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Author Topic: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check - Much Edited)  (Read 853 times)

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A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check - Much Edited)
« on: September 12, 2015, 04:11:25 pm »


The World of Talamah

...on Magic
Magic: Magic is a mystical thing. In some places its touch is strong, in other places it is weak, non-existent. Its weakest form is the most common - a healing touch, a natural affinity to calm animals, a master craftsman able to use his skill to make the finest of details or weapons. A level most likely not to draw any undue attention.

The next level of magic are those who can manipulate the world around them, or summon the elements. These people are called Mages and are mostly found on the Isle of Draiocht - an island devoted to the study of Magic and its uses for the better of mankind. It is these Mages that are most at risk - to society and themselves - and many die when consumed by the magic they can not control. Those who show signs of possessing this sort of magic are usually killed - accused of witchcraft and causing death and disease. Only the island of Draiocht can offer them protection and a chance to tame their powers, but none of the Adepts live a long life. Magic is wild and powerful and drives its users insane.

Wizards are the most powerful magic users to have ever walked the surface of the world. There area currently no known Wizards that exist in the world and it has been nearly 500 years since the last Wizard died.

*Note: No Mages, no Wizards.

The Races of the World
The Civilized Races:

The Race of Man

Humankind are by far the most widespread of all the Races. Hardy and Intuitive, they are industrious and conquer all land that they come across. Based on location, they’ve evolved over the years to become more hardy in their locales, and are thus the most diverse of all the Races. Women are typically 4” - 12” inches shorter than their male counterparts.

-The Northmen-
Carving out a living in the Northern Reaches, the Northmen are at home in the cold. Tribal warfare before their civilization has created a race of man typically 6’0” -to- 6’8” tall, with fairer complexions and lighter colored hair. They are by far the tallest of the human races. Due to the climate, they are good hunters and good fishermen as well.

-The Typical Human-
The Typical Human, found in more moderate climates and by far the most common of all humans, are on average 5’8” to 6’4” tall, with body types that span the spectrum. They are Soldiers, Farmers, Craftsmen, Nobles - the whole gambit. Their complexions and hair are as widely varied as they are, with various regions having a higher likelihood of producing similarly looking locals.

-The Dar’Luka-
Otherwise known as the Sand People, the Dar’Luka have a more olive tone to their skin, almost the color of the deserts that they inhabit. Their men tend to stand between 5’6” and 6’0” tall and are often of a lean, thin complexion and are all universally dark-haired. Those encountered in the Civilized Kingdoms are often Merchants or Slave Traders.

-The Sirilians-
Of the Sirilians, little is known. They inhabit the Jungles of the World, are quite territorial and live in a Tribal Culture. What is known is that they often have the darkest skin of all the human races, all have black hair, and none have even been recorded to stand more than 5’8” tall.

The Race of Elves

Elvenkind are one of the most long-lived races in the World and claim to be the first to inhabit it as well. While they live nearly twice as long as your average human, they are lucky to have more than one child in their lifetime. As such, the Elves now live scattered throughout the World. Getting involved in another major war could quite easily spell the death of their race.

-The High Elves-
Widely considered among the most beautiful creatures on the face of the Earth, the High Elves fall into the category of Nobility among their people. Tall, elegant, graceful and above all, beautiful, they are always noticed when traveling. They are among the best crafters of silver and retain the secret of their Mithril armor - so light it is barely noticeable, but nearly as strong as plate mail. They are considered the best Jewelers in the world as well. Fair complexions and eyes and hair that seem to match the natural minerals and gems of the world. They stand between 6’2” - 6’8” tall.

-The Wood Elves-
Darker skinned than High Elves, with a more bronzed complexion and darker hair and eyes, Wood Elves are most at home in the forest. They are the best wood carvers to grace the world, their bows a testament to their skill. They are also considered the best trackers/hunters/archers as well and have an uncanny ability to blend in with their surroundings. They are also slightly shorter than their High Elven brethren, but much more agile.

-The Dark Elves-
The Dark Elves are a race of Elves who have turned from the light and everything that is natural to their Race. They are of a belief that the other Races seek to destroy the Elven Race and have vowed an endless war against the other races. Defeated in battle, they have taken to the underground, fighting the Dwarves and other denizens for the underground kingdoms, while also controlling a few well hidden surface-side locations where they wage their war. Due to their shift in alignment, their natural order is out of balance, slowly turning their skin to an ashen-gray or even black. They are on average the same height as Wood Elves.

The Dwarves

The Dwarven Race is perhaps the most mysterious of the Civilized Races. Known as much for the fiery temper, long beards and love of drink as they are for the Metalsmithing, the Dwarves are a race in eternal battle with the Under Dark.

They are the shortest of all the races, but also the sturdiest. It is said that a Dwarf has the strength of three men, and when in full battle regalia, the strength of ten! Their love of mining for precious materials has led them down into the earths very core, where - as legend has it - they encountered the Under Dark, releasing hordes of vicious and vile creatures.

Nonetheless, Dwarven Smithing is the best in all the Kingdoms and is highly sought after. Dwarves can often be found in Smithies and Forges throughout the Kingdoms or, as un-dwarf-like as it is, traveling around the kingdoms seeking adventure. Dwarven Fortifications have stood the test of time as well, and many ruins from the Ancient World were crafted by Dwarven hands, the only reminders of those bygone eras.

Dwarves are short and stocky, often standing no taller than 4’10” on a good day. Their hair can be metallic in color too.

The Uncivilized Races

The world is truly a vast place. While the races of Man, Elf, and Dwarf have done much to bring stability and civilization to the world, there are those who seek to undo it, or those that just do not seem to fit in on either side.

Old races, nearly extinct, seeking to etch out their livelihoods in a changing world. Vile races, unleashed by the Under Dark, or inhabiting the Wild Areas.

These are those races.

The Orcs

If there was ever a race bred for warfare, it was the Orcs. Luckily for the other races, the War-like Orcs were a strictly tribal society of nomadic peoples, more intent on destroying each other then the other races. By the time the Tribes united, it was all but over for the Orcs. You are more likely to come across a Half-Orc these days then a pure-bred Orc, but they are out there - mostly operating as Mercenaries for Hire. Even so, an Orc in full Battle Armor is a foe to be feared.

Orcs are large - on average, around 7’0” tall, with tusks, green skin, dark hair, and muscled bodies. Half-Orcs are more human in looking, though their size and strength give away their Orcish heritage.


Goblins are very much the Scavengers of the Under Dark. The size of Dwarfs, but on the leaner side of things, Goblins often attack in packs - about the only time they are truly deadly. Goblins caught unawares are likely to panic, and one-on-one most creatures can defeat a Goblin. Packs of Goblins have been known to raid above ground and are quite effective at it, scavenging for better equipment as they do so. They are quick and agile as well and often set traps around their encampments - it is said they love nothing more than torturing their enemies to death!

Additional Race Information **IMPORTANT: Must Read**
Humans are the most common of the races. They inhabit all of the Kingdoms pictured on the map, with the exception of Sylvanthia, which is the home of the Elves.

The best way to describe the relations between Man and Elf is to look at 15th/16th/17th Century Europe and the Americas and how they dealt/viewed non-whites - IE Racism, Subhuman, etc.

Humans have pushed the Elves out of their traditional homelands and a succession of land-grab wars have pushed them either further inland. The Elves have a deep burning hatred for Humans because of this and will typically kill-on-sight any humans entering their forests.

Humans view Elves as a lesser race who are aloof and not in touch with the modern world.

Halfbreeds are despised by both sides, though the Elves are typically more tolerant than others in regards to such things. Halfbreeds are often outcasts in whatever society they live and often try to hide their mixed heritage (which is mostly the results of rapes during periods of conflict, or of breeding with those that are captured/enslaved).

Orcs are rarer, all but eradicated in the Northern Reaches (the Kingdom of Ribenheim waged a race-war against them, allied with the Northmen who had been in constant conflict with Orcs. As such, you will find Half-Orcs in the far North). The Orcs from the South, inhabiting the vast Jungles and coastline they inhabit, are the last vestige of Orcs that are known, with the occasional tribes scattered throughout the rest of the world, living in the wilds, more akin to a group of bandits than a peoples of the world.

Dwarves can often be found in the largest of the human cities, where they turn a very profitable trade as Blacksmiths and Tinkerers. They are often employed by the Military's of the world as well.

Small communities of surface-dwelling Dwarves can often be found in hilly/mountainous regions near mines.

Almost all Dwarves on the surface have been exiled for one reason or another from their Kingdoms. Many are alcoholics because of this as well.

Character Creation + Guide
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img padding=12 width=250]IMG HERE[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Character Race:[/b]
[b]Character Profession:[/b]



[b]Major Skills:[/b]
[b]Minor Skills:[/b]
[b]Innate Abilities:[/b]

[b]Additional Information/Secrets:[/b]

Character Name: Character Name
Character Age: Character True Age + Character Perceived Age (specifically for Elves)
Character Race: Character Race
Character Profession: What does your character do for a living? Can be a combination of things.

Background: How has your character become the person they are today? Why are they in a place like Tetrarch? Why would they sign up for this adventure?

Personality: What makes them tick? What irks them?

Major Skills: Directly related to their current profession.
Minor Skills: Things they may have picked up along the way.
Innate Abilities: These are not required nor should every character necessarily have them. They are typically magic-related and perhaps aid your character in their profession.

Additional Information/Secrets: Perhaps they are running from something, or are not quite as they appear on the outside. Specifically, things for the GM to know that other players may not know.

The Juicy Stuff

It had been easy enough to spread the rumors. Simple at first, but with enough enticement to draw peoples attention. Some one was looking to put a small party together, to journey into the Northern Wilds looking for riches. Coin was to be had on its success, along with the spoils of any riches found along the way. And they'd be following the rumored 13th Way - the so called path that the 13th Legion was supposed to have taken along its ill-fated journey. And the best part - if there were no promising leads after a few days, you'd be free to turn back. And that was the key point of the rumor - traveling more then a few days into the Wild, well, nobody came back who did that.

But would it be enough to grab the attention of anyone?


The 13th Legion walked into the Wilds one foggy morning and have never been seen or heard of ever since. The Scion of the Commander, now an adult, with his much troubled past, has put out a treasure-hunting rumor based on an ancient map. In truth, he is hoping to find his Father and the 13th Legion - or what remains of it - whether it kills him or not. It would take a desperate person to go on this adventure with him - anyone who has ventured more then 3 days into the Wilds has never come back either.

The Town of Tetrarch

Tetrarch is really two towns - well, a Town and a Village. 95% of people - and everything that happens in Tetrarch - takes place in the town. Its established on the Southern Bank of the White River - a dangerous River that is crossable only half the year by means of a flat bottomed ferry which is towed across the river along a thick rope line. It can hold a few horses, supplies, or a dozen men at any one time and heads from Tetrarch to the little Village on the North Bank, at the edge of the Wilds.

The Village consists of mostly Hunters/Trappers Huts and the Red Falcon Inn, where they typically gather. The Wilds start perhaps 50 yards from the edge of this village as it is where the Trappers/Hunters make their living. The 13th Legion left at dawn from this village and were the ones who essentially cleared the area to make room for the village - which sprung up around their encampment before going through some changes to become what it is today.

As for the time of year, we can all assume it is the end of Summer/beginning of the Fall. Nights are slightly getting cooler now, especially this far North, though the trees have yet to change color.

Accepted Characters

Connor O'Fearghail

Name: Connor O'Fearghail
Age: 24 Years Old
Race: Human
Profession: 'Assassin' - term used lightly.

Background: Connor comes from a mixed background. Born to Nobility, he was given an education from an early age. He can read and write, do math, and speak three languages including Common. And he has kept this knowledge secret for most of his life. He received weapons training as well - mostly with Sword and Bow. As a youngster, he could often be found practicing his Archery and joining the Hunters out in the woods, where he learned how to track and trap, along with stalking his prey. Little did he know how useful these skills would become for him.

He was always destined for the Legion, like his father, and as he neared his twelfth birthday, he knew that it would be only another 2 short years before he'd be able to join and receive proper training. However, that all changed in a cruel twist of faith. His father was the Commanding Officer of the 13th Legion and upon his disappearance, things quickly spiraled out of control for Connor and his family. People cursed his name and spat at him in the streets and the family name was forever tarnished, tarnished by events out of his control. The servants left, not wanting to serve such an unlucky family, and soon Connor and his mother and younger brother were cast out onto the streets.

His brother only last a few months, his mother a few more months after that, leaving Connor all on his own. He quickly fell in with a gang of street urchins, fighting for every crumb of bread. By the time he was 14, he had grown adept at stealing and had become hardened to street life, realizing that there weren't any rules when it came to fighting. Following rules meant the difference between life and death. Over the next 4 years he began to rise through the ranks in the Underground World - a world as dangerous as it is mysterious for those on the outside. It was during these years that his innate abilities began to surface - or become noticed. He was deadly accurate with a bow, eerily consistent in fact, and seemed to be able to sense when some one nearby possessed magical abilities.

Both of these facts aided him in his new profession - combined with the skills he had learned on the Streets, and what little training in tactics and fighting as a youth, combined with his education - that of an Assassin. It was work that came easy to him, feeding the hatred he felt towards those that had shunned him into his tasks, he quickly excelled in his role. It paid well on top of everything as well but came with its own dangers. One could slip while climbing along the rooftops, or be cornered by guards. Or an Assassin could run afoul with the Guild and find a contract out on their head as well.

From the age of 18 - 22, Connor was at the height of his game and feel ever further into a deadly game. His jobs quickly shifted from Guild Warfare and small time targets to the big leagues - contracts taken out by one noble against another. Here, treading carefully was the only way to survive, but soon Connor's name grew - the Shadow, as he was called, due to his uncanny stealth and impossible shots that he made, along with his ability to avoid detection by those with magic. But with great Fame comes great Danger and it wasn't long before Connor discovered that a contract was out for him.

Connor had remained friendly to those who had shown him kindness and knew that gifting the street urchins that he had run along with as a youngster was a good way to get information that was otherwise hard to obtain. They were also good at creating distractions for him and seemed to know things before anyone else did. It was through the Urchins that he first learned that a contract was out for his head and he ambushed the Assassin sent to kill him, hoping the rest would get the message. But for people in that line of work, danger was half the fun, and being able to claim the head of one of the most feared Assassins in recent memory would be a great honor indeed.

Connor managed to stay in the city for a few more months, fending off the attacks that became more frequent. Soon enough, though, the city was far too dangerous for him to remain in, especially at night. He made one last hurrah, assassinating the head of the Guild he had once worked for in an attack that would forever live on in legend. Instead of calming things down, though, it stirred a hornets nest. During the night that would be forever remembered as 'The Flight of the Shadow', Connor escaped what seemed like every Assassin, Cuthroat, and Guild Member in the city looking for him.

It was certainly a close thing, though he'd never admit it. Connor hit the road running and has never stayed in one place for too long, least his past finally catch up to him. But now that he is on his own, he has been able to learn more about his father and the rumors that swirl about the 13th Legion. With a full coin purse, and taking on the occasional job along the way, Connor has made it to Tetrarch - the last place he ever imagined himself going to - and has decided to put some distance between himself and his enemies by heading out into the Wilds. Why not search for his father and the legion, perhaps adding another ounce of Legend to 'the Shadow of Ribenheim' while he is at it?

Personality: Connor is wary of strangers - for good reason - and is rather cautious in new places. Old habits die hard and he is always on guard, only ever half asleep with one eye open and a dagger within reach of his hands. Despite this, there is also a hint of nobility to his hard shell, charismatic and charming while also intelligent and friendly. He values loyalty above all else but knows all too well that too much fame can break such loyalty.

Major Skills: Stealth Skills (Sneak, Climbing, Hide), Archery, Swordsmanship
Minor Skills: Alchemy, Acrobatics
Innate Abilities: True Shot, Detect Magic

Character Items:

Additional Information:

Deidre Atalanta
Character Name: Deidre Atalanta
Character Age: 30
Character Race: human
Character Profession: Merchant

Background: Deidre was not born in Tetrarch. Rather, her father and her settled there when Deidre herself was only 12 years old. She had never known her mother as the woman had died giving birth to her. Deidre’s father was a merchant and he had relocated to Tetrarch for the rare opportunities it gave to a man in his profession. There were few competitors within the town. Yet what was produced by the craftsmen and the game that was caught by the trappers and hunters still needed to find its way to the more civilized world. So Bartram Atalanta slowly became a wealthy man by buying weapons, furs, household items, … below market price and then shipping them to the larger cities all over the kingdom.

He could have lived off this income forever. When the 13th Legion came calling, he met an old friend with whom he had briefly served together prior to becoming a merchant. Digging up the old war stories gave the man thirst for one last adventure. After a drunken night with his old friend, he had agreed to join the Legion as they went into the depths of the wilds. When he had sobered up, his pride prevented him from going back on his words. In spite of his daughter’s protests, Bartram marched off into the woods the next day, never to be seen again. The just 18-year old Deidre was left alone with her father’s business. After her grief had subsided for a bit, she continued her father’s work. She soon proved to have inherited his nose for a good deal and business acumen, as the business grew larger still.

The years passed and as Deidre’s status grew into one of the first citizens of Tetrarch, she never stopped wanting to know what had happened to her father and the 13th Legion. Many adventurers had tried to retrace their doomed steps, but none had ever returned. So when she heard of the young man who was trying to mount another expedition, she decided not to stay on the sidelines. She would try to entice him into letting her come along. She had two weapons to do so. Her money, by an offer of helping to fund the expedition. Her body, by luring the young man into her bed.

Personality: Deidre is a successful merchant woman. She is thus a good communicator and likes to chat and make her customers feel at ease. She is also quite good at manipulating people, though not everyone is slow-witted enough not to notice this. She is not above using her female assets and womanly wiles to get what she wants. She likes her status as one of the wealthiest inhabitants of the city and enjoys the luxury of her palatial home.

Major Skills: Haggling, negotiating, charisma
Minor Skills: Dancing, sex
Innate Abilities: Her wealth enables her to open doors that might otherwise be locked to her

Additional Information/Secrets:
additional photograph
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Offline Ixy

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2015, 07:57:48 pm »
Hi MagicalPen--

If this remains a small-group freeform, and there's a good mix of writers with similar interests/compatible styles, I'd like to try.  I'm partial to the ideas of foiling a plot to overthrow the king, or as part of the caravan.  I don't know about Thought 2 quite so much, but I'm not against it... it just seems that it needs a conflict rather than just exploring the aspects of this hierarchy.

With either 'thought' or set thereof, I'd like to see two levels of the story-- some real interaction between characters (low-level plot) and an overarching storyline of higher-level conflict, with some kind of intrigue or something... even if it's only just glimpses or we improvise it as we go.

Here's a rough concept that could be adapted for either story route:

Name: Poe
Interest in Thought #: 1 mostly, or 2 with chunks of story from 1.
Preferred Race: Human or halfling (half-elf)
Preferred Sex: Female
Preferred Character Type/'class': Combat/skills oriented
How do you feel about NC and darker themes? How do you feel about the potential for incest?: I'm good with NC that happens in story context, not as the sole point of the story.  Prefer coercion to force and humiliation.  incest is cool with me in fiction, but should be at least a little bit taboo in setting to make it interesting.
Thoughts/Comments/Suggestions?:  See above.  Thanks for the opportunity, and I'll follow-up with any ideas

Offline Evalon

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2015, 01:07:30 am »
Name: Several potential characters to which I'd narrow down to one.
Interest in Thought #: Thought 1; primarily -Journeying into the Wilds in search of riches
Preferred Race: Elf or Halfling, primary. Possibility for a human.
Preferred Sex: Female
Preferred Character Type/'class': Rogue, thief, or archer type, primary. Possibility for a mage-type such as a healer, elementalist, or a magical scholar.
How do you feel about NC and darker themes? How do you feel about the potential for incest?: I love NC and dark themes. They add spice to a story. Incest is perfectly fine in stories.
Thoughts/Comments/Suggestions?: I have several potential characters in mind, so I can narrow it down if this looks like something that is going to take off. I can try to mold my character to what the group needs, as long as it's something that's not outside my element. One idea the journeying for riches idea gave me is the possibility for ancient artifacts that influence the group in some fashion, it could be part of what brings the taboo elements to the story. That's just a thought though, even without that the story would be interest I believe.

I don't want to clutter the thread with a new post so I'm editing this in here, I'm retracting my interest after the update. I have brought up why with MagicalPen. My original input can still be seen above, unaltered aside from a strike-through to denote I'm no longer going to be a part of this setting.

I wish everyone the best of luck with the game!  :-)
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Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #3 on: September 13, 2015, 05:21:31 pm »
It might be quite possible to marry the two ideas together. The Town/City being the central location, with the Master/Slave thing going, while also having the ability to go 'adventuring' in the surrounding areas.

Like I said, everything is still very much open. Would like a bit more interest before solidifying anything.

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Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2015, 03:39:51 pm »
No new interest?

Offline Ghostraven

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2015, 05:09:39 pm »
Interest in Thought #:Between the two #1; thought merging the two seems to offer the most opportunity.
Preferred Race: Dark Elf
Preferred Sex: Female
Preferred Character Type/'class': Assassin/Thief
How do you feel about NC and darker themes? How do you feel about the potential for incest?: NC is fine; depending on what the 'darker themes' as long as it fit the story I'd probably be fine with them. Incest is fine for the story as well.

So as some have mentioned already you can merge the two ideas into one. So you have the Church as described in #2 be closely tied if not the real power behind the throne. So from #1 you take the adventuring aspect and apply it to a band of adventurers that are hired to or are working for their own reasons to overthrow the king and his regime as well as the church. The main action in the city is in the capital where the king an the main church is located.
The adventurers can go out into the wilds to gather treasure, artifacts, and knowledge to aid the rebel cause.



Offline AndyZ

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #6 on: September 14, 2015, 07:07:08 pm »
Going to let this idea percolate a bit and see what pops to mind.

Offline tsc

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #7 on: September 14, 2015, 10:45:57 pm »
Name: Grallak
Interest in Thought #: 2, but I agree with others that we need a plot in addition to social setting, so plot elements from 1 would be good!
Preferred Race: Half-Orc
Preferred Sex: Male
Preferred Character Type/'class': Warrior, shading into Ranger in that he's good in the wilds, but not a Ranger in the Tolkein/D&D sense
How do you feel about NC and darker themes? How do you feel about the potential for incest?: I'm fine with all of that.
Thoughts/Comments/Suggestions?: For combining plot ideas 1 and 2, the shipwreck idea might be good. The PCs could then be strangers to this culture, seeing it with 'fresh eyes'.

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #8 on: September 17, 2015, 02:24:31 pm »
I will post some more information up tonight (or this weekend if I don't get to to it tonight) to see if I can drum up one or two more players, or see where everyone stands with the plot I'll devise.

Offline AndyZ

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #9 on: September 17, 2015, 11:17:45 pm »
Thinking on this one, pondering some sort of elf mage, but ideas don't seem to be forthcoming.

Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check)
« Reply #10 on: September 18, 2015, 01:30:26 pm »
Going to come up with something more solid based off of plot #1 which seems the more popular. May create it as a sub-element to the world of #2, which allows for more players and players to come-and-go (while #1 does not have that flexibility).

Will post more information here as I write it up. So will probably create a new thread for idea #2 and keep this one for #1.

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Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check - Much Edited)
« Reply #11 on: September 20, 2015, 12:55:55 pm »

I just made a MAJOR UPDATE to the first post in this thread, which is reflected in the title.

Solid information and world information is now posted.

If its an idea that interests you, please submit a profile via PM to me. Characters need to be believable - especially those of the non-human variety.

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Re: A Fantasy Adventure (Interest Check - Much Edited)
« Reply #12 on: September 21, 2015, 09:13:37 am »
I split off the original IDEA 2 into its own thread (easily found).

I've added the first accepted profile to the first post as well and am looking forward to seeing more.