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October 26, 2016, 04:27:29 AM

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Author Topic: M looking for F - Take my hand, and we'll see where the wind takes us.  (Read 622 times)

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So hi! *waves* I don't think I've actually done one of these before, or if I have is been a while, so I figured why the heck not? I got this idea thinking of someone else's idea, and then references got tossed in and the whole thing became a hot mess of "hey, wouldn't it be nice if?" I'm going to get to the actual ideas soon, but first, just a bit about me.

So I've been here, on and off, for a little bit. I've learned a lot, maybe even taught a few things, who knows? But one thing I've been a fan of is having fun with who you write with, and what you write about. I'm a fairly descriptive writer, ranging from 3 to 5 paragraphs on average, unless there's a lot going on. With that I just write until I'm done. I'm not a length elitist, but I want someone who can hang with me. I'm pretty relaxed about posting timelines, especially if I like your style, but don't leave me hanging for too long, and I'll try to return the favor (with a pm if things irl start getting interesting). I've been plagued with ideas from time to time, and updating this thing helps get them out. Because of that, I've evolved a little, at least enough to know what would be nice to do.
I rearrange order based on how I feel. The higher up, the more I want it!

MC= My Character, YC=Your Character. Please PM if interested.

Stronger Than a Ticking Clock?

Brains. Brawn. Beauty. Why aren't more ladies playing this gal? I'm looking to set up a story where She Hulk (YC, Jennifer Walters) has come forward to represent a client on a referral from Matt Murdock, who had his hands full at the time and couldn't take it on. Matt warns her that while the client isn't lying, he's also not telling the whole truth. Details of the case can be discussed, but in light of events, she hires Luke Cage (MC) to pound the streets and see what shakes loose. I see it more as a courtroom drama with some grimy detective work, and a superhero flair. Serious details can be worked out with whoever is interested!

The Only Way Out is Through

As much as I love the 2nd Season of Daredevil, and the way they portrayed The Punisher, I will always feel that Frank Grillo is the freaking punisher. So, indulge me as I use his likeness for the role.

This story is one that I tried to brainstorm, but never quite came to fruition. The Punisher, putting criminals in the ground where they belong, comes across a battered woman, who happens to be the girlfriend of the man he's after. He chooses to aid the woman, and as a result looses the man he was tracking down. The woman knows who the Punisher is. Knows what he does, and as a result sticks around even after she's healed. While she may not understand it all, she sees the weapons, she sees him, and gains a sense of protection around him, but also a curiosity. The questions start innocently enough. Maybe even a few gun lessons for her personal defense, but then she starts asking more questions, and Frank starts to see a look in her eye that reminds him of himself.

Just Putting Around

Target Rich Environment

Think Strike Back, but with Expendables-worthy violence that verges on the insane. I need a trigger happy gal who can hold her own against the odds. Like the idea of standing in what's left of a mafia-owned restaurant and getting a doggy bag for later? Then I might have a job for you!

Big Things Come in Small Packages *interracial*
This is based on a mix of John Persons artwork and the hentai manga Secret Plot. MC is a young African American male who is one of the few bookworms the school has, due to their long athletic tradition. Thanks to a friendly relationship his parents had with their family doctor, he was able to keep  phys-ed off of his list of classes until his senior year, where their doctor had to retire. Now, with no valid excuse to not go to gym, he was left feigning stomach aches to get to the nurse's office, but knows it's only a matter of time before he'll be forced to either participate. Or come clean as to why he doesn't want to.

YC can be the nurse, a principle, or teacher he happened to feel comfortable with. He'll be a sexual novice, and the female roles will quickly want to find a way to keep him to themselves once he's confessed. He'll have to manage to survive senior year while having to make sure his "savior" doesn't kill him in the process.

A Soldier's Soul
(inspired by the movie Soldier) It is the distant future. PMCs (private military corporations) have replace most of the world's military forces, with has made War even more if an industry than it's been in the past. MC is a soldier born and bred to kill on command, sacrifice without question, and remain loyal to their superiors above all else, until his transport is damaged and crash lands on your planet. YC had seen the crash, and went to investigate it.

This is pretty open, and I'm game for whatever input the interested party would like to pursue. They've just found a bona fide organic war machine with no standing orders and no programmed commander. What does she do?

Judge Dredd inspired cop story

MC is a seasoned street judge who has lost his partner and YC is the woman who replaced them. This roleplay will take place during one scenario, but once it's concluded, other scenarios can be discussed. Essentially a cop buddy story set in a Megacity, the two must find a way to work together in order to survive their ordeal. Details can be fleshed out before the story begins. The smut level on this one is fairly low, but can increase depending on the situation.

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Re: M looking for F - Take my hand, and we'll see where the wind takes us.
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2015, 03:37:13 AM »
Added Judge Dredd styled RP, just cuz. Wanna shoot something? Lock and load!

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Re: M looking for F - Take my hand, and we'll see where the wind takes us.
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2015, 07:39:38 PM »
Thanks for everyone that hit me up. I'll be letting the dust settle a bit before deciding if I can take anything else on

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If actually love one more of these run differently than what I'm doing now. Hit me up if we can sate some mutual urges!

I'm craving a military sci fi rp. Some real army of two, ground-pounding, wrecking ball stuff. We can go power armor, cybernetics, or a mix of the two. If anyone knows a kickass Amazonian gal with a hefty chest who knows her way around weapons of mass destruction, let me know!

Pretty easy going for this one. Smut will likely be light, unless you want to ramp that up. Really just looking for someone to have fun and blow stuff up with. We can go single scene as a test run, or full campaign if you're all in!
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Bump for the love of mayhem! I need another cherry bomb in my life!

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Added Target Rich Environment!

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Added Stronger Than a Ticking Clock and The Only Way Out is Through