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Author Topic: Gor-Inspired World (Interest Check)  (Read 3375 times)

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Gor-Inspired World (Interest Check)
« on: September 20, 2015, 03:15:31 pm »

The Free Cities of Talamah are, ironically, anything but free. The Slave Trade is perhaps the most profitable business of the Free Cities, spanning the entire known world. Slaves, of all Races and from all areas, are brought in from the South and South East to the Free Cities. Once in the Free Cities, the great Auction Houses divide and share the influx of slaves. Many are kept in the free-cities or sent to work in the mines. Others are then sent to the East and North East, to the more civilized countries, where slavery is legal but not as prolific. Even so, the vast majority do not move much beyond the Free Cities where almost anything goes.

The Free Cities and Surrounding Area

The Game World
The Free Cities are dominated by a Patriarchal society. A Council of Elders govern the Free Cities and their word is law. Males are, by and large, the dominant members in society though there are exceptions - there are several prominent women as well. Slavery, Mercenary Companies, and Raw Materials are the main exports from the Free Cities. Merchants and Slave Traders tend to be on the upper spectrum of things as well.

-All Free Citizens are allowed to purchase slaves, own slaves, and use the popular brothels.
-All Visitors are allowed to purchase slaves, own slaves, and use the brothels.
-All other people are considered slaves, and full under the Slave Rules.

The Slave Rules -
-All Slaves must wear a collar at all times.
--The Collars are made of different metals and are inscribed with their owners names. Different colored metals help show the wealth and status of the slave-owner.
--Slaves must obey and be submissive at all times. Refusing their Master (or Mistress) in public is a crime and they can be whipped (or worse) if caught doing so in public.
--Slaves may be shared between owners.
--Slaves, male or female, can only wear clothes (if any at all) given to them by their Owners.
--Slaves may be used to fulfill the weekly offerings to the Sun God.
--Slaves may be used to pay debts.
--It is unacceptable to kill anothers slave without their consent.
--Slaves are forbidden to have relationships with each other.

The Temple of the Sun
-The Temple of the Sun and the Sun Followers are the main religion of the Free Cities.
-The Sun God is a kind God and encourages its followers to follow their Carnal Desires.
-Each family must make an offering to the Sun God every week. The day of the week does not matter, but a record is kept on each family at their local temples. The level of their offering reflects the influence they will have with the Temple, who are also the governing body (the Judge and Jury) on all matters.
--The Offerings occur in two steps. The first step is a Female - either a family member or a female slave - offering herself to the service of the temple. She is stripped naked and given a mask. For all intents and purposes, they are now an Apostle of the Sun. 
--The second step is for a Male representing the family to make his offering - his seed - using one of the Apostles of the Sun as the reciprocal. The most common method for this is through oral-sex while those willing to spend more money are able to have the Apostle for the night, in every manner of the word.
--Commoners and the Wealthy are no exception from this rule. Since their identities are kept a secret, it is quite possible and common for commoners and nobles to interact in this manner, though it is often through their slaves. Those only performing oral services are expected to give oral anywhere from 50 - 100 times on their day. The poorer folk tasked with full sex are often expected to service 25 - 50 men in a day.

The High Priest
-Payment can also be directed at the High Priest. He is the direct link to the Sun God and also the type of man that can fashion deals or make people disappear. This often involves using a direct family member to service the High Priest, or to offer several slaves for the days services.
-Once a month, an ultimate sacrifice is made to the Temple - a virgin to the High Priest. She is often picked from among the Nobles for such a prestigious task. Often, rival families arrange through the High Priest for a group of men to have their fun with her after the High Priest has completed his task.

What we need? What things will happen?
For this game, I am going to allow players to play as multiple characters. I do ask that Males play as Males, Females as Females.

I expect there to be BDSM and Bondage and Floggings - some darker elements in this game - and I am always open to some Incest, should anyone decide to enslave their family over some matter.

As for as roles, this is what I had in mind:

-Masters/Mistresses = Merchants, Store Owners, perhaps Council Members. Things beyond just being a Master/Mistress.
-High Priest (Taken)
-Slave Trader/Auctioneer
-Brothel/Brothel Owner (this could be tied into the Temple of the Sun)

If you can think of other roles, let me know!

Acceptable Races for Slaves
*With the exception of Halfling and Gnome

Acceptable Races for Slave Owners and Free Citizens
*With the exception of Halfling and Gnome

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, let me know!

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Re: Gor-Inspired World (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2015, 08:01:16 pm »
Is this free form or going to be a system?

Offline Yarnover

Re: Gor-Inspired World (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2015, 08:56:44 pm »
Ah... Males play males and females play females... so are lieges excluded from this game, then?

Offline Astrofig

Re: Gor-Inspired World (Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2015, 09:47:34 pm »
Ah... Males play males and females play females... so are lieges excluded from this game, then?

And us girls can't play guys?