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June 28, 2017, 02:33:53 PM

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Author Topic: Leki Craves; M/M or M/F  (Read 716 times)

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Leki Craves; M/M or M/F
« on: October 07, 2015, 07:31:54 PM »
Leki's Request Thread

Current Status:
          - ♛ Rules of Roleplay ♛ -
    1. I rolelay in Threads Only
    2. I play males in MxF or MxM Pairings
    3. I only play in Third Person Perspective Writing
    4. I would like appx 200~600 Words per Post
    5. I would like at least a post every 3 days (More is better)
    6. I require you to provide a List of desired Kinks (Eg F-List | On/Off)
    7. I require you to provide a Character Reference Image*
*Note: The image must be art/anime!
This means photographs or digital renditions of people will not be accepted.

- ❤ Desired Kinks ❤ -
- ☠ Limits ☠߷ -
- ★ Your Chara ★ -
Third-Person Writing
Written Sounds (Eg; Slrrrp)
Anthros & Monsters

Kissing | Biting | Licking | Saliva
Moaning | Heavy Breathing
Oral Sex (Giving/Receiving)
Roaming Fingers | Scratching

Blindfolds | Collars | Handcuffs
Exhibitionism | Public Sex
Fear of Getting Caught
Humiliation | Coercion

Excessive Thick Semen
Swallowing/Passing Semen
Multiple | Consecutive Orgasms
Scat | Vore | Vomit
Mutilation | Excessive Blood
Unnatural Growth

Shemale | Futanari
Animal Sex (Furries Not Included)
Age Gap (12+ Years)

Suicidal Themes
Dark Angsty Backstory
Mental/Emotional Instability
Hate-Based Relationships

Cute Characters > Sexy Characters
Short Effeminate Characters
Sexually Inexperienced (Slight Discomfort)

Initiative Taking Characters
Affectionate | Obsessive
Sexually Eager/Addicted
Resilient but Wanting
High Physical Sensitivity
Cute Sound/Gestures

Kemonomimi (Hybrid Characters)
Socially/Financially/Physically Worse-Off


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Cravings and Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2015, 02:43:03 AM »
߷ Craved Concepts ߷

   Male Friend x Gender-Bent Male
When a young man is invited to spend some time with his friends down at the beach, he gladly accepts.
Things however take a bizarre turn for the worse when he enters the mens restroom and finds a discarded bikini top. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he foolishly decides to pick it up. A decision which results in the rather revealing garment clinging to his body. Slithering up his arm and wrapping itself around the young man's chest. An excruciating heat courses through the young man's body, and within moments he's been transformed into a beautiful young woman. Unable to remove the bikini top, they decide to lock themselves up in the nearest cubicle. After several futile attempts, one of the young man's(?) friend's come to investigate.

*Alternative: While I prefer the above plot, I'm also willing to do this with a female or male character (who hasn't been gender-bent), and the bikini top would instead incite unbearably intense sexual arousal (sexual-heat).

Big Bad Wolf x Witch/Red-R-Hood
A particular wolf watches silently as a clueless human girl/boy strolls through the woods. Several weeks have passed since the wolf and human first crossed paths, but ever since then the wolf has done nothing but stare longingly at the human; his sense of appetite overpowered by an emotion far more powerful. Their first encounter revealed quite clearly that his feelings for the human could never be realized in his current form…

Heavy hearted the wolf visits another inhabitant of the woods. Traveling to the lone witch’s abode, the wolf pleads his case and manages to convince the witch to concoct a potion that will turn the wolf human. The spell is a partial success; as the furry pair of ears and bushy tail make it impossible to distinguish him as a pure human. Convinced that the partial transformation will suffice he departs to approach the human of his dreams once more…

*Alternative: The confession ends badly, and the wolf is heartbroken. Returning to the witch’s abode, he seeks to be turned back… but the witch doesn’t know how. The witch can be a male or female.
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Online LekiTopic starter

« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2015, 10:59:47 AM »

--★-- Golden Glove Manor --★--
Important Links
--★-- Request Thread --★--
--★-- OoC Thread --★--
--★-- Information Thread --★--
--★-- IC Thread --★--
OoC Participation: Engage, interact, and collaborate with fellow players whenever possible.
Character Images: (Face-Claims) should be of an artistic/anime style. (No Celeb/Models)
Male Characters: I'll primarily only be accepting Male characters for this roleplay as it'll be MxM/BL/Yaoi
Posting Length: Quality AND Quantity. Attempt to post at least two solid paragraphs per post.
Posting Limitation: Wait for 2 other posts, before posting again with the same character.
Posting Frequency: Maintain a posting average of at least once every 3 days.
If you'll be absent for an extended period of time, post your anticipated absence in the OoC.

If you were given the opportunity...
To craft yourself the perfect friend, companion, or lover.
What price would you be willing to pay?
A creation who's personality is exactly to your liking,
A creation who's each and every action is tailored to specifically suite your liking?
What would you say if I could offer you the embodiment of your ideals?
An unwaveringly loyal companion who would places you first and foremost?
Each and every breath they take, taken for the sake of your satisfaction.
Your perfection and happiness await you at the Golden Glove...
All you need to do is inquire within~


Your character has known for some time now that there’s something physically wrong with themselves. From an early age they felt as if they were somehow different to those around them, and their distorted existent became all the more apparent during their pre-adolescent years. While most of their peers were experiencing a simple growth spurt, change of voice, or a patchy stubble of hair. Your character was regularly besieged by a series of bizarre cravings and peculiar behavioral urges. When the physical mutations began to manifest themselves there was no denying that something was seriously wrong. Serious wounds would heal overnight, and no amount of clipping could keep up with their ever growing hair and claw-like nails. Yet even if their blood became blue, or a pair of fuzzy ears formed atop their heads, your character’s parents remained oddly evasive. Clearly knowing something, but refusing to reveal just what that was. Wider society however couldn’t be expected to be quite so accepting, and no matter how much effort was put into concealing their physical deformities, trouble was always inevitable.

Ultimately your character was forced to leave everything they love and know behind. Escaping the prying eyes of those around them in search of a life which wasn’t constantly threatened with the possibility of persecution. Their journey would inevitably lead them to the dilapidated city-ruins of Nageki; an abandoned maze of towering concrete towers and dusty forlorn streets. The city was once renowned for being an ambitious regional nexus of economic and social activity, but was gradually abandoned by its inhabitants many years ago when a series of unexplainable murders and paranormal occurrences brought the city to its knees. The city has since become a hideout and resting place for ruthless outlaws and wandering vagabonds seeking sanctuary from the oppression of society no matter what shape or form it took. While the rumours of mindless ghouls, beastly abominations, and demonic entities would garner little credibility from any ordinary person, your character isn’t in a position to dismissively wave them away. Especially when they come across the story of an age-old witch who’s able to diagnose and cure any condition or illness no matter how unconventional they may be.

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Re: Leki Craves; M/M or M/F
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2016, 02:01:51 AM »
Jusenkyo Apartments
Important Links
--★-- Request Thread --★--
--★-- OoC Thread --★--
--★-- Information Thread --★--
--★-- IC Thread --★--
OoC Participation: Engage, interact, and collaborate with fellow players whenever possible.
Character Images: (Face-Claims) should be of an artistic/anime style. (No Celeb/Models)
Male Characters: Seeking Male characters as it's mainly MxM/BL/Yaoi... though females are negotiable.
Posting Length: Quality AND Quantity. Attempt to post at least two solid paragraphs per post.
Posting Limitation: Wait for 2 other posts, before posting again with the same character.
Posting Frequency: Maintain a posting average of at least once every 3 days.
If you'll be absent for an extended period of time, post your anticipated absence in the OoC.

~When was the last time you fantasized about being unemployed?~
Well, maybe it’s time you started?

A life free of responsibility and expectations?
A life in which you do what you want, when you want to?
A life where nothing can go wrong, simply because you’re already rock bottom?
But life is a fickle little thing, and just when you’re about to declare that things can’t get any worse.... It decides yet again to prove you wrong.

The Apartments
Welcome to the Jusenkyo Apartments; if you’re looking to carve out a modest piece of society out for yourself, look no further! Conveniently situated away on the outskirts of a bustling city life, the apartments are within walking distance to all local amenities; take a short walk down to the local shopping district to indulge in some fine dining, or perhaps you’d be more interested in taking a soothing stroll through the scenic park nearby? All this could be your today for a cheap cheap price.

 is available to you for a cheap cheap price. Contact to sign your fixed contract now. Refunds not available.

… There’s no way you’d have responded to such a shady ad under normal circumstances. But the rental price listed was a fraction of any other property you could find. Getting a fixed address is essential in you obtaining work, and any space with four walls and a roof (that isn’t a public toilet) is a luxury in itself considering your financial circumstances.

-   Even if the room is small, stuffy, and occupied by various creepy crawlies
-   Even if the communal kitchen & toilet down the hallway is gag-inspiringly filthy
-   Even if you awaken one morning and find yourself unwittingly cursed.

The Curse
No, I’m not kidding you, and your eye-sight is fine.
In addition to being a penniless unemployed bum, you’ve also been afflicted with the appallingly ridiculous curse of some poor deceased animal. After spending a night in the barren apartment room you awaken to discover that your physical body has developed a few extra ‘attachments’ that previously didn’t exist (Animal ears, tails, horns, wings, fangs etc).

Fear not though, because your suffering is equally shared by all your resident neighbours. In fact, each and every room in the apartment complex has been cursed with the spirit of a vengeful animal-pet that entered the apartments, but never left. While some passed away naturally of age or illness, others were abandoned. Some might have starved to death, while others were slaughtered to sate the starvation of their owners/captors…

The animal which you’re cursed by is negotiable, but will likely be restricted to a pet that could be reasonably be kept in an apartment room. (Eg; A snake works, an Alligator not so much). The curse has two properties; first and fore mostly your characters appearance will be altered in some way as previously mentioned. Secondly your character personality will be influenced by the animal you have chosen. For example if your character is possessed by a dog, they may become very territorial. A cat-possessed person may become very moody, or be overcome with the urge to chase small rodents. (Please Note: This is not a section for super powers, it’s a behavioural thing).

The Summary
Your Character: Their life has recently been turned upside down by a catastrophic event. They’ve lost their job, they’ve lost their life-savings, and they’re either unable, unwilling, or simply don’t have anyone they can rely on for help. In fact the clothes on their back, and 3 specified (inexpensive) objects are the only things they own.

The Setup: The only thing your character has going for them; is the fact that they’ve managed to secured a fixed contract with the Jusenkyo Apartments for dirt cheap. Accommodation is the one thing they won’t have to worry about, but unfortunately the accommodation comes at an unexpected cost. Your character has been cursed with non-human physical traits, and defining animalistic trait that influences their personality.

The Setting: The Jusenkyo apartments are quite frankly a dump. The rooms are old and barren, while the communal showers & kitchen are absolutely filthy. There’s a few ‘gathering’ places nearby like the shopping district, a park, and whatever else we can come up with (Maybe a free-refill café?).

The Objective: Much of the plot in the GRP will be self-driven, with ALL character seeking employment in some form or another. Unfortunately your character isn’t exactly the definition of employability, so you may need to work your way up. One of the preliminary goals for all characters will be food security as they’re all financially broke.

The Group Roleplay (GRP): The overall roleplay will be pretty sandbox, but there will be times when characters will be required to come together for a common cause (eg; Dispelling the curse). Success in employment will be regulated by myself (eg; we’ll 1x1 the interview). While object/wealth attainment must strictly follow reasonable circumstances (eg; your character isn’t going to find a HD flat-screen tv lying on the side of the road and take it home… legally at least anyway). As the GM, I’ll also be implementing and intervening to keep things infuriating… interesting.

Extra Things To Know...
- I'll primarily only be accepting Male characters for this roleplay as it'll be MxM/BL/Yaoi
- Character Images (Face-Claims) will be required, and they should be of an artistic/anime style. (No Celeb/Models)
- I'm looking for participants who'll be able to post at least 2~3 times a week.
- 'Sociable Engagement' is highly appreciated. I've found that good communicators often are the best roleplayers.

If you'd might be interested in something like this, or have any questions please post them below, or shoot me a PM. Once we've got a fair gathering of characters I'll put a character application sheet up.
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