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Author Topic: ❤ For the love of writing ❤  (Read 366 times)

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❤ For the love of writing ❤
« on: October 03, 2015, 04:17:07 AM »

Please DO NOT POST HERE. Thank you! =)

PM would be the fastest route to contact me.
E-mail  l Forum style only. 

I do have Skype for OOC. I love getting to know my partners!

Status: Available to take on partners.  
Authors note: Please if 'part' of an idea intrigues you but you may haven alternative idea similar by all means personal me. I encourage all interaction with plotting is concerned. Or may be you have ideas of your own.
 Hi there, a warm welcome to you.

My name is Eternal or snow, I generally prefer to be called snow. I am in my early twenties living in the Coast of England. I have been writing for nearly 12+ years now as a hobby and escapism from the real world. If you happened to love variety, characters that are a bit stubborn, argumentative with a back bone able to think for themselves. Hot and steamy sexual scenes. Then you have come to the write place.
Welcome home.
About me as a writer:

- I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to positions, (seme seke and uke)  Although I prefer not to label my character at such an early stage.
- My strongest area is creativity, planning and plotting. Mostly male characters I like to create. They are masculine, hot headed males, possessive and loving in their own unconditional way.
- My biggest kink is male pregnancy but I love accidental pregnancy.
- Never write less then 5 paragraphs. I get carried away sometimes as I love detail and making the characters leap of the page, writing with emotion and thought-processing from them.
- I really love the struggle for dominance. In the bed and out. I don't like it handed to me with a quivering personalities.
- Chemistry is vital for me. If I don't feel it I won't type it. My characters generally take control don't get annoyed with me because he or she's not listening to your signs of sexual desire or wants. If this bothers you please communicate with me and I'll try and sort it out..
- Communicating is important to me. If something I don't like I will let you know. I've seen so many role plays in my time die because of the lack of communication. Be straight with me. I know my style isn't to everyone's taste. But by given me a lousy excuse for not replying. I'm just as guilty, I'm no saint but it hurts me when people bullshit around the edges of the truth.
About me as a person  :

- I am a female.
- I am 23 years old.
- I live on the East coast of England.
- I was born with 22 Q Deletion. (It gave me Deafness, Dyspraxia, under active thyroid, clef palate)
- I am a active "Medium" Psychic Artist I communicate and demonstrate that there is life after death. All over England and hopefully abroad.
- My personality depends on you, I'm a witty, sarcastic, armoured with dry sense of humour. My humour is what got me through the bullying. And made me stronger as a person.
- I can play the guitar for about 16 years now.
- Piano for nearly 18 years.
- I draw and watch anime and hopefully next going to go to a Anime convention in London.
- A book worm.
- I am a classic car enthusiast, I own a Morris minor 1961.
Fandoms I'm able to do:
Authors note: If there is a particular fandom you want to do but found no one to do it. Post me a message of the book/film/anime series and I'll do some research. I'm open minded.

- Assassins creed.
- Bleach,
- Black sails,
- Black butler,
- Black dagger brotherhood,
- Clannad
- Clannad after story,
- Dark series
- Dark kings,
- Death note,
- Dark warriors,
- Dark swords.
- Fruit basket,
- Harry potter,
- High landers series,
- lord of the rings series,
- Lara Adrian (All of her books on the midnight breed series)
- Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Series.
-Lynn Viehl- The Darkyn
- Spirited away,
- Uraboku.
Genres and Settings.

~ Action
~Heroic bloodshed:
~ Military,
~ Adventure
~ Crime fiction,
~ Drama,
~ Fantasy,
~ Fiction,
~ Friendship
~ Historical fiction,
~ Magical realism,
~ Paranoid,
~ Philosophical,
~ Romance
~ Slice of life,
~ Speculative,

- The third crusade, (1189–1192.)
- Leonardo da Vinci,
- 16th-century
- 1511 AD,
- 18th century,
- World war 1 1914 - 1918,
- World war 2. 
-  Golden Age of Piracy,
- 1760 to 1783
- 21st-century,
- Franco-Spanish War until 1659
- Tudor dynasty in 1485.
- English Civil War (1642–1651)
-  4000 BC,
- Age of Revolutions (c. 1800)
- French Revolution in 1789.
- 1754 and 1763 (7 year war)
❤ Pairings ❤

Not in any particular order:

Assassins x Ninja

Brother x sister,
Brother x brother,
Brother in-law x brother of bride,
Bride x best man,
Dad's best friend x Son
Sister x Brother's enemy
Sister x Sister's Boyfriend
Best friend x best friend's boyfriend Sister x Brother's enemy
Sister x Sister's Boyfriend
Best friend x best friend's boyfriend
Wife x Brother-in-law +
Abused x Abuser's brother +
Abused x abuser's father +

Teacher x Student,
Student x student,
Council member x Delinquent student,
Nerd x Jock (Nerd x Bully)
Transfer Student x Council member,
Head master x Widowed parent,
Parent x Teacher,

Prisoner x Guard,
Prisoner x Psychologist/therapist,
Prisoner x Innocent pen pal
Guard x Guard,
Judge x old friend,
Body guard x Doctor,
Body guard x Celebrity,
Celebrity x Celebrity,
Homicide x Homicide partner.
Witness x Body guard,

Doctor x Patient,
Doctor x Doctor,
Nurse x Doctor,
Therapist x Doctor,
Police x Doctor,
Ambulance driver x Doctor
Anaesthetics x old friend
Art therapist x Patient,
Audiologist x Deaf person,
Dental Doctor x Patient,
Solider x Nurse,
Solider x sister,

Elf x Dragon shifter,
Elf x Demon,
Elf x Witch,
Dragon x Dragon shifter,
Demon x Angel,
Archangel Raphael x Archangel Michael. (Healing and protection)
Archangel x Demon,
Goddess and human,
Wizard x Witch,
Fallen angel x Human,
Elf x Warlock,
Elf x Human,
Human x Shifter,
Medium x Ghost/spirit encounter.
Tarot reader x Sitter
Paranormal investigator x Medium,
Ghost x Ghost,
God x Human,
Cupid x God of war.

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Re: ❤ For the love of writing ❤
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2015, 06:53:16 AM »
❤  Turns on's ❤


Age Gaps:
Clothed Sex:
Dirty Talking:
Fat partners:
Inexperienced Partners:
Incest (Brother/brother):
Male pregnancy:
Masculine characters:
Pre-Existing Relationships:
Very Experienced Partners:
Sex Driven:
Story driven:


Non-Consensual Scenes:
Forced Nudity:
Forced Incest:
Forced Heterosexuality:
Forced Clothes wearing:
Force Feeding:
Forced Bisexuality:
Forced Growth (belly):


Sexual Restraints:
Mental Restraints:
Oral Discipline:
Discipline / Punishments:
Extreme humiliations:
Bondage for Art:
Verbal Abuse:
Verbal restrictions:
Physical Restraints:
Breath Control:


Sexual Torture:
Breast / Nipple Torture:
Sadism / Masochism:
Hair Pulling:
Flogging / Whipping / Paddling:
Alternative Spanking:

Object Play:




Body Preference-

Light Breast Growth:
Ass Size - Athletic:
Ass Size - Large:
Very Muscular Partners:
Very Fat Partners:




Ass Worship:
Body Control:
Extreme Tightness:
Older Partners:
Partner Swapping:
Risk of Pregnancy:
Role Reversal:
Roughhousing / Wrestling:
Sexual Exhaustion:
Sexual Frustration:
Size Differences (1 - 3 feet):
Hypnotism / Mind Control:
Weight Loss:
Extreme Pregnancy:
Male Pregnancy:
Stomach Bulging:
Weight Gain:

Things  I can try not sure off:

Mother and daughter,
Son and father.
Father's best friend and son.

Turns off:

Swallowing Urine:
Swallowing Feces:
Scat Torture:
Needy characters.
Purely in control all the time.

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Re: ❤ For the love of writing ❤
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2015, 10:13:59 AM »

Angel's aren't meant to be cadged.

Character 1 is a talented drummer that can follow any beat. He's not your average guy. On the outside, he's a brutal fighter with a reputation that reached to a dozen university a past that had he happened to carry with him. No matter how many times he tried to convince himself he'd change someone always tried to pick up a fight with him. Drumming soothed his mind and tempered down his anger on the world for his situations.

Character 2 is a like minded female. Who had herd of character 1's situation being a class rep, she has a reputation of good grades and likeable character. Yet she turned down every guy that asked her out and out side school her noses in the book and forgotten how to have fun. She was trained classical pianist by the book and not by feelings. Some say she can be stuck up by the way her grace cloaks her like a glove. Her real passion is Jazz and freedom of art.

Will character 1 remind her what it is like to be a free bird?