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January 19, 2021, 09:19:43 AM

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Author Topic: Peruse, if you enjoy, holler at me. (M for F)  (Read 544 times)

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Peruse, if you enjoy, holler at me. (M for F)
« on: September 30, 2015, 06:12:40 PM »
Rather than move through the masses, he stepped past the crowd and walked up the short set of stairs to the VIP area.  The security guys knew him, or at least knew enough of him by reputation to not bother trying to stop him from entering.  A nod at a few of the regulars he knew, Xavier slipped into a booth and proceeded to prop both of his boots up on the opposite seating, leaning back and resting his head against the soft, cushiony material that padded the booth.  Rather than close his eyes and leave himself vulnerable to whoever might be foolish enough to take a stab at him, he let his eyes drift through the crowd, taking in the sights, the scents, the vibrant amount of energy that was given off in such a place of decadence.  Skin pressed against skin, bodies writhed against one another, and the scent of sex and desperation wafted up from the people in the midst of their dancing haze.  Were he the type to feed on such behavior, he'd be near drunk from just a few moments within the club.  Granted, it was still enough of a high just watching such a thing that a slight smile crept upon his face.

"Yo X!" a voice broke his silent enjoyment of the scene as a scantily clad woman moved quickly to stand next to his booth.  "Haven't seen you around in a while, tiger.  Where've you been?"  She was sexy, on a level of sexy that was beyond what mortals could achieve.  While he had some mortal blood within him, she was entirely supernatural, a vampire of lesser power.  She, like others of her clan, fed upon the people within the club.  The very essence of life, at the height of passion and enjoyment, was her sustenance.  Clad as she was in red leather, revealing and accenting rather than hiding, he waited before answering.  It would be less than polite if he hadn't acknowledged what she was, and what she was displaying.  Ample feminine curves in an hourglass figure, perfect skin like milk touched with a hint of chocolate, a pair of lips men would kill for, and those glacial blue eyes that would make a man forget he had responsibilities.  He wasn't immune to her charms, and he noticed when SHE noticed, as her lips parted and her eyes gave off a slight glow for a moment, the inhalation of his lust.

"Long time indeed, Lily," Xavier responded, moving over enough to have her take a seat with him if she wanted.  "Out and about on the town for the night.  Looking to see what's available out there for entertainment.  I was on a job for an elder, one that had to be handled...efficiently."  Hands came to rest in front of him, interlaced fingers showing a few more scars than there were before.  "Not a big deal, but took some of the pep out of my step, if you catch my drift.  Anything spectacular standing out tonight?"

She wasn't going to offer herself, as well he knew.  Both of them were hunters, predators, and while he had some mortal blood in his veins, the other stuff was on a level far above hers.  Rather, she'd point him in the direction of a mortal that could entertain him.  He hoped.  There was always the off chance that someone like him, or even stronger than him, was out there, but he wasn't wanting to deal with that.  She leaned to the side, bringing a finger to her chin, which only further made him notice her.  If he wasn't looking to top off the tank, he'd see if she was free.  However, it wasn't polite to do such things to known members of the community.  Brought about all types of problems, and it wasn't something he was wanting to deal with right now.  So instead, he thought of himself as she saw him.

Tall, closer to seven feet than six, carved from muscle earned in more battles than he cared to think about.  Tanned skin, black hair, a face that was more rough than handsome.  Wearing black on black, looking like a goth kid that had filled out and kept the apparel.  His eyes, dark brown with flecks of black within them, showed less warmth and more anger.  He didn't look like a rich kid, but he had money to spare.  Unlike some of those with supernatural abilities, he didn't care to use his to protect unless it was worth the money.  However, no one could look at him and not acknowledge what he was.

Predator.  Dangerous.

"I haven't seen anyone that would stand out yet," she finally said.  "I'll be on the lookout though.  Want the usual?  Jack Daniels on the rocks?"

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Re: Peruse, if you enjoy, holler at me. (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2015, 10:55:37 AM »
Just putting a bump here to see if it attracts any attention.