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July 08, 2020, 11:20:46 PM

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Author Topic: Interest Check: Fear the Walking Dead (AU, post apoc, non con and more)  (Read 418 times)

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

So I'm a huge Walking Dead fan and there is a notable lack of post apoc on here so I'm considering setting up a smallish RP. 

About the Game

The bulk of the Rp will take place in a small closed off, walled off community of Alexandria. It will be more or less contained to a few areas since it forces character interactions and prevents characters from getting too spread out.

The game will be focused on the characters more then anything so character interaction is important. Please don't join and have your character avoid interaction or only interact with only one or two characters. Yes some characters are loners or standoffish but that shouldn't stop you from interacting.

The game is semi sand box and will be driven by both the players and the GM vai events.

There is also the issue of the inner struggle for power. People fighting over who gets to be leader or have more power or be allowed to come and go when ever they want instead of having to get permission. (Some characters can by pass this by carefuly scaling the fence)  Are your characters going to willingly follow those people?

And there are supply issues since things will run out sooner or latter and someone will have to travel into potential Walker territory for supplies. Then you have threats in the form of weather, inner politics and unrest among the characters, raiders and the like.

The Infected

1) The virus spreads via bites.  There are rumored to be those who are immune to the virus but so far those rumors have proven untrue. If your character is bitten they have a 50% chance of dying and coming back as a walker. Any one who dies comes back as a walker unless they suffered trauma to the head

2) Walkers are stupid. Dumber then a box of rocks and slow moving, often walking right into pit traps and other obstacles. Individual they are not much of a threat unless a character is taken by surprise. In numbers of five or more however, walkers become a substantial threat. Trauma to the head will put one down

3) Covering oneself in vile rotting walker entrails will allow your character to walk among them unnoticed as long as they don't make much noise or do anything to draw their attention

4) Loud sounds attract walkers more then light does

General Rules

-There is no posting order so you don't have to wait for other characters
- Multiple characters are allowed and encouraged
- Follow all Elliquiy Rules.
-No god modding
- There is a chance your character will die but that will not happen with out your permission
-Use the Tags
-All characters need to be 18+
-Real life is important and does get in the way at times. Discuss before hand with your partners what your posting frequency is.
-If you have any questions feel free to PM me

I'm allowing both CC and OCs and even CCs from horror based games and movies as long as they can be modified enough to fit the setting

- Connections between characters are allowed and encouraged.
-You can have up to three main characters and as many NPCs as you can handle
-Characters can be orginal or a canon character taken from a horror based movie, TV show or game as long as they fit the setting
- Gender of the player or Character does not matter. This game is open to all genders and sexualities
-Characters need to be 18+
- Make your characters as to what you like, If it means we end up with two people who are good at the same thing? Well a little rivalry makes things interesting.

Think about your character when you make them. Are they an average Joe Blow who feels very out of place and may be considered a burden and cause IG drama? Were they a doctor or a vet? Are they military or ex military? Did they specialize in something? Are they a hunter and can help provide for the others and make a little competition for any other hunters? Are they some one who likes to use and manipulate others for thier own benefits?

Are they a food\supply hoarder that can get into trouble for being a hoarder? Do they steal things from other characters? Do they like sex like a lot and will trade supplies and the like for it?

Even if your character ends up being good at something another character is then good! A little rivalry makes things interesting!


Wolves are outcasts of Alexandria. All the outcasts are marked with a W that is either burned or cut into thier flesh somewhere marking them as an outcast. They either murdered someone in the town, committed some crime, they engendered someone or stole\hoarded  supplies and food. What ever thier crime they were cast out of the community and left to fend for themsleves.

Wolves are of any gender, sexuality and ethnicity. They are ruthless when it comes to attacking small bands or individuals that leave the community if they catch them. They have no qualms about torturing, tormenting, even rapping thier captives, taking their anger out on them. They typical set up in small camps in well hidden areas a few miles from Alexandra or in abandoned buildings

Character Name:
Former Occupation:
Personality:  Just a few lines are all that's needed.
Character Ons/Offs: 

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Re: Interest Check: Fear the Walking Dead (AU, post apoc, non con and more)
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2015, 12:53:33 PM »
Placing an interest. Just have to wait until after work to make a character sheet.