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Author Topic: Leki Craves; M/M or M/F  (Read 592 times)

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Leki Craves; M/M or M/F
« on: October 07, 2015, 07:31:54 PM »
Leki's Request Thread

Current Status:
          - ♛ Rules of Roleplay ♛ -
    1. I rolelay in Threads Only
    2. I play males in MxF or MxM Pairings
    3. I only play in Third Person Perspective Writing
    4. I would like appx 200~600 Words per Post
    5. I would like at least a post every 3 days (More is better)
    6. I require you to provide a List of desired Kinks (Eg F-List | On/Off)
    7. I require you to provide a Character Reference Image*
*Note: The image must be art/anime!
This means photographs or digital renditions of people will not be accepted.

- ❤ Desired Kinks ❤ -
- ☠ Limits ☠߷ -
- ★ Your Chara ★ -
Third-Person Writing
Written Sounds (Eg; Slrrrp)
Anthros & Monsters

Kissing | Biting | Licking | Saliva
Moaning | Heavy Breathing
Oral Sex (Giving/Receiving)
Roaming Fingers | Scratching

Blindfolds | Collars | Handcuffs
Exhibitionism | Public Sex
Fear of Getting Caught
Humiliation | Coercion

Excessive Thick Semen
Swallowing/Passing Semen
Multiple | Consecutive Orgasms
Scat | Vore | Vomit
Mutilation | Excessive Blood
Unnatural Growth

Shemale | Futanari
Animal Sex (Furries Not Included)
Age Gap (12+ Years)

Suicidal Themes
Dark Angsty Backstory
Mental/Emotional Instability
Hate-Based Relationships

Cute Characters > Sexy Characters
Short Effeminate Characters
Sexually Inexperienced (Slight Discomfort)

Initiative Taking Characters
Affectionate | Obsessive
Sexually Eager/Addicted
Resilient but Wanting
High Physical Sensitivity
Cute Sound/Gestures

Kemonomimi (Hybrid Characters)
Socially/Financially/Physically Worse-Off


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Cravings and Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2015, 02:43:03 AM »
߷ Craved Concepts ߷

   Male Friend x Gender-Bent Male
When a young man is invited to spend some time with his friends down at the beach, he gladly accepts.
Things however take a bizarre turn for the worse when he enters the mens restroom and finds a discarded bikini top. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he foolishly decides to pick it up. A decision which results in the rather revealing garment clinging to his body. Slithering up his arm and wrapping itself around the young man's chest. An excruciating heat courses through the young man's body, and within moments he's been transformed into a beautiful young woman. Unable to remove the bikini top, they decide to lock themselves up in the nearest cubicle. After several futile attempts, one of the young man's(?) friend's come to investigate.

*Alternative: While I prefer the above plot, I'm also willing to do this with a female or male character (who hasn't been gender-bent), and the bikini top would instead incite unbearably intense sexual arousal (sexual-heat).

Big Bad Wolf x Witch/Red-R-Hood
A particular wolf watches silently as a clueless human girl/boy strolls through the woods. Several weeks have passed since the wolf and human first crossed paths, but ever since then the wolf has done nothing but stare longingly at the human; his sense of appetite overpowered by an emotion far more powerful. Their first encounter revealed quite clearly that his feelings for the human could never be realized in his current form…

Heavy hearted the wolf visits another inhabitant of the woods. Traveling to the lone witch’s abode, the wolf pleads his case and manages to convince the witch to concoct a potion that will turn the wolf human. The spell is a partial success; as the furry pair of ears and bushy tail make it impossible to distinguish him as a pure human. Convinced that the partial transformation will suffice he departs to approach the human of his dreams once more…

*Alternative: The confession ends badly, and the wolf is heartbroken. Returning to the witch’s abode, he seeks to be turned back… but the witch doesn’t know how. The witch can be a male or female.
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« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2015, 10:59:47 AM »
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Re: Leki Craves; M/M or M/F
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2016, 02:01:51 AM »
~ Bakemono Shiki ~

- Summary -
Bakemono-Shiki is a free-form group roleplay which will focus on the interactions between human-students and their Shiki(Demon). Demons have existed in our world since the dawn of time, and their influence over our world can be observed through the numerous disasters and mysteries that plague our history books. In the world of this roleplay; the atrocities committed by these abominations has escalated to the point of being a common occurrence. Yet mankind, oblivious to the existence of demons have adapted with ignorance; disregarding the unexplainable with the terms bad-luck and misfortune.

The roleplay will be set on Honganjima, an artificially constructed mobile island equipped with the worlds most advanced technology, along with the brilliant minds that invented them. Honganjima's most distinguishing feature however is not its research laboratories, or bizarre ever-changing biomes. But is in fact an Academic Institution that serves to educate and train a generation of young adults(18+) into combating the plague-like demons that negatively impact upon our world.

While traditionally an institution to train the supernaturally gifted, a recent breakthrough has resulted in a project that aims to turn the demons against one another. Inviting demons from various backgrounds to fight for the human cause, a group of students will be tasked with taming and maintaining a relationship with 'monsters' and channelling the demons power through the use of magic. 

- Simplification -
There's an island with a school on it and your character is sent there due to a inherent talent they have.
On the island your character will be tasked to befriend demons in exchange for magical (element-based) powers.
The institution on the island wants to train your character to fight demons who are the cause of most of the world's problems.

Note: This is an Anime/Manga based Roleplay.
Furry/Anthro and Monstrous Characters are welcome.

- Letter of Enrolment -
Quote from: Letter of Enrolement
Congratulations! On your enrolment to Sashiki Academy.

Our Mystics have chosen your existence to take part in the Internationally accredited programme for the naturally gifted. If you're beginning to experience unnatural occurrence, or witnessing inexplainable phenomena, please be assured by the fact that this is perfectly normal, and a blooming precursor to your soon-to-be talent. That said, we would strongly encourage you to suppress your curiosities, and maintain a safe cautious distance from anything you aren't completely familiar with.

The programme is funded by influential governments from across the globe; meaning that your accommodation, training, and daily needs will be fully paid for by the Academy. Furthermore the Academy guarantee's its graduates with a highly paid occupation that will be both personally-rewarding, and socially worthwhile.

Your enrolment has already been finalized, and a representative of our institution will arrive to assist you in your transition to our Academy within a few days of you receiving this letter. The details of your enrolment, and any questions you may have will be addressed in due time. In the meantime though, please  prepare yourself for your relocation as best you can in advance, and we reiiterate.
Your enrolment has been finalized.
And with that... your letter self-immolates, vanishing in to thin air and leaving you wondering if you'd imagined the entire thing... at least until the men in suits come to pick you up; willingly or otherwise.

- Concept -

~Five Petals~
Upon swearing their allegiance to the Academy, Shiki are presented with a Anklet, Bracelet, or Collar which they must wear at all times. Once worn, the enchanted device permanently attaches itself to its host; endlessly sapping at the Shiki's magical potency, and preventing the Shiki from accessing their true potential. The jewel-flower encrusted devices other primary function is to serve as a form of identification, however teachers at the academy are equipped to use the collar as a disciplinary tool. The device can not be removed by Shiki or Student (no matter how physically strong, or magically advanced).

The Device has Six Settings; and its effect can be determined by how many petals are lit up. The more petals, the less restriction there are on the Shiki accessing their full potential. Petals are unlocked as Shiki develop an intimate (but non-sexual) relationship with a student at the academy.

Zero Petals(0): Slave Shiki;
Slave Shiki are newly inducted to the Academy, or have failed to develop a meaningful relationship with any existing human-student. Slave Shiki are severely limited in what they can and can't do; with their magical potential limited to less than 5% of their actual strength, even freshmen to the Academy can best them easily in a one on one fight. Despite this, they can still prove lethally dangerous to the average (non-magical) human. Shiki who are being reprimanded are also often reduced temporarily to 0 Petals

One Petal(1): Novice Shiki;
Novice Shiki may or may not have developed a meaningful bond with a Student, however they have exhibited a clear willingness to cooperate with their human peers, and show signs of respecting the Academy and its regulations. Most Shiki are awarded this rank after successfully completing their first assignment. They are however only able to access 20% of their former power. In terms of strength they are usually on par, or a bit stronger than an average first-year student.

Two Petals(2): Servant Shiki;
Servant Shiki have commenced bonding with at least one student, and are regularly able to exhibit a relationship of trust and understanding between the student and themselves. Servant Shiki have proven themselves somewhat trustworthy, and as a reward have been granted access to 40% of their power. Servant Shiki are quite dangerous, but can be effectively taken down by 2~3 students cooperatively working together.

Three Petals(3): Elder Shiki;
Elder Shiki have developed a true-lasting bond with their human counterpart, Elder Shiki must prove that they're willing to fight against all odds, and even go as far as laying down their own lives for the sake of their partner. With 60% of their power unlocked; Elder Shiki are a force to be reckoned with. If one were to ever go rogue, the school mandates that no fewer than a full squadron of five students are to engage in battle.

Four Petals(4): Noble Shiki;
Noble Shiki are acknowledged for their services to humanity and are given certain privileges which allow them to operate somewhat independently of their human partner. Noble Shiki have almost regained the grandeur they once commanded, wielding 80% of their former power. Few Shiki are ascend to Nobility, as their betrayal would result in a class-A crisis; requiring the deployment of several capable squadrons.

Five Petals(5): Master Shiki;
Master Shiki are bestowed with the full trust of the Academy, and are fully entitled to operate as individual agents of humanity. who are additionally granted with the authority and rank of a senior military officer. Their device is all but deactivated; allowing them to wield their power to their full potential and more! The combination of their undertaking, and the bond with their human partner heightens their strength to the point they could easily be classified on par with the greatest threats known to humanity.

~ Magic & Elements~
     - Elements -
Demons (and Shiki) within this roleplay are all naturally aligned to one of five elements. Demons/Shiki are able to access their elemental specialty based on their Petal Ranking. Students on the other hand are not specifically designated an element. And instead gain access to an element depending on the Shiki they are ritually bonded with. A Shiki can only bond with one human, but a human can bond with multiple Shiki at any given time. It is important to note that different Student-Shiki pairings result in different abilities, even if the Shiki is the same; however will be the same if a bond is re-linked).

Agrilao: The most destructive of the elements, Agrilao is primarily represented by fire, but also includes concepts which relate to rising temperatures such as; smoke, ash, molten lava, etc. (Bonus: Raw Power)
Nayuva: Pure and cleansing, Nayuva is primarily represented by the element of water, but also includes concepts which relate to falling temperatures such as; ice, snow, mist, etc. (Bonus: Cleansing)
Fervus: Representing the natural order of the world, Fervus represents nature. Broadly encompassing everything from geological formations, to plant-life and wild spirits. (Bonus: Adaptation)
Krytpa: Delving deep into the unknown, Krypta is primarily represented by the concepts of darkness, shadows and death itself. Krytpa is often mistaken to be the most sinister of the elements. (Bonus: Manipulation)
Elianore: Illuminating and Brilliant, Elianore is the element of the heavens and primarily deals with the manipulation of light, illumination, static (eg: Thunder) and positive energy. (Bonus: Enhancement)
Deus: The Sixth Element is an unconfirmed element which is rumored to exist inherently in human beings. It's properties, and whether it even exists is unknown. (Unavailable to PC's)

- Factual Notes -
Magical Awakening: Although most people will live the entirety of their lifespans being completely oblivious to the existence of demons. Your character awakens one morning to discover they've developed some sort of supernatural gift that allows them to see creatures of various shapes and sizes. Before you know what's happening your character receives a letter informing them that they've been enrolled in a top-secret school... and before they're whisked away, and forced to befriend some bizarre creature on an island they've never heard of.

Character Age: Characters usually awaken to their ability shortly after they turn 18... though some characters may be late-bloomers and a few years older. The ability will not manifest prior to 18 years of age.

Honganjima: A mobile artificial island that freely navigates itself around the world's seas. The islands most distinguishing feature is unmistakably the presence of an institution only known as the “Academy.” The facility is a top-secret tailored to training gifted individuals into combating 'demons.'

Demon-Shiki: A recent breakthrough in technology has resulted in a project that attempts to utilize the power of demons for the sake of mankind. Demons are collared, and their power is transferred to a human-caster. However the technology is still incomplete and requires the consent of the demon. These demon are called Shiki, and the ultimate goal of the project is to have a tag team of a human magic wielder, and their demonic familiar (Shiki).

Partnership: The roleplay will focus on the partnership between a human-caster and their Shiki. However it is important to note that these partnerships are not fixed, and is expected to change constantly throughout the roleplay. The magical-link between Human and Shiki is based on trust and choice... the link will become unstable if there's an emotional disturbance between the two. And to make matter worse Shiki can completely null the connection at any given time. Note; human can form as many links as they want and will gain access to more power, whereas Shiki can only link with one human at any point.

Bloom's Ritual/Law: The preliminary link between a Human and their Shiki is established by a kiss.... yes, mouth to mouth kissing. However the Academy strictly prohibits students from engaging in any further sexual intimacies with their Shiki. The Academy encourages students to develop a strong, but pure platonic relationship with their Shiki partners. If a student is found to sexually contaminate themselves willingly or otherwise, their enrolment will be terminated, and their fate cast into the shadows. Shiki may be isolated and reprimanded for an indefinite time, but a shortage in cooperative demons means they're punishment is far less severe.

Shiki Beast: All Shiki have voluntarily offered their services to the Academy without exception. Some Shiki may have turned coat after a particularly traumatic experience, whereas others could be fueled by curiosity, thirst for a challenge, etcetc. It is however important to remember that Shiki are all inherently chaotic creatures by nature. While they may no longer be maliciously destructive, they should still be overcome with the urge to cause a little mayhem and trouble from time to time. Another thing to note is that a Shiki should not be familiar with human customs, culture, and technology.

- Expectation -
18+ Characters: All characters in this roleplay will be 18 years of age or older.
GM Decisions: While I'm happy to brainstorm, negotiate and implement player ideas. Please keep in mind that I am the GM of this roleplay, and if I say something doesn't work. It won't work. Also: No God-Moding, Be respectful, etcetc.
Posting Length: We've all heard of 'Quality before Quantity', but admittedly it's pretty difficult to have quality when posts are really short. Please attempt to write at least two paragraphs per post.
Homosexuality Allowed: Characters are welcome to be of any sexual orientation, however please note that it's not the GM's job to find you a partner. Same applies for heterosexual couplings.

Posting Frequency: I would like participants to be able to post a minimum of 2~3 posts a week. I intend for this to be a pretty active roleplay, and I believe activity is crucial to engagement.
Posting Limitation: To ensure that people aren't constantly being left behind, please wait for 3 (or*) 4 people to post before posting again with the same character. (*Will settle on a number once player numbers are definitive).
OoC Participation: Players should make an effort to be active in the OoC of the roleplay. Group projects are always more fun and productive when people interact and engage with one another, and I believe Group Roleplays are no different.

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