Tricked, altered and owned (m or f, bon)

Started by playfullchick76, October 07, 2015, 04:58:41 PM

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This could go a few ways, as there are several ideas that i long to play out.

1. New to a city, Im out on my first night and talk my way into a private bdsm/fetish club. Accepting a laced drink, i wake up to find myself in a collar, gag, armbinder and ankle boots, being auctioned to the highest bidder to become their fetish maid, companion, pet, slavegirl.

2. Lost as I drive through a city, my car breaks down and I find myself surrounded by a powerful gang, whos leader takes me to become his companion, altering my appearance, with tattoos, dying my hair, keeping me in sensual, revealing outfits.

3. Picked up by a powerful biker gang when my car breaks down, Im kept by the leader as his girl and companion, with my hair dyed and tattoos applied to my body, kept dressed in black leather and latex.