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March 30, 2017, 06:04:40 AM

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Author Topic: Robyn's Role-play desires (erotic peril, doom)  (Read 1115 times)

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Robyn's Role-play desires (erotic peril, doom)
« on: September 26, 2015, 09:48:13 AM »
Some of my sexual desires seem to fall into more of an extreme category but this is not essential really. The notion that sex is a draining experience and that my orgasm signals a type of defeat is a real turn on. However I do not like heavy violence, gore and extremely rough treatment/humiliation. I guess my tone for the RP is a little weird. I would like something smut/sex heavy, with a little cheesy/corny thrown in. Adventurous and light hearted mostly with a good amount of fun. I do enjoy a classic fight, be it a clash of sword and sorcery or superheroes battling on rooftops. But the twist is that I end up in some kind of erotic peril that leads to my sexual doom (demise) or if you aren't into that thing a sexual defeat. In system games with hit points, as an example, instead of getting stabbed and cut, my clothes get shredded or I am molested right there there on the battlefield which cause me to lose them. As I said, I like it mixed up so not all battles have to be sexual situations and not all sexual situations have to be battles. Just the idea of getting overpowered and forcibly taken is something I enjoy.

As you could probably guess this involves a heavy amount of non-consensual content. And what I mean about erotic doom is the idea of just getting sexually overwhelmed; my orgasm (or after a series of orgasms ~_^) means "game over".  This takes many forms in my fantasies such as I'm literally devoured (soft vore) or my life is drained from me leaving behind just a husk or other manners of getting raped to death. Id even but up for just having my neck broken when he/she/it is done with me (snuff I guess), nothing gory though. That said, it does not have to end that way if it makes you uncomfortable but it is something I'm looking for. It could be I just collapse into exhaustion, impregnation, carried away and fade to black (i'm not into roleplaying subsequent enslavement unless it leads to a quick escape).

Male or Male-ish monsters/tentacles/abominations sexual partners are preferred but when roleplaying it has occurred to me I'm solidly in the "bi-curious/prefer men" camp. I have a particular desire the monstrous, ugly, fat and/or deformed creatures and human-like. There can be romance and smut involving 'normal' people but ultimately it ends badly for my character. My artist friend Faustie has used his talents to give form to some of my misadventures that I've put here so you get an idea. And I don't mean I want all sex all the time. I want a good balance, wherein there are other types of situations (sexual or not) with ample opportunity for role play, story, character development, etc. System games are preferred because I won't necessarily know when things might go awry when it comes to fighting. But that doesn't mean I don't want story and narrative driven opportunities either. Call me goldilocks ^_^

Most of my RP has been fantasy and I still enjoy that as an elf or mermaid but honestly any compatible genre to my tastes is fine; sci-fi, horror, superheroine, modern, apocalypse, weird west... I'd be willing to experiment.

I enjoy system games and the uncertainty that it brings. Although I have done Pathfinder I think it is too complex to handle smoothly. I do not have a lot of experience with game systems but I have done FATE and was looking to try Dungeon World. Savage Worlds seems relatively light and I'm told 5e D&D is also a little faster now. I guess the key is system-lite. Again, this is not set in stone so if you prefer freeform I'm okay with that too! ^_^ You can PM me here or look me up on my chats.

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Bump. I probably still have enough energy for one more partner if anyone is interested.

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Bump, with an update.
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Re: Robyn's Role-play desires (erotic peril, doom)
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2016, 01:21:30 PM »