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Author Topic: Leki Craves; M/M or M/F  (Read 1059 times)

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Leki Craves; M/M or M/F
« on: October 07, 2015, 07:31:54 PM »
Leki's Request Thread

Current Status:
          - ♛ Rules of Roleplay ♛ -
    1. I rolelay in Threads Only
    2. I play males in MxF or MxM Pairings
    3. I only play in Third Person Perspective Writing
    4. I would like appx 200~600 Words per Post
    5. I would like at least a post every 3 days (More is better)
    6. I require you to provide a List of desired Kinks (Eg F-List | On/Off)
    7. I require you to provide a Character Reference Image*
*Note: The image must be art/anime!
This means photographs or digital renditions of people will not be accepted.

- ❤ Desired Kinks ❤ -
- ☠ Limits ☠߷ -
- ★ Your Chara ★ -
Third-Person Writing
Written Sounds (Eg; Slrrrp)
Anthros & Monsters

Kissing | Biting | Licking | Saliva
Moaning | Heavy Breathing
Oral Sex (Giving/Receiving)
Roaming Fingers | Scratching

Blindfolds | Collars | Handcuffs
Exhibitionism | Public Sex
Fear of Getting Caught
Humiliation | Coercion

Excessive Thick Semen
Swallowing/Passing Semen
Multiple | Consecutive Orgasms
Scat | Vore | Vomit
Mutilation | Excessive Blood
Unnatural Growth

Shemale | Futanari
Animal Sex (Furries Not Included)
Age Gap (12+ Years)

Suicidal Themes
Dark Angsty Backstory
Mental/Emotional Instability
Hate-Based Relationships

Cute Characters > Sexy Characters
Short Effeminate Characters
Sexually Inexperienced (Slight Discomfort)

Initiative Taking Characters
Affectionate | Obsessive
Sexually Eager/Addicted
Resilient but Wanting
High Physical Sensitivity
Cute Sound/Gestures

Kemonomimi (Hybrid Characters)
Socially/Financially/Physically Worse-Off


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Cravings and Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2015, 02:43:03 AM »
߷ Craved Concepts ߷

   Male Friend x Gender-Bent Male
When a young man is invited to spend some time with his friends down at the beach, he gladly accepts.
Things however take a bizarre turn for the worse when he enters the mens restroom and finds a discarded bikini top. Curiosity gets the better of him, and he foolishly decides to pick it up. A decision which results in the rather revealing garment clinging to his body. Slithering up his arm and wrapping itself around the young man's chest. An excruciating heat courses through the young man's body, and within moments he's been transformed into a beautiful young woman. Unable to remove the bikini top, they decide to lock themselves up in the nearest cubicle. After several futile attempts, one of the young man's(?) friend's come to investigate.

*Alternative: While I prefer the above plot, I'm also willing to do this with a female or male character (who hasn't been gender-bent), and the bikini top would instead incite unbearably intense sexual arousal (sexual-heat).

Big Bad Wolf x Witch/Red-R-Hood
A particular wolf watches silently as a clueless human girl/boy strolls through the woods. Several weeks have passed since the wolf and human first crossed paths, but ever since then the wolf has done nothing but stare longingly at the human; his sense of appetite overpowered by an emotion far more powerful. Their first encounter revealed quite clearly that his feelings for the human could never be realized in his current form…

Heavy hearted the wolf visits another inhabitant of the woods. Traveling to the lone witch’s abode, the wolf pleads his case and manages to convince the witch to concoct a potion that will turn the wolf human. The spell is a partial success; as the furry pair of ears and bushy tail make it impossible to distinguish him as a pure human. Convinced that the partial transformation will suffice he departs to approach the human of his dreams once more…

*Alternative: The confession ends badly, and the wolf is heartbroken. Returning to the witch’s abode, he seeks to be turned back… but the witch doesn’t know how. The witch can be a male or female.
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Group Roleplay Planning Post
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2015, 10:59:47 AM »
--★-- Every Second Counts --★--
OoC Participation: Engage, interact, and collaborate with fellow players whenever possible.
Character Images: (Face-Claims) should be of an artistic/anime style.
Posting Length: Quality AND Quantity. Attempt to post at least two solid paragraphs per post.
Posting Limitation: Wait for 2 other players to post, before posting again with the same character.
Posting Frequency: Players should aim to post  at least 3 times each week.
If you think you'll be absent for an extended period of time(1+week), please let me know.

Context of the Game
Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at Every Second Counts (ESC).
Firstly, if you’re here expecting a survival oriented roleplay I’m afraid I’ll be letting you down :(
In fact, the alternative title I was considering for this roleplay is “Time is Money” But I don’t Tim, he’s a jerk. jk
I’ve decided to take a step out of my comfort zone in this group roleplay, and decided to try a smutty reality tv show styled game with minor gaming elements. There’ll be a bit of number counting involved on my end, but it’ll practically be free-form for participants. I’m hoping to go with a more light-hearted comedy styled roleplay than a debaucherous orgy... but different folks can pursue different strokes.

The premise of the roleplay is as follows;
A group of male characters have been brought together and must spend 24 hours together.
The objective is pretty simple; spend a day together without indulging in sexual behavior.
The twist however is that all contestants have been injected with a powerful aphrodisiac that intensifies over time.
A cash prize will be awarded to the winner who’s able to control themselves the most.

Rules of the Game
#1: For every second a contestant manages to resist their sexual urges they will receive $1 in credit.
#2: If a contestant indulges in behavior that satisfies their sexual needs, their credit will reduced by $5000.
#3: Prize money will only be awarded to the contestant with the highest credit at the end of the game.
#4: All other credit will be reset to zero once a winner has been determined.
#5: If the winner has sexually indulged in every contestant by the deadline their credit will be multiplied by ten.

#6: The game will commence at 9AM in the morning, and conclude at the same time on the following day.
#7: Seduction, scheming, harassment and even coercion are not only accepted but encouraged.
#8: Events will be held every 3 hours, and offer varying in-game benefits (8 Events).
#9: Contestant acknowledge and accept that they are being monitored at all times during the 24 hour period.
                    The Setting

Gaming Mechanics
Counting Money
Theoretically a contestant is able to win $86,400 ([60seconds] x [60 Minutes] x [24 hours]), but unknown to the contestants this will practically be impossible to achieve due to the other gaming mechanic.
For the sake of simplicity and management, we’ll be calculating on an hourly basis; so if your character has resisted sexual indulgence [Climax] for 2 hours, it’ll be calculated as them having [60s]x[60m]x[2h]= $7200 Credit.

Lust Levels
As mentioned previously, all contestants have been injected with a special type of aphrodisiac that ensures a gradual increase in a character’s level of arousal. All contestants will begin the game with a Lust Level of One... and this will increase by one after every hour. As a contestant’s Lust Level increases, their behaviour will be influenced, progressively getting more desperate.

Calm (0~2): Contestants at this level are either unaffected by the drug, or mildly conscious of their sexual arousal. They’re not actively seeking, and should be able to resist any urges without much trouble.
Aroused (3~5): Gradually becoming more and more affected, what starts as an urge will quickly turn into an active desire to seek some form of release. Resistance is possible but will be difficult.
Lust (6~8): Their mind is constantly assaulted by promiscuous thoughts, and their surroundings will be perceived by a lust-tinted lens. It’ll take every last bit of their self-control not to drag someone off for some steamy loving.
Feral (9~10): They’re completely overcome by their sexual drive. They’ll do practically anything to satisfy their needs, even if it goes against everything they stand for. Essentially a loyal lover wouldn’t think twice before acting, the proudest of minds would be reduced to a begging mess, and even a staunch opponent of homosexuality would happily jump a fellow contestant.

Adjusting Lust
Every Hour (Increase): All Contestants will have their Lust Level increased by [1] after every hour in-game.
Flirtation Success(Increase): Characters can initiate [Flirtation] as an in-game mechanic (see below)
Flirtation Failure (Decrease): Characters can initiate [Flirtation] as an in-game mechanic (see below)
Climax (Decrease): When a Character reaches sexual Climax their Lust Level resets to 0.
Events (Either): Events will be held during the course of the game, and they may adjust a contestants own or another's Lust.

[Flirtation] is an in-game action that can adjust a contestants Lust Level. When using [Flirtation] it should be listed at the top of your post. And played out in the paragraphs that follow. The result of Flirtation varies depend on whether it succeeds or not. Whether a Flirtation succeeds or fails is decided by the receiver of the act.

[Flirtation Success]: When Flirtation succeeds the receiver's Lust Level will increase by 1. Flirtation is considered to have worked if it makes a receiver feel flustered, embarrassed, aroused, etc.
[Flirtation Failure]: When Flirtation fails the Initiators Lust Level will decrease by 1. Flirtation will fail if the Receiver is confused, unhappy, unaffected, etc by the Flirting. If Flirting fails, it can not be used at all by that contestant again for an hour.

Final Words
-֍- Currently this is just an interest check. Character applications will open once 5 or more people express interest.
-֍- I require a minimum of at least 6 players being interested before I officially start the roleplay.
-֍- Character Images (Face-Claims) will be required, and they should be of an artistic/anime style.
-֍- I am looking for participants who are willing to communicate and interact with other players. This will be enforced!... Somehow.

If you have any additional questions, suggestions, or want to negotiate a certain aspect of your participation feel free to either post a message in this thread, or send a Private Message my way. If you're willing to simply sign yourself up, we'd obviously love to hear from you too.

Character Application Sheet
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« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2016, 02:01:51 AM »
★ Disgaea: Persephone Prison ★

[-url=http://]Information Thread[/url]
[-url=http://]Discussion (OoC) Thread[/url]
Criminal Levels Thread
Request Thread

[-url=http://]Chapter 1:[/url]

★ Character Summary ★
Lv.01 Ari   [M]  [MelodyCake]  0 HL
Lv.01 Alexis   [M]  [Avalon29]  0 HL
Lv.01 Alioth   [M]  [Gardsorm]  0 HL
Lv.01 Pending   [?]  [InoshimaLance]  0 HL
Lv.01 Duscia   [F]  [JoanieSappho]  0 HL
Lv.01 Unioruk   [M]  [Laughing Hyena]  0 HL
Lv.01 Rensha   [F]  [Leki]  0 HL
Lv.01 Mii Yuuki   [F]  [Pendarious]  0 HL
Lv.01 Pending   [?]  [Solistair]  0 HL
Lv.01 Shinku   [F]  [Steir]  0 HL
Lv.01 Tsukiko   [F]  [SweetSerenade]  0 HL
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