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Started by Lothoris, October 07, 2015, 07:29:29 PM

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Hello and welcome to my RP Ddesires page, like most other pages this will grow and change as time allows.

I am in search of a partner that would like to play a game set in or similar setting to the game worlds listed on Fenoxo.com mainly either Corruption of champions or Call of Eden. Though TITS also has its draw. I do not care for non-concent, but I am a fan of furries (from fat ears, eyes, and tail to about 3/4 animal transformation), transformations and many other aspects of these games. For my character If not starting as will likely turn into a cute furry on the lower end of hyper endowment (12-20 inch Dick, F cup breasts and on the chubby side )

I am not the best writer and tend to post one to two paragraphs at a time.  In most cases I will be able to post once or twice per day.


Sounds like my cup of tea............. or in my case hot coco.

Ye good'ol coc, I love hivingy futa charcter max breast belly and butt sizes with a solid 120 inches of dick that grow do erect the cutscene where you're too big to walk occurs every second time XD.

I big on furries but I personally like lamias, driders, slime girls, etc

And I'm a fan of multibreast and 3B :3


Looking for a MxF or MxFuta/Femboi or Futa x F/Futa. 

I am up to discuss pairings though I am most familiar with marvel characters.  Also a few of my favorite kinks are cum inflation, impregnating, age play, and if you haven't noticed Futanari.