The Zeta Potential (F for M/F)

Started by Zeta, September 22, 2015, 10:32:43 PM

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Welcome to my warehouse of wonders and half-formed musings. 

Before we begin, please take a peek at my O/O.

Listed below are mere random plot bunnies.  If nothing catches your fancy, but you are still interested in starting something with me, feel free to drop a line and offer up suggestions of your own.  I am nothing if not flexible, and I'm always game to try something completely out of left field.  However, please do not PM me with nothing in mind.

As of 9/22 -- I recently transferred into an office job where I find myself at my computer more often than not.  While I have a fairly full dance card, I would like to add one or two more to my list.  This is, of course, subject to change, but for the time being, please be aware that I am looking for someone who can post with regular frequency while still maintaining a decent repetoire - no one liners unless the game dictates it, limited spelling/grammatical errors, and consistent quality.  If all that checks out, let the games begin.

Minor items:

- Please PM me for inquiries; do not reply here
- I will play a man, woman, or otherwise, and will happily play with someone who does similarly, regardless of the gender of the person across the screen
- I prefer playing in either the forums or over PMs.  Please no requests for personal email or instant messenger. 
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Meet Miss Eleanor Lexington, adored stage actress by day, private investigator by night (or whenever it suits her fancy).  Big, small, delicate, or just plain gory, she'll take the case, and she'll do whatever it takes to get it done.  Of course, this more often than not causes her to run afoul of the local inspector [Insert Name of Choice Here], a bastion of the law, who rarely approves of Eleanor's methods.  Eleanor can't abide  Inspector So-and-So's uptight manner, and he sees her as little more than a vigilante.  Ironically,  they've often been their most successful when they race against the other to solve cases.  Over the years, they've built a very grudging respect but never have they thought to pool their resources - until now.  When Miss Lexington's girl Friday (who also happens to be Inspector So-and-So's niece) goes missing under mysterious circumstances, the two agree to form a temporary alliance.  But will they let their egos get in the way of their work, and will they find the girl before it's too late?

Inspired by the Phryne Fisher Murder Mysteries.


-Elements:  Mystery, Thriller
-Your Character:  The Inspector
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The Sound of Her Wings
It's been months since they first met, on a long subway ride from the Fishing District to the downtown boroughs.  He was tired, but every now and then, he felt her eyes trained on him, as if burning into his core.  Not once did she speak to him, even as he passed her to get off the railcar at his stop.  Yet, for the briefest of moments, they shared a gaze that spoke volumes.  In that instant, he felt more alive than he had in ages, and when it past, he returned to the cold reality of his mundane life.

Every so often, he would see her on that rail line.  He saw her on crowded streets, in stores, again, saying nothing, but only sharing furtive glances at one another, never once approaching the other until one day he cornered her in a near abandoned station, demanding to know who she was.  She, on the other hand, replied only with a silent kiss that sparked the affair to come.  Sometimes he would not see her for days or weeks on end, but every time they met, despite promises to himself that he had no energy for this, he would be drawn to her, and they would make assionate love in whatever alcove or empty dock or abandoned room they could find.  He would ask questions of course, but she would make no reply but to abandon him until their next meeting.

That all changed one day, when she finally dropped the bomb on him - that she was not of his world.  She was a raven, a messenger and servant of Death.  He is her link to the mortal realm, and if he does not want to see an early grave, there is something he must do.


-Elements:  Urban Fantasy
-Your Character:  The mortal link.  What is it that he must help the raven do?  No clue!  You'll have to help me out with this one.  Also, I would kind of love you if you would be willing to play a somewhat older gent to my younger lady.  Not required, of course.
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