Clarification on Image Tagging Requested

Started by Lord Mayerling, September 26, 2015, 08:42:10 AM

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Lord Mayerling

I remember a while back -- ok, maybe it was five years ago by now -- that it was stated that, in general, stories and images do not need to be tagged if they are on boards approved members can see. Specifically I'm going to cite the NSFW tag. Basically, the assumption was, if you're on a members' board, NSFW content may exist, browse at your own risk.

Recently on the Finders and Seekers sub-board I have seen nudges from some members stating that posters need to tag and spoiler their images NSFW when there is no such notification on the thread anywhere, nor any such requirement on the board itself.

What is the actual rule here? I feel like the nudges are dubious if in fact the nudgers are not applying and adhering to the actual rules of the site.


As far as the rules state, the NSFW tag is only required in the public areas of the board, and must be associated with a link (not a spoilered picture).  As F&S is not public, NSFW pictures can be embedded there without spoilers or tags being required.  Many people do spoiler and/or tag as a courtesy, but it is not a site rule.
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Lord Mayerling

Thank you, Oniya, for being so helpful. Exactly what I was looking for.