted as direct mirrors and direct opposites could only lead to conflict. Conflicted turned into skirmishes. Skirmishes turned to war, war turned to prejudice and hatred, and that hatred grew until all of the plane was caught in a constant and continuous state of war, as some civilizations grew powerful and others were decimated almost altogether. Always there was a bigger fish, always the devestation grew. There were no place to hide, those who stood alone were all but wiped away entirely, and still the devestating war machine grew. Grew to the point the world became a wasteland, grew until the point that hope for lush world was all but destroyed, grew until hope for life itself was all but lost.

However instead of the extinction of life, instead of allowing everything to be consumed in a mass of war and conflict, something unexpected happened. A massive wave of magical energy flooded the world. Inside and out everything was encompassed in this flood of magic. The event was so powerful it rejuvenated the world, brought plant life and wild life back into abundance, would mostly rid the world of it's wastelands, and would remove every creature save from humans from the world entirely. When this flood of energy was finished nothing would be left on the world save for the human race, who now had a who new world to explore. More fantastic still the rest of the creatures and races were not destroyed, instead four new planes were created as the creatures and their civilizations washed away. The planes would contain the rest of the creatures in four new worlds capable of handling their difference, and these planes would become known as Gaia, Inferno, Nocturne, and Nirvana.

The event would be called the Fracture, and as powerful and wonderful as it was, it was not absolute and it was not perfect.

The force of the fracture pushed the individual planes away from the original world, but as if they were held by strings they were not entirely separated. The four newly formed planes were still connected to the original world that the humans had inherited as their own. If the intention had been to separate the planes from one another, then it was a plan that wasn't altogether successful.  Small temporary gateways would suddenly form, and at times allow a unsuspecting being passage from their plane to the original world the humans inhabited. As a result throughout human history in the  original world, creatures of all walks of life have found themselves trapped and stranded in a world that may not be capable of facilitating their needs.

Likely it is believed that every myth, every monster, every creature that has been written about in the records of human history was likely a visitor of some sort trying to adapt to a new world. A world that over time long forgot about them, and a world that was every bit as hostile towards them, as they may have been towards the natives they encountered there.  Millions of visitors have become trapped, some of them friendly, some of them hostile, and all of them confused. These events did not go entirely unnoticed either. Originally simply a nomadic group of monsters hunters, skilled at hunting these visitors began to grow curious and began to investigate. Beginning to understand what was happening and what was allowing these monsters to come through. Eventually it would grow into a order, and then into a world wide program that policed and protected the visitors that came from other planes, and the humans on their own. This Organization would first be known as the Sentinel Order, and then eventually as times changed The Sentinel Program.

The Sentinel Initiative

The Sentinel Initiative as it has now grown to be called was original called The Sentinel Order. A group of monster slayers that inhabited the middle eastern areas of the world. They were a roaming band of nomads, traveling from one area to the next. Chasing rumors of fantastic and dangerous creatures and cutting them down. In it's developmental years the idea that the creatures could be reasoned with simply didn't exist. They viewed the visitors as monsters, creatures come to their world to prey upon humans, and they were determined to put a end too it. As the years went by, they began to take on pupils and began to split into smaller bands that little by little grew and expanded. These bands traveled until eventually there were individual cells of slayers from Europe, down towards Africa, and Across Asia. Eventually sailing west to find the new world, and spanning the entire world.

As embarrassing as it would be for the modern organization to exist,  it wasn't until the early A.D. years that the idea of visitors being anything other then monsters begin to form. However it was shortly after the turn of the new Millennium that certain cells began to try to understand why the visitors were coming to the world at all. What their motives were, and began to understand that most of them were capable of cognitive and sentient thinking. Had fears, and were lost on the world, and it wasn't long after that realization, that the Order would shift it's focus. Instead of being simply monster slayers that defended their people from Visitors, they would be guardians that protected both the humans from these creatures, and the creatures from humans. Initially hoping to create a middle ground and allow the two sides to exist, it proved impossible at first. The humans were distrustful and hateful, attacking Sentinel Watchers, and visitors alike and burning many different cells to the ground in rage. Predictably Sentinel was forced to adapt, and as opposed to creating a perfect world they instead focused on concealment. Teaching visitors how to blend in, and helping to disguise their appearances. Sentinel would work to make these creatures, and themselves myth and convince the entire world that monsters were not real. A mission they were mostly successful in.

That is until the early 1900s when cameras and videos became a main stay, and suddenly evidence of these creatures which weren't supposed to be true began to pop up everywhere. While most were contested at first, it wasn't long before cameras became a mainstay that almost everyone had and everyone used. By the 1950s there was no longer any question that there where still creatures that could prey upon humans, and the United Nations of the world were forced to first admit they existed, and then decide how to deal with them. Luckily there was already a massive group of individuals with wealthy backers and a surprising amount of influence in the world that was well versed in working with and protecting these individuals, and for the first time in nearly two thousand years Sentinel revealed itself to the world once again. Preaching the right to life, and working heavily on turning leaders to their side.

In 1960 The Sentinel Order became the Sentinel Program. A platform created by the United Nations and adopted by every country apart of it at the time. The Sentinel Order would become The Sentinel Program, a world wide organization neutral to politics and wars that might take place that would handle, police, and protect the world from these visitors. The first and primary role this organization would take would be protecting civilians from the threat that visitors would represent. Working with local law enforcement across the globe they'd become peace officers. Arresting, and sometimes hunting visitors in the place of officers and ensuring above all else the human race was properly protected. Secondly, they would work to educate the local populations there were assigned too. Educate both sides to reduce tension, and begin to undo 10 thousand years of myth. These creatures included demons, and other various kinds of races that humans had been taught preyed upon them, and begin to integrate visitors into their new communities. The Sentinel Program's overall goal would be to create and maintain peace, at least between civilians and visitors.

Within the 55 years of co-existence, prejudice has begun to fade, though not disappeared entirely. Humans view the new creatures with suspicion and fear. Many have been killed on both sides, and the Sentinel Program serves as the only true defense. This has in some cases been god send, and others only aggravated situations as locals viewed the order full of foreigners as something akin to invaders. In order to better ease tensions each town that has a outreach of the program, possess a gated community which helps separate the Visitors from the whole of the town, and makes it easier to respond and protect them. Still with each passing year, understanding increases, casualties decrease, and tensions begin to die. Hope exists in the far off future that the Sentinel program will become simply a education process, and the Program, as well as world leaders strive to reach that goal. Sluggish as the pass had become.

The Setting of the Game

Welcome to Highlands City. A fairly large town hanging off the west coast of Northern California. Highlands City is typical in most fashions attracting tourists for it's beaches and lush regions. It is also known as the Visitor capital of the world. As a high number of visitors from multiple planes regularly find themselves lost in with surroundings areas city. Because of this it home to one of the largest Visitor communities in the world, as well as boasting one of the most impressive bases for the Sentinel Program. The area's around the city  allow for creatures of all kinds to settle in and find something of comfort. Because of the unusually high amount of visitor traffic, as well as the ideal locations it has become a very important area to the Sentinel Program and perhaps predictably one of the most controversial areas as the world has adapted to accepting visitors as well.

Over the last fifty years the city has seen tensions go from a state of constant conflict. Starting with the unusually high number of visitors, which lead to attacks and deaths on both sides. In response, The Sentinel Program built a massive facility and quickly began trying to intervene, which initially only caused tempers to worsen. The People of Highlands City were not only being attacked by creatures, but outsiders, strangers were marching into their town and telling them how to handle it. The city has seen riots, and brutality of the decades, but little by little the conflicts began to settle down. At least was until Stanley Barret was assigned as the director of the Sentinel HQ in the city. Barret's actions resulted in setting the city and it's relations back nearly three decades as he was involved in extortion, murder, bribery, slave trade, and many other terrible actions against the magical community. Though he was eventually exposed and removed, his actions served to sever trust between the magical community and Sentinel, as well as to reignite hostilities between the townspeople and the community.

Two years after Barret's removal, the chaos and damage he caused is still heavily being felt. With every day life in the town only just barely returning to normal. The town finds itself divided and clashing within itself as the community continues to resist the magical communities desires for more freedom. Brawls and conflict are common ground, and there are areas within the city that Visitors know they aren't to travel unless they wish to welcome danger upon themselves. The magical community continues to demand more freedom and more answers, resisting every compromise sent their way. As conflicts rise the local police force and The Sentinel Program struggle to maintain peace, and adjust to both the demands of the humans and the demands of the magical community. At the heart of it all, a small group has been attracted by the tension and violence, aiming to continue to stoke the unease the town suffers. With all the world looking in, the game will focus on the perspectives of the townspeople, the visitors, the heroes trying to keep the peace, and a group of villains working to create all out anarchy within the city.

Players will take roles placing them within one of four different perspectives happening within the community. The players may accept roles within Sentinel, working to create peace within the city and maintain order. The community itself as residents struggle with the tensions and violence taking place within it. The villains, who are responsible for continuing to stoke the fire afflicting the town. As well as neutral parties within the town that have no true stake on the outcome of the story. The story itself will focus on the city and it's residents rather then any one specific group. As the game progresses, events and side plots, will take place that players may elect to entangle themselves into. How the events unfold, and how the players react to them will ultimately decide whether or not Highlands City manages to maintain it's fragile peace, or collapse into chaos entirely.

Meta Game Info

This game will take place within a sandbox, advancing one month at a time. With each month having  events  taking place involving the overall plot of the story. Underneath the main plot will be several other happenings to give the game some flavor. Sentinel and the Villain groups may have missions players may choose to let their characters participate in. As well as several smaller events that townsfolk can get in on and react too. Of course, Players may also create their own missions and events to allow their own personal flavor into the game.

We are allowing any type of race to be created, and we want to put the emphasis on any. Players will have the freedom to play their favorite race, or make up a race all their own. This means we welcome everything. Whether it's something conventional like elves, something sci-fi like Turians from Mass Effect, or a vampire, or if you want to create a Chesire race of human like creatures who turn into cats that can remove their heads and turn invisible, you're more then welcome to do so. We only ask that you be reasonable, no demi-gods, or gods, or invincible creatures that have no vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Outside of that we invite you to go wild.

What section will the game be played in?

We're returning to our original Big Game area which is in the Non/Con Exotic area

Who is the game open to?

Any member of E!

What is the Plot?

The Overall plot of the will primarily be how the town handles the extremist actions and the resulting fall out of them. Players will be able to push the direction towards anarchy or peace as they react. There will of course be smaller plots, as well as personal plots for characters if they choose to create them.

Can I create multiple characters?

Yes you are free to create multiple characters, though we ask that you don't make more then you're able to handle.

What do I need to play

There is nothing specifically required but your imagination to play

Will there be a tagging system?

Yes, that way we can establish who's talking to who, when and where the scenes are taking place clearly, and avoid confusion or continuity problems.

How will combat be handled?

Our preference is to handle battle in free form. Because there is the possibility of so many different magical abilities, resistances, strengths, etc. We feel a system would limit the creativity that comes with it. Our goal is to allow everyone to use the imagination with as little restrictions as possible.

If we come across a situation in which two players are contesting each other and both feel their character should win and can't work out a compromise, we'll likely resort to the dice bot to settle the tie. Though we will take into account racial weaknesses and such, if the situation obviously over matched such as a mundane human taking on the incredible hulk in a fist fight, or a Vampire fighting another player in sunlight, we may judge and take a side there. But those are extreme circumstances, and that's assuming there is a conflict over who should win that fight.

It Has Begun!
The Game has started up, for those who'd like to look it over and are interest you can find it all right here
« Last Edit: October 22, 2015, 08:18:57 PM by Untamed Skies »

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

General Information

Posting Etiquette and Expectation

1.) Every post needs to have the tag information at the top of it.
2.) Please post in third person
3.) Please no dialogue only, or one liner posts.
4.) No Godmoding, meta-gaming, or power gaming, other people's characters. (This includes mind control or compulsion effects without the other player's permission).
5.) There is no expectation posting speeds, we ask that you try to post at least once a week, but we understand life happens.
6.) No killing any characters without both GM Approval, and full player permission.
7.) Follow the Elliquiy TOS at all times.
8.) Please post unapproved character sheets in either the recruitment thread or pm them both Untamed_Skies and Vampire Mistress Sakura
9.) If ever you are feeling frustrated with a scene for any reason. Please do not bring it up in the IC OOC, please tag me and the writer you're having a feud/dispute/frustration/*insert grievance* there, and not need to air dirty laundry for the rest of the game to see.
10.) We're going to allow animated avatars, but we are restricting it too characters. I.E. Avatar Korra, or Ariel from the little mermaid

Play and Creation Rules

The Universe itself: This universe is one of my own creation, and the specific point to it, is that anything is possible to exist within it. So that being said, any ideas, races, magic, abilities, etc. You feel might be cool to add include, feel free to give your gms a poke, we're dying to hear them.

That being said we will not approve gods, or unbeatable invincible magical powers or races. We'll be fairly liberal up to the point where the race is unstoppable, untouchable, and has no limits. We're not against powerful characters or creatures, we simply ask that if you make something amazingly powerful you include some weaknesses to balance it out. Remember there are multiple sides to this story and we want to keep it as fair as possible.

Sentinel Order: Sentinel is a primarily human organization but it allows humanoid races within it's ranks and of course there are multiple mixed bloods of all sorts. There are a limited number of leadership positions available however, so initially it'll be first come first serve, though as the story progresses and players come and go there will most certainly be opportunity for growth within the story.

Cases  and Events: Events and Missions or "Cases" will have their own thread in which will post information that players can get in on. These will include GM or Player plots, and information on what needs to be done in order to get in on it. The various events will be broken down into a few different categories to allow players an idea of what it'll entail.

Event: This will typically be a discovery or reaction to something that has happened prior. Players will be responding to what happened, whether it is discovering the mayor having an affair, or being on a street that suffered a sudden explosion. There are no expectations for events outside of reacting too it.

Bounty: A bounty is just what you'd expect, it is a mission that entails tracking down a specific individual. Bounty's will be missions that involve direct combat with a individual. Bounty's will generally be for Sentinels or Villains, but there is no reason outsiders can't get in on them for rewards and such. Most times bountys involve taking opponent alive, but there are exceptions.

Extermination: Though rare from time to time moments will come along that a threat has arrived that can't be reasoned with because the creature can't coexist. I.E. a Ghoul is discovered within the area. In these situations the goal is to kill the target. These missions can also be placed by Villains as well though for much less noble causes.

-Players are allowed to create and lead their own missions and assignments provided they have gotten gm approval first.

-Events and Cases will be handled by the creators of the event, they'll be expected to handle NPCs and opponents taking place within the plot they created.

Creating a Race of your own

This game features 4 other worlds besides our own. Filled to the brim with other creatures and wonders. The ones I list below are just examples and ideas of what I'm looking for in a race. If you wish to create a creature to play as, or wish to create a creature that your character is descended from you are free to do so, so long as the creature is humanoid. When creating a race or bringing in a race I didn't list please include three details.

Code: [Select]

[b]Home Plane[/b]: (Gaia, Nocturne, Inferno, Nirvana)

[b]Special Strengths[/b]: (Is this a magically inclined race? Can they see in the dark? Etc.)

[b]Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities[/b]:  (Do they have specific weaknesses?I.E. Vampires are weak to sunlight,)

[b]Description:[/b] (List how they exist in the world they come from, and any specific behaviors the race has within it's civilization)

-When discerning strengths and weaknesses just try to keep it balanced. The less supernatural the race is, the less we'll expect weaknesses to exist)

A creature that has improved senses, (see in the dark, strong sense of smell, etc.) Wouldn't be a massive edge and wouldn't require a edge to keep it balance.

For example look at this race we created

Race Name: Phoenix

Home Plane: Nirvana

Special Strengths:

Fire Bending:This race has dominion over fire. Surrounding itself in flames it can lash out with this fire, or it can defend itself.

Born in the Ashes:When a Phoenix dies, it's body is consumed by fire and burns to ashes. If after 72 hours the ashes are not disturbed a Phoenix has the ability to resurrect itself.

(We've listed the abilities of the race clearly, and described any limitations those abilities have)

Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities:  A Phoenix is vulnerable to water, if struck by water a Phoenix will be unable to use it's fire to attack or defend and will be vulnerable at that point.

If a Phoenix's ashes are scattered after it's body is consumed by it's fire, or the ashes are doused in water it will lose it's ability to resurrect itself and enter true death.

(We've listed vulnerabilities clearly and the consequences if these vulnerabilities are targeted)

Description: Beings that possess the ability to shape shift between a humanoid form adorning feathered arms and beaks, as well as the mythical fire bird from legends. Like most creatures in Nirvana a Phoenix is extremely proud, possessing all the passion and energy of fire. They are often at odds with the angels of nirvana possessing tempers that take offense to any type of disrespect. A Phoenix simply don't have the tolerance for it. Though the incidents are isolated and they aren't specifically berserk creatures. A angry phoenix is generally even the sternest of warriors want to avoid.

Many myths depict the Phoenix as a creature able to reincarnate itself when it's killed burning to ashes and resurrecting through them. However they are not immortal creatures. Should a Phoenix have it's ashes scattered as it dies it will be unable to be reborn and will effectively be killed. Rebirth is also a slow process taking years to reach their full size and regain their abilities. Another core vulnerability to the race is a weakness to water. Should a phoenix be submerged they have just seconds to escape or they will perish. Their phoenix form is more vulnerable then their humanoid form.

Phoenix are very effective against creatures of nocturne, as their fire burns as bright as the sun. Should you seek out to destroy a creature of nocturne, a Phoenix is your greatest ally in the endeavor.


Magic comes in all different forms. It can be as small and simple as turning someone's shirt pink, or so powerful it fractures the whole of creation. In order to wield magic the creature or character must be born with the ability to do it. Among humans this is a rare gift but not unheard of. Humans with the gift of magic are called witches, yes even if they are males (though they can call themselves whatever they want). Other races have more apt to be able to preform magic, but in general, are magical creatures, rather then creatures that possess the ability to use magic. For example, a dragon naturally has the ability to use fire but wouldn't have the ability to read a spell book and understand how to cast water to douse it.

Magic as it pertains to witches
A witch is a human born with the innate ability to use magic. There magic is wild and untamped, controlled by their will and imagination. The more creative a witch is, generally the greater and wider range of ability. Still magic takes practice to master and be powerful, and while over the corse of a lifetime a witch may find have many varied uses to their magical talent. Most's abilities stem directly from a train of thought or purpose within their work. For example a witch who has focused on healing spells and considers herself a healer will likely spend most of her time focusing on spells the cure the body of injury and disease. While it's not impossible she'd know offensive or hindering spells, likely these spells would not be her most powerful. As a result many witches carry spell books which allow them quick access to understand how to make their abilities work.

If you've played DnD 3.5 or Pathfinder it's the same idea as a wizard, so long as the spell exists and they can access it, they can use it, if it is lost or destroyed they lose that ability until they can find it again somewhere else.

We ask that the most powerful ace in the hole spells be included in the magic section on the character sheet. The most powerful magic, take longer to prepare, are more daunting on the character to use, and may include drawbacks depending on just how powerful it is. Drawbacks can include migranes, blood sacrifice, some kind of curse back on the user, or other hindrances that would encourage the user not to use them.

Spell books
Spell books are a collection of spells and rituals in which witches and their equivalent of other races can use to read and preform magic outside of their specific abilities. Spell books are only useful to that of a witch, a mundane human wouldn't be able to invoke the force and power needed to make the magic work. Spell books are restricted to Sentinel Facilities (legally) and kept under strict guidance. They are also obviously fragile, and if a spell book is burned or destroyed, the witch will typically not be able to use the spells inside. If a Witch knew how instinctively to use those spells and rituals, they wouldn't need the book to do it.

Magical Items
Unlike a textbook of spells, a magical item is a magically enchanted item, usually created by a enchantress. Magical items can be used by anyone so long as they meet the conditions to make use of it. If for example, a ring that allows the wearer to cast fire was created only for use of elves, then nothing but a elf could use it. Beyond those restrictions anyone can use a magical item.

As with everything, any ultra powerful magical item must first be approved by me, before it can be allowed to exist in game.

Face Claim

Jensen Ackles plays Jason Parker reserved for Untamed_Skies
David McIntosh plays Pharos reserved for Untamed_Skies
Julian Edelman plays Kellan Rivera reserved for Untamed_Skies
Lance Gross plays Ian Slade reserved for Untamed_Skies
Idris Elba plays Moses  reserved for Juggtacular
Lee Byung-hun plays Hanzo reserved for Juggtacular
Oliver Bjerrehuus plays Bon Winfield Cassidy reserved for TheBlackThrone
Joe Manganiello plays Damarius reserved for TheBlackThrone
Johhny Depp reserved for Josh Arcanum
Alex Pettyfer plays Bashir Solomon reserved for Crash
Gackt reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Luke Evans reserved for Kargrisaka

Cassie Ventura (Subject to change) plays Raelyn Hellatious reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Jennifer Lawrance plays Annrika Skies (NPC) reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Zoe Saldana plays Nyasha Hellatious(NPC) reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Koda Kumi plays Selena Castavet (NPC) reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Keiko Kitagawa -plays Kanon Castavet reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Meisa Kurok plays plays the director reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Zendaya plays Kyoko and Reika Araceli (NPCS) reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Megan Fox plays Morbid "Moe" Skies (NPC) reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Hillary Duff plays Lyra Skies reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Hanna Edwinson plays Iris Frost reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Ami Lee plays Razi reserved for LimitlessNikkie
Gemma Ward plays Sasski reserved for LimitlessNikkie
Fan Bingbing plays Fei Xifeng reserved for Timeless
Haifa Wehbe plays Yara Solomon reserved for Crash
Alysha Nett plays Alysha Nett resereved for TheBlackThrone

Animated Characters
Skelly/Zeronis reserved for Jefufns

Create a Hot Spot
Players have the ability to create a slice of their own to further immerse themselves into the game if they wish to have it. We simply ask that that PM the GMs with the following information, and we'll include it into a game thread, or potentially make it it's own game thread.

Code: [Select]
[b]Name[/b]: Name of the Establishment
[Include any images you want to]
[b]Any Restrictions[/b]: (doesn't allow visitors, etc)
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Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

The Factions

The Sentinel Program

The Sentinel Program is directly responsible for handling all supernatural crimes and cases within the city. If at any point in time a incident appears to have a magical touch too it, the cases is transferred to the director who then distributes it to a investigation team who looks into it. Unlike with humans it still remains standard protocol to eliminate a threat that is killing humans. There are a list of creatures which are considered always needed to hunt, and others who are illusive and particularly damage, may have a hunt called on them. The rest are placed either in a quarantine if they are considered unsafe, or into the re-education process. Their responsibility isn't just to protect the supernatural communities interest, it is also to protect human interests, which typically means they are looked at negatively by both parties, unable to take one side or the other.

Re-education: Visitors who are being re-educated are placed within the program, and they are taught why they are on Terra, and how to integrate with human society. They are given a home and a place to live within the gated community, and are looked after and protected to the best of the Program's ability. Once they complete the re-education process, Sentinel helps them find work, and allows them to be independent as possible, but they always keep track of the visitors, and will search for any visitor that falls of the grid.

Quarantine: Visitors who possess a considerable risk and appear to be unreasonable are held in a prison in the basement with tight security until such a time it is deemed safe to let them out. This is at the discretion of the organization, and there are those who remain in Quarantine for decades before they are brought out for re-education. Others might die within it.

The Various Positions within the Program.
There are many positions and roles within the Sentinel Program.

The Director:At the very top there is the Director, who is directly responsible for all the oversight and daily proceedings within the complex. The director works with the police force, to assign and keep their agents in line. The director will also be entirely responsibly for promotions and placing individuals they deem most fit for leadership in leadership positions, as well as deciding whether a visitor needs to be exterminated or quarantined. The director is given a lot of power typically, so those who are given the nod are deeply trusted within the community. While it isn't unheard of, rogue or corrupt directors are rare, because of all the checks they have to go through in order to get the position.

Below the Director are the Managers, which do exactly what their title sounds like it would do. They are assistants to the director specifically are are given run over specific departments of the facility and program. Other operatives answer to the managers before appealing to the director, and they are expected to handle themselves with class and discipline. They are leaders within the facility, and when they sour that reputation they risk losing their rank. If at any point they show any signs of corruption or abuse of their power they are removed and often kicked out of the program altogether.

Manager of Education: This manager could be considered the "principal" of the re-education department. When students act up or there are problems that require discipline this manager handles that directly. If problems persist the Director may assist in the process but it is considered the Manager's station.

Assistant Director of Operations: This manager is responsible for relocating visitors and staff personell as well as welcoming and integrating newcomers to the process. They'll be directly responsible for orientations, and the dairly happenings and communications within the HQ and Dorms.

Assistant Director of Mystique: This manager handles all powerful and dangerous artifacts within the compound, as well as the serves as the commanding officer when it comes to training witches. This manager is always a witch, and is expected to have enough power to reel in overzealous witches that may be going overboard with their training or practices.

Assistant Director of Investigation: This manager directly over sees the investigation unit as it's captain. The manager will assign teams to look into and debrief information and arrests made by the unit. They are also directly responsible for hiring or removing operatives from the investigation force. This manager is expected to come down on operatives who use excessive force.

Assistant Director of Special Ops: This manager directly oversees the task forces which go out specifically to hunt and exterminate individuals as their captain. Any task force members had to go through this manager, and this manager directly debriefs after a successful or failed assignment. They are expected to come down hard on operatives who include damage to bystanders and innocents.

Assistant Director of Visitor Relations and Security: In the Supernatural community there are many guards tasked with defending the area and interior of the area. This manager serves as the captain of those forces, and is responsible for the groups actions. They debrief when incidents break out and are directly responsible for deciding if a visitor has proven too dangerous to remain inside the community, or if they need to be quarantined. They are expected to keep the community under control, and this position in particular has seen a lot of turnover.

Under the managers are the rest of the day to day operations of the sentinel members, which include everything from policing, to investigating, to hunting, to teaching, to training, and to those who are students getting ready to gain promotions and move aorund the country within the programs. These individuals make up the bulk of the program, and generally are the faces that the rest of the public sees. Their successes and failures are what make and break the order in their locations.

Watcher: These individuals are the most basic. Their duty is generally guard duty, they are take posts within the HQ, Dorms, Supernatural community, and protect various locations within the city as well. Such as schools, the mayors office, etc. They work in two ten hour shifts and are then given 24 hours off typically. They are generally given a patrol in which they move around in, unless called to a disturbance. All are trained to be prepared in a attack, and know generally how to defend themselves.

Witch: These individuals consist entirely of witches, and serve as the backbone of the order. Individuals with strong magical power which assist the order in combat, defense, and everything in between. When not on assignments they're generally allowed to study magic from the facilities library, or study and locate magical artifacts with power. A witch's role depends on their strengths, but generally fall into 3 categories.

Combat: Witches assist task forces in hunts, and have strong offensive abilities

Support: Witches capable of creating magical items, which assist operatives. They typically do not see field work, but may assist in investigations depending on their abilities.

Care: Witches who focus on healing, or other spells or powers that protect or heal operatives. They are often on the field with hunts and assignments, there in case of emergencies. They also are heavily involved with the towns local EMS making them critical in keeping victims alive until they can reach a hospital.

Investigative Officer: These would generally be considered the "police" within the force. They respond to incidents in which a supernatural is considered to have done damage. Be it theft, assault, or in some cases murder. If they determine that a visitor is involved and it is decided a hunt isn't necessary, these operatives are directly responsible for bringing the parties in. It is rare but sometimes these individuals are given the ability to use lethal force.

Task Force: These would generally be considered the "special forces" and are called in, during dire situations. In a even where there might be hostages, or a situation in which a visitor is cornered and the situation has turned deadly. They are the only operatives typically allowed to use lethal force, and are the individuals relied upon on a hunt. They do not last long on the force if they are overzealous in their abilities or tactics. Colateral damage is frowned upon. When not called into action they are typically apart of the investigative team or the watcher team.

Open Positions

Note Roles can increase if there is interest in them

Director: Reserved for Vampire Mistress Sakura
Assistant Director of Education:
Assistant Director of Mystique:
Assistant Director of Operations:
Assistant Director of Investigation: Sasski Emmerson played by Limitless Nikkie
Assistant Director of Special Ops: Hanzo Hattori played by Juggtacular
Assistant Director of Visitor Relations and Security: Damarius played by TheBlackThrone
Watcher: Olaf Lokken played by Crash
Witch: Ian Slade played by Untamed_Skies
Witch: Kanon Castavet played by Vampire Mistress Sakura
Investigator: Jason Parker played by Untamed_Skies
Task Force: Lyra Skies played by Vampire Mistress Sakura
Task Force: Argentina played by EdwardShane
Task Force: Bon played by TheblackThrone
Task Force: Moses played by Juggtacular
Task Force:

Supernatural Community

The Supernatural Community has faced a great deal of hardships over the last decade under Stanley Barret. There are many who have faced brutality, some have lost family members to murder and slave trade, and others were straight up extorted. Their troubles of course didn't end with Barret. In town there are plenty of prejudice townsfolk who are very bit as brutal as Barret's thugs. There are sections of town all of them are warned not to go, and those that were lucky enough to avoid the terror of Barret, may still have found themselves harmed by the twon themselves. Perhaps the treatment would be tolerable, but they are protected by a organization that seems as if their complaints and troubles are a bother rather then a duty, and a organization that insists on babysitting them. There are guards they needed to check in and out with whenever they choose to leave town, and should they present a "danger" they can be quarantined and locked away in a dungeon, or as they discovered under Barret's reign, they can be terminated without a trail. The simply truth is that the visitors are second class citizens, and as it looks there isn't any change on the horizon. This has lead to a rift rippling through the community. Many are banding together, and trying to become independent of the Sentinel Program, and the others are trying to abide by their protectors.

Within the community there are various leaders who have stepped up trying to take care of their neighbors. Some of them are considered leaders do to age and experience, some because of their connections, some simply because they are strong, and others have found  leadership through their connections. Their roles vary, some simply organize guards to look after the community beyond the watchers that can't seem to prevent them from being hurt or taken. Others take it upon themselves to "educate" new visitors to how the world really works. The leaders work as a kind of council, and have taken it upon themselves to police their own community, doing their best to keep Sentinel out of it if someone has turned violent. The group will also commonly decide whether or not they should report a danger to Sentinel. While they abide by their guardians for the most part, a good deal of them are pushing for more independence.

Note Roles can increase if there is enough interest for it

Roles in the community
Leader: Nenielle Redwood played by Untamed_Skies
Leader: Fei Xifeng played by Timeless
Leader: Bjorn played by Skyre
Community Guard:
Community Guard:

Anarchy Group

Within the city a small band of individuals have started to band together in the aims of spreading anarchy. These individuals don't officially have a leader, they are simply working together to achieve their own ends. This could be simply because they enjoy chaos. Some are working to create revolution, and take away the choice of those too scared too do it. Some might even simply hate humans, or visitors. Whatever their reasoning they have started to conspire to push Highlands City to all out anarchy, keeping the tension as high as possible. The group is mostly independent, though some have decided to work together, and find strength in numbers. For more information please PM Untamed_Skies and Vampire Mistress Sakura

Not roles can increase if there is interest for them
Anarchist: Pharos played by Untamed_Skies
Anarchist: Razi played by Limitless Nikkie
Anarchist: The Doctor played by Vampire Mistress Sakura


The problems in the cities have attracted a great deal of attention. Mercenaries who work for free lance and don't have any stakes, various shop owners claiming to have ancient artifacts, as well as information brokers claiming to have information to impair all sides of the conflict. Outside of people looking to entangle themselves, there are also just the civilians within the city trying to live their lives and avoid getting swept up in the chaos and confusion. Even those who have no stake aren't completely free from the danger within the city, and they find themselves drawn in anyway. Maybe these characters are hired to help a cause, maybe these characters get targeted for a terror attack. Maybe they just become attached to other characters caught directly in the conflicts, regardless they all may find themselves eventually drawn into the moment. Not roles can increase if there is enough interest

Neutral Party: Kellan Rivera "Mercenary" played by Untamed_Skies
Neutral Party: Yara Solomon (A.K.A. Bashir Solomon) "Information Broker" played by Crash
Neutral Party:
Neutral Party:
Neutral Party:
Civilian: Leo Levi

Character Sheet Skeleton

Sentinel Faction Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img]<image file here>[/img][/floatright]

[b]Player Name:[/b] (E account name)

[b]Character Name:[/b] (Name of the character in play)

[b]Race/Lineage:[/b]  (What race is your character, if human what kind of human, if extraordinary human what is the character descended from?)

[b]Concealment:[/b] (assuming the character wishes too, how does it do so?)

[b]Sex:[/b]  (What gender ist he character?)

[b]Physical Description: [/b] (A physical description of the character, include tattoo's, scars and such)

[b]Age:[/b]  (How old is the character?)

[b]Position:[/b] (What is your position in sentinel? Watcher, Mentor, Rookie, witch, ambassador etc.)

[b]Living Arrangements:[/b] (Does your character live seperate from the living situation in Sentinel?)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Does your character work to be able to proide for himself outside of Sentinel?)

[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]  (What attracts your character?)

[b]Ons & Offs:[/b]  (Feel free to provide a link to your own, or list the character's specific ones here, or do both.)

[b]Place of Birth:[/b] (What world, or area of Terra is the character from)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Please describe your character's personality)

[b]History:[/b] (Must be detailed and include at least three paragraphs)

[b]Family:[/b] (Any relevant family to the character)

[b]Special Abilities:[/b] (Special gifts, magics, or abilities the character was born with)

[b]Special artifact/item:[/b] (Any weapon or item that is magicall enchanted)

[b]Martial Skills:[/b] (Does your character fight? And with what?)

Supernatural Community Faction Character Sheet
Code: [Select]
[floatright][img]<image file here>[/img][/floatright]

[b]Player Name:[/b] (E account name)

[b]Character Name:[/b] (Name of the character in play)

[b]Race/Lineage:[/b]  (What race is your character, if human what kind of human, if extraordinary human what is the character descended from?)

[b]Concealment:[/b] (assuming the character wishes too, how does it do so?)

[b]Sex:[/b]  (What gender ist he character?)

[b]Physical Description: [/b] (A physical description of the character, include tattoo's, scars and such)

[b]Age:[/b]  (How old is the character?)

[b]Role:[/b] (What does your character do in the community? Is it a leader? Guard? Civillian?)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Does your character have a paying job?)

[b]Living Arrangements:[/b] (Does your character live within the community, or do they stay in town?)

[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]  (What attracts your character?)

[b]Ons & Offs:[/b]  (Feel free to provide a link to your own, or list the character's specific ones here, or do both.)

[b]Place of Birth:[/b] (What world, or area of Terra is the character from)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Please describe your character's personality)

[b]History:[/b] (Must be detailed and include at least three paragraphs)

[b]Family:[/b] (Any relevant family to the character)

[b]Special Abilities:[/b] (Special gifts, magics, or abilities the character was born with)

[b]Special artifact/item:[/b] (Any weapon or item that is magicall enchanted)

[b]Martial Skills:[/b] (Does your character fight? And with what?)

Anarchy Faction Character Skeleton
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[floatright][img]<image file here>[/img][/floatright]

[b]Player Name:[/b] (E account name)

[b]Character Name:[/b] (Name of the character in play)

[b]Race/Lineage:[/b]  (What race is your character, if human what kind of human, if extraordinary human what is the character descended from?)

[b]Concealment:[/b] (assuming the character wishes too, how does it do so?)

[b]Sex:[/b]  (What gender ist he character?)

[b]Physical Description: [/b] (A physical description of the character, include tattoo's, scars and such)

[b]Age:[/b]  (How old is the character?)

[b]Goal:[/b] (What is your character hoping to accomplish?)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Does your character have a paying job?)

[b]Minions:[/b] (Is your character independent or does he/she have minions)

[b]Living Arrangements:[/b] (Does your character live within the community, or do they stay in town?)

[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]  (What attracts your character?)

[b]Ons & Offs:[/b]  (Feel free to provide a link to your own, or list the character's specific ones here, or do both.)

[b]Place of Birth:[/b] (What world, or area of Terra is the character from)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Please describe your character's personality)

[b]History:[/b] (Must be detailed and include at least three paragraphs)

[b]Family:[/b] (Any relevant family to the character)

[b]Special Abilities:[/b] (Special gifts, magics, or abilities the character was born with)

[b]Special artifact/item:[/b] (Any weapon or item that is magicall enchanted)

[b]Martial Skills:[/b] (Does your character fight? And with what?)

Outsider Faction Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img]<image file here>[/img][/floatright]

[b]Player Name:[/b] (E account name)

[b]Character Name:[/b] (Name of the character in play)

[b]Race/Lineage:[/b]  (What race is your character, if human what kind of human, if extraordinary human what is the character descended from?)

[b]Concealment:[/b] (assuming the character wishes too, how does it do so?)

[b]Sex:[/b]  (What gender ist he character?)

[b]Physical Description: [/b] (A physical description of the character, include tattoo's, scars and such)

[b]Age:[/b]  (How old is the character?)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (What does your character do for work?)

[b]Living Arrangements:[/b] (Does your character live within the community, or do they stay in town?)

[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]  (What attracts your character?)

[b]Ons & Offs:[/b]  (Feel free to provide a link to your own, or list the character's specific ones here, or do both.)

[b]Place of Birth:[/b] (What world, or area of Terra is the character from)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Please describe your character's personality)

[b]History:[/b] (Must be detailed and include at least three paragraphs)

[b]Family:[/b] (Any relevant family to the character)

[b]Special Abilities:[/b] (Special gifts, magics, or abilities the character was born with)

[b]Special artifact/item:[/b] (Any weapon or item that is magical enchanted)

[b]Martial Skills:[/b] (Does your character fight? And with what?)
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Planes and Races

Terra is the modern world as we know it. Since every plane of every world considers their home world earth, Sentinel has resorted to calling our home world Terra as it's classification. Terra is unique to the other plane in a couple of different ways. It is the original world rejuvinated and revitalized by The Fracture. It is the only plane that is home to only a single race of creatures. Magic is also at it's rarest on Terra, while there are witches and extraordinary humans who are descended from various visitors. Humans that possess magic are considered 1 in a million, there are less then 6,000 humans in the world with the innate ability to cast magic. It is also the only Plane that seems to be connected to the other ones. What it means is if someone figured out how to Terra open rifts and travel between planes, they'd have to use Terra as a lay over in order to get between the other planes.

Races of Terra
Common Types of creatures born from Terra
Mundane Human: This is the most common type of human, and your every day run of the mill human. No special abilities or magic. These people haven't a ounce of supernatural or magical blood in them, and the majority of the world is made up of them.

Extraordinary Human: This is a human who had a ancestor mate with a creature of another plane and has inherited some abilities from their ancestors. The extent of the inherited abilities always differs, but a general rule is that the further removed from the ancestor they are. The less abilities they inherit.

Witches: These are humans born with magical ability and are not descended from a supernatural force. These beings are extremely rare, the one in a million type of rare. Only about 10% of them are born male, though it isn't altogether unheard of. Witches possess pure magic, and can shape magic to bend to their will. Just as humans tend to be so varied, no two witches are a like, and neither does any one spell typically look the same. Their imagination and mind shape their abilities, and as is always the case, the stronger the will the longer they can cast magic, as well as the power of their spell will be.

Ghost (Created by Dancing Flower)
Home Plane: Can be Any plane
Special Strengths:
  • Rentaghosting: Teleportation ability, capabilities may differ for individual
  • Intangibility: Can pass through solid objects,  capabilities may differ for individual
  • Invincibility: Cannot be physically harmed although there are still ways to kill them
  • Telekinesis: Ability to move objects with their minds,  capabilities may differ for individual
  • Aura-reading: Ability to read auras,  capabilities may differ for individual

Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities:
  • Ghosts slowly fade away when they have no one who sees them and talks to them.
  • Although it is difficult, there are some methods of destroying Ghosts.
  • More powerful Ghosts can destroy weaker ones
  • Some creatures have the ability to suck Ghosts of their energy or bend/bind them to their will
  • Certain rituals can cause a Ghost to disperse and destroys them
  • Some ghosts need to feed on the energy of others. And without a supply, they simply fade away

In the truest sense of the idea Gaia is the plane of magic. Of all the planes it possesses the most races that can simply bend magic to it's will, as well as the highest concentration of magical creatures of any other plane. However Gaia is better known as the Plane of nature. The majority of races found within the plane exist within nature, or nurture and care for it as a human might it's pet. Based on what the teachings of various visitors, it is documented that Gaia of all the planes, is also the plane that most resembles Terra as far as Geography is concerned, many visitors find it easier to travel around Terra because of this. It is a well documented fact, most visitors from Gaia struggle with Terra, as beings that regard nature above all else, they are horrified and sometimes enraged by the pollution and destruction of the various ecosystems. Of all the planes, none work harder to try and get the humans to understand just how devastating their environment have become, and others become eco-terrorists determined to bring a end to the rampant destruction of human expansion.

Common Races of Gaia
Common Races of Gaia


The long-lived elves are children of the natural world, similar in many superficial ways to fey creatures, though with key differences. While fey are truly linked to the flora and fauna of their homes, existing as the nearly immortal voices and guardians of the wilderness, elves are instead mortals who are in tune with the natural world around them.

Elves seek to live in balance with the wild and understand it better than most other mortals. Some of this understanding is mystical, but an equal part comes from the elves' long lifespans, which in turn gives them long-ranging outlooks. Elves can expect to remain active in the same locale for centuries.

Most elven communities have taken on the duty of looking after a specific aspect of their world.For example, Water elves live near the oceans and lakes and rivers and protect them. Desert elves value the desert. Forest Elves the forest. So on and so forth. Elves usually have magical abilities exclusive to their habitat. A Water elf might be able to manipulate water, while a Forest elf might have the ability to ensare their enemies with vines and roots.

Like humans, there are beings among the elves who have strong magical talent that isn't restricted to simply their environment. Also like with humans these beings are very rare.


Nymphs embody physical beauty, and are the guardians of the sacred places of the wild. They are so unbearably lovely that even a glimpse of is said to blind onlookers (This is a myth but they are supernaturally beautiful). Nymphs hate any who would despoil the wilds for any reason.

A nymph's demeanor is wild and mercurial. Like nature itself, she embodies both great beauty and fearsome danger. She can be kind and graceful to mortals who revere teh wild places of the world, but is also quick to strike against mortals who take more than they need or who treat nature thoughtlessly. Animals of all types flock to a nymph, ignoring the presence of natural enemies; injured beasts know that the nymph will tend their wounds.

Nymph's are always female, as are any kin born from them.


Strong, stocky, and shorter than most humanoid races, the dwarves are skilled builders and boast a long tradition of courage and martial skill. They are unique on Gaia as they are the only race that don't possess innate magical talent, unless of course you believe their race's special talent is their ability to make amazing equipment from metal. Dwarves are a stoic but stern race, ensconced in cities carved from the hearts of mountains and fiercely territorial. More than any other race, dwarves have acquired a reputation as dour and humorless artisans of the earth. It could be said that their history shapes the dark disposition of many dwarves, for they reside in high mountains and dangerous realms below the earth, constantly at war with giants, goblins, and other such horrors.

Dwarves are lovers of history and tradition, and their long lifespan leads to far less in the way of generational shifts in attitudes, styles, fashions, and trends than shorter-lived races exhibit. If a thing is not broken, they do not fix it or change it; and if it is broken, they fix it rather than replace it.  Taken together, these traits create the impression that dwarves are a race frozen in time. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, as dwarves are both thoughtful and imaginative, willing to experiment, if always keen to refine and perfect a new technique or product before moving on to the next one. Dwarves have achieved feats of metallurgy, stonework, and engineering that have consistently outpaced the technological advances of other races.

On Terra Dwarves are the only race from Gaia that seems to have a affinity for understanding and accepting the technology of the world. Often finding ways to combine the mystics and magics of Gaia, with the science and technology of Terra. More then any other race that reguarly visits from Gaia, dwarves appear to be the least horrified.....Possibly eager to take on the challenge of creating the first underground cities on Terra.


Satyrs, and Fauns, are lustful creatures from the Fey wild. They have a deep enjoyment of all things pleasurable and have often brought themselves to near self-destruction in the pursuit of them. Still even with this natural flaw they find themselves attuned to the world around them and when the need arises they can be driven by a sense of community and preservation.

Satyrs are typically self-centered, greedy, and decadent creatures that enjoy food, drink, and other pleasures. They use sly trickery to take what they desire from others as it pleases them. If denied the ability to take what pleasure they feel they deserve they will fall into a murderous mood attacking without warning.

Satyrs typically possess cheap magical tricks, but are known to possess mind altering abilities, helping unsuspecting creatures lower their inhibitions around them. Strong wills resist these tricks of course, but it is always dangerous to lower your guard against them.

Elemental Paragons (created by Pentagious_666)

Elemental Paragons are representative of the elements in pure form. Literally a force of nature.  They are native to the gaia realm and live in clans of particular elemental forces. All of the clans have a caste system based on breed,  They have genetic coloration on their arms that marks them as a caste. The typical life span of a paragon is 900 years. Each clan has a typical temperament (there are always outliers) that aligns with the nature of their element. Fire tends to be aggressive water tends to be thoughtful. Earth stalwart to their beliefs and air wild and fickle. Ice is cool calm and collected, where magma tends to be hot tempered but slow to act. Mud Clan tends to be rustic and traditional, where smoke clan is underhanded and sneaky.

The Clans can get along just fine, when necessary, however there is much infighting amongst the 8.  There was once a 9th clan known as spirit but they are either lost or extinct as they held a peace for all nine clans before the fracture.  Without them the peace quickly fell to pieces.

Ice Paragons are cool and level headed, calm yet often opinionated.  They are particularly vulnerable to fire. The are not cruel simply hard to alter their views. The other clans joke about this obstinacy saying changing an ice paragon’s opinion is like trying to talk a glacier into melting

Cheshire Cat (Created by Edwardshane

Special Strengths: Cheshires have short distance teleportation (blinking), the ability to remove and reattach their own body parts without causing themselves harm, the ability to turn invisible by grinning, and an additional ability that varies on a case by case basis.  (examples include but are not limited to the ability to create explosions, dream/nightmare manipulation, and deciding what a specific indivudual will specifically say next.)  They are capable of casting spells, but they tend to be highly specialized.  Furthermore, they can change between two forms, one being the size and shape of a large housecat, and the other being more's just that they still have cat ears and a tail.

Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities:  Cheshires are vulnerable to a great many things that affect spirits.  Additionally, anyone who finds out their true name can forcibly bend the according cheshire to their will by speaking it.

Cheshires tend to be mischievous creatures, and they love to speak cryptically and be mysterious.  They are spirit creatures, though they have permanent physical forms and are not incorporeal.  Many people think they tend to border on the crazier side of sanity, but they tend to argue that insanity is a matter of pure perspective.  They tend to grin a lot, an unsettling sight for a good many people while they are in cat form.  Cheshire's fur also always comes in two colors, though one or both of these colors are often quite odd.  The ears and tail of the humanoid form consist of both of these colors.


Born from the mating of a Dragon and that of another race. Dragonborn resemble in many ways what their name suggests: humanoid dragons. Dragonborn exhibit many draconic features, including a scaly hide, a large muscular body, and the capacity to use magical abilities of the dragon they are descended from. The scales a dragonborn wears are scarlet, gold, rust, ocher, bronze, or brown in hue, though there is a obvious difference between the scales of a dragon born and actual dragon(Dragons are MUCH tougher). The scales are typically in their greatest concentration around forearms, lower legs, feet, shoulders, and thighs, with the rest of the body sometimes being covered in a more leathery reptilian skin, or what appears to be more of the other race they are descend from. With the proper training, dragonborn can learn to unlock more of their draconic potential, even to the point of sprouting wings with which to fly, like a dragon.

Like dragons, dragonborn are often mistaken for reptiles, but are in fact warm-blooded draconic creatures. In fact, the internal body temperature of the dragonborn is warmer than that of most similar races, being so hot as to seem feverish to the human touch. These creatures are rarer then dragons, and few and far between. Dragonborns biggest advantages come from their dual bloodlines, gaining the magical abilites of both their dragon ancestors, and that of the race they are born from.

I.E. A Dragonborn Nymph will be unnaturally beautiful, as well as possessing the traits (though less powerful) of the dragon they are descended from.


Qunari are taller and considered to be more physically robust than most races on Gaia. They have skin of varying metallic colors (such as gold, bronze, and silver), white hair, pointed ears, and vivid eyes with colors like violet, red, silver, or yellow. Most Qunari have horns, The horn itself has no nerve endings and can be painlessly removed much like human nails or hair, they can still become irritated however so they have several types of balms. But once a horn is cut off, it will not grow back. There is also no specific example of how many horns Qunari may be born with as there are documented cases of Qunari having as many as eight horns, and others born without a single horn at all.

The Qunari are a feirce war like race that are often extremely loyal to the code they call the Qun. A code in which they live by above all else. Every aspect of the Qunari's lives is dictated by the Qun, which they follow unquestioningly, and they see it as their moral duty to forcefully "educate" those who do not comprehend (to Qunari, the Qun is not "believed", it is "understood"). To the Qunari, the Qun is the true source of morality, and all societies that reject it will live in debauchery and suffering. To bring these societies to the Qun is to liberate them from their own self-inflicted torment. Even Qunari attempts at trade with other races and nations are done primarily to assess potential opponents, rather than to amass resources or wealth.

Qunari who have abandoned the Qun are called Tal-Vashoth and live away from the Qunari homelands, often working as mercenaries. All Qunari are defined by their social role, which is supposed to be a defining part of the person's nature, unchangeable and fundamental. Qunari value their tools highly and consider them part of their worthiness, as extensions of their role and duties. For example, a Qunari soldier must never be separated from his weapon; such an individual will likely be shamed and/or executed upon returning to the homeland, as it is considered the object that carries the "soul" of the individual (as opposed to the body, which is only a vessel). Others, like the Ben-Hassrath, are allowed to use whatever tools they see fit to do their job, as most of their duties are more cerebral.

Every Qunari has the ability to infuse paint and enchant it into a substance called Vitar. More or less war paint, it hardens their skin when they wear making it the same as wearing armor. This paint is poisonus to anything other then the Qunari. The Qunari like elves are also capable of producing beings who can bend magic to their will. Just like all others these beings are incredibly rare however.

Other notable creatures: Mermaids, Dragons, Faries, Orcs, Leauprachans, Tellem, Basajaun, Yeiti,

Inferno is often depicted in the realm of Terra as hell. Likely the understanding of what hell is and appears to be, was created from the stories of creatures from this plane. This is a world of pure anarchy, demons, devils, oni, and other vile creatures commonly told in the night to scare children exist in Inferno.  There is constant war and constant push for power and struggle within the realms of Inferno. While many believe at one point in time a specific  devils reigned supreme over the region, the time has long since passed and currently the race that holds most of the power are demons. While it might be easy to do so, it would be incorrect to assume the plane is one of pure evil. The realm instead embodies pure freedom and anarchy. The strongest control and shape the world in their image. These beings take what they want from life so long as they have enough strength to grasp it. The rules are simple, the strong rule the weak serve. If you wish to rule find power.

Inferno Races

Changelings are subtle shape shifters capable of disguising their appearance. Changelings do not possess the full shapechanging ability of doppelgangers, but they can create effective disguises at will. This ability makes them consummate spies and criminals, and many changelings live up to that potential.

In general, changelings are prudent and cautious, preferring to take risks only when they feel that their chances are good or the payoff is worth it. They appreciate the finer things in life and take great pleasure in the comforts of a wealthy lifestyle when they can obtain it. They avoid direct confrontation, preferring stealthy strikes and hasty retreats whenever possible. In conversation, they are soft-spoken but have a gift for drawing out more information than the other party usually plans to reveal.

Most often Changelings are big communities in the world, used as spies from all spies.


In greater detail, imps are lesser demonic entities, much smaller then their brethren.  always mischievous. Sometimes imps were the attendants of great lords and rulers of the realm. Often having the good sense to know what will be capable of protecting them.

Imps are often small and not very attractive creatures. Their behavior is described as being wild and uncontrollable, much the same as fairies, and in some cultures they were considered the same beings, both sharing the same sense of free spirit and enjoyment of all things they consider as fun and others may consider as mischievous pranks. Most of the time, the pranks were harmless fun, although some could be upsetting and harmful, such as switching babies or leading travelers astray in places with which they were not familiar.

Imps are considered to be invulnerable to most things, only certain objects and enchantments are capable of harming them, but they can easily kept away by wards.

Demons (humanoid)

These demons have become the most numerous in Inferno. Resembling closely that of humans on earth with subtle and animalistic features to their bodies. These demons are generally short lived but reproduce quickly. They are resourceful and intelligent, value numbers every bit as much as they value power and have taken a strong grip on the hierarchy of Inferno. In general these types of demons embody a specific sin they are prone and drawn to more then others. These sins are both a gift and curse, something that helps them and something that can also leave them vulnerable to the right enemies. Demons of Envy, gluttony, sloth, and greed usual feral creatures that lack cognitive thought. Drawn by their basest of instincts. They are little more the ravenous animals. However demons of Lust, Wrath, and Pride are a entirely different matter.

A demon of lust, is generally the most beautiful of creatures in existence. Everything from their shine of their skin, the sparkle in the air, and their sweet scent lures in their prey and victims. In many cases they use such tactics to lure prey into traps, ambush unsuspecting mortals in Terra and have seduced kings and queens into accepting them for the power they might possess. Of course being a creature of lust means they lust for others almost as much as they try to make their prey lust after them. It's a addiction to them, and they sometimes find themselves victims of their own appetite, trapped by their needs and vulnerable to their enemies should they strike when these demons are at their weakest.

A demon of Wrath, is general a tall brute. The demons are built for power and are the most powerful demons around. Often times they have animalistic traits to enhance their already ridiculous amounts of powers. Claws, teeth, tails, etc. These demons are capable of extraordinary feats of power. These beings are berserkers as their rage intensifies so does their strength. A single rage demon may be capable of tearing down the support of a entire building if his rage peaks high enough. The drawback is that as their rage grows, their sense dulls. Reason no longer exists, they lash out at anything and everything. Harming friend and foe alike. Rage demons that lack self control are often short lived. Unable to be calmed and to big a threat to let smash the world around them.

A demon of pride, are demons that have specific powers and abilities that allow them to command the weaker willed around them. Often moving in groups of thralls unable to resist their dominate voices scratching at their minds pride demons are extremely dangerous. Though as ability to dominate the mind of lesser foes is dangerous it is not all powerful. Any who possess strong wills can defeat them, and assuming they are capable of fighting through the hordes of protectors, pride demons are often frail and easily defeated in one on one combat.


Devils are among the oldest creatures in existence with extremely long life spans and longer memories. Once their kind ruled inferno, but little by little the other races pushed back and hunted them into near extinction. Devils like angels closely resemble humans save for a few features that directly and distinctly show their true form. Often having horns protruding from their skulls, and crimson reptilian like eyes. These beings are believed to be a primary reason why the fracture needed to occur.

In the purest sense Devils represent exactly what Inferno itself has become. Pure freedom and desire. They feed directly on a specific emotion, and will place themselves near beings that give them this feeling. They will do whatever it takes to continue to feed this emotion, until their victim is utterly broken. A devil that feeds off of fear for example, will do whatever it takes to keep their victims in a constant state of fear. A devil that feeds of pain will torture their victims. Though these are examples not all devils feed off miserable emotions, there are many that feed off of love and joy and will keep their victims happy in order to feed.

While like most races they come in all shapes and sizes one recurring theme they all have is a soul binding contract. These contracts are always designed for the Devil's benefit, and while it usually comes with the promise to grant a temptation or desire of their victim it once the devil has fulfilled their part of the bargain the contract forces the agreement out of the victim. Almost always enslaving them to the whims of a Devil. A devil always keeps his word, but in the end, so will you.


Oni are sometimes confused with demons, but to call them such is a insult too them. Oni are massive and powerful creatures which possess skills in both the arcane and physical. Their magic consists typically of one of the four elements, and can be so powerful that mortals on Terra confused them with terrible gods that created catastrophe on Terra. It should be noted that those are typically the exception with most oni never growing quite that powerful.

Oni vary widely but usually many are hideous, gigantic ogre-like creatures with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns growing from their heads.They are humanoid, but occasionally they are born with unnatural features such as odd numbers of eyes or extra fingers and toes. Their skin may be any number of colors, but red and blue are particularly common. There are those that are more human like in appearance but they are rarer and generally weaker then their more animal like cousins.

In Inferno Oni generally work in tribes and their areas are their own. Though they are seclusive and don't generally venture from their territory. Those brave or foolish enough to try and invade Oni lands find themselves quickly overcome and beaten. Outside of wrath demons, there is nothing with as much pure power as a oni.


Nocturne is a world of pure darkness, possessing two moons that follow each other in cycles. Like gaia it is often a world of pure magic and many of the inhabitants are born of it entirely rely on darkness for their strengths. Finding strength in the moon and weakness in the sun. The moon shines likely with the force of magic because there is never any sunlight in this world. These creatures are often represented and placed with the undead, and while there is a great deal of undead among Nocturne's numbers it is not the rule. Creatures that find strength and power in the moonlight reside here. It is also a unique feature of the plane that true almost every creature in Nocturne has the ability to corrupt and curse humans to take on their own forms. Be it the curse of a Vampire, the bite of a werewolf, or the abomination of a Ghoul. More often then any other realm beings of Nocturne almost always harm beings on Terra. It's said Sentinel exists entirely because of the creatures of Nocturne. More often then not, these creatures can physically and magically change humans on Terra. All of them should be greeted with extreme caution.

Nocturne is also unique in having a human population which is entirely enslaved. From time to time humans from this plane fall through a rift and find themselves in a world free of the monsters. Most of the tales of these monsters likely came from humans fortunate to find freedom from their twisted fate and warning their new cousins of the horrors that exist within Nocturne.

Common races of Nocturne
Common Creatures from Nocturne (though there are many more)[/u]

Pure-Blood Vampires

Pure-blood vampires are almost entirely like the vampires humans have in their myth and lore. Creatures of the night that feed on blood in order to survive. In moon light these vampires possess super human speed, super human strength, and a variety of nasty tricks that help them capture their prey. The most notable of which includes mind control, and making their prey addicted to their bite. These creatures are also immortal as they are depicted through mythlore and legends. The more successful of them have ensnared kings and queens and have used puppets to shape the world.

It is rare that a Pure-blood will drink the blood of a victim dry, most will feed from a few individuals in a single night rather then drain one to death. Killing a human simply means they have depleted food and resources. It's a waste, and the ones that do slip and kill humans are most often shunned from their own collectives as they are hunted by Sentinels.

These are true living and breathing creatures, they possess a heart beat, they possess souls. They are able to reproduce and have children. These beings do age, though it is slowly and through the ages. Some refer to Pure-bloods as superior bloods, and consider them the evolution humans aspire to become

The true difference between a pure-blood and the perception humans have of vampires is that these beings do not perish under sunlight. However that isn't to say they aren't affected by sunlight at all. In sunlight a vampire is sapped of all it's strength and supernatural ability. They become frail and weak, so weak that many could be overpowered by a human child in a test of strength.  A vampire is a creature of the night, and find their strength only under moonlight. Even artificially created sunlight or a magic spell will sap them of their strength.

Cursed blood Vampire

These vampires are the vampires we've come to known through myths and legends. There is a split in belief among many scholars on their existence. Some believe Pure-bloods granted them immortality in order to have servants and live in luxury. While others believed these beings were created through perverted magic ages hence and are cursed by their own gluttony and greed. Cursed bloods look slightly less human then Pure bloods, at a glance something is clearly wrong with them.

Cursed bloods are considered scum by most current Pure-bloods, and are more prone to their hunger, lacking restraint when feeding and commonly draining them dry. Most of the time if a human is killed in feeding it's a cursed blood's actions. On top of being less in control of themselves, they are also generally weaker then pure-bloods. A little slower, a little weaker, and the biggest difference being that these creatures are dead. They cannot reproduce naturally, they have sold their souls for immortality. Their numbers only grow by "cursing" mundane humans.

The other major difference is that these vampires do not survive the sunlight. They perish, and just like their pure-blood cousins they are susceptible to artificial and magically created sunlight as well.


A Whendigo is a cannibalistic monster, sometimes known as a ghoul, often thought of as undead. They feed on corpses or living flesh, often abducting young children or luring away unwary people into abandoned places.

They are disgustingly ugly and stink of death. They are immensely strong, but geniuses in a sarcastic way, thus tricking them is always a better way than fighting them. They are often considered are a devilish type of jinn, They also hunt for young children, drink blood and steal unattended coins.

Whendigos like vampires have the ability to infect and curse humans. Feeding them flesh living or dead until the humans begin to turn into Whendigo themselves. These creatures are the only creatures that are not granted a ability to attone. Should a sentinel ever come across a Whendigo, their orders are to terminate it before it infects the area.


Though primarily a true wolf while in wolf form, there is some proof that the werewolf retains enough knowledge to assist his killing; recognition of victims, evasion of traps, and human cunning have all been seen on werewolf cases. Though it is rare, werewolves can exist in packs and seperate clans littering both Terra and Nocturne. The heir achy consisting of a Alpha male and a Alpha female that set the ground rules and order of the tribe. Though due to the nature of their curse it is much more likely a werewolf will move off in seclusion. Either chased out of their packs or preferring the isolation rather then possessing a group mentality.

A werewolf has no control over it's transformations, and when the moon is full it turns into a human/wolf hybrid capable of terrible destruction. Like other creatures from Nocturne a Werewolf has the ability to curse humans and pass on the curse of Lycanthropy to them. A person bitten by a werewolf will become a werewolf not a lycan. A werewolf possess a great deal of physical strength and speed but for all extents and purposes is a berserker. It can't distinguish friend from foe, or what is prey or not. It doesn't matter if there are other werewolves in the area, they will simply attack one another until one or both are dead.

When the full mun hits a pack, most often the pack will split in hopes they don't cross one another. Packs are often destroyed by themselves unable to get far enough away from each other when the full moon hits.

When the sun rises the next day a werewolf reverts into nothing more then a mundane human. Sunlight by it real, artificial, or magical an revert their forms while the light shines on them and silver is a allergy to them.


Lycans are very similar to werewolves save for the distinguish between curses. A Lycan is not cursed and therefore cannot pass it's curse to other speciies. A lycan also has the ability to change into a werewolf or a wolf at will so long as they are under the moon's light. Lycans will generally exist within packs, again Alpha male and a Alpha female that set the ground rules and order of the tribe. The Alpha can be challenged in combat for control, but losing such a battle results in the being removed from the tribe entirely.

While a Lycan cannot pass it's abilities to other features, if they were to mate with a human their children may sometimes be born as lycans. However this is not guaranteed, and it's also possible the ability will skip entire generations before resurfacing down the road.

A lycan retains full control over it's forms while it is transformed, making them extra dangerous to face as enemies. All the strength of a werewolf and all the cunning of a human is a extremely deadly combination. When not transformed a Lycan still posses super human abilities to a extent. They are stronger and faster then your average human. Not quite to supernatural levels, (they won't be lifting cars), but still more powerful then mundanes.

There are two direct weakness for a Lycan. Sunlight forces the beast from it's beast form back into it's human form. They may temporarily transform into a state in between their bestial and human forms, granted a temporary increase to strength and speed, however it is temporary, and afterwards leaves them incredibly drained.

They also have the age old myth of a silver allergy, leaving them vulnerable to weapons made of silver. Or enchantments that serve the use of making weapons silver.

other notable creatures: Banshee, Siren, Boogeymen, other were creatures,

Sila Jinn (created by Crash)

Talented shape-shifters who are more tolerant of human society than most beings from other planes. Sila are most often reported as female. Thought to be extremely intelligent, sila are nonetheless the most rarely seen of all the types of jinn, and appear only sporadically throughout the histories of the Sentinel Order.  Sila are extremely rare, and while they are  intelligent and comfortable crossing over to Terra, by their nature they do not usually set out to harm or trick humans. Sila are, however, fond of meddling in an attempt to help. This has given them a reputation for being tricksters, and their name has been compared to the likes of Devils and Imps for their tricks and deeds.

Beyond just their trickster and deceptive habits and tendencies, they also have the ability to possess other beings which has done little to help sway the view of them. The race also has the ability to force themselves into a incorporeal form akin to a puff of smoke. Protecting themselves form harm. Most tend to try to stay Ellusive at first using their incorporeal form as a means of escaping and avoiding danger. However should this option not be enough they have the ability to shapeshift into almost any creature should they need to fight. This gives them a deadly advantage to any creature caught unsuspecting when forced into this position. Finally Sila do have some affinity for Wishcraft, though it is rarely rewarded to anyone, and in rare cases when it does happen. There are almost always a trick at play when it does happen. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Home Plane: Nocturne

Special Strengths: All gargoyles are born from stone and return to stone every sunrise. They emerge from their stone skin as soon as the sun retires beneath the horizon. Naturally, gargoyles move in packs. They perch upon high towers and peaks like bird flocks taking comfort in each other's presence. They feed on the meat of humans and other creatures that aren't gargoyle, preferring warm-blooded and living entrees rather than the cold and dead. Gargoyles were seen as protectors, keeping the demons at bay and guarding the old gothic churches. When a gargoyle perches upon a person's residence, that person's home is protected throughout the day or as long as the gargoyle remains over one's roof. They are creatures of the night, and thus find no vulnerabilities in the dark. No gargoyle has ever stayed awake long enough to see the day. The gargoyles are put to a cold-stone sleep against their will. A gargoyle's body is resistant to scrapes, bruises, fractures, disease, or afflictions of the blood because they contain no blood or blood vessels. They are made completely out of stone though they resemble living flesh. If a gargoyle is ever smashed, they can be reformed if every piece of birthstone is collected. Advanced technology could melt the birthstone down and mix it with other stones to create a mold. As long as the gargoyle's birthstone is in the mix, then the gargoyle can be reformed.

Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities: Gargoyles are extremely vulnerable during the day when their statued forms are susceptible to being smashed. Their eyes are not used to the light of day for they have never gazed upon the sun so bright lights are an eyesore to them and could blind or stun them. Although gargoyles are heavy, they are still capable of flight, and so if they ever fall into a deep pool, they could use their wings to fly out. In other cases, wingless gargoyles are stuck at the bottom of the ocean and must crawl out on their own.

Description: The birth of gargoyles are unknown. It is said that the first gargoyle was created by humans to scare away enemies. A sorcerer then brought the stone gargoyle to life, thus the creation of gargoyles began. A gargoyle's form varies. It solely depends on the craft of the gargoyle's original maker and the characteristics of the parent gargoyles. Depending on how the original artisan created the gargoyle can determine the smoothness or roughness of the gargoyle's form. Most gargoyles only know how to take on the forms of beasts but as Damarius has shown, with training, they can adapt to their surroundings, taking on the form of man and possibly, mimic the appearance of other beings.


Nirvana has two constant truth's to his world. The first is that it inhabits creatures that revere the sun, and the second is that it is a plane filled of pure order. The angels have taken steep control of the plane and have laid down laws which are expected to be followed without question. When these laws are broken justice comes swiftly and without mercy. Like the residents of Nocturne are at their strongest at only one time of day, and are much more vulnerable or defenseless when the sun goes down. They exist in a realm of pure daylight, most never knowing what  the shadows of night are. Those that fall to Terra find themselves struggling to adapt the chaos of it. Many are used to rigid and strict order, and the simple truth is that many within Terra break these laws. Those that can't adapt or accept the world are often times violent. Oddly those that visit Terra then return to Nirvana have begun effected the plane greatly. Bringing the new behaviors and habits with them. Nirvana has started to split into two different factions. Those who believe in absolute order, and those who believe in changing the strict behavior, changing cold justice with understanding.

Common races of Nirvana

There is no other race in existence that so closely resembles humans. Angels are essentially look identical save for wide sprawling wings, and a aura that seems radiate light around them. Many revere angels as the ultimate hand of justice, but just like with the demons it's not exactly quite that simple. Angels are basically split into two types of angels, and in general two different type of factions as a result.

Angels of Mercy, are dedicated to healing the world around them. They are loving and compassionate. Crying for the fallen should they be wicked or not. They firmly believe that mercy is the truest form of justice, and such justice can only be attained by redeeming their enemies not destroying them. A creature should not be punished for living it's nature. It should simply educated and brought to light.

Then there are the Angels of Justice. Warriors and guardians set into strict lines and rules. Unfortunately they are far more the second kind then there are of the merciful sort and has given angels a reputation of being almost as bloodthirsty as demons. The laws have been set for thousands of years, and in a plane where every race is incredibly long lived ignorance simply isn't a excuse that can be allowed. When these beings fall into Terra more often then not they become paragon's of justice and it is almost entirely impossible to reason with them. Much of the time, a angel is harder to reason with then a demon, and more often then not, angels end up having to be terminated then the demons as well.


Celestials hail from the plane of nirvana, and are among the rarer types that emerge from it. Often confused with angels, mostly human in appearance with wings (though they have four wings as opposed to two). Celestials in their culture are less devoted to order and more devoted to freedom and have commonly found themselves at odds with the angels and Valkyries of Nirvana. They are also the only race that possess the ability to have "less holy" magical talents.

Much like devils once ruled Inferno, one such tale says the same was true of the celestials in Nirvana. And just like the devils the celestials lost their power when the angels took control of the world. This might explain why there is such a substantial difference between the celestials and the rest of nirvana. Though their numbers aren't so few they are dwindling compared to other races they might almost seem endangered. Many who fall to earth find it very easy to take up home on Terra. The freedom allowing them to act into the best of their abilities. Few races adapt as easily onto the plane as a celestial.

At the core of a celestial power is a series of different types of fires. These fires are said to have the ability to "purify" or to "corrupt" based on the heart of the wielder. A wicked individual will use it's fire to inflict injury and pain upon their victims, while a pure heart will cure ailments with their power. The various fires work as follows.

The Green Flame: The green flame is the fire of the mind in celestials. Only celestials with telepathic abilities possess this fire. This fire at it's purest can cure dementia, amnesia, and other mental disorders and illnesses. Burning away these conditions as if they were never. At worst they can act like such terrible creations, burning away memories, and the ability to control emotions like a lobotomy.

The Blue Flame: The flame of soul or the flame of magic. It attacks magic directly. It has no direct effect on the physical world. In it's purest forms it has the ability to strengthen magical abilities such as empowering a spell as it's taking form, as well as reparing or recharging magical artifacts that have lost their power. At worst it can strip a creature of it's abilities, and consume magic around it.

The Violet Flame: The flame of the body. This fire is the most natural appearing of the fires as it attacks it's opponents physically. At it's purest form it has the ability to heal the body of injuries and ailments and could be considered healing tool. Like the other colors however, a corrupted heart will instead use the flame to destroy the physical body. Burning away flesh, and wielding terribly destructive power.

The White Flame: This flame is by the far the rarest, but those that possess this fire have the ability to utilize the purify and better the mind, body, and the soul. It also serves as a clear example of the beings heart. As they grow corrupt, the flame grows darker, until it is eventually black. When it is corrupted to that point the flame instead embodies all the darker aspects of the other colors and becomes terribly destructive.


Beings that possess the ability to shape-shift between a humanoid form adorning feathered arms and beaks, as well as the mythical fire bird from legends. Like most creatures in Nirvana a Phoenix is extremely proud, possessing all the passion and energy of fire. They are often at odds with the angels of nirvana possessing tempers that take offense to any type of disrespect. A Phoenix simply don't have the tolerance for it. Though the incidents are isolated and they aren't specifically berserk creatures. A angry phoenix is generally even the sternest of warriors want to avoid.

Many myths depict the Phoenix as a creature able to reincarnate itself when it's killed burning to ashes and resurrecting through them. However they are not immortal creatures. Should a Phoenix have it's ashes scattered as it dies it will be unable to be reborn and will effectivly be killed. Rebirth is also a slow process taking years to reach their full size and regain their abilities. Another core vulnerability to the race is a weakness to water. Should a phoenix be submerged they have just seconds to escape or they will perish. Their phoenix form is more vulnerable then their humanoid form.

Phoenix are very effective against creatures of nocturne, as their fire burns as bright as the sun. Should you seek out to destroy a creature of nocturne, a Phoenix is your greatest ally in the endeavor.


Ifrits are a passionate and fickle race. No ifrit is satisfied with a sedentary life; like a wildfire, ifrits must keep moving or burn away into nothingness. Ifrits not only adore flames, but personify multiple aspects of them as well, embodying both fire's dynamic, ever-changing energy and its destructive, pitiless nature.

Even the best-natured ifrits tend to view other individuals as tools to use as they see fit, and as such they get along best with races they can charm or browbeat into submission Strangely, ifrits sometimes form incredibly close bonds with whose calm, aloof nature seems to counterbalance an ifrit's impulsiveness. This has made them a strange but effective partner with many angels in Nirvana.

Ifrits adventure for the sheer thrill of it and for the chance to test their skill against worthy foes, but most of all they adventure in search of power. Once ifrits dedicate themselves to a task, they pursue it unflinchingly, never stopping to consider the dangers ahead of them. When this brashness finally catches up with them, ifrits often rely on sorcery or bardic magic to combat their resulting troubles.

Valkyrie (Created by Dancing Flower)

Home Plane: Nirvana
Special Strengths: Listed Below in Special Abilities Section
Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities: Not exactly immortal, their confidence can be used against them

Traditional Valkyries, those who still reside in Asgard, were beautiful young women, mounted upon winged horses and armed with their helmets and spears. Their primary task was to scout the battlefields and choose the bravest of those who had been slain to serve Odin in the oncoming battle of Ragnarok. They would escort these warriors to Valhalla. Other tasks has been delegated to them through the millennium such as being Odin's messengers or influencing the outcome of battle.

Led by Sigrdrifa, the first valkyries appeared in Nirvana more than three thousand years ago. It is still unknown why they are present within the realm since they outright refuse to discuss their past with anyone who is not of Valkyrie blood. However, it has been rumored that perhaps those who first arrived were cast out from their place of birth for an unspeakable crime. Their pridefulness is often seen as arrogance did not permit them easy passage into the culture upheld by Nirvana. Within Asgard, they held unbridled respect whereas the angels in their eyes wanted someone to cower before them. Many centuries passed before the Valkyrie's natural ability within battle and unrivalled courage, some might call it foolishness, earned them respect and prominence within the realm, mostly from the angels of justice. That is not to say all is well between the two factions.

The Valkyrie have stayed true to their original traditions, unwilling to be tainted by greed or lustful inhibitions induced by those they consider unworthy. They declined payment of jewels or gold for their deeds and triumphs. Instead, they requested permission to capture and train a dangerous breed of Pegasi which had been declared unfit for contact. Within five years, the Pegasi were ready for combat and only heeded the command of Valkyrie.

Another more pressing issue arose within their ranks despite their slow aging. They needed more women to replace those who had been lost. The choice between allowing other races within their ranks or mating to avoid extinction was a difficult one. It was decided for one week every forty years, the Valkyrie would allow the strongest angels to solve their issue. Only females were accepted and embraced within their lifestyle. Any male children and those with deformities were cleansed from their society and the remaining evidence of their existence is merely ashes. The Valkyrie did not acknowledge their fathers nor angelic backgrounds. To have it acknowledged or brought under discussion is a serious offense.

Kitsune (Created by Curvy Kitten)

Kitsune are believed to possess superior intelligence, long life, and magical powers. The word Kitsune generally translated to mean fox, likely was adopted by their ability to shape shift into, as well as other characteristics of a fox, such as ears, teeth, and of course the fox tails. Kitsune are born with a single tail, and gain more as the grow older (typically one every century or so), adding as many as 9 over the course of their extremely long life spans. Beings with 9 tails are ancient and are among the most powerful beings that walk the plane of Nirvana. Another distinguished of these powerful ancient beings is that their fur will typically turn white or gold upon gaining their 9th tail.

Kitsune are often tricksters, and as such find themselves at odd with the more orderly types in Nirvina with motives that vary from mischief to malevolence. Stories tell of kitsune playing tricks on overly proud angels and valkryies that turned their noses up to them. As well as famously playing tricks on samurai, greedy merchants, and boastful commoners, on Terra. While the crueler Kitsune abuse poor tradesmen and farmers or devout religious monks. Their victims are usually men, though they have been known to play with women. For example, kitsune are thought to employ their kitsunebi to lead travelers astray in the manner of a will o' the wisp. Another tactic is for the kitsune to confuse its target with illusions or visions.Other common goals of trickster kitsune include seduction, theft of food, humiliation of the prideful, or vengeance for a perceived slight.


Home Plane: Nirvana

Special Strengths:
Ability to shift: Kitsunes can shift from female to a male form Victor(though it is rare as shifting sexes to often would draw to much attention) From a half fox for that has, her tails, fangs, claws, ears, and glowing eyes openly displayed. And a smaller fox form.

Longevity: The lifespan of a kitsune has yet to be measured, and Vivian is a long lived 300 years old

(Power from her tails: Over time Kitsune gain more tails and more power, through age, honor, and blessings.)

Illusions: kitsune are about to create illusions of just about anything, the more energy and focus placed within the illusion the realer and more tangible it becomes.

Fox-fire: By rubbing their tails together, a kitsune can make fire. The kitsune can also, to a small range, breathe out fire. Kitsune can also make small 'fox lanterns', by producing small balls of fire to float around them, and guide their way. This fire can be used as a weapon, or as a toy.

Energy feeding: The ability allows the kitsune to draw from the lives energy of a being to heal itself.

Dream walking:User can enter and manipulate the dreams of oneself and others, including modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, and observing dreams as well as nightmares, daydreams, etc

Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities:
Base power of any kitsune Shifting: She is limited to her few forms, and cannot shift or change the looks of her male and female forms.

Base power of any Kitsune Longevity: Simply because the kitsune is long lived does not mean it is undying. And do to the hex that was placed on Vivian she has had to start those years over, with no memory of his past.

Illusions: The illusions do fade quickly without her keeping them active, without proper information there can be flaws(Example this person had tattoo but she didn't know about it so in the illusion its missing.) Can be draining over time.

Fox-fire:Water is its worst enemy, and though she is immune to the flames everything else around is not...including her clothes :P

Energy feeding: The kitsune can at times kill with this, and without someone to draw from they heal at normal rates.

Dream walking: The user can only affect sleeping subjects. Due to this, Users has a limited amount of time while their target is asleep.

-If the tails are cut off the power related to tail is stolen away as well.

-Kitsunes are also a victim of their own feelings. A kitsune's emotions can cause them harm, or distract them. The Sin of Regret can even kill a kitsune outright.

Kitsunes are known to have a great fear and hatred of dogs

other notable creatures: Griffins, Pegasus, Sphinx, Fire elementals, Cupids, hippogriff,
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Yay! *jumps for joy*

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Untamed - Do you still have the characters from the old game?  I wouldn't mind playing my Djinn Bartended/Information broker as an Outsider.

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Yeah the big game group is still over there, I'll PM you the character if you like, and you can make any necessary changes

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I might be interested in bringing Argent back.

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awesome, we'd be excited to have her back

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I might be interested in bringing Argent back.

Argent! Yay!

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Bookmarked. Working on a characters now. Yay.

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Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing what you bring in

Offline Crash

Player Name: Crash

Character Name: Yara Solomon (A.K.A. Bashir Solomon)

Race/Lineage: Lebanese in appearance, though in reality she is a Sila Jinn.  She is tight-lipped on from which plane she originated from.

Concealment: Yara (not likely her true name) hides in plain sight as one of the bartenders at the Tailgate Tavern.  Yara’s true form is immaterial and formless, though she much prefers being solid and absolutely adorns her human form.  Yara will take the form of her “brother” Bashir from time to time who also works at the Tailgate, but does so only part time.  There is little that would give Yara away as a visitor unless someone sees her use her powers.

Sex: Female, though she can take a male form and does on occasion.

Physical Description: Yara is a beautiful Lebanese woman with glossy dark brown/black hair and grey-ish eyes.  She does on occasion change her hair color, but that is fairly uncommon with Yara who loves the way she looks.  She is proud of her adopted human culture and takes pride in her “heritage.”  She often incorporates Lebanese and Arabic designs into her clothing, make-up and jewelry.  Yara is curvy without being overweight.  She finds the curves to be the ultimate in femininity and attractiveness.  When she appears as Bashir, her hair is the same dark color though much shorter.  Her form is much more chiseled with wiry muscle.  Bashir has a short beard that is neatly groomed.

Age: Appears to be in her early to mid-thirties.

Occupation: Bartender at the Tailgate Tavern

Living Arrangements: Yara lives in an apartment above the Tailgate Tavern with her “brother.”

Sexual Orientation: Yara likes women in all of her forms, but as she identifies herself as female, lesbian is the closest to appropriate.  She would simply laugh at the label however.

Ons & Offs: 
Off’s, waif-like girls, prejudice, bland foods.

Place of Birth: As far as anyone knows her family immigrated to San Francisco from Lebanon when she was young.  She moved to Oregon to go to college and has lived in New Frontier City ever since.  In reality Yara was never truly born.  She has always been, as far as she knows, a formless spirit born of invisible smoke that myth would say lays at the boundary of Nocturne and Inferno. 

Personality: Affable and easy to talk to.  Yara knows when to talk, when to flirt and when to listen.  She is the perfect bartender.  The old locals find a kind word and a sharp wit willing to listen to the same old story like she was hearing it for the first time and the new college students find a beautiful flirt that likes to string you along for an ego boost and a good tip.  In reality Yara is all of these things and more. She is an information broker and a good one at that.  She holds a strict neutrality policy among the powers at play in New Frontier and knows enough people and enough dirt that anyone forcing her to break her rules will pay for it.  Word is if you need to know what is going on in and around New Frontier Yara is a good person to go to, but there is always a price for her information.  Yara isn’t stupid.  She isn’t much different away from her job and is always listening for some morsel of interesting gossip or information that she can tuck away for use later.  As much as Yara can be friendly and helpful she can be quite mercenary when it comes down to business, especially when working with people she doesn’t know.

Yara is not a member of the Sentinel.  She sees herself as a neutral party. Yara’s neutrality extends to the Sentinel’s as well and she has exchanged information with Sentinel members as needed.  Nothing is free with Yara, but she runs a reasonable price and has the pulse of the everyday residents of New Frontier City, visitor or mundane.  The Tailgate Tavern is safe ground for both groups and is frequented by old school regulars during the day and college students at night.

History: Yara slipped between worlds approximately 15 years ago.  It wasn’t the first time she had slipped through the veil between worlds for a (mostly) harmless ride on an infidel.  This was not the first time she had visited Terra.  For most Jinn it was a way to break the dreary formless existence that they used to pass the eons in the twilight realms.  Without form a Jinn is instinctual, bound to follow a set of laws that have existed from time immemorial, seeking out those that have forgotten the gods and entering their bodies to torment them until the gods were appeased. 

Unfortunately Yara was drawn to a very important Sentinel in spiritual crises and after a series of unfortunate accidents Yara was discovered within the young Sentinel and exorcised.  Instead of returning to the formless nether of her home plan the ritual bound her forcing her to take shape.  The Sentinel’s determined her worthy of staying on Terra if she so choose.  With human form came reasoning and morals she found interesting and alien.  Yara chose to stay in Terra and learn more of its creatures in the best way she thought possible, as one of them.

She wandered for a while, fascinated with what she saw and learned of other visitors from planes she knew nothing of.  She also learned that this information had value.  Yara settled in New Frontier City.  With her wishcraft she could have easily lived without the need of work, but that would not let her immerse herself in the intriguing entities that called the seaside city home.  Ever the observant Jinn, Yara saw how people opened up to the old human that had rented her the room above his tavern.  It was a simple thing to grant a tiny wish to his only worker and sent her on her way, then convince the old man to hire her instead.

From that point on Yara has been a fixture in New Frontier.  She carved out a pretty little niche for herself dealing information and has been recruited by both Sentinel and Atlas on multiple occasions, but has so far been able to re-buff them both. Sentinel because she has an ingrained aversion to danger and Atlas because she frankly just doesn’t trust the demon.  No she is quite content to gather her information and dole it out in little nibbles to those that need it.  So far she has managed not to get burned by powers greater than her, but what will she do when something gets dropped in her lap that is too hot for anyone to handle? 

Family: Her “brother” Bashir is her only family.  As one of the Jinn she considers all other Jinn to be brothers and sisters.


Special Abilities:
Shapeshifting – Yara can change into virtually anything she wants, animate or inanimate.  She has spent years as a man as well as a woman which gives her some interesting insights into each gender. 

Insubstantiality – She can do this at will and even instinctually at any sign of danger.  She just disappears in a puff of smoke, though anything that can bind a spirit can also bind her and in some cases force her to take form.

Possession – Like other Jinn Yara can possess a person.  She would only do so under the most dire of circumstances and she can be exorcised by any devote religious practitioner.  Possession is not a complete take over, but she can nudge with suggestions of what the victim should do.  If the victim of possession dies she is expelled from the body and suffers some severe mental trauma.  It is not a pleasant experience and one that leaves her vulnerable.  (This is not something that I would do in game unless it was very much discussed with the other player way in advance.  I have included it because the myths about Jinn include it.  I will remove if you wish.)

Wishcraft – Her powers of wishcraft are limited.  If you want a small windfall, like a full ride scholarship, she can arrange.  Have a girl fall in love with you?  Okay yeah, but that doesn’t mean she will stay that way.  There is no immortality or lottery winning or earthshattering requests.  Sila are not like other Jinn, they are subtle and tricky, which is why very little is known about them.

Special artifact/item: She has an honest to god Flying Carpet.  She doesn’t often use it, but she does have it for an emergency get away or some really adventurous young lady that wants a romp in the clouds.

Martial Skills: Sila Jinn are not aggressive types.  Their go to tactic in a fight is to become insubstantial and either attack with surprise or run away to plot and plan another day.  That said they can take the form of animals and are not opposed to sucker punching and surprise attacks.  Yara has ended more than one bar fight with a well-placed bottle or chair over someone’s head.

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Bookmarked. Working on a characters now. Yay.



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I do have a question though.  Is this new game tied to the old one timelinewise in any way, or is this considered a clean slate?  In either case I might try and have Argent be task force instead of rookie this time around, if that's possible

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

This new game is considered a official "reboot" from the old one. Because we've changed so much about the world and the role Sentinel itself is taking it was impossible to make assumptions on anything.

If you'd like to bring back Argent and make Argent apart of the Task force that's absolutely possible. Some things will be familiar and you'll recognize, but for the most part consider this a "Brand New Game" with a few familiar faces.

Offline EdwardShane

Gotcha!  I'll see about getting a char sheet up sometime today then, will probably copy and paste mainly.  (Of course, I will make changes where needed!  Especially taking a moment to compare the new skeleton with what I have written already.)

Offline Juggtacular

I was so bummed I let this drop the first time.

I'd be interested in bringing Marcus(name change this time) and Hanzo back.

Offline Untamed SkiesTopic starter

We look forward to it EdwardShane!

We'd be interested in having them back Jugg

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I was so bummed I let this drop the first time.

I'd be interested in bringing Marcus(name change this time) and Hanzo back.

If you want I can PM you your old sheets and you can edit it to fit this new setting?

Offline Juggtacular

If you want I can PM you your old sheets and you can edit it to fit this new setting?

That'd be awesome. :D

Online HazySky

I'm in with Bjorn and Leo from the last game. :)

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I'm in with Bjorn and Leo from the last game. :)

I'll pm you their sheets. :D
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Added Bashir/Yara as a taken civilian role.

If you'd prefer to neutral, or part of the Suerpnatural community as a civilian or anything, let me know and I'll get it fixed

Also if there is anyone interested in reserving a role before you finish your characters, or finishing editing them please let me know, and lastly I'll need face claims again!