Robyn's Role-play desires (erotic doom and peril)

Started by Robyn Hood, September 26, 2015, 09:48:13 AM

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Robyn Hood

Looking to fulfill some of my sexual desire which admittedly some seem to fall into more of an extreme category but this is not essential really. The notion that sex is a draining experience and that my orgasm signals a type of defeat is a real turn on. However I do not like heavy violence, gore and extremely rough treatment/humiliation or BSDM and other types of being controlled.

I guess my tone for the RP is a little weird. I would like something smut/sex heavy, with a little cheesy/corny thrown in. Adventurous and light hearted mostly with a good amount of fun. I do enjoy a classic fight, be it a clash of sword and sorcery or superheroes battling on rooftops. But the twist is that I end up in some kind of erotic peril that leads to my sexual doom (demise). Or if that is too much for you, a sexual defeat.

As an example, I’ve played system games and the idea of ‘hit points’ or other types of health are more nebulose; they represent one’s ability to overcome a situation rather than actual representation of physical health. For example, I lose “health/hit points” when my clothes get shredded or I am molested right there there on the battlefield. Not interpreting a “hit” as getting slashed or stabbed. I like it mixed up so not all battles have to be sexual situations and not all sexual situations have to be battles. Just the idea of getting overpowered and forcibly taken is something I enjoy.

As you could probably guess this involves a heavy amount of non-consensual content. And what I mean about erotic doom is the idea of just getting sexually overwhelmed; my orgasm (or after a series of orgasms ~_^) means "game over".  This takes many forms in my fantasies such as I'm literally devoured (soft vore) or my life is drained from me leaving behind just a husk, getting humped to death by a monster and other depraved ideas of getting sexed to my demise. Or, once again should the more extreme situations be a turn off, simply passing out from the experience, collapsing from the effututus. And I’m willing to entertain impregnation, carried away and fade to black (I'm not into roleplaying subsequent enslavement unless it leads to a quick escape).

Male or Male-ish monsters/tentacles/abominations sexual partners are preferred but when roleplaying it has occurred to me I'm solidly in the "bi-curious/prefer men" camp. I have a particular desire the monstrous, ugly, fat and/or deformed creatures and human-like. There can be romance and smut involving 'normal' people but for whatever the roleplay finale is (if there is one) it should ultimately end badly for my character. Or if this is a continuing roleplay then it should have its ups and downs ^_^

And I don't mean I want all sex all the time. I want a good balance, wherein there are other types of situations (sexual or not) with ample opportunity for role play, story, character development, etc. I have my own characters but I’m certainly open to suggestions if you have a particular character in mind.

I enjoy system games and the uncertainty that it brings. I do not have a lot of experience with game systems but here on E i’ve tried games using Pathfinder, FATE, dungeon world and D&D. That doesn’t mean I’m 100% against freeform. If we click and you prefer it, then I'm fine with that too!

Most of my RP has been fantasy and I still enjoy that as an elf or mermaid but honestly any compatible genre to my tastes is fine; sci-fi, horror, superheroine, modern, apocalypse, weird west... I'd be willing to experiment.

Some Images of my (mis)Adventures and characters (NSFW!):

Reliyian the elf, trapped!

Devoured by Darkmantle

Hag in the bedroom

Taken by a Beholder

Jumped by two Demons!

Attacked by Carrion Crawler

Me (yes me) giving up the ghost to a monster

Drained in a little animation

Superheroine Robyn and her nemesis, the Glutton

Caught and drained

Swallowed and molested

Mermaid bard in trouble

Robyn Hood

I know I've not been the most consistent role play partner but I would like to try again. This could be an rp outside the forum if preferred (Discord).

What I'm really craving right now is modern fantasy. Demons invade the world and my character(s) have to try to make an escape. I think I would still prefer a system game if anyone knows one that would fit.

And I'm still up for some D&D (5e) fantasy RPs as well.

Robyn Hood

Hi. Still looking for a partner. Maybe two.

I had been playing a Mermaid bard character who is "cursed" to acquiesce to sex but the rp session had petered out which I'm interested in trying again. Same themes as before and a fantasy setting. Also still always like to play my OC elf Reliyian and my superheroine character.

Craving for modern fantasy still in place as well ^_^

Willing to text chat on Discord if preferred or here on the forum.

Robyn Hood

Just a bump. Still looking for fantasy role play.

And I have a strange craving to play Rey from the recent Star Wars movies. But the pre-movie, pre-force powered. Just a girl out to survive in a sci-fantasy setting.

Robyn Hood