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May 26, 2018, 01:22:49 AM

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Author Topic: Vault of the Ancients - [High fantasy adventure] (LF GM or partner)  (Read 218 times)

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Offline EvalonTopic starter

"No fortune comes without a price."

Vault of the Ancient
We are all driven by some desire be it primal or intellectual,
Be careful not to let your desire drive you to the darkest depths of your soul.[/center]

   What is the possible content of this story?
      Magic. What is a good fantasy setting without a healthy dose of magic?
      Adventure and exploration. This is a setting all about discovering the unknown wonders of the world, expect to get down and dirty.
      Various sexual encounters. Nothing is set in stone, but it's just not an E game without some explicit fun.
      Transformations. Magical mishaps are one of the greatest inventions of the magical era!
   What is this story about?
      The Vault of the Ancients is an old myth, something many would consider an old folks tale. But it exists, and some would give everything to get their hands on what the vault has to offer. The vault was created after the Great War that nearly tore the world apart. Magic had been at its prime and everyone was trying to be at the top, a magical arms race began. Dangerous artifacts were created and monstrous spells were written. When war was incited the world suffered greatly. Details of the war are lost to history, except for the myth of the vault. The artifacts and the spells created could not so easily be destroyed. The best mages of the land banded together to create the Vault of the Ancients, a place to store all the things none of the races should have ever brought into creation. Once all the items were gathered inside they used their life-force to seal the vault into another realm, where it could never come to harm their realm again.
      Since that day magic has been in a decline. With each generation the presence of magic has grown weaker. Some old powers know of the existence of the vault and see it as their answer. A band of characters are hired to seek out the vault and told anything they find within the vault is theirs so long as they bring back one particular artifact. The characters come together, each with their own motive for wanting to seek out the vault, and use the information given by their informant to track down the vault and bask in the glory inside.
      Except not all things are as good as they sound. All fortunes have a price. They will have to battle against the defenses of the vault as well as with the desires of one another before they can claim the fortune that awaits them at the end.
      This is only one possible setting for this type of story. I have dozens of other similar concepts. The basic premise is the same in all them, a group of adventurers go on a hunt for magical artifacts and find more than they bargained for.
   What is the setting?
      High fantasy. All myths are true, all races exist, and magic is common albeit waning. Currently only around 1% of the population is capable of using magic and even less to a degree it is practical for anything.
   Who is my character?
      Oh gosh I have TONS of different characters I can play in this. Some are magic-focused and some are sans-magic. They are all female, so keep that in mind. If this is a transformation based story I can craft a male character as long as they become female within the story.
      1. The Abyss-mage. She channels a dark energy from the realm of the Abyss. She is possibly one of the strongest beings in existence, well she would be if she could remember who she was. Being omni-potent doesn't mean much when you can't remember how to do anything. Oh well, I'm sure she'll figure something out.
      2. The exiled princess. She also channels a dark energy, but it doesn't quite come from the abyss. It's actually, literally, dark enemy. She's a shadow-mage, of sorts. When religion gets involved, things get complicated. She's trying to find her way back home, but it's not as simple as retracing her steps when the leading faction of your foreign empire wants you dead. The life of princess I suppose.
      3. The inventor. He has a bit of a gambling problem. The man with all the luck, until it just seems to run out. Almost like he was born under an unlucky star. He's a man of science, he doesn't believe in luck! Explain that twenty game winning streak, smarty-pants. He's a drifter, never calling one place home for long. Usually he gets run out of town before he can set roots. There are at least a two dozen loan sharks out for him. Run devil, run.
      4. The honest thief. The sad story of a war orphan. She was all that remains of her village, a small band of elfs and humans who lived together in harmony. When the war machine rolled through they didn't last long, love and peace doesn't do so well when your at the end of a sword. She survived and grew up in an orphanage for war orphans. Not many people cared for orphans and more so when they weren't human. She became a Robin-Hood of sorts, stealing from the snob-nosed and giving to those in most need.
      Hopefully those four are enough to get you a little interested. I can craft up more options as well should you desire it! All I really have to do is pick a class and it just comes on its own. 
   What about your character?
      Anybody! I'm not picky. I would love for you to play 'the world' as a GM and turn this into a system-lite dungeon crawler but I'm not going to require that. If you want to play an adventurer then we can both play as adventurers and we can both play as the world around us. Just don't expect me to pull the weight, it will be a 50/50 split.
      Interested? Let me know! If there is enough interest I can move this to the "Seeking a GM" section for a small group game, otherwise it'll just be a 1x1 story. If it does go into a small group game then I will gladly co-GM but I cannot solo-GM it. I would need a primary GM.