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Author Topic: Legend of Zelda: The Rise of Ganondorf [M lf F, Adventure]  (Read 319 times)

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Legend of Zelda: The Rise of Ganondorf [M lf F, Adventure]
« on: September 14, 2015, 06:00:03 PM »

Among the deserts, the Gerudo have lived for centuries. A race of survivors and devotees to the Sand Goddess, these women call one of the harshest climates in Hyrule home. Said to be a race of warriors and thieves, they are usually considered too small to really be of consequence to any politics of Hyrule. After all, even though the Gerudo live long - sometimes getting as old as 400 years - only the first baby born every century is male. The Gerudo believe that this one male is destined to be their King, chosen by the Goddess of the Sands for the role.

A young male Gerudo has just passed his trials of adulthood in what maybe the darkest hour of the Gerudo. Between the previous Gerudo King's personal corruption, the genocidal madman that sits on the Hylian throne, and a new threat rising from outside of Destiny that threatens to consume the entire realm of Hyrule.

Trapped between two evil kings and a mad God, a young Gerudo male barely considered a man begins a quest to save his people and the realm by stepping up to become the Hero of Time. And when Destiny declares that despite all that is happening the Hero of Time is not to be born for decades to come, that young Gerudo decides that if the Gods and Destiny refuse to help him then he'll just take the Power to save his home for himself, no matter what it takes.

Almost a century before Link and Princess Zelda would become their own Legends, a young Ganondorf begins to show the world why he'll one day be called The Dark Lord and the Great King of Evil on his own. Decades before Link and Zelda would even be born, the Rise of Ganondorf begins.

Quote from: Info
More adventure driven, but some smut will probably work it's way in. Let me know what you think.

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Re: Legend of Zelda: The Rise of Ganondorf [M lf F, Adventure]
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2015, 10:43:46 AM »
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Bringing back this idea with a bit of thread necromancy.

The basic premise is that this is the Legend of Zelda universe, 50 years before Link and Zelda were ever born. The current King of the Gerudo is a corrupt oaf, the current King of Hyrule (Zelda's Grandfather) is a genocidal maniac, and a mysterious other-dimensional God-Thing seems to be bent on destroying the world - and they may be immune to Destiny to boot.

As a result the only hope of the realm may lie on the shoulders of a young Ganondorf, now a young man marked with the curse of Demise that's just completed his trials of adulthood. Destiny has declared that the Hero of Time that could save the world isn't going to be born for decades, despite the clear need for such a hero. So if Destiny isn't going to give him the power he needs, Ganondorf will decide that he'll have to simply take it instead.

Mostly adventure with a fair amount of smut, being as he'll be the only male Gerudo born within the last century. This might contribute to his later downfall, such as it might be Gerudo law that adult males can just take any female they want as long as the current King doesn't intercede personally. The idea is that part of the reason Link and Ganondorf will hate each other so much later is that, at least in some ways, they're so much alike and they know it - too the point that if it wasn't for the random whim of capricious gods they might of ended up the exact same.