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June 24, 2022, 06:00:12 pm

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Author Topic: Larger than Life (girl next store to #1 porn star)- F looking for M  (Read 832 times)

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Hi- I'm looking for a game idea where an ordinary, girl next door slowly changes into a pin up girl and slowly changes into a fetish model and/or porn star. The game would start by Melinda (my character) realizing she can make a lot more money with a curvy body in tips than an average body. Your character would find out about this and push it to the nth degree. He would be the devilish character given her advice to push her a little more, to go a little larger, to be a little more over the top. I think the change would mostly be gradual, at first her lips are plumped. Then her hair is lasered off. Then she has some sort of body contouring, followed by some set of implants that get larger over time, lastly some sort of surgery/chemicals/hormones to make Melinda regress to a teenager's hormones, horny and insatiable, at least until the itch is cured.

I'm looking for a writing partner to work with me on this idea. I'd like a partner that can post 1 to 2 complete paragraphs with proper grammar, spell checking, etc.

Please message me of your idea and look at my ons and offs to make sure we're compatible.

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from you soon.


Melinda Moore sighs and stretches to turn off the alarm on her cell phone. It is 545 am and her shift starts at 7. She groans as she climbs out of bed, glancing at the empty left spot, thinking about what a moron her ex Chris was. He had just moved three days ago, after not paying rent for two months she decided she had enough. She headed to the bathroom to get ready for her shift. After a half hour she was nearly done, she always felt she had to get ready quickly. She made a smoothie in the blender then sat down at her kitchen table. She opened up her notebook and hand wrote the information from yesterday.

She was doing a little experiment after she saw something on tv- the larger the chest, the better the tips, and most surprisingly, not just from men but from women as well. She had already done flat chested, she taped down her breasts and looked like she had absolutely no breasts at all- she didn't even need a bra, she was an A cup with the tape. She made less tips than normal, but only by about 20% less. She still had a bubbly and friendly personality, the only thing that changed was her chest size.

Today she would wear the falsies that would bring her from a C to a DD. She put the falsies on and adjusted herself, then through on a loose blouse that clearly showed the outline of her breasts, her now rather large breasts.  She checked herself over in her compact, finished her smoothie, and drove to work. She was satisfied with her appearance but wondered what effect her new figure would have on her tips. She hoped a positive one, a very positive one.

She wondered if anyone would notice. Most of the men and all of the women did notice, they were looking at her chest. With her curvy shape, it looked like she genuinely had quite large boobs. Her first customer gave her a quarter, the second seventy five cents, and just then, her third customer of the day gave her a 5 dollar tip and a wink. "Is there anything uhm.. different about you?" Steve asked with a slight stammer.

She grinned, "No, nothing is different.. Well, I did lighten up my hair a little bit.. Thank you for noticing and the tip, Steve.. have a wonderful day honey!" She had 2 tip jars, one for men and one for women, just to be able to keep good track of the tips. She looked at the long line of customers and wondered if today was going to be a record breaking day.