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Author Topic: M Needed. Fantasy, Original plots + Naruto, FF & Inuyasha. Furries welcome  (Read 242 times)

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Online kingsizedorkTopic starter

Taking games over YIM, PMs, Forums or Email. 

Ideal Partner Traits -

Detailed writer. Though I am searching for someone to give 1-2 paragraphs per post, (YIM I expect shorter replies)

Looking for mature rps which is lewd and has story to back it. I don't do many kink only rps.

I like creative people who come up with ideas, characters and twists. Don't be afraid to change, add in, take out or mold two ideas together or take parts from others and make a new plot based on it.

Write in third person only.

Must be Consensual - I take no pleasure in forced rape ect.  It can be forced to a point but the character will end up enjoying it in the end. Nothing that the character doesn’t enjoy.

Optional Non-Humans inc Furries Demons, shapeshifters and the like – Happy for multiple forms.

Realism (to a point) on certain things in plots. No overpowered characters ect. You know what Im getting at. [/b]

My main craving -

I really want the relationship between our characters to be romantic to put it in one word but abit more complicated than that.
I would like them to generally 'hit it off' instantly, contantly flirt and get jealous when attention is given to the other but be in denial about their feelings and keep it to a friends with benefits relationship though they both secretly want more. The sex between them is best they've had and constantly crave each other. Even if they disagree or argue, they still want to tear the clothes off each other. Its always easier to say you hate someone than it is to say you love them. Sometimes they have heartfelt moments  and during these moments actually make love, but its still taking time to actually admit how they feel about each other.

I don't have a preference on Dom and Sub. My characters are both. Have dom traits in and out of sexual scenes and sub traits in the same way. Dominant Males characters are preferred.

Never do list -

Paragraphs is what Ive have asked for, One liners is just a no no.

Chat Speak is a no go

Cheesy dialog- I mean really…does anyone say ‘Im going in’ before penetration. Probably, but it would be followed by total rejection. I’m surprised by the amount of totally cringe worthy dialog that goes on.

Usual sexual no nos of vore, pain, toilet play, blood play ect. The standard nos of the majority of us.

Fantasy is my favorite genre
Just because it says 'Real Life' on the plot, doesn't mean it cannot have fantasy elements if we want to

Im very laid back. Creative freedom.

Literate/Story Based Plots -
PMs, Forum or Email only.

Plots and pairings -

Post Nuclear Apocalypse / Fallout
You are a greatly feared Merc with a great bounty on your head. You take shit from no one and do not hesitate to kill a man that look at you the wrong way. You like bars were you often drink yourself into blackouts and find yourself indulging in the local girls, however many are willing. You are a skilled gunman and know how to survive. The only commitment you are used to is the commitment to complete a job to earn your caps…that was one day, while reclaiming some stolen property from Paradise Falls, you accidently save a woman who will becomes your self proclaimed partner and your life will never be the same again. With her influence, you seem to be doing more good than harm...completely by accident.

The Demons Binding
Since a strange set of circumstances has bonded you and a she-demon together, a being you didn't think existed, your world has been opened to the worlds supernatural side. She interferes with your life day to day but she isnt shy about earthly pleasures. Knowing about the supernatural world comes with its own dangers.
(Will involve action scenes and horror. As well as some difficult choices for your character to make and dealing with the after effects of each choice. Your character can become good or evil or in-between depending on how you wish to play it out. Very story heavy. I will drive the story, you mostly experience it but is also open to your creative input)

The Biggest Heist
You are from a small group of thieves. You decide to break the group but first, one last job that would set them for life. To kidnap the mana blessed Princess. The plan was to kidnap her during a party at the castle but during the dance, you bump into the younger princess. You spend too much time with her and miss your chance with the older Princess and instead kidnap the younger. You find out that the mana is blessed to the younger and not the older as the King had everyone to believe. You find out that there were plans to use her in a ritual to gift the powers to the older sister, killing the younger in the process. It becomes a fight to protect her.

The price of True Love
Medieval or Modern - Tragic romance

YC is a prince or a VIP. You have been arranged to marry another VIP as this is what is expected off you. You wonder what its like to marry for love. You make a wish on a demon who offers you a chance with your true love. She is a girl dying ftom illness but the demon offers to cure her...with a price. The life she is given is YC life force through sex. Without it, she becomes sick again. In order to remain about her, you make her your maid. People worry about his infatuation and try to interveen but you refuse. Hos wedding day is coming up soon which is making their relationship hard. The demon plays and makes it so he must give her energy everyday otherwise she will instantly die. He sneeks around to keep his beloved alive but soon becomes a strain on health. Can they really change fate?

Household Affairs

MC married her childhood sweet heart. He is an important man with money and little time for her. She orders take out and throws herself at the delivery boy (YC). She regrets it and trys to make it work with her husband but fails. The unhappy wife and the delivery boy cant stop thinking about eachother but she rejects his advances until she cant any longer.

Anime/Manga/Video Games -

I do not play out cannon x cannon. I also do not play a cannon for your oc. I WILL play a cannon for your oc if you do the same for me. Also can be Oc x Oc.

We can make up our own plot or side story or rewrite the series to suit us as a kind of Fan fiction written from the POV of our OCs.

Inuyasha -
Oc x Oc
My Oc x Inuyasha & Your Oc x Cannon you wish me to play

We can recreate scenes or rewrite the story in our own way in a alternate reality

Make a scene up and play it by ear.

Oc x Oc
My Oc x Naruto & Your Oc x Cannon you wish me to play

We can recreate scenes or rewrite the story in our own way in a alternate reality with our own OCs as part of the story or replacing the main characters completely. Can change events, have relationships with cannons ect.

Or can be a two man squad - training together and going on missions together and having character developing emotional moments in battle. They are told never to have feelings or attachments - but it becomes hard to ignore if the one you love is also your team mate.

Final Fantasy 7,8,9 &10
Oc x Oc
My Oc x My chosen cannon. & Your Oc x Cannon you wish me to play

We can recreate scenes or rewrite the story in our own way in a alternate reality

Make a scene up and play it by ear.

Would like someone to play my Digimon.

I don't have any other plots in mind but heres a list of pairings and situations I came up with but im open to most things-
Roles in Bold - My character - if nothing, I dont mind playing either roles

Fantasy - Medieval/Modern settings
Horror settings
Furries/Beasts/Non human xHuman
Rich Man x Stranger
Demon x Demon Hunter/Human/Human Host
Werewolf x Human
Dragon/Beast x Tamer
Arranged marriage - fantasy
Mercenary - Fantasy
Master x Slave
Prince x Maid
Princess x Servant/Thief

Other ideas welcome.
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