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May 21, 2018, 08:25:12 AM

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Author Topic: Want to get these plots rolling (F lf M/F)  (Read 382 times)

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Offline wolventearsTopic starter

Want to get these plots rolling (F lf M/F)
« on: September 13, 2015, 02:31:02 PM »
Alrighty, so I am a sucker for these plots. I have started them in the past, got pretty far on some but then my partner had to leave the story for one reason or another. I would like to try getting them up and going again and hopefully go far with them.

What I need is a partner, sex of the writer doesn't matter as long as you can write the character accordingly, who can fulfill the roles of the character needed. I'm a talker, so I'd like to be able to talk about the story line with you and even on some days, just bullshit.

Now that work is starting to settle down, I can get at least a post out a day and would like a response about as much, if not more. If you cannot, please let me know. And please, please, if for whatever reason you are not feeling the story or cannot continue, communicate that with me.

And here we go.

1.Blood Moon - f/f
A female vamipire is hunting in a werewolf pack's territory. The pack wants to get rid of the problem, so on of their enforcer s is sent to take care of the problem. She sniffs out the female vamp and just can't find it in her to destroy such a beautiful creature. I would play the werewolf.
I really want maybe some bondage, biting and blood in this one, being that both parties are on the animalistic side.

2.Coming Home - m/f
Your character has come home from his time in the military (you can pick the branch), I'm thinking do to some kind of injury he received while stationed out. But since he has no family, he has no where to stay, so he calls his best friend growing up, the man whose house he had been at nearly everyday growing up. But, the man is married with two kids and another on the way. But, he has an idea. His little sister, only two years younger, just had a roommate move out and now has an empty room in her apartment.
This is the girl you had watched grow up. The girl who had been very much a tomboy, wearing clothes that did nothing to compliment and had even had a short cropped hair cut.
You had noticed she was very much a girl though. She had had a great personality and was so geeky and nerdy that it was cute.
Unfortunately, she was your best friends little sister and there was rules about that kind of thing, wasn't there? So, he had treated her as such. The bratty little sister. And to make it even worse, bring her name is Maxine, he took to calling her Max, a name she despised.
But when you showed up on her doorstep that rainy night, who opened the door was not at all the little girl he remembered growing up with.
She had indeed grown up and into a very gorgeous woman, who happened to have everything that you found attractive in a woman. But she was still your best friends sister, so hands off.
Can talk about how we want this to go and what brings them together.

3.True Mates - m/f
My character is in an abusive relationship. Married for the last seven years, she is sure that she is past the point of no return. Who would take a woman who has amounted to nothing? And her husband reminds her everyday of that.
One night, after the usual drunken altercation, she needs fresh air, so as he is passed out asleep, she leaves and walks to the little park down the street and sits on a park bench and soon, she is falling into sleep, exhaustion, emotional and physical, pulling her under.
Your character and his werewolf pack has just moved to the small town and has bought a great expanse of property that backs up against the national park where if a wolf is seen, no human would bat an eye. He is the beta of said pack and after being told to get some rest after all the work to get everything finalized and up and running for him and the pack, he is out exploring the town.
He walks down the main street and comes to a housing development near the end. A breeze picks up and swirls around him and brings the most delicious scent with it. It causes every part of him, from his wolf to his sex drive, to stand at attention and he knows he just has to find the source. Walking into the housing development, he walks to the small park at the end of the lane and he sees her and when she looks up and meets his eyes, he knows instantly she's his. This human is his mate.

I can play either role, the female human, or the male wolf. I have ideas for both and a nice little plot bunny involving the abusive husband. Pregnancy will be a big player in this as well.

3.The Beautiful Curves of His Mate
My character has just gone through a terrible breakup. He left her because she wasn't the typical stick figure girls seemed to crave to be. Her hips were too wide, her breasts too big, which, she thought men liked big breasts. She had a tiny waist, but her belly was soft and apparently that just wasn't okay.
So, to meet his big shot image, he had to let her go. She just wasn't a girl a guy like him could be with.
To drown her sorrows, she was like fuck it and went to a bar/dance club. She couldn't even think of a good reason to be there as it only reminded her of every reason she he had broken up with her.
That is, until your character strikes up a conversation with her.
You needed a break, if only for a moment, to just breathe and be away from everything. So, you picked this bar so you could sip on your drinks and just people watch. Silly humans.
You were sitting at the bar, enjoying your scotch when you saw movement out of the corner of your eye. You glanced over and saw her and when you really looked, your jaw all but dropped.
Here was a woman who was everything you never saw in the pack. Those females were hard and athelitically built, whereas this woman was soft. Curvaceous in all the right areas and you want nothing more than to trace those curves and feel that softness against you.
You have to meet her, hell, just talk to her, if only once. But when you near her on the other side of the bar her scent breaks through the smells of cheap cologne and perfumes, and it's like getting hit by a truck and your wolf instantly stands at attention.
You've finally found her. The one female who calls to your wolf. Your one true mate.

I'm thinking sex happens real early in this one, but even though she is thinking it'll be a one night stand, because what does a woman like her have to keep a delicious piece of man candy like him, he wants to stick around. Like, indefinitely.

PM me if you're interested. Hope to get these rolling.  :D