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November 19, 2017, 03:59:34 PM

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Author Topic: Leki Craves; M/M or M/F  (Read 919 times)

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Leki Craves; M/M or M/F
« on: October 07, 2015, 07:31:54 PM »
Leki's Request Thread

Current Status:
          - ♛ Rules of Roleplay ♛ -
    1. I rolelay in Threads Only
    2. I play males in MxF or MxM Pairings
    3. I only play in Third Person Perspective Writing
    4. I would like appx 200~600 Words per Post
    5. I would like at least a post every 3 days (More is better)
    6. I require you to provide a List of desired Kinks (Eg F-List | On/Off)
    7. I require you to provide a Character Reference Image*
*Note: The image must be art/anime!
This means photographs or digital renditions of people will not be accepted.

- ❤ Desired Kinks ❤ -
- ☠ Limits ☠߷ -
- ★ Your Chara ★ -
Third-Person Writing
Written Sounds (Eg; Slrrrp)
Anthros & Monsters

Kissing | Biting | Licking | Saliva
Moaning | Heavy Breathing
Oral Sex (Giving/Receiving)
Roaming Fingers | Scratching

Blindfolds | Collars | Handcuffs
Exhibitionism | Public Sex
Fear of Getting Caught
Humiliation | Coercion

Excessive Thick Semen
Swallowing/Passing Semen
Multiple | Consecutive Orgasms
Scat | Vore | Vomit
Mutilation | Excessive Blood
Unnatural Growth

Shemale | Futanari
Animal Sex (Furries Not Included)
Age Gap (12+ Years)

Suicidal Themes
Dark Angsty Backstory
Mental/Emotional Instability
Hate-Based Relationships

Cute Characters > Sexy Characters
Short Effeminate Characters
Sexually Inexperienced (Slight Discomfort)

Initiative Taking Characters
Affectionate | Obsessive
Sexually Eager/Addicted
Resilient but Wanting
High Physical Sensitivity
Cute Sound/Gestures

Kemonomimi (Hybrid Characters)
Socially/Financially/Physically Worse-Off


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Cravings and Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2015, 02:43:03 AM »
߷ Craved Concepts ߷

   Male Friend x Gender-Bent Male
When a young man is invited to spend some time with his friends down at the beach, he gladly accepts.
Things however take a bizarre turn for the worse when he enters the mens restroom and finds a discarded bikini top. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he foolishly decides to pick it up. A decision which results in the rather revealing garment clinging to his body. Slithering up his arm and wrapping itself around the young man's chest. An excruciating heat courses through the young man's body, and within moments he's been transformed into a beautiful young woman. Unable to remove the bikini top, they decide to lock themselves up in the nearest cubicle. After several futile attempts, one of the young man's(?) friend's come to investigate.

*Alternative: While I prefer the above plot, I'm also willing to do this with a female or male character (who hasn't been gender-bent), and the bikini top would instead incite unbearably intense sexual arousal (sexual-heat).

Big Bad Wolf x Witch/Red-R-Hood
A particular wolf watches silently as a clueless human girl/boy strolls through the woods. Several weeks have passed since the wolf and human first crossed paths, but ever since then the wolf has done nothing but stare longingly at the human; his sense of appetite overpowered by an emotion far more powerful. Their first encounter revealed quite clearly that his feelings for the human could never be realized in his current form…

Heavy hearted the wolf visits another inhabitant of the woods. Traveling to the lone witch’s abode, the wolf pleads his case and manages to convince the witch to concoct a potion that will turn the wolf human. The spell is a partial success; as the furry pair of ears and bushy tail make it impossible to distinguish him as a pure human. Convinced that the partial transformation will suffice he departs to approach the human of his dreams once more…

*Alternative: The confession ends badly, and the wolf is heartbroken. Returning to the witch’s abode, he seeks to be turned back… but the witch doesn’t know how. The witch can be a male or female.
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Group Roleplay Planning Post
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2015, 10:59:47 AM »
[601] Obsidian/Pet
Apartment 602
[603] Ivory/Pet
[604] Ruska/Pet
[501] Crystal/Pet
Apartment 502
Apartment 503
Apartment 504
Apartment 401
Apartment 402
[403] Mitch/Pet
Apartment 404
3rd Floor is
Communal Space
(Common Area)
Apartment 201
Apartment 202
Apartment 203
Apartment 204
1st Floor is Landlords Apartment x2, Maintenance Room, Entrance Hallway (Elevator+Stairs)
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Offline LekiTopic starter

« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2016, 02:01:51 AM »

Name: Obsidian (Syd) Shiro
Player: Leki
Age: 19y (Male)
Species: Snow Leopard
Height: 5’10” (178cm)
Hair Color: Onyx Black Hair, Dark Blackish fur with Dark Ringed Pattern
Eye Color: Deep Sapphire Blue
Sexuality: Bisexual
Character Occupation: Scholarship Student (Security Management) [Online]
Character Family Ties: Mother and Twin Sister (Crystal)
Player's Most Desired Kink(s):
Firm, commanding and dominant at all times, Syd is someone who likes to have complete control over his sexual encounters. He likes to whittle away at his partners resilience beforehand, forcing them into submission through coercion and blackmail. He naturally had a thing for the taboo, and also is quite aroused by things that would be considered morally objectionable by society.

Obsidian' Personality & Life
Character Personality:
Obsidian (or Syd) might seem like a charming young leopard at first glance, but beneath the confident smile and socially friendly facade lies a sinister dark side that’s never too far from the surface. In short, Syd is madly in love with his twin sister, and there is literally nothing he wouldn’t do for her. Despite having convinced himself years ago that the taboo nature of his attraction meant his love would likely never be reciprocated in the way he wanted, he continued to obsessively linger around her, working behind the scenes to distance any who might attempt to cause her harm... or catch her fancy. He resolutely believes that no one is good enough for her except himself, and he’d sooner die than one day be introduced to a brother-in-law to be. To summarize, Syd is a psychotic lover under the guise of a doting older brother, who’d not only decorate his bedroom wall with picture of his sister.... but also literally attempt to take someone’s life at her beck and call.

Life in a Nutshell:
Obsidian; like his twin sister Crystal was born in the dead of winter... but that’s really where the similarities between the two of them end. Unlike his sister who was always scolded for not meeting their stern mothers expectations. Obsidian easily breezed through everything life hurled at him. Academically gifted, and physically adept he was always amongst the inner circle of students throughout his schooling years. And at home, he was always accompanied by his best friend, and lifelong crush. The innocent relationship between them would however become strained as Obsidian grew older, and the fatal mistake of choosing his friends over his sister at one point inevitably led to them drifting a part. Initially he convinced himself that it was better for both of them... but the time apart only led to him becoming more psychotic and possessive. If he can’t have her, he’s determined to make sure no one else does either.
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