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Author Topic: ~*BDSM Leather Men & Police Officers, KINKY.......M/m *~  (Read 178 times)

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~*BDSM Leather Men & Police Officers, KINKY.......M/m *~
« on: October 03, 2015, 03:17:53 AM »
Hello and welcome!

Let me cut to the chase here so we don’t waste your time and mine. I prefer to RP on E. I will post at the very minimum once per week. To be honest partners who post less than this have me losing interest in our game. I love M/m games and I love Top/bottom, Master/slave relationships with BDSM elements. I’m not gonna lie I love smut. I also love developing my character’s over time through the RP so let’s try to reach a balance. I like gritty, dark, intense, so there is very few things I will shy away from in the world of kink. I also like romance and difficult relationships. The Doms I play tend to be demanding but gentle when need be. The subs I play are not weak little twink boys but strong willed young men in there own right.  If you see anything you like please PM me. The pics in the following ideas are just ideas not of actual characters.

So let’s get started yes...

Feeling’s Mutual

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character preference: Older Dom

Two doms get together perhaps at a kink event or maybe after work (they would work in a professional dungeon and after a long day of torturing subs enjoy each other’s mutual company.) In any case there is a friendship between the two. One is slightly older than the other.

I’d like to have them switch with each other. Perhaps the older Dom tells the younger what to do and how to do it.

Possible kinks/Tools: Let’s discuss it.

A stud in His stables

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character preference: I could do either role.

YC is a teacher at the Police Academy in the Mounted Units (police officers who ride horses) who also happens to be into BDSM and leather. He is experienced and has had a sub or two before. It’s been a while but he’s returning to the lifestyle in search of a sub not only to vent his sadistic needs upon there flesh, but to help his sub become a better person by helping them overcome personal challenges in there life. YC is very strict and won’t let a slip up of his rules go unpunished. MC is a new recruit struggling with drug addiction (pills) and trying to make something of his life. This academy is his last shot and he knows it. He’s struggling in his classes and his home environment isn’t conducive to his learning or staying clean. One day after class MC is waiting in YC office after being called in for a talk. YC isn’t there yet and MC get’s nosy and starts poking around. he finds YC’s gym bag and investigates only to find a full, leather ensemble and a few kinky toys in the bag. MC is turned on but has no experience with kink. YC catches MC at it and sees he’s excited himself over what he’s found, however YC called MC into his office for disciplinary reasons. He can’t let it slide but he doesn’t want a formal disciplinary charge to go on MC’s record as it might get him kicked out of the program. Instead YC suggests a different sort of discipline, off the record. YC soon finds out about MC drug addiction and home life and decides to help MC stay on track with more off the record discipline and rewards.

Possible Kinks/Tools: Spanking, flogging, caning, giving/following orders, sex outdoors, protocol, ridding crop, butt plugs, begging.


Under Lock & Key

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character preference: I’d like to play the bottom in this one.

MC is an all around, motorcycle ridding, trouble making, bad boy who’s on the wrong side of the tracks and on the wrong side of the law. He’s an illegal immigrant from Russia and he’s been participating in illegal activities like cage fighting, and prostitution. If he gets caught he could be deported. However, YC is a bit of a crooked cop and believes in bending the rules a little to get what he wants and he wants MC all to himself. YC keeps MC from getting arrested in a raid on the illegal brothel house MC has been working in, but in return he wants sexual favors that cater to his rough and very taboo tastes. MC feels indebted but is not convinced to do the cop any favors until YC threatens to haul him in and have him deported (YC wouldn’t of course but he’s a good bluffer). MC agrees to pay his dues to the crooked cop. YC is rough and the sex is more like a scuffle cursing and all before YC subdues MC and shows him who’s boss. MC starts out very unenthused by the whole thing but as it progresses gets more and more turned on by YC rough but sensual control over him. It turns out to be the hottest sex MC has ever had. MC is both drawn to YC dominance and power over him and confused/scared of his own want of it, but he can’t stay away and neither can YC. MC is a free spirited, willful, sharp tongued and dirty mouthed wild child who, up until he met YC listened to no one’s rules but his own.

I’d like to explore the kink relationship between these two characters. Also later on down the line I want MC to discover YC has a history of alcohol abuse, and possibly an ex-wife and kid that he doesn’t see except on rare occasions (we can negotiate on this). Pretty much two dysfunctional people trying to have an intensely passionate relationship. I don’t expect this to go smoothly… (though I do hope they fall in love)

Possible kinks/Tools: Non-Con/Dub-con, Rough sex (carpet burns, bruises, scratch/bite marks, rough penetration. In other words MC is not going to walk strait in the morning), Blackmail, Older male/younger male, Handcuffs, Knife play, Gun play, Cock & Ball torture, Orgasm control, Choking, Name calling, Nipple pinching/torture, hair pulling, spanking (with belt or hand), blindfolds, gags, Boot licking, Double penetration perhaps with a dildo and YC cock, and other things you may want to try. Let’s discuss it.

Learning to Trust, the Love of Wicked Men

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Character preference: I’d like to play the Sub role.

YC is a self made man of an ethical company. He’s got it all, a big house, a pool, a nice car, a motorcycle, and more money than he knows what to do with. However he’s got no one to share it with. By day he’s the well dressed, suit wearing executive of his company but by night he lives a double life as a Leather Man, who is popular and respected in the BDSM community, and looking for the perfect sub. YC never expects to find him, of all places, applying for a job at YC company. YC does his interview and is surprised but amused by what he finds in MC. MC is a jobless musician of a local rock band. MC gets payed unemployment as long as he keeps applying for a certain amount of jobs per week. He doesn’t actually want to get a job because he wants to practice his music and make it big so of course he shows up to his interview dressed in improper attire with an attitude that would put most employers off. However YC is on to him and the longer the interview go’s the more MC becomes a delinquent brat dead set on not getting hired. YC announces his intentions to hire him and MC ends up begging him not to. The entire interview MC notices and becomes turned on by YC dominant attitude. In the end YC makes MC tell him why he didn’t want the job he interviewed for and finds out MC is leaching off the government so he can play in his rock band, which sounds to YC like MC needs discipline and his priorities straitened out. YC agrees not to hire MC but only on one condition, MC is go on a date with YC. On the date YC shows him his other, darker, dominant side. MC is shocked but completely fascinated by the new hidden world he has stumbled into.

With this one I’d like to explore the slow training and introduction of someone who has no idea what kink or BDSM is but is attracted to it. MC will be very proud so submission won’t come easy to him even though once he has submitted he will be hooked for life.

Possible kinks/Tools: Spanking, rope bondage, blindfolds, begging, protocol, orgasm control/denial, wax play, caning, teasing, sensation play, sensory deprivation.
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