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December 04, 2020, 05:09:48 AM

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Author Topic: Feeling a Resident Evil craving. (M looking for F, actual gender irrelivant)  (Read 523 times)

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Offline OrochimaruTopic starter

Spoiler warning, by the way.

I have been messing with a few thoughts. Nothing really big or in depth, considering how RE can get a bit confusing at times. Even for me... @_@ Then again, I really have not played that many RE games. I played 5 with a friend and had a blast. We are playing through 6 and I have played Revelations. That one I like and I got my craving from. I have been hearing that your AI partner when you play as the classic, Jill Valentine; that people do not like him much. I personally do. Parker Luciani is an enjoyable character and I would like to play him. That is where a few pairing I personally would ship come into play. Pretty much the first one is a Parker X Jill pairing. Honestly, it seems iffy when Revelations takes place in 2005 and she is kidnapped and presumed dead in 2006, but comes back in the events of RE5, brainwashed and experimented on with one of the T-Virus variants. She remains as a human.... with blonde hair now over brunette. For that, I would be thinking she learns that Parker was found and treated after supposedly dying on the ship during the Abyss Virus events on the escape off the Queen Zenobia. From there, we can set it up as a casual friendship, few small missions and developing feelings for the year. The afterwords is tricky in my opinion. I know he would be happy to see her, but would be wary because she is infected, like Shery from Code Veronica. Honestly, surprised Jill can still help in 5 after all the shit she has been though. Tough woman. So, for this pairing, I am willing to really talk things out.

The next pairing with Parker is a bit easier. It's Parker and Jessica Sherawat. They already have a pre-existing relationship as former comrades. Both served as FBC agents for a time. After Terragerisia, they both joined the BSAA and still probably worked together from time to time; even if she was a double agent working for tricell the whole time. Depsite her flirty nature, Parker, just jokes back and goes with it. Though, on the ship, her true nature was revealed, she escapes after shooting Raymond, another person they all knew, but Parker took the bullet for him... even though Raymond and Jessica were working together the whole time, but still. I can see Jessica pulling off the what her heart wants over who Jessica herself thinks she wants; kind of thing. Like how you go for someone, but you fall for someone highly unlikely. Which, I can see this working is after a year or so after Parker recovers and seeing as he is a part of the Special Ops of the BSAA. He would more than likely tasked with an operation like he did when he was partnered with Jill. Thus, geoing back onto a ship again where a improved T-Abyss Virus was made. He was lured their by Jessica to taae care of the BSAA once and for all by Tricell. During that time, her thoughts had turned to Parker and she found herself thinking about him. Which, you can have that interpreted as a lot. Whether she secretly liked him the whole time or she misread her feelings and hated the fact he is still alive. Even though she joked during terragresia about lobster dinner, he bought her a fancy and expensive dinner anyways. Either way, on the ship, she finds Tricell double crossed her and they say she is expendable. Thus, she is to be killed or infected; with Parker being the only person she can 'trust'... even though she already once left him for dead. Complicated situation, but I think we can have fun with this one.

PM me if you are interested so we can talk.

Offline OrochimaruTopic starter

Still looking and willing to discuss.

Offline OrochimaruTopic starter

Same as the post above me. Willing to discuss too.

Offline OrochimaruTopic starter

Still available.