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Author Topic: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)  (Read 1534 times)

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Offline Roketto

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #25 on: October 06, 2015, 01:44:19 AM »
@Jugg, actually, that could work pretty well!  Depending on the event, they may have had a bit of time to chat before going their separate ways, during which they may have built a brief, though friendly, rapport.

Online Juggtacular

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #26 on: October 06, 2015, 01:48:29 AM »
Mmmhm. It could have been a recruiting drive for the Marines, or a job fair. Maybe even just a military demonstration. Something that would have kept him at the school for a few hours, or his unit there for maybe a day or two.

Offline Roketto

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #27 on: October 06, 2015, 01:52:57 AM »
Hmm, actually a recruiting fair type thing could be cool.  Maybe with some different activities and such.  If there were an obstacle course, she'd have been surprisingly good at it for a short, petite, thing.
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Online Juggtacular

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #28 on: October 06, 2015, 01:54:56 AM »
Maybe they met because he was watching the course and she did really really good. Good enough to impress a Marine who could(and probably did to show how it was done) run that course in no time flat, blindfolded.

Offline Roketto

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #29 on: October 06, 2015, 02:02:59 AM »
That works.  I'm considering having her holed up in the sporting goods store in the mall, having seen the "main group" and observed, but not yet interacted until the story starts. 

She's totally been living off the backpacking foods. XD

Online Juggtacular

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #30 on: October 06, 2015, 02:11:56 AM »
Poor girl. Yeah that works. Maybe one of the group happens upon her searching through the store for ammo or spare makeshift weapons.

And she can get a real meal after she joins them lol.

Offline DarkAngel111Topic starter

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #31 on: October 06, 2015, 02:17:00 PM »
Guys my laptop has a death screen so give me a day I will have to check on sheets when I am on my desktop

Offline Amarlo

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #32 on: October 06, 2015, 02:28:01 PM »
I'm going to be making a different secondary character than Nissa, Dark ^^ She wasn't really tickling my fancy so I'm going to make someone else. I have a bit of a template going in my head. I'll throw her up when I'm done with her.

I wish you the best of luck with your laptop!

Offline xLolaLusciousx

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #33 on: October 08, 2015, 01:20:47 AM »
Sorry for the delay on the bio. I sprained my wrist, so I'll be a bit on the slow side for a few more days. Almost finished though :)

Online Juggtacular

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #34 on: October 09, 2015, 08:54:17 AM »
Moses Price

Character Name:Moses Churchill Price
Player Name: Juggtacular
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Former Occupation: Marine MCHM(Master Chief Hospital Medic) - Combat Medic in layman terms
Physical Features: Moses is a tall guy, about 6'4. And he's always kept in excellent shape, so he's broad shouldered, thick armed, and well muscled; tipping the scales at around 230lbs. Simply put, he's a man mountain and he's not afraid to throw that around. He's dark skinned which believe it or not helps out an awful lot in a post apocalyptic, zombie filled world. He's gotten away on the skin of his teeth simply by hiding in a shadow and staying stock still. His eyes are unique; a piercing, nearly golden hazel that he got from his moms side of the family.

He's also got a scar over his right eye from a brush with an IED. A piece of shrapnel sliced it's way up his face and got embedded in his helmet. He's got black, naturally curly hair that he tries to keep shaved close, but it's curly more often than straight due to a shortage of hair supplies in this fucked up world we live in nowadays. He's got a multitude of military tattoos over a good portion of his torso front and back, as well as his arms.

Intelligence: 8
Speed:  5
Agility:  4
Stamina:  6
Shooting:  7
Strength:  7
Dexterity:  10(Years of handy work and surgeries on battlefields as well as in proper medical facilities)
Sneaking:  3

Personality:  Moses was attached to a heavy combat recon unit, so he knows that the team is only as strong as its weakest link. Since that's true, he does his best to keep all the links strong. He's a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a hug if you need it. Ever since he was little it was Moses' dream to help people, and that shows in his actions.

He's a great guy to be around; kind and friendly, as well as loyal to a fault. He's also got a good sense of humor, however it can get grim at times considering he saw near constant action for eight years. He can take charge if necessary, and has no problem working with people unless they're trouble. He'll never ask more of anyone than he'd be willing to do himself, and knows when to not push things.


  • World Class Doctor: Moses has been interested in medicine and the human body since he was twelve. From going over every last page of his biology and health books in class to deciding his major when he graduated high school. He continues to learn himself even now, reading through any book he can find even if it contains information he already has dedicated to memory(it helps him keep his head). That plus his medical training and schooling makes him an extremely skilled doctor in many medical fields.
  • Combat: Being broken down and raised up by the Marines changes you, makes you into a machine. Well Moses was a machine for a decade and is a highly skilled fighter, trained in MCMAP(Marine Corps Military Martial Arts Program), where the motto is "One Mind, Any Weapon". It's a very practical style and virtually anything can be a weapon in the hands of a trained practitioner; including your own body and your opponents body as well. Although he's not really keen to try and arm lock a zombie. Crushing the skull seems to work just fine.
  • Persuasive: For ten years, Moses' job was not only to bring people back from death's door and to keep them healthy. It was also to convince them everything would be okay when he knew for a fact that they wouldn't. So many times he's had to lie to a friends face and tell him he'd live, or that they could probably save his leg. So many times he lied with such desperation and the need for people to believe him that whaddya know...people began to believe him, and nowadays he's a silver tongued devil. If you can tell a dying man he'll be able to go home and see his infant daughter with a straight face, and he believes you? You can sell ice to an Eskimo.
  • Engineering: Moses has always been just as interested in engineering as he has in medicine and is similarly skilled when it comes to building and fixing things. He's not as good at this as he is putting people back together, but his skills come in handy, especially since most medical equipment is incredibly finicky(if he can find any that actually still works).
  • Survival: Being in the Marines has taught Moses many things, but the most important is the ability to not die and stay healthy while staying alive. His military training and experiences have helped him realize the best ways to stay out of danger altogether, and how to stay safe and breathing when dangers all around you.


  • PTSD: Moses was in the shit for a looooong time, and he's seen horrible things in his time. Heads blown off from sniper rounds, body parts sent flying from IED's and RPG's. A good friend stepped on a landmine once. Moses was just close enough to be blasted back, but not get hurt. He had to wipe blood and bits of flesh off himself for an hour. He's even had to kill his own parents. It's safe to say his mind, as brilliant as it is, is kinda messed up. It manifests in headaches, mood swings, and flashbacks at seemingly random moments.
  • Guilt: Moses feels guilty every day for every person he wasn't able to save over his career. Not only his friends and fellow soldiers, but civilians as well. Every time he lost a patient it hurt like it was the first time. What's worse than the pain he feels from not being able to save people, is the guilt he feels for all the lives he took. As a soldier and a medic, it was an inevitable moral contradiction he'd have to face, but knowing that didn't make it any easier when it happened again and again and again. He still has nightmares where he sees the faces of the people he's killed; in war and beyond.
  • Insomnia: Surprisingly this has nothing to do with his time at war. Moses' brain just won't turn off sometimes. Ever since he was a kid, he'll have some nights where no matter what he just can't sleep. The doctors said because he was so intelligent, small things like that weren't uncommon. He's learned to live with it and handles no sleep better than most, but it can still affect him.
  • War Wounds: As a Medic, Moses was protected by the Geneva Convention for the most part. However danger close and explosives couldn't differentiate. And sometimes the OpFor didn't care to. The same IED that gave him his infamous scar, also embedded several pieces of shrapnel in his body. They were all dug out, but sometimes the pain flares up in a dull ache that can last for hours if not longer. He's also got a bullet wound on his left shoulder, right thigh, and a graze on his right side between the 4th and 5th rib. Luckily they were all pretty easy to take care of.
  • Ganja Goodness: As many medical professionals(not just him) the world over(those not paid off by corporations) will tell you, Marijuana in pretty much all of it's forms not only gives a pleasant "high", but has a host of medical benefits, especially with concentrated THC. For Moses it helped a lot. Getting high meant for a few hours his mind wasn't racing, it meant if he got high before bed, he could have a good, deep sleep; one not plagued with nightmarish images of brothers in arms dying in his arms and sacrificing themselves for others. It meant he could have a good laugh and not worry that the person he shared that laugh with would go back on duty and just never come home. It helped calm his PTSD and just leveled him out. Of course with the world going to hell, finding a dealer is a bit of a problem. He's not addicted to weed, but he does wish he could score some just to help stop the nightmares. And while he won't risk himself or anyone else, or go out of his way to get any, if they do come across some he will absolutely volunteer to roll up and take the first hit.
Background:  Moses was born on a flight from New York to Brixton, South London where his parents were going home to visit family. His birth was a short one, only lasting about 4 hours and if you could believe it, there was actually a doctor on board who helped with the delivery. They came down in New York a few hours later and he was taken to the hospital. When it was all said and done, his parents had a healthy baby boy. After his family got a good look, his parents took him back to the states. That was probably one of the most exciting things in his childhood. His father was a soldier, and his mother was a nurse.

Military ran in his family, but knowing his mommy helped people feel better was one of the best things little Moses could think of. Even as a child it was clear he was highly intelligent, and his parents fed his mind as much as possible by making him read and giving him challenging work to keep his brain stimulated. As he got a bit older, he really began to show a passion for medicine and engineering. He was always reading his moms medical journals or trying to help his dad fix a problem with the car, or take apart and put the toaster back together. But military was in his blood. Moses was a smart kid though and figured there had to be a way to help people while serving his country.

 The answer slapped him in the face one day while he was surfing the web, and from then on he was determined to be a Combat Medic. When he graduated high school, he enlisted immediately, although he continued his studies when he could. Over the next eight years he'd see heavy combat, and save a lot of lives. He also somehow managed to get his dual degrees in Medicine and Engineering. His life was never dull, you could say that much. When the reports of "Sangre Nego" started to come in, Moses was one of the first medical specialists the US Government called.

By this point he was about as high ranked as a medic could be and his skills were well known(he'd even operated on the Prince of an allied nation and guaranteed peace for the next 30 years with that country and America). He was brought in and it he was given as much information as anyone had. The effects from what he could see... It haunted him, but there was nothing he could do except keep his mouth shut and try to work with the others to find some way to stop this thing. Nobody found a cure though. Nobody in the entire international think tank designed specifically for combating this virus, with the best medical minds the world over could find a fucking cure. They kept trying though.

 The entire tank of more than 200 people theorized and tested and hoped and prayed, morning, noon, and night for an answer that never came. None of them left the facility until the cases started being reported all over the world at an alarming rate. It was at that point they realized they were fighting a losing battle. With no progress being made on the vaccine, and reports breaking out all over the world, the think tank was dissolved and all personnel were allowed to return to their home countries, citing home defense and research interests as the reason.  He was on one of the last fights before all air travel was grounded until further notice.

 He returned to his base, and tried to get his parents in; due to his rank and familiarity with the virus they were allowed in, and he spent every waking moment not with them still trying to find a cure for this thing. It was hopeless though. It was a lesson in futility and absolutely nothing came from his efforts. Thankfully what they did know about the virus is that it took a direct infection from one of those zombies to turn someone. As the military and government infrastructure began to break down, his base slowly turned into a police state to keep the people inside it safe. And things actually worked for a while. Until one night a soldier who'd pulled 3 all night shifts in a row fell asleep at his post. One of the infected got through a small hole in one of the base walls undergoing repairs. It killed the sentry and started a rampage within the base. It was killed quickly, but the damage was done. And on top of that, they didn't find the soldiers body until a few hours later. And by then he'd done the same thing. Just one was all you needed to turn everything to shit. And then people started getting infected. Some were thrown out, some were shot. More importantly, many hid due to their fear of death or being thrown out into the hell hole the world had become. That's what doomed the healthy ones. The sick ones that hid. The brass were considering evacuating the base when the reason they even considered it happened. The infected returned as zombies, looking for food and to spread the infection.

Moses was in the operating room when one of the zombies broke in looking for food. He killed it, and had to leave his patient behind to escape the same fate. He watched the man die, but at least he'd been under anesthetic. He simply wouldn't wake up anymore. He rushed back to his home that his parents shared with him, and he had to shoot two more zombies on the lawn. The base was in chaos, but he needed a few things to survive. His gear, and his parents.

 After taking another look around, he really paid attention to what was in front of him. The front door was busted open, and a car had driven into the garage. He found his father zombified and trying to break into the master bedroom where his mom had barricaded herself. He had to put a bullet in the back of his fathers head to keep his mother safe. But he was already too late. When he opened the door and found her, she hugged him, and kissed him and told him how happy she was.

 She had a big gash on her arm from his dads teeth though, and black ooze was all over it. It was too late for her. He bandaged and cleaned the wound though and sat her down. He explained everything  to her. He told the woman who'd given birth to him and shaped him into the person he was...he told her that soon she would die, and then return to a hellish existence where all she did was seek out food and try to spread her infection. She cried. She cried long and hard at the thought of her dead husband, the state of the world, and what came next. And he cried to. This was his mother; the love of his life. She was his everything now that his father's body lay cooling in the hall. And she was next. She hugged Moses, and kissed his forehead. She told him she'd always love him. He begged her not to make him do it. He pleaded that he could find a cure, he knew he could. But being his mother, she pointed out how even if he found one, it would be too late for her by then. There was no way he could find a full facility and make a cure in just a few hours. Then she told him to save her life. With tears blurring his vision, he held his mothers hand and hugged her tight.

Then he killed her. In under an hour he killed both of his parents. He had nothing left to live for, but he kept on going because he knew they would be ashamed if he threw away the gift of life, no matter how bad things were. So he will continue to live until he's old and grey. He refuses to leave this Earth as zombie food.

Starting Gear: 
  • Duffel Bag(Holds all his non-medical gear)
  • Unit One Pack(his medical bag)
  • Adaptive Combat Rifle(ACR) w/Scope. 30 Round Magazine
  • One Bulk Box of Rifle Ammo(250 rounds left from 500)
  • FN FNP 45 Pistol(w/ Built-in Suppressor)15 round magazine)
  • Box of pistol ammo(50 rounds)
  • 2x Tactical Tomahawk(serves as a melee weapon, throwing weapon for hunting, and a multi-purpose tool)
  • 1x Kurambit(Kept in his boot just in case)
  • 5x MRE's
  • A pair of Aviator Sunglasses
  • 3 1/2 bottles worth of clean water in a jug
  • Medical Supplies(All supplies are listed here and easily fit inside his UOP) He's had to use surprisingly little of his own supplies as he can often find substitutes with a bit of ingenuity and thorough searching.
  • Marine Uniform(has a multitude of pouches and pockets where he can keep small items as well as a kevlar helmet and dragonskin bulletproof vest)

Character Ons/Offs:  At this point there's no time for kinks or any of that. He just likes intimacy with an attractive woman; maybe some rough sex. If he thought about it though, he'd still enjoy slow seduction and teasing, oral, anal. All of the stuff he used to do before the world went to shit. Still though he's not into anything gross, like scat, gore, watersports or anything like that.

Antonio "El Lobo" Loera
Character Name: Antonio Luis Loera
Player Name: Juggtacular
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Former Occupation: Loco Syndicate Lieutenant(Enforcer)
Physical Features:  Antonio is about 6'2. Not the tallest ever, but pretty tall at the end of the day. A lifetime of farming and fighting has given him toned, muscular frame. And he works out constantly to keep it. He's a handsome guy with piercing eyes and a killer smile. They even work to almost keep attention away from the massive scar on the side of his head. Long story's gang related. His hair is styled into a mohawk.
Intelligence: 5
Speed: 7
Agility:  6
Stamina: 6
Shooting:  10
Strength:  5
Dexterity:  6
Sneaking: 5

Personality:  Antonio is a charming, charismatic guy. He's almost always smiling, and his words are chosen to keep people happy and at ease around him. He's a bit of a goofball and likes to joke around. When he's working though, aside from a few one liners here and there, he remains focused on the job at hand.

 He is very analytical, always making sure he knows what his environment is and the people in it around him. He is practical, and will more often than not do the most logical thing for the situation, especially if it means he stays alive. When it comes to a fight though, he's somewhat different. He gets almost sadistic due to all the horrors he's seen and inflicted working for the Loco Syndicate.

Sniper Mindset - Being the youngest of the Loera children, Antonio was tasked with keeping coyotes and other wild animals away from the cows while the others worked. He got damn good with a rifle as a result, as well as being able to sneak about without drawing attention to himself. This skill was trained even more during his time with the Loco Syndicate.

Ruthless - He has no problem killing if it's necessary. It was his job for a very long time after all.

Brawler - He's not professionally trained, but Antonio has been fighting since he was a kid, and he knows the ins and out of "Dirty Fighting".

Farm Background - Because of how he grew up, he's pretty well versed in things like mechanics, repair, and animal skinning/preparation just to name a few.

Charisma - Antonio has always had a way with words and can be very persuasive.


Headaches - Due to the injury leading to his scar, Antonio has headaches now and then. They aren't debilitating, but they're painful and definitely make survival harder during the run of one.

Ruthless - Sometimes he finds it pretty easy to slip back into his old ways and may complicate situations by doing or saying something unnecessarily over the line.

Familia - Antonio would do anything for close friends and people he considers family. Once you have his loyalty, he'll put risk life and limb to help you.

Excitable - Ironically for a sniper, it's hard for Antonio to sit still(when he's not getting paid for it) and often finds himself looking for something to keep himself entertained when nothing is going on.

Background:  Antonio was born seventh and last of the Loera children, and as such he was babied a bit. Of course in a hardworking farm family, "babying" simply meant he wasn't forced to do things beyond his capability as a child. But with five siblings working on the farm, and one off making lots of money as a doctor, Antonio was taught how to shoot and fix things. That way, while the others worked, he could pick off any coyotes or wolves or anything that decided their precious cows looked good enough to eat; or one of his family members if they were hungry enough.

On top of that he'd help mend fences and fix things around the house others didn't have time to fully devote themselves to. He had a good relationship with all of his family, but he seemed to look up to his oldest brother Victor the most. He saw how successful he was and wanted to be just like him when he got older. Well he didn't want to be a doctor, he just wanted to be rich.

And as he started growing up, his interest in farming waned while his interest in making money rose. His family was from a poor part of Mexico. And the only way out of a farming life where you broke your back for your entire life only to end up with more work to do was either get lucky, or join a cartel. Despite being only 11, he knew one day he'd be a big name. And the bigger his name, the more he could provide for his family. It was his only choice.

One day, shortly after he turned 16, he approached a member of the Loco Syndicate he bought weed from and asked to join up. He was a no name from a small town, and he had to prove himself. Well he beat up six guys(all bigger than him), and turned out to be one of the best shots they had access to. Despite his young age, his skill and work ethic made him valuable. He got in on the ground floor, and immediately started trying to prove himself. His ambition was noticeable and he quickly worked his way up the ladder with a ruthlessness people wouldn't expect from a farm boy like him.

In a short while he'd become a known enforcer in the cartel, and people knew if he was sent in, they'd better pay, or things got unpleasant. He even made a name for himself and people had begun to call him "El Lobo". In a few years, he was the top enforcer and hitman for the Loco Syndicate, and had everybody from the DEA, to the FBI, to Interpol all trying to track him down and take him out. In all that time, he'd never stopped sending money to his family. He still went home from time to time to help with the farm, even though they didn't even need the farm anymore. All things considered, life was good. Until Sangre Negro.

 And then people started dying and getting back up. Things went crazy in a hurry, and Antonio was in the US when all travel was indefinitely suspended. He had no way to get back home to Mexico. He could only hope with the isolation of the farm, the fences, hell the security team he always had watching his family...he hoped those would be enough to keep them safe. Just long enough for him to get home.

Starting Gear: 

FN FAL w Scope/Suppressor(130 Rounds w/30 round Mag)
1x Kukri
Beretta M9(72 rounds)
Duffel Bag with rations, spare ammo, and drug paraphanalia

Character Ons/Offs:   Vanilla-ish. He likes a bit of rough sex, foreplay, dirty talk. He's pretty much into the normal stuff, and very against anything out there like scat, waterplay, gore, etc...

Okay, I believe both have been edited properly to fit this game.
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Offline Roketto

Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
« Reply #35 on: October 09, 2015, 08:29:21 PM »
Okay!  I've revised Jesse's character sheet.  :)

Character Sheet
Character Name: Jessenia "Jesse" Devin
Player Name: Roketto
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Orientation: Poly; Bi-Curious, though mostly Heterosexual
Former Occupation: High School Student, Part-time Starschmucks Barista
Physical Features: Standing at an impressive 5' 1" and weighing in at a whopping 123 lbs, even with her tomboyish looks, Jesse would hardly be considered very physically intimidating.  She keeps her dark hair cut short, the style having gone a little scruffy over the last month since the outbreak, though the fire in those chocolate colored eyes has yet to be stifled.  Most recently, she's been seen in a worn gray hoodie with various printed tees under it, tattered and baggy jeans, and a sturdy pair of sneakers. 

Underneath all the baggy layers, however, that tanned skin is still surprisingly unmarred save for the decorations that had been there prior to the fall of society.  She's got several piercings, only the studs in her ears and the hoops in her left nostril and on both sides of her lower lip (snake bites) being visible when she's clothed.  Besides those, Jesse sports small steel barbells in her nipples, as well as a vertical hood piercing down below with a steel barbell as well.

Slender, while still sporting nice curves and a small B-cup chest, Jesse knew she'd be a potential target of fates far worse than being mugged for any supplies she had, so she took to dressing in a more boyish way in the hopes of fooling any would-be attackers.  She wears two sports bras and several baggy layers, helping to disguise her figure.

Reference Pictures (Some NSFW)
Before Apocalypse:

After Apocalypse:


Intelligence: 5
Speed:  7
Agility:  9 (she was an Olympic hopeful for gymnastics)
Stamina:  7
Shooting:  2
Strength:  8 (same as above; gymnasts must be both flexible and strong)
Dexterity:  5
Sneaking:  7

Personality: Quick witted and prone to snark, Jesse tends to be very personable, if not a little flirtatious.  She's quick to laugh and even quicker to smile among friends, however, these days she's become extremely withdrawn and wary of anyone and everyone she doesn't know well or already trust.
Strengths: She's patient, very physically fit, thinks well on her feet, is fairly competent at melee combat, and is a good team player when with those she can trust not to screw her over.  She also has some basic survival training from some summer classes she took with her dad back when she was a kid, with some practice camping with her family every summer.
Weaknesses: She's unlikely to trust those she's just met, and she's not very good with weapons that she has to aim to use.  Luckily, firearms tend to be fairly straightforward, though she's more likely to use a gun for intimidation of the living than as a weapon against the walking dead.  Also, still being a teenager, she's still got a lot to learn about the world, and is still subject to her hormones from time to time.
Background: Having grown up on the East Coast in New York, Jesse is a relatively recent transplant to LA, having moved with her family about a year and a half ago with her mother's new job.  With her mother being a highly successful surgeon, and her father a freelance writer, she grew up in a life of oddly harmonious contradictions.  Responsibility, frivolity, hard work, hard play; all in all, Jesse was pretty happy with her life up until the devastating outbreak of the Sangre Negro in LA.

Since she could remember, Jesse had always been drawn to athletic pursuits of all sorts, though her favorite had always been gymnastics.  Other sports were all well and good, and she was fairly good at them, but it was when she was on the mat that she really shined.  In fact, she'd even been on her way to the Olympic tryouts before she learned first hand just how dirty the competition at such a high level could be.

For quite some time, the sexually precocious teen had been doing some extracurricular "Private Lessons" with her gymnastics coach, a fact that another one of the girls in her gym's program had unfortunately stumbled upon one fateful evening.  The other girl, jealous of Jessenia's talent and the coach's obvious favor, spotted her opportunity to get even when she spotted the two performing some rather... acrobatic sexual maneuvers.  Which she then filmed with her phone, making sure to get plenty of clear shots of the action between the two. And, about a week later, she sent a copy of the video to Jesse with the message that, in no uncertain terms, stated that she was to withdraw from the Olympic tryouts or the video would wind up all over the internet.

Not wanting to face the consequences of that video going viral, Jesse did back out of the tryouts, claiming that she just couldn't handle the pressure of that level of competition.  Unfortunately, when her coach found out about the video, he cut things off between them immediately, and moved, stating he had to take care of some "family issues" in another state.  It was shortly after that that Jesse's mother was offered a new position at a busy hospital in LA.

Devastated at loosing such a valued relationship and being forced to leave the life she'd grown so comfortable in, Jesse withdrew somewhat once they'd first reached their new home.  Eventually she did make friends, of course, and she soon found herself drawn to other mentor type figures as well (causing no small amount of tension for some of her new male teachers). 

Thankfully, her background in gymnastics translated spectacularly well into a new sort of athletic pursuit that she was rather suddenly introduced to by one of her new friends.


Now an avid Traceuse, Jesse had quickly become one of the best of the best when it comes to the freerunners of LA.  Be it dashing through the halls of her high-school, vaulting over the landscaping downtown, or performing acrobatic feats through the middle of the mall scene, she'd finally started to carve out a niche for herself again when the outbreak heralding the apocalypse came crashing down around everyone.

Now, it's no longer a fight to find a place to belong.  It's a fight to survive...
Starting Gear: Backpack with scavenged gear from the mall's sporting goods store, Sig P938 with 42 rounds of 9mm ammo, a black Ka Bar knife, and a wooden baseball bat.
Character Ons/Offs: Jesse's still very much figuring herself out in regards to her sexuality, but so far she's found she loves especially athletic sex, being tied up, partially clothed sex, and older men.  Otherwise, she's keeping an open mind, as long as it doesn't involve filthy, disgusting, things (Scat, gore, bestiality, etc).
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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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hmm for some reason this thread didn't show up in my unread replies.

Guys I am going through your profiles now, Give me 2-3 days to get things in order, I have got most of the renovations done in my house so and my laptop is still in the dump. I might get it fixed in a day or two.

But till I do that, I will read through your profiles and start editing my characters, (Most of those are on my laptop which is fried so I have to start over) :(
But Till then lets just hope we can more new people joining in,

Sorry for the delay on the bio. I sprained my wrist, so I'll be a bit on the slow side for a few more days. Almost finished though :)

Don't worry about it, we still have lets say 5-6 days before we start. :) you can do it till then :) we do need more females Since I will be making a couple of more males, and a few NPCs

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Ok, so i do believe I am finished :)

Let me know what I need to fix!

Melayne Svetlana Alwood
Character Name:Melayne Svetlana Alwood , Mel
Player Name:xlolalusciousx
Orientation:Heterosexual, but could possibly change.
Former Occupation:Assistant for a Bail Bondsman. 
Physical Features: 5’8’’, athletic figure with long legs, toned arms, skin is very light cream colored, eyes are crystal blue, and her hair is to her mid back i thick ginger colored waves; normally kept in a tight braid down her back. Mel has a tattoo of a sparrow on her ankle representing her mother, who had passed from cancer before the outbreak.
Intelligence: 7
Speed:  9 (ran track all through Middle School, High School and College)
Agility:  7
Stamina: 8 (years and years of running track)
Shooting:  5
Strength:  5
Dexterity:  4
Sneaking: 5

Personality: Melayne is usually a quiet type of person and likes to keep to herself. She had a hard upbringing so she doesn't share on her feelings much. Don't perceive her silence as weakness however, Mel does have an opinion and she has no problem on letting people know about it. She doesn't let people talk down to her and she fights with everything she has. Because in a world crawling with undead, that's really all you can afford.
She can run like the wind. Mel is usually a great judge of character. She can easily adapt to different situations, and strives to improve herself physically and mentally to survive.
Will always care about loved ones more than her own well being, can sometimes push herself too far at the wrong time,
Melayne was born an inner city kid to a quiet and doting Russian mother and an alcoholic Irish father. She lived most of her life in fear of her father, his drinking getting out of hand almost daily. He was violent and brutally took it out on her mother, Melayne always being there to nurse her back to health.

In middle school she found a new freedom from home: running track. She had always been fast with her long legs, and soon became a district record holder. Mel kept her grades up and became an outstanding student. by the time she was a Sophomore in High School she had already started getting scouted for colleges.

When she entered her 3rd year of High School, she took an equivalency test and enrolled in college early, attending UCLA studying criminal justice and becoming a track star on a large sports scholarship.

During her second year at college, her father had died from stepping out in front of a bus while he was drunk. Not that it really mattered to her really. She continued on with schooling for another year until her mother had discovered she had stage 4 kidney cancer. Melayne knew she couldn't continue her education anymore and decided to return her scholarship, drop out of College, and take care of her mother before she passed only 7 months later.

Mel went through a long depression, even though she had only a couple years left of school she felt as if it was too late to go back. She settled for a job as a receptionist\assistant to a bail bondsman. Working in that kind of place inspired her to achieve her bounty hunters license, not being afraid to run with the big boys and take down some baddies.

But the week before she was going to take her certification test is when all hell broke loose. When the virus was full swing in Puerto Rico and beginning its reign over the US, mass lootings, murder, suicides, and pure chaos took hold of the area. Her boss had shot himself, her friends had disappeared, all she has was herself now in this hell of a world. Currently, she is holding herself in a freight truck at the Sears loading dock on the side of the mall waiting out a few slugs (her own word for the slower zombies) to lose interest in the truck.

Starting Gear: an old army backpack, camping machete, 6” titanium pocket knife, a 9mm pistol with a silencer and 5 full rounds (found it with her boss after he blew his brains out in the office), 12oz mace gun and a pack of large zipties (not for defense against zombies obviously), 1lb bag of beef jerky, 2 32oz water bottles, half a bottle of Jameson Whiskey (also found with her dead boss), 1 pair of sweatpants, and a warm jacket with the bail bonds office logo on it.

Character Ons/Offs:  Mel is more of a submissive, although she’s not afraid to take control of something. She’s pretty vanilla in bed, although rough play or angry encounters are always fun.
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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Alright so I am noticing people have all decided to start outside the main group. Only problem is if we do that I will have to be the one discovering other players. So if your character is outside the mall I will give you guys 2 posts to have them be at the mall also I will work on making a few npcs to fill the group.

Lola your chart is good no fixes needed

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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I planned on having Moses with the group. And Antonio was going to show up only slightly after gameplay started.

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Jugg your sheets are great just that shooting skill of 10,for a cartel member is a little odd make it a 8 or 9. Also Antonio only has 30 rounds clips so even a person with a skill level of 10 can only make 27-8 kills in 30rounds that's just a general guide for everyone.

Apart from this Jessi I approved Moses is approved and Antonio with slight change is also approved.

On note of when we start probably on Saturday as renovations are done at my place I can safely continue to use my desktop.  I will be making a new character thread today sometime.

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Ugh, I really need to finish my character then xD

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Jugg your sheets are great just that shooting skill of 10,for a cartel member is a little odd make it a 8 or 9. Also Antonio only has 30 rounds clips so even a person with a skill level of 10 can only make 27-8 kills in 30rounds that's just a general guide for everyone.

Apart from this Jessi I approved Moses is approved and Antonio with slight change is also approved.

On note of when we start probably on Saturday as renovations are done at my place I can safely continue to use my desktop.  I will be making a new character thread today sometime.

I gave him a 10 because he was basically shooting a rifle since he was a child, like 4 or 5 years old to kill wild animals trying to eat their livestock. So from that age up until about 16 he was sniping wolves, coyotes, womprats, etc... every few days with. And he had plenty of times where he had to camp out at night  so he just got really, really good at shooting and being a sniper. Then he joined the Cartel and got even better since he went from using hunting rifles to sniper rifles, and he was shooting people for the cartel for 12 years. He was literally the best sniper they had, and one of the most feared men in the country, and the world when they sent him abroad for a mission.

I can take it down to 9 if you want though, just explaining that he would be considered a world class talent, even though he's primarily self taught.

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Lol you do. I am only not starting now is coz there is no power here for next 5 hours otherwise I would be making charrys right now

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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If it's really an issue, I can change how/where Jesse meets up with the group, I just liked the idea of a reunion between Jesse and Moses.

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Technically Moses is not in the mall with the group. And Jesse is in a store.

So for their reunion someone will have let Moses in. Then he would come searching. That could take a while.

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Danielle will be in the mall with the main group starting out. She will probably have been with them for as long as they've been there. -keeps working on her- She'd going to be an interesting character. She's 28 but essentially she'll have been 'born to the apocalypse'. You'll see what I mean when I finish her ;)

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Technically Moses is not in the mall with the group. And Jesse is in a store.

So for their reunion someone will have let Moses in. Then he would come searching. That could take a while.

He's not? I didn't put it in his story, but I assumed/wanted him to be with the group at the beginning. Antonio would be the one to show up later if one of them did.

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Ok if he is in the group then its not a problem.

I will set up a back story for how the group came together once I have my computer.

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Re: Sangre Negro 2.0 (LGTB friendly Zombie apocalypse game)
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Aaaand... I think.. I'm done...

Danielle Baruso
Character Name: Danielle Baruso
Player Name: Amarlo
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Former Occupation: Student, Intern - Post Graduate Studies in Pharmaceuticals
Physical Features:  More frequently than not Danielle is described as ‘fluffy’ in build, or ‘curvy’. She’s all about that base, a cello shaped swell of bodacious curves befitting a time where her abundant assets were much more desired. Unfortunately many refer to her with less kind words. The woman has a gorgeous mane of raven black hair that cascades past her shoulders in luscious waves. High cheek bones and plush lips create a lovely face, but the true beauty lie in her eyes. Blue hazel hues paint Gaia in her eyes.
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Weight: 160lbs
  • Body Type: Curvy, busty, hippy, fluffy.

Intelligence: 7
Speed:  6
Agility:  7
Stamina:  5
Shooting:  5
Strength:  6
Dexterity:  7
Sneaking:  7

Personality: Dani is fun loving and witty, loves the arts and anything that involves a fictional world for her to escape. She is often seen tending to her duties on auto pilot – lost in another day dream. She can also be cautious, skittish, wary, compassionate, empathetic, hardworking, reclusive and a hobbyist. If you gain her loyalty it would be VERY hard to lose it again, but once you do.. you will never get it back.

Hobbyist – Handy
Pharmaceutical and Medical Knowledge
Born to the Apocalypse

Retrograde Amnesia
Always thinks she’s going to be the first to die

Background: Dani is a very strange and unusual case amongst the survivors of this zombie onslaught. Everyone has a story, everyone has a background filled with tales from the world that was -but not Dani. She was born into the apocalypse. For Dani one day she simply did not exist and then the next she woke up among the chaos in the remains of civilization. She had no idea how long it had been since the fall of man and the rise of corpses, all she knew was  that this world was not natural.  Honestly, for the longest time she thought she was in a coma somewhere in the ‘real world’ but it didn’t take her very long to figure out just how very real this world was to her.

Her first experience with other humans was a very lucky one because that was how she woke, surrounded by the people whom had apparently saved her life. There were 14 people in that group and not all of them had been willing to stay behinds and keep her alive after her head injury but apparently the Elderly couple amongst them cared enough to make her case. She was useful to them, her medical and medicinal knowledge was indispensable to their survival. You could only imagine their surprise when she woke up with absolutely no knowledge of who any of them were, or who even she was.

 It took her a while but eventually her brain got settled in again, and while at times she experiences little snippets from the life she had before, she has managed to retain her full encyclopedic knowledge of what she’d learned throughout her school. Strange, right? Unfortunately it took her a bit too long to regain that knowledge, or even tap into it, and after a month of little hope for her usefulness she was abandoned by the group and left only with the Elderly couple, Sam and Nancy, still determined to see her through. It was through their kindness and determination that she was able to survive thus far, but not without sacrifice.

Along the road Dani lost these two souls to the horrors that exist out there and it is something that still haunts her to this day. Now all she has left of them is Nancy’s journals, Sam’s Swiss army knife and their suppressed Smith & Wesson Model M&P22.

Starting Gear:
Nancy’s Journal
Sam’s Swiss Army Knife
Suppressed Smith & Wesson Model M&P22
A Fire axe
A crowbar
A backpack containing-
A sewing kit,
A canteen of water,
A flask of scotch,
A bottle of rubbing alcohol,
Two bottles of Excedrine,
Several bottles of Aspirin,
A bottle of Ibuprofin,
Three bottles of Pamprin,
A Bottle of Oxycodone
Two bottles of Gabapentin
A bottle of Ativan
A years’ worth of oral contraceptives (Not all of the same brand)
Two bags of cinnamon graham crackers
A box of .22 LR (46)
An extra pair of pants and shirt
A few pairs of underwear
Tampons and Maxipads
First Aid kit

Character Ons/Offs:  Same as player.

Additional Images

Character Name: Emelina Maria Consuela Hernandez
Player Name: Amarlo
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Former Occupation: Jailbird Juve Baby, construction and prison chef.
Physical Features: 
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 120 (Somewhat malnourished)
Hair Color: Onyx
Eye Color: Green
Distinguishing Features: Eme has what looks like burn scarring along the right side of her face, shoulder and the palms of her hands.
Two simple black stars tattoos, one to each inner wrist.
A Poem written along her spine between her shoulder blades.

The Poem
"Four Gods wait on the windowsill
Where once eight Gods did war and will
And if the Gods themselves may die
What does that say for you and I?

Now, three Gods wait on the windowsill
Where one God's blood was lately spilled
While black tongues lap at the spreading pool
And build the strength they need to rule

When two Gods wait on the windowsill
The wick of the world is burning, still
But when one God in triumph shouts
The candle of the world goes out

And when that candle, bare and white
Sheds at last its dancing light
Then we will rouse, with raiséd rod
To pierce the very house of God"
--The Quartet for the Dusk of Man

Art by myself and Andrew Doma, please don’t use or redistribute.
Aditional Image

Intelligence: 6
Speed:  7
Agility:  7
Stamina:  5
Shooting:  5
Strength:  5
Dexterity:  7
Sneaking:  8

Personality:  Varies depending on the person.. She usually comes off as brash, angry and merciless when in reality she’s brash, angry and terrified.

- Street smart/wise
-  Smuggler wise/Drug smart
- Can turn swill into a delicacy (Food preparation)
- Construction smart
- Has the unique ability to pull rabbits out of her ass (Jail time calls for improvising!)
- Damn good gymnast
- Dresses specifically to appear male

- Socially unstable/awkward
- Untrusting and defensive
- Pack mentality (Brutality keeps people from fucking with you or your shit)
- Struggles with depression and self-motivation
- Technically isn’t legally allowed to own firearms…

Maybe you heard it before, perhaps on the news amongst all the other henious tragedies fed out by the media or maybe one of your friends brought it up? However it reached your ears to be filed away in your mind with the rest of those tedious facts that would do you no good in life didn't matter, but you had heard about it. It happened oh... about 13-15 years ago. You know, the old cliche? Problem child, frequent runnaway teenaged daughter doesn't like the rules required to live under her parents roof. Problem child runs away and is brought back by the cops several times. There are even rumors that this problem child had gotten in with the wrong crowd - talks of drug rings and underaged prostitution are being thrown all over the place. That's not the kicker, though. Just little things to show just how truly mentally unsound this youth was before she finally snapped and brutally murdered both her mother and father. It was all over the news after all, right? Sure, for about 3 months before it seemed to just disappear beneath the next life-time drama brought to reality. No one cared much about the story after justice was seemingly served with the girl pleading guilty and taking a 15 year sentence in a bargain.

Fast forward about 13 years later, finally this girl is released on good behavior - no longer a child at all but a full grown woman raised amongst the penal system. She struggles from job to job, struggles with the 'normal' human social order and eventually ends up living with her little sister and infant nephew - who's 'baby daddy' decided raising a kid and paying for the kid was to hard. Ms. Hernandez's sister seems remarkably forgiving of the one that killed their parents, she even has no problem letting said aunt baby sit the adorable little guy. That was until one of those pesky neighbors remembered this black marked woman for the monster she'd been and worried for what she'd become. DCF was called in and to avoid the obvious drama with little actual aid, 'Aunt Squishy' was forced to move out and minimize her time alone with little Jan Hernandez. It was the more palatable of options in the end.

A year or so later all hell breaks loose - people are dying left and right while others are hunting you down and trying to eat you like some vore-lover's wet dream! Maybe that neighbor was right, maybe DCF knew what they were doing all along because low and behold, from the ashes of humanity rises a disheveled pair - Aunt Emelina and little Jan 'Solo', alone and with none else of what little family they had to be seen or heard from.


Starting Gear: 

Back pack – A can of peaches..., couple of plastic jars of peanutbutter mixed with sawdust. Glass jars wrapped in plastic cushioning containing pickling meat(don’t ask what kind) or bugs, glycerin, bleach and ammonia poppers. One can opener, one P-38, a screwdriver, a ball-pein hammer, wire roll, a couple of wads of cut and cleaned cloths, small sewing kit she is terrible at using, a box of nails/screws and bolts, scissors, gut-hook onion skinner.

Condor Parang machete holstered along her spinalcord for added protection.
Tomahawk strapped to her hip.
A switchblade in her boot and one hooked to the inside of her pants at her back.
Silenced Walther P22 with three bullets left in the magazine.
Two empty .22 LR mags

+some kind of face obscuring mask.

May not currently be on her person
+ 2 children - One 6 year old male and one 11 year old female. These are not always with her.

Jon 'Solo' Miguel Hernandez
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Height: 3'4
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Notable Features: Always wears a Han Solo costume

Elle Jubilee
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Height: 4'8
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Notable features: Dimpled cheeks

Character Ons/Offs:  Ons&Offs
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