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Author Topic: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas  (Read 4869 times)

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Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
« on: September 12, 2015, 11:41:21 AM »

Greetings and welcome to my ideas thread. Below you will find my current ideas and cravings. Most of them require my partner be capable of writing multiple characters, though not always. I tend to prefer bouncing between characters as it gives depth to the story. I do not write with other Lords. Sorry, them’s the breaks. I prefer my partner be a Lady or at least identify as female.

I don’t consider story and smut as being at odds and thus don’t label “percentages” for my expectations in a story. Sometimes there will be lots of sexy activity, and sometimes there won’t be. For more of my thoughts on this matter, please read my essay on the Art of Smut. You can also read my never-gonna-be-complete story Jacked In for a notion as to how I try to pace plot and smut, or mix the two together.

That should be the most basic of basics. For more info please see my O/O’s. Now then, what you really came for.


These are organized in a mixture of most desired as well as my faith in being able to keep the premise going. So technically I may be craving a story towards the bottom more in terms of content, but have less faith in its longevity and thus ranked it lower. Those of equivalent faith in how long they'll last are then sorted based on how much the idea entices me.

”Precious Cargo”
Precious Cargo

A small crew of bounty hunters are performing a simple job in the Dim Stars, a section of space where the Imperial Fleet is spread too far apart to keep track of all illegal work. A simple cargo pick-up and drop off until a new young recruit decides to take a peek and see what's being shipped. Once the captain spots the "cargo", he has only one choice: abandon the job.

Within the cargo container are multiple women, genetically modified to be the perfect sex slaves. Be it minor modification such as increased libido and a more pleasing physique, or even modifying the color of their hair or slight features (such as cat ears and tail), they have been transformed against their will so that they can be used as prostitutes or as concubines. Perhaps one of them has taken to their new role quite easily, and perhaps one or two are a bit more reluctant to accept their new positions. Regardless, the captain can no longer leave the girls to become the slaves of another.

Which means he and his crew are about to become hunted by an unknown criminal force.

"The Hunters"
The Hunters

Witches, druids, sorceresses. No matter what you call them, they have become a vital part of society. As creatures large and numerous begin to encroach upon the land's borders, powerful warriors capable of taking them down are in greater demand than ever. But few warriors are able to muster the strength required on their own. They must bond instead with a Witch if they wish to combat the massive beasts.

There are far more would-be hunters than Witches, however, and after many a would-be hero brought not just himself, but his Witch to a horrifically painful demise, they have become much more selective. Very few become bonded with a Witch, and to become bonded means to share a physical connection. The seed of the hunter can be used to power magical spells, and through intercourse the Witch can transfer some of her magical abilities to infuse the warrior with supernatural strength.

It is possible for one witch to serve many hunters, though rare as it requires a great amount of strength. Some hunters are also capable of bonding with multiple witches, though the benefits are not vastly superior. Even so, it happens, as there is no greater desire than to see these beasts reach an end... or to perhaps discover wherever it is that they come from.

The Silent Goddess
Genre: Fantasy
Content: Adventure, bright-sunny-Breath-of-the-Wild-type post-apocalypse, fantasy races, multiple partners, ritualistic sex

Was it truly twenty years ago it happened? The Goddess of Fertility had suddenly gone silent? It might have been even a bit earlier. No one is really certain. It's more that everyone realized no one was conceiving any longer, and the Goddess answered no prayers. Trees and vines around her temples began to wilt, and offerings made upon her altars began to rot. Even now the youngest among us have walked this Earth two decades at least, with none the younger. A passive cynicism lingers in their minds, an acceptance of the end of all while us older crones and curmudgeons scream and beg and beat our chests at the Gods. How could they desert us so?

With death carrying such a heavy price, the remains of humanity have begun to unite and fortify. War between human kingdoms, at least, has ended. Everyone is taught to fight. Everyone must know how to face off against the Goblins and Orcs when they strike, and every farmer must be ready to summon the village to slay the fire drake. It seems only mankind has been impacted by the Goddess' absence. Where has she gone? Why does she hide?

There are theories. Some time ago, maybe seven or eight years, glowing runes began to emerge on select individuals. The mark of the mage, it could appear on the back of one's hand, upon one's chest, the forehead, the spine of one's back, it mattered not. Some gained the strength of bears with these runes. Others became capable of great agility and leaping the height of trees. Lightning could suddenly be thrown by one's hand, or fire drawn upon the grass with the toe. These powers are great, but they have one requirement. A most absurd one. Perverse intimacy. The power to draw spells and strength and agility relies on two mages falling into each other's sweaty embrace. Intercourse is not needed. Just the passion of lust.

Which is why I write this record, the foreword to my collection of notes and accounts from all across the land. Liria, Goddess of Lust, may be the one responsible for the disappearance of Fertility Goddess Euria. The dark counterpart that basks in adultery, rape, and sex-ridden disease. Ever since humans have grown infertile we've become much more prone to our body's basic desires, and in the darkness her Dark Elf followers seem to be growing restless. Carving into the lands of the High Elves, locked in their scholarly chambers, their seclusion from this world cut short by their own shadowy brethren. Are we doomed to failure? Or do these powers, powers awakened by Liria's growing might, our own calls of pleasure food for her immortal soul, come as an unintended side effect?

Is it possible that we can save Euria?


Also taking place in the realm of Alvalond, but on a specific island in the North-Eastern Flying Isles. A town whose mayor has become a recluse, leaving the port to go from bustling city to a bit of a slum. Outside businesses deal with criminals instead of legal operations, and just about anyone on the island is, in some way, under the employ of a gang leader. However, there is currently peace among the criminals, as there is a love of the island. It may be a slum, but it is their slum.

Of course, this is owed in part to the Peacekeepers, of which Garret Bowman is the leader. Yet through his investigations it seems there is something stirring within the underbelly of Griffinport. Soon the town will find itself broiled in a civil war, with a knife at the necks of the Peacekeepers and the truth of the mayor revealed.

A more serious adventure than Moaning Molly, and set in a single location instead of a variety of them. I have a general plot in mind and will thus be controlling a variety of characters across the board. This is one scenario where I may indulge in some non-con, but I'd rather not do much of it. It will also be the one story in which I will write a female character, though I don't know if I plan on involving her in any sex scenes. I would like someone capable of not only writing multiple characters, but heroes and villains together. Originally based off of another incomplete group game.

More Ladies I Find Fitting

Just as with Moaning Molly, I have a (perhaps smaller) collection of ladies I think are suitable to this story. Yes, some overlap.

The Big Selection of Ladies

"The Shameless World"
The Shameless World

This concept is based off of Irilinquent's "The Shameless World" concept, but is not an exact recreation. The general premise is a world where sex is no longer considered so private or taboo. While it's not a 24/7 rampant orgy, it is not uncommon to see people engaging in some sexual activity right in public. Not only has law changed, but society has as well.

To explore this concept, my core protagonist will be a young man from the modern-ish day that was stricken with a new auto-immune disease. After falling into a coma, the doctors offered his family the chance to put him into a new government funded program. Select patients with rare diseases would be put into cryogenic stasis, where samples of their DNA could still be used throughout the years to test and work on a cure for their disease. Once a cure could be discovered and established, they'd be awoken and treated. However, there was no knowing how long a cure could take. Even so, protagonist's family chose the possibility of losing their son and brother for the chance that he might still live a full life. So while in a coma, he was put into stasis... and then a solar flare struck. While many high priority government locations were shielded across the world, the majority of society was now sent backwards in time. Governments had barely any contact with each other compared to just days prior. Between the riots and crime and the loss of modern medicine, the death toll began to steadily climb. By time any semblance of stability was reached, the governments were trying to encourage society to breed and do their part to ensure the survival of the human race. Unfortunately, without modern medicine, many mothers and babies died during the birth-giving process, preventing the numbers from properly climbing back up. This prerogative to survive and breed continued for decades, long enough that by time technology began to catch back up to our modern standards, the human mentality towards sex had shifted.

It is 2225 A.D., roughly 200 years after the protagonist had been put under. A cure has been discovered for his auto-immune disease. When he awakens, it is to a world that seems familiar, but is actually entirely new. The cities look cleaner. There are high-speed rail lines connecting not just towns, but cities along the entire coasts themselves. It's almost like the world became a totally different place in maybe ten or fifteen years... only it had been much more. While technology didn't advance much, the people had certainly changed. Generally more friendly, but also... much more sexually active. Shortly after waking one of his nurses treated him to a handjob, explaining everything that had occurred while he was out. He had witnessed a doctor humping a nurse out by the nurse's station while being taken to surgery to be provided male birth-control -- temporary sterilization until he was ready to raise a family. When finally out of the hospital, he had seen a couple in the park get romantically intimate. Perhaps most surprising of all was seeing an interview with a high profile actress on TV conclude with a blowjob.

I do not want to write those scenes out, but have them as background. Instead, I want the story to begin with my character, aged 17, entering his first day in high school. He will either be living with a foster family or a relative tracked down by the government. If a relative, any potential incestuous shenanigans can be determined by writing partner (after all, perhaps he is conflicted because his new caretaker resembles his mother or sister, but there's enough of a separation that they don't mind the occasional dick taste). Or, perhaps he is rooming with others that have similarly been cured, making it easier to explore more roles than just high school student.

As for how much society has changed -- Irilinquent had a lot of ideas regarding sex-based professions, for example, but I'm not sure I want to take it to such an extreme -- I figure that can be determined by talking concepts out with a partner.

"Shameless Run"
Shameless Run

Named as such due to some similarities with the Shameless World. I've always wanted to do something similar to Logan's Run and its paradise society, and Irilinquent's idea kick-started my own mind. Similar to Logan's Run, civilians are essentially kept until they reach a certain age. The populace thinks they are merely stepping into a new sector of the facility, but instead they are cast out into The Wastes, a post-apocalyptic world filled with what surviving elders remain. People are born through artificial insemination, grown in labs until they are developed into babies. They are then cared for in the Children's Center until the age of 12. Then they are separated by gender until the age of 16, when the sterilization agent can take effect. Tossed into The Adult World, they attend school from age 16-20. They are legally able to drink at age 20, and by then have been fit to a (rather easy and leisurely) service. No one works more than 20 hours a week, leading a life of happiness and pleasure while also providing the satisfaction of contributing to society and accomplishing something. By age 28, they are then sent to the Elder's Sector... or so they believe. After all, they've moved from sector to sector all their lives, so who would think they'd actually be disposed of into the outside wastes? Especially when no one knew of the wastes.

My two core protagonists will be a 16 year-old just entering the Adult Sector, having not seen a woman for years, and a 27 year-old that meets him and helps to show him the ropes. While the Adult Sector, school life, and its many pleasures will be explored, I want to then take the 27 year-old and explore the outside world when he turns 28. Telling the remaining story from two perspectives, the elder will gradually team up with those on the outside to try and break into the facility, attack and take-over, with the 16 year-old seeing the results of the attacks.

I'll leave it there, as plans could change in the long-term. While it'll be a post-apocalypse outside, I don't want it to be a Mad Max style world. After all, these people are scared, but after enough have gathered around the train station that would kick them out, another society would have developed with some of the same sensibilities. It would have just taken time to learn the basics of agriculture again. Still, this is a plot I have long-term plans for.

"Maid for the Rich"
Maid for the Rich

This is not a solidified idea in any capacity. For some reason -- and maybe it's just the media I've been exposed to as of late -- I'm interested in exploring a setting with maids. But not necessarily the typical opulent setting. I have an idea of twin brothers that come from a family of mineral moguls that push some sort of law through that completely turns society on its head. It's a return to nobility and peasant, and only those with a base dollar value can be considered noble. All of a sudden who is and isn't permitted into schools changes, and the Twin Brothers -- 17 or 18 depending on partner preference -- find themselves living in a mansion staffed by former schoolmates and having more private lessons with old teachers. What's more, the law -- written by many wealthy men -- demands that peasants in such service roles and employ submit and cater to the sexual desires of the nobles.

If you've read my O/O's you'll know I'm not big into the Dom/sub thing, so this isn't going to be a setting filled with riding crops and paddles and punished maids. In fact, I'd like to also explore, perhaps, a woman now in a role as noble, though I'd rather not have to write someone with a painful device wrapped around their nuts or commanded to lick the dirt off a stiletto heel. Light bondage is the goal here, if anything. The idea is to simply set up some character dynamics. Twin Brother Alpha is more eager to take advantage of this situation, goading and instructing a reluctant life-long friend turned maid into sucking him off. Twin Brother Beta is more quiet, but cannot help but take notice at how appealing all the women are around him. Perhaps Noble Lady is a sister, or is an arranged marriage with some other mogul family, sent to live with the Twin Brothers in order to get to know them and decide whom she wants to marry. The life-long friend-turned-maid perhaps crushed on one of -- or both of -- the brothers, but is now struggling with resentment as she feels humiliated and disgraced. Meanwhile, I will have a Senior Butler character that will be helping to instruct the other staff and make sure they complete their duties with distinction, servicing the noble woman as she desires, and, of course, even the staff may be getting up to naughty secret sex in the mansion library or the kitchen closet.

After all, despite being a rather big mansion, the parents themselves are gone on business almost 24/7, leaving the Twin Brothers the entire mansion to themselves. The massive pool, the hedge maze, the private movie theater... everything.

”Robert Mason’s University for Gentlemen and the Servile”
Robert Mason’s University for Gentlemen and the Servile

An alternate reality "Gentleman's University" where the majority of the student body are from wealthy families. A setting where sex is less taboo and a lot more openly free, with a mild difference. This is a world where catgirls exist and are a minority species upon the Earth. While they aren’t necessarily treated horribly, they are certainly viewed as being a less intelligent species of human. Many of them, by nature, take a strong liking to the humans and have a natural inclination towards pleasing them, which has resulted in most catgirls occupying roles of servitude.

As such, the "Gentleman's University" has a traditional set of courses for the young men attending, but also has a sub-school dedicated to making sure more catgirls can be given a “proper educating as befitting their social status”. Burlesque dancers, escorts, concubines, secretaries, maids, chefs, or actresses, all of them are taught to excel in their fields so as not to provide mere physical pleasure, but mental and emotional stimulation, relaxation, and capability in duty. Secretaries that graduate from this school are certainly capable of treating their boss in stereotypical ways, but they are also highly valued for their organizational, communications, and management skills.

The precise nature of catgirls, their status in the world, and how they are accepted into the university is something I’d like to determine with my partner, as she’ll be the one playing those characters. I will have a variety of male characters, many students but some professors, of varying personalities.

”The Web Series (She’s a Star Now)”
The Web Series (She’s a Star Now)

A socially inept writer, his young and party-loving producer and a washed out director are almost ready to launch their brand new web series. They just need to find their star! A tough proposition when the project you’re hoping to launch is a story-focused pornography filled with unknowns or lesser knowns.

The crew do find their star, and just as suspected, it turns out there’s serious demand for a higher quality porn that people are willing to pay for. However, what happens when other porn studios try and make deals? Schedule “interviews” with the actors? What happens when love triangles form off the set? When the writer and producer clash, who do the actors side with? And how do they take being told that they “can” or “can’t” do certain things?

Some Models I Think Might Work Well

While this is in no way a "you must use this model" list, these are women I think would work well in different roles in the story.

A selection of female models
Iga Wrywal
Brittany Innocence
Xena Kai
Erica Fett
Taylor Steingold
Jordan Carver
Adriana Alencar
Vicki Li
Scarlet Lavey
Angela White
Lauren Hanley
Denise Milani
Morgan Hultgren

”The Coven”
The Coven

A group of young women at university share a surprising secret. They’ve all made a pact with a succubus of the underworld. While not becoming possessed or being transformed into demons themselves, the young women must appease the voracious appetites of their demonic “sponsors” in order to achieve their secret goals. Do they have greater plans than their academic career would suggest? Or are they merely trying to use magic to shift the odds of success into their favor? Or perhaps there’s something completely unrelated at work?

”Carmen’s Adult Videos”
Carmen’s Adult Videos

A basic concept that’s sort of like Kevin Smith’s Clerks, but at a sex shop. A light setting with interesting characters that have a semi-usual job. Potential storylines or drama can be based around character backgrounds. For example, perhaps the recent owner or store manager is a former stripper. One of the male employees comes from a hyper Christian family whose less than savory cousin got him the job, and thus he’s always at conflict with his faith and his work (that he lies to his parents about). Rather than Jay & Silent Bob dealing drugs out front, an “escort” hangs around the store doing her own sort of work. One employee has an online channel where he reviews porn films, another has a YouTube channel reviewing and recommending sex toys.

These are just suggestions, but ways that financial or legal troubles could come about, creating conflict.

"*HOLDING* The Moaning Molly"
The Moaning Molly

In the realm of Alvalond there exists a simple man named Roderick. A rogue of the most golden-hearted nature, Roderick has a habit of falling into trouble. Some of the time... well, much of the time... this trouble is because he happens to fall between the legs of a woman that he shouldn't. Other times it's simply because he has a knack for making the wrong decisions.

One of these wrong decisions, however, found him in possession of his own airship. He doesn't really speak much about how he got it, but he got it. At first he had trouble finding business. Largely because he had trouble finding a crew. But one day inspiration struck, and he decided to convert the ship into an airborn brothel. Reaching out to some of his contacts across the various cities -- those that didn't want to kill him, at least -- he managed to find not just some girls willing to work safely under his employ, but crew glad to take on work with steady pay and fewer chances of death or running in with the wrong crowd.

The general idea of this story is regular adventures filled with shenanigans and good cheer, with maybe the occasional unhappy or disturbing story. It requires someone capable of writing multiple characters, as we will be staffing the whole ship. Not every female character needs to be a courtesan, and they can, in fact, double-up in terms of crew roles (so an engineer can also be a courtesan, or can be a spellcaster, or doctor, etc.). Or a character doesn't have to be a courtesan at all. Not every interaction with a client must be acted out, either, as I'd much rather focus on crew relationships. The general idea I originally pitched was Firefly, but in a fantasy world. You can find my original attempt at doing this as a group story here.

Female Characters I'd Like You to Write

I normally try not to put these sorts of preferences up front and rather offer them as suggestions if asked, but these are ladies I think would be absolutely fitting to the setting, including one whose background I put together and... well, I just want to write opposite them now. Note that I don't expect someone to play all of these ladies or that they all be included, just that in some fashion they each embody the spirit of the adventure.

Lots of ladies

And the one that I just need to have...

A young woman that has made a living as a traveling street performer. When she was young er family's caravan was attacked by a dragon. They just barely managed to take it down and slay it before realizing the beast was being territorial and trying to protect its young. The adults would have destroyed the egg and slain the soon-to-be-hatchling, but the girl, very young at the time (perhaps 3 or 4?), took the egg herself and tried to keep it safe. Time has passed, her parents have succumbed to life's short road, and with her imprinted upon the dragon -- which ages at a much slower rate than she does -- she has wandered from town to town, performing tricks with it and earning plenty of coin as an entertainer. Today? Well, today she finds herself in the employ of one Captain Roderick of the Moaning Molly...

"*HOLDING* - The Night Stalkers (Akiba's Trip)"
The Night Stalkers (Akiba's Trip)

Our story takes place in a small neighborhood of a big city known for its electronics and media outlets and culture. It has always been a place of low crime and a particular consumer, but things... seem to have taken a dangerous turn. Rumors of people vanishing in the night have begun to surface, and even sightings of fist fights on rooftops or in alleyways. It's all taken as a farce by our plucky protagonist until he gets himself snagged by a vampire, bitten and his blood drained. At the last minute he is "saved" by a... succubus? The young demoness takes the young man to safety, but in order to save him she must complete the (utterly predictable) ritual that transforms him into an incubus, bound familiar to his demon creator. Now, he has also become wrapped up in the fight for his favorite neighborhood, joining other Succubi as he fends off the vampires, all while trying to maintain a somewhat normal social life... for a while... as long as he can, at least. But wait... not all vampires seem to be evil... and... could an Incubus actually be in charge of the vampires?

This idea is loosely based off of Akiba's Trip. Specific elements, such as taking place in Akihabara or in a fictional city and the requirement to tear clothes off opponents, is optional.

”*TAKEN* - Her Master”
Her Master

A middle-aged warrior has become jaded and grumpy over time, choosing to fight and adventure alone rather than with a party. Unfortunately for him, that changes when he defeats a dark sorcerer that had kept himself a pet succubus. She manages to charm him only so far as to prevent him from killing her, but she is intent on him claiming ownership of her. While her magic is useful in a fight, and while, yes, he certainly takes pleasure in her other demonic "talents", he finds her a bit of a nuisance. Especially when she begins snatching the attention of other adventurers that decide to start accompanying the lone wolf on his journeys.

However, the reason for her desired servitude soon becomes clear, as her Master in Hell begins an intent search for her. For all his talk and bluster, the lone wolf cannot allow her to fall into the clutches of her Master once he sees the fear in her eyes and malicious mirth in his. The lone wolf's new journey is to outrun this Hellbeast and find a way to destroy it, freeing the succubus from his clutches... and hopefully getting her to finally leave him alone!

”*TAKEN* - The Amateur”
The Amateur

A young woman has slowly been working her way towards becoming a porn starlet online, slowly building a following first with solo performances and teases, but gradually expanding to try and find partners. One night, during a trip to Miami (or LA), she runs into MackeyD, an online pornstar and personality. He's got his own site, goes on trips all over America, Canada, and sometimes even out to the Caribbean or Europe, filming himself with amateurs and pornstars alike, and often times even guesting on other networks. After a passionate night, MackeyD thinks this girl has herself the possibility of breaking out into something bigger. However, he also knows the porn industry can be rough and demanding on women, so he tries to broker a deal with his network so that he can mentor her and essentially help her gain the freedom to do things her way, making sure sex never becomes a job.


If you think I'd still be a good partner but none of the ideas seem to strike your fancy, then feel free to PM me and discuss thoughts, cravings, and concepts. At the moment (and therefore subject to change) I'm drawn to ideas that take inspiration from the formula of a hentai or hentai game. While I don't enjoy the artwork often, I do enjoy the narrative approach with some twist that encourages more frequent sexual action. Basically, I don't mind setting things in the real world, but alter it just enough to make it an escape. Cat girls, maids, succubi, these are all things I find appealing and are ways to make the setting more interesting while shifting suspension of disbelief.

However, I'm also drawn to concepts such as adventure as well. Fantasy akin to Tolkien rather than Martin, or sci-fi that's a bit more Star Wars than Star Trek (or at least, more Abrams Trek than Roddenberry Trek). Super heroes are definitely an interest at the moment as well, but in a more colorful My Hero Academia sense.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to explore these sorts of ideas or settings but just don't have a concrete idea in mind, or have an idea of your own that you think might fit.


As stated, in case none of the above ideas seem to spark the imagination, here are some images of characters I'd like to play or would like to play opposite of. Right now I'm in a fantasy-focused mood, so you'll see a lot of sci-fi and fantasy illustrations. You can find a full collection of illustrated ladies I like here.

Inspirational Ladies

Lads I'd Like to Write
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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
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Entire thread revised, with concepts themselves modified (except for Silent Goddess).

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
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Forgot to include "The Night Stalkers (Akiba's Trip)" yesterday.

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
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Both "The Night Stalkers" and "The Amateur" have been taken.

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
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Her Master has also been claimed and I'm not accepting new requests. I may make an exception for specific writers or people that come to me with an idea or perspective on an idea that's just unable to be passed up, but in most cases I'm not able to squeeze just anyone in.

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
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Changed status, added Moaning Molly, The Hunters, and Griffinport, sorted cravings (of ideas not currently taken). Also added inspirational imagery.
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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
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Against all reason and rationality, I've decided to add some photographic "inspiration". Normally I think I'd be crass to drop a bunch of models or illustrations of females I think would make great characters to play opposite of, as it sort of robs some of the freedom of my partner. However, I also have a massive stash of images of ladies I find intriguing for a variety of reasons, and if I ain't gonna use 'em then they'll just go to waste.

So images added to Moaning Molly, Griffinport, and The Web Series that serve as examples of what I think are characters that convey the tone or idea. In the case of the Web Series, a lot of those models could also work for The Coven.

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
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Moved all taken, in-discussion and on-hold ideas to the bottom of the list. Added "The Shameless World" (thanks Irilinquent), "Shameless Run" and "Maid for the Rich" ideas. I'm kind of craving each of these to differing degrees and gave up sorting based on craving since I'm a man-child and don't know what it is I want.