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Author Topic: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas  (Read 7578 times)

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Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
« on: September 12, 2015, 11:41:21 am »

Still got room for a couple more

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to check out my revised ideas and requests thread. For those unfamiliar, I’m a geeky writer with a love of adventure, comedy, and sexually charged characters, situations, and settings. As a writer of erotic materials I do not believe that “plot” and “smut” are two separate aspects of telling a story. I go into further detail on the matter in my essay on the Art of Smut, which is just one of many parts of my About Me thread.

This thread has been organized a bit differently than in the past, and in fact is quite unorthodox compared to most threads. Instead of listing individual ideas, I have instead focused on describing setting and genre types I prefer while also giving a sense of what I’m going for. This should hopefully get what it is I’m looking for across a bit better, while also generating concepts that are inspiring enough to gain interest while also vague enough to be defined with a partner.

I have peppered some of these ideas with pictures that capture an element of the characters I’d like to occupy the story. For greater visual inspiration you’ll find a sampling of other characters I’d like to write opposite of or write towards the end, with links to whole galleries filled with imagery.

I will note that I prefer my partners be able to write multiple characters as I find ensemble casts to breathe more life into the story and its pairings. However, I understand that many have trouble keeping so many different personalities inside of their head, and thus am willing to work on a story where you only have to worry about a single character.

Thank you for checking out my ideas, and I hope you are at least entertained by the seeds and sproutlings I’ve got in development here.
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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2018, 05:50:01 pm »
Fantasy and Adventure
A fusion of the Lord of the Rings cartoons and Japanese Role-Playing Games have given me a love for the group of adventurers setting out on an epic quest. While my tastes have modified and changed to sometimes prefer a more personal story, that thrill of wandering off into the unknown still persists within me.

Sometimes, however, I just want to put together a story set in a specific location. These are harder for me to chew on as most drama of the sort emphasizes political back-stabbing and other dramatics, or “the reluctant princess and villainous prince/king” pairings that just aren’t my cup of tea. Even so, here are some specific fantasy ideas I’d like to try out as well as some more vague concepts.

The Realm of Alvalond

I’ve tried running two separate group games set in the same universe. It’s not the most logical, nor is it the most detailed, but Alvalond is a place designed with the intent of crafting multiple stories. My primary protagonist for exploring this world is Roderick, an ex-soldier that has decided society and all its rules and regulations can go stuff it, clumsily tumbling his way from corner to corner of the world trying to do what good he can and to survive. I’ve got ideas as to how he found the airship Moaning Molly, but am otherwise leaving it vague in case I get the chance to write it out. There’s plenty more in this setting that can be written, but the two main concepts I have are the Moaning Molly and Griffinport.

The Moaning Molly
Sky Pirates with a big heart, open arms, and open legs! Captain Roderick welcomes you aboard his Airship Brothel for a most delightful trip to wherever it is you seek to go! What’s that? Contraband below deck? No, sir or madam, that is but a trick of your eyes! We certainly have no illegal business being conducted upon this boat…

The general tone of the Moaning Molly is akin to that of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop, filled with daring adventure and the old marketing cliche of “thrills, chills, and spills”. Episodic in nature, it would focus on coming up with different missions and events stretching the imagination. The crew would be made up of your typical sort of Sky Pirate crew, but also a collection of brothel workers to keep the guests on board “entertained” during each trip. It is a story that requires a partner capable of writing a variety of personalities.

While it was a failed effort, the first posts of the group game should help give a sense of the direction I was going for.


While Moaning Molly is a pleasant and episodic adventure, Griffinport -- a city in the sky -- is designed to be a much darker and depressing setting. If I were to engage in non-con writing, Griffinport is probably where I’d do it (and even then, only once or twice and depending on the severity). If people in Moaning Molly bang because it’s fun, people in Griffinport bang because they need something to take their minds off of the fatalistic reality they face each day.

I actually have a storyline in mind focused on the sudden appearance of a new criminal influence entitled The Black Noose. He threatens to shake up the criminal element of Griffinport and threatens the semblance of peace maintained by Captain of the Guard Garret Bowman. Ideally this story would also have a wide range of characters fulfilling different roles throughout the city, be it as criminals, spies, pick-pockets, gamblers, prostitutes, or the rare innocent trying to make an honest living.

Similarly to Moaning Molly, you can find some sample writings in the failed group game as well as full setting details in the Griffinport section of the Alvalond thread.

The Silent Goddess

Unrelated to the world of Alvalon is the world upon which Goddess of Fertility Euria has gone missing. It began with the below writing prompt I had put together.

The Record of an Old Man
Was it truly twenty years ago it happened? The Goddess of Fertility had suddenly gone silent? It might have been even a bit earlier. No one is really certain. It's more that everyone realized no one was conceiving any longer, and the Goddess answered no prayers. Trees and vines around her temples began to wilt, and offerings made upon her altars began to rot. Even now the youngest among us have walked this Earth two decades at least, with none the younger. A passive cynicism lingers in their minds, an acceptance of the end of all while us older crones and curmudgeons scream and beg and beat our chests at the Gods. How could they desert us so?

With death carrying such a heavy price, the remains of humanity have begun to unite and fortify. War between human kingdoms, at least, has ended. Everyone is taught to fight. Everyone must know how to face off against the Goblins and Orcs when they strike, and every farmer must be ready to summon the village to slay the fire drake. It seems only mankind has been impacted by the Goddess' absence. Where has she gone? Why does she hide?

There are theories. Some time ago, maybe seven or eight years, glowing runes began to emerge on select individuals. The mark of the mage, it could appear on the back of one's hand, upon one's chest, the forehead, the spine of one's back, it mattered not. Some gained the strength of bears with these runes. Others became capable of great agility and leaping the height of trees. Lightning could suddenly be thrown by one's hand, or fire drawn upon the grass with the toe. These powers are great, but they have one requirement. A most absurd one. Perverse intimacy. The power to draw spells and strength and agility relies on two mages falling into each other's sweaty embrace. Intercourse is not needed. Just the passion of lust.

Which is why I write this record, the foreword to my collection of notes and accounts from all across the land. Liria, Goddess of Lust, may be the one responsible for the disappearance of Fertility Goddess Euria. The dark counterpart that basks in adultery, rape, and sex-ridden disease. Ever since humans have grown infertile we've become much more prone to our body's basic desires, and in the darkness her Dark Elf followers seem to be growing restless. Carving into the lands of the High Elves, locked in their scholarly chambers, their seclusion from this world cut short by their own shadowy brethren. Are we doomed to failure? Or do these powers, powers awakened by Liria's growing might, our own calls of pleasure food for her immortal soul, come as an unintended side effect?

Is it possible that we can save Euria?[/i]

In truth, I’m not sure I’d want to take part on an epic quest at all. Instead, my mind focuses on what it would be like for a party to gradually build in such a setting, or for adventurers to frequently cross each other’s paths while on a more personal adventure. As such, it’s a setting where my partner could write a single character and I would write as the world she interacts with, or a pair or group of partners she adventures with.

The advantage to the setting is that it is ill-defined enough that it can serve as a place for any idea desired in a fantasy story.

Something Gladiatorial? Opulent?

While I’m largely a fan of going on adventures, I’m also interested in doing a story focused on an opulent society in a fantasy community. A place of nobles and commerce, but with that underbelly of slavery and servitude. Typically there’s an emphasis on cruelty or other such angles, but I don’t know if it’s cruelty I want to focus on. All I know is celebrations between the wealthy, concubines, and/or some form of wealthy gamble needs to be core to the on-going proceedings.

A city built around gladiatorial games and combat seems to be the best excuse without getting into nitty gritty back-stabbing and other mind games I’m less good at. Perhaps the gladiators are even put out “to stud”, or enjoyed by their owners. Gladiators can be women as well, and in a fantasy setting it doesn’t always have to be human versus human in a fight to the death. It can focus instead on battles with different beasts.

Regardless, this one requires a partner to help come in and solidify or shape what it can be.

JRPG-Style Village/Academy of Heroes
I cannot help it. Some anime, such as Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash or Denmachi have me wanting to write a fantasy world that’s almost fourth-wall breakingly self-aware. Logic follows video games more than actual real world logic, where heroes would gather in a town to go hunt slimes out in the forest. It may be silly, but I guess it’s a side effect of growing up with Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana.

The angle of the village at least gives a direction where the story could go. A ragtag group assembles, struggling to work together until they find themselves caught up in a quest that is over their heads. I tend to like to play underdogs that aren’t the top tier talent, but given the nature of the story it sort of begs for comedy, doesn’t it?

The Academy is a slightly different beast, largely inspired by the original Fable. A Guild of sorts that takes in orphans or otherwise downward spiraling young citizens to try and guide them into productive members of society. Uncertain quite what direction I’d take it. Perhaps a former student chooses to invade the school at some point? Maybe the students have to go and venture out on their own for a while to prove themselves?

Regardless, the point is something a bit more comedic and light-hearted with a video gamey bent.

Something Steam/Arcanepunk?
I like some of the aesthetic of Steampunk, but so much of it is just beyond my style. I’m really awful at History, and while I’m willing to do some research I feel like the Victorian era would be out of my element. So while doing a sort of Steampunk variant on Jack the Ripper would be interesting, I’d feel submerged deep over my head. Any other sort of plot or storyline I… wouldn’t even really know where to begin.

Perhaps part of this is because so much Steampunk seems to focus on the wealthy class, at least for male cosplayers and artwork. Every time I look up imagery its for top hats and swag rather than the Steampunk street rat, engineer, or cooky inventor that’s not also over-weight and grandpa’s age. This leaves Steampunk as a genre that I’d be interested in, but it would need the right plot.

Arcanepunk, though? Now that’s a different story. A setting filled with technomancy is full of possibilities and can cross a variety of eras. In fact, Arcanepunk is typically a fusion of eras, mixing aspects of raw fantasy with gear-work industry to produce settings like Eberron or Final Fantasy VI. In fact, it’s probably my love of Final Fantasy that makes Arcanepunk so appealing.

It has also already taken hold a bit in my Alvalon setting, and quite truthfully it’s an easy element to shove into any fantasy setting. What I’d like is to maybe one day create a setting that’s a bit further advanced in magitek -- as it was coined in FFVI -- and thus has it more prominent. Using arcane technologies to break into bank vaults and dodge the cops. Perhaps even crossing the concepts of vigilantes with fantasy or the Wild West or something. Regardless, a whole bunch of possibility with the aesthetic.

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2018, 05:52:41 pm »
Alternate Modern or Supernatural
These are ideas that take place in a state similar to modern day, but in more of an alternate reality or with supernatural elements. They could also take place in the near future, but near enough that it doesn’t cross over into cyberpunk or typical science fiction. Many of these, in fact, would likely take place in a College or High School of some sort, with anime as a major inspiration.

You won’t really find your average urban fantasy, however. Vampires and werewolves in a modern setting fail to light my fire, though you will probably see them listed in Cyberpunk.

Brawler, Superhero or Spell Slinger High

There are a surprising amount of images out there with characters that could either be modern day magicians or superheroes of a different sort. The question is, what sort of setting would it be? Is this like My Hero Academia where superpowers are prevalent or is it more like X-Men and this is one of the few schools dedicated to super powers? Or has a wave washed over the school similarly to The Flash TV show and now kids are waking up with super powers?

Similar questions go to a school of magic. The students will face typical drama, but will they also be faced with some greater threat in their local community? Does one of the other students perhaps become a villain themselves? Or are they practicing magic in secret until one of them awakens a darker evil now stalking the streets at night?

Perhaps the group of students are little more than brawlers. Ever play Rival Schools on Playstation or Project Justice on Dreamcast? What if these kids were gathered for a tournament to represent their school? Just a collection of fights and brawls with their school’s reputation on the line.

These ideas are all a bit similar, yet different enough to be set apart as individual stories. It’s just a matter of figuring out what shape that story shall take.

The Shameless World

This is a concept heavily inspired by Irilinquent’s own Shameless World concept. The idea is a setting where sex is no longer taboo itself, resulting in acts of intimacy with friends, lovers, or even complete strangers regardless of where or when.

In order for this to work for me as a story, however, I needed a cipher that was foreign to this. A character with our more modern sensibilities that would be out of their element. To explore this concept, my primary protagonist will be a young man from the modern-ish day that was stricken with a new auto-immune disease. After falling into a coma, the doctors offered his family the chance to put him into a new government funded program. Select patients with rare diseases would be put into cryogenic stasis, where samples of their DNA could still be used throughout the years to test and work on a cure for their disease. Once a cure could be discovered and established, they'd be awoken and treated. However, there was no knowing how long a cure could take. Even so, protagonist's family chose the possibility of losing their son and brother for the chance that he might still live a full life. So while in a coma, he was put into stasis... and then a solar flare struck. While many high priority government locations were shielded across the world, the majority of society was now sent backwards in time. Governments had barely any contact with each other compared to just days prior. Between the riots and crime and the loss of modern medicine, the death toll began to steadily climb. By time any semblance of stability was reached, the governments were trying to encourage society to breed and do their part to ensure the survival of the human race. Unfortunately, without modern medicine, many mothers and babies died during the birth-giving process, preventing the numbers from properly climbing back up. This prerogative to survive and breed continued for decades, long enough that by time technology began to catch back up to our modern standards, the human mentality towards sex had shifted.

It is 2225 A.D., roughly 200 years after the protagonist had been put under. A cure has been discovered for his auto-immune disease. When he awakens, it is to a world that seems familiar, but is actually entirely new. The cities look cleaner. There are high-speed rail lines connecting not just towns, but cities along the entire coasts themselves. It's almost like the world became a totally different place in maybe ten or fifteen years... only it had been much more. While technology didn't advance much, the people had certainly changed. Generally more friendly, but also... much more sexually active.

Depending on when we start the story, my character, aged 17, should be entering his first day in high school. He will either be living with a foster family or a relative tracked down by the government. Or, perhaps he is rooming with others that have similarly been cured, making it easier to explore more roles than just high school student.

Regardless, this is a story where I’d like to explore the feelings and responses to a society where old taboos do not exist. You can find a sample of my intent here.

Schools of Succubi and Cat Girls

Each of these is probably a more loose but strange concept. The focus is on the male students of that school being regular humans, but all the females of another humanoid species.

In the case of the School of Succubi, it’s a world where the she-demons are actually the dominant species on the planet. Incubi have long since gone extinct, and perhaps regular human women as well. Men are permitted a variety of roles in society, but it all depends on the standing of the Succubus family he belongs to. Typically a student that attends College is accompanying a similarly aged Succubus from that family in order to help her feed.

I figure there can be a lot of in-fighting between different Succubus clans, most likely responsible for different types of roles in society as well as companies. The men get a regular education, and may also be tools used for each Succubus’ own intentions. Often a weak-willed man is a good source of insider information, for example, or perhaps it’s just a personal insult to sleep with another’s male. Or maybe men are fair game?

On the flip side is the school of Cat Girls, where it is a Patriarchal society where cat girls are largely considered servants. In wealthier estates, when a young man leaves home his family provides a Cat Girl to act as a servant and companionship. So in this College dorm, each young man has a Cat Girl of their own.

In this particular College, Cat Girls are taught more exceptional skills to better serve. It’s actually viewed as an opportunity for Cat Girls to “be something” in the world, as they are given more upper class skills and refinement.

The question is… what’s the real hook? It all depends on the characters themselves, but this is one of those ideas that may fail as soon as it begins.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
And yes I know that’s actually a Kitsune in the photo, not a cat girl. Turns out my collection is absent of modern day nekomimi.

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2018, 05:53:38 pm »
Regular Modern Day
Not every story needs some supernatural or extraordinary twist to be engaging, and most certainly not to be erotic. It just tends to be easier to create an erotic story that is also plausible in the freedom of characters to bang like bunny rabbits. My realistic settings strive to be down-to-Earth enough for believability while simultaneously allowing for characters willing to explore and enjoy their sexuality more freely.

In a reversal of my fantasy section, I’ve chosen to put my sole concretely defined idea towards the bottom. Everything else is more about a location or mood, and thus the story itself can be modified and molded to better fit the partner I’m writing with.

Dreams of Resorts, Cruise Ships, and Beaches

It’s easy to figure out what’s so appealing about vacation destinations, right? Not only is everyone on vacation, but it’s a world full of strangers in swimwear that you’ll probably never see again once all is said and done. Such locations should be ripe for good stories!

The problem is all about context. In reality you never go on vacation alone. You’re always with family or friends, which means you have to worry about who you’re sharing a room with. You might even be going with a spouse! Makes the “one-night stand” angles a bit difficult to work around. Besides, under most circumstances all the action will wind up taking place in the hotel rooms. I loves me some exhibitionism or the excitement of trying not to get caught, but in some instances you have to do some mental gymnastics to make it work.

Okay, I’m probably exaggerating here. After all, there are plenty of stories of spontaneous acts of sex with strangers in public places. However, I like to give a bit of oomph to help the fantasy work seamlessly. The easiest is to simply make it a cruise ship or resort for singles. No families, no couples, just people with no strings attached (or, if it excites you, perhaps one person allowing themselves a last wild week before taking vows at their wedding). The next step: make it a topless-permitted or nudist resort. Up the sexy ante!

The final step is the most extreme and sounds implausible, but Google up The Desire Experience or Naughty Cruises and you might find that it’s not so impossible: cruise ships or resorts where sex is welcome and part of the attraction. Of course, most are organized by swinging couples, but it is at this point we finally cast reality by the wayside: everyone has been tested before getting on the boat/to the resort and everyone’s on some form of birth control.

My personal preference for these stories is to create a large cast of characters and have a story that takes place over the course of a week-long vacation. A bit longer than most, true, but let’s say there was a seasonal special or something. The ensuing week will then be the various characters -- mostly strangers, but perhaps some less so -- engaging through “set pieces”. A set piece would be something like a game of volleyball at the pool, or perhaps karaoke night at the bar, or maybe a themed rave night at the nightclub. These activites could lead to immediate intimate engagement, or they could introduce characters with the promise of engagement later.

Now, it all sounds great on paper, but I know there are a lot of folks that struggle with writing multiple characters. As such, I’m willing to take this concept and apply it to a single woman’s most liberating and enjoyable vacation where I write the many male partners she interacts with. Regardless, each of my characters will likely have something they’re struggling with outside of the resort or cruise ship that they’re hoping to work through. So if it’s a singer/songwriter, perhaps their career is in a funk and they’re hoping for inspiration. A young man that’s been moping for a year after his long-term girlfriend dumped him and wants to try and start fresh. A business executive enjoying his first vacation in years. Through such characters the setting can be something a bit more than porn.

The Suburbs

Yeesh, the suburbs. I live in the suburbs! Why would I want to write a story in the suburbs?! Because sometimes you fantasize about the dull monotony of the suburbs being sexier. Sometimes you go to the local gym and think “God damn that’s a lot of fine asses in yoga pants”. Sometimes you wonder what might be happening behind closed doors.

Regardless of why, there’s this deep desire to take the suburbs and make them into something naughty. In order to execute it most effectively you really do need to be able to write multiple characters, however, which can be the big hurdle for such a setting. I’ve been in a couple attempts to do suburban life as a group story, and ...well, they succumb to the same issues all group stories do for me.

The question is: what kind of story do you want to tell? Well, that’s… a pretty big question. The typical route is to go with bored housewives and rebellious daughters, perhaps taking advantage of all the College boys coming home for the summer without daytime work while all the husbands and fathers are gone. Similarly to the resorts and cruise ships, each young man will have something going on in his life so as to have an arc. An arc that is somehow helped by banging older women and old flings from high school. Not all the men are away, however. That middle-aged bachelor that keeps his own schedule, or the struggling writer that dips a bit too often into the alcohol would also be residents of this neighborhood.

Maybe give the suburb a bit of a twist, though. A group of young women -- or the bored housewives! -- decide to develop their own amateur escort service. Why? Perhaps to spice things up, or perhaps for more spending money, or the reasons could vary from woman to woman? There’s a whole slew of potential there.

The only thing worse than the suburbs may be high school, but there’s even an appeal to playing high school seniors checking off their own bucket list before parting ways for College. What started as a “raunchy teen comedy” style concept of two loser friends trying to score as much as they could before heading off to university turned into a group story about the drama of parting ways and uncertainty of what is ahead. Why not go for something in-between?

Regardless of the direction, the suburbs can be spiced up to be much more exciting precisely because they’re so boring. It makes it an enticing setting because you always dream about what goes on next door.

Then There’s the Pornography

Porn. It’s honestly kind of awful these days. Sex without context thanks to the nature of the Internet, the reality of being a porn star is a lot less glamorous than it is made out to be, and whenever someone tries to do a story on E about it -- especially group games -- it seems to go nowhere and be filled with writers of few descriptions. So why in the world would you want to write a story about porn?

Because it sucks, to begin with. No, that’s not a pun. The one story I’ve consistently wanted to do focuses on a socially inept writer teamed with a sleazy young upstart producer living off of his famous dad’s dollar in order to create a web series that takes the angle of a soap opera and pushes it towards its inevitable extreme: all that saucy sex they gossip about and hint at displayed right there on your computer monitor. Grab actors and actresses with enough talent to be convincing while still struggling to get real work. Hire a few retired stars from back in the day. Get a proper crew and washed up director willing to do the work.

Then watch the drama unfold. What happens when other porn networks try to leech off the show’s success by trying to grab and ensnare the stars? What goes on at erotica conventions behind closed doors? What romances bud and rivalries clash? The interest in this story is less about what sex happens on set and more about what drama and activities end up occurring off. As such, The Web Series is a story I’ve been craving and yet unable to lift off the ground… partially because, like many other ideas, this one requires multiple characters on the part of both writers.

However, there are other options available. I’ve considered the nature of pornography focused on cosplay as a story premise, though haven’t really found something I’ve liked. The typical background is a group of College film students are working on a documentary about geek conventions when one of them grabs footage of himself banging a cosplay girl. He puts the footage online, and while their documentary project is a dud, the video is a big hit online.

Honestly, I’m not sure I really like that idea, but it’s a start. The truth is cosplay as porn might just not be a fascinating enough premise. Same with trying to come up with a premise fit for just one character for my writing partner. The best I have come up with is using my go-to pornographer character MackeyD -- pictured right -- to discover an amateur talent looking to make her way in the industry. From there, try to help cultivate her into her own personality while dodging potential landmines that could swallow her up.

It has long-term potential but it’s potential to get boring is also up there. Which, let’s be honest, is true of any story. So maybe I should stop worrying so much? Regardless, amateurs of any sort -- College kids, bored housewives, roommates, etc. -- at least allows for a basic storyline and arc in trying to find success.

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2018, 05:54:28 pm »
Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk
I really should have a lot more ideas for this genre, but… it just fails to happen. I’ve got a few, but not all too many. I think the problem is that the fun of sci-fi is being able to venture across the stars, but at the same time you’re kind of stuck in this one spot. If you’re on a planet, then you’re stuck. If you’re in a ship, you’re stuck. If you’re in a space station, you’re stuck. If you’re going to venture from planet to planet, you need to develop the setting enough to differentiate it.

To some extent I’ve craved doing a story on board an Enterprise-style vessel from Star Trek -- especially when watching episodes of the old series -- but I’m much less interested in playing the Captain and co. I’d rather play the crew involved in all their relationships. Perhaps this could be interesting to see a lot of the major story threads in passing, but it seems like without enough boost it could be awfully boring awfully fast. So instead I’ve been trying to work on some other concepts, such as sunny planets of the future filled with opulence and pleasure. These, again, fail to stick. As a result, the below concepts are the only ones that have managed to have any sort of staying power.

The Precious Cargo

What’s a space captain to do when he’s struggling to keep his crew fed and his ship in one piece with each entry into a planet’s atmosphere? At some point he needs to stop asking questions, take the job, and maintain ignorance. Just get the job done and be happy to get paid.

Until one day your rookie crew member gets curious and pops open the biggest shipment container he’s ever seen. Inside? Illegal contraband of a most dangerous and compromising variety. Be it sentient pleasure robots or women implanted with nanite receptors to modify their genetics and behavior to be pleasure slaves, the captain is now left with an impossible choice. Impossible because he refuses to let such women live the rest of their lives as slaves, especially to the man they were sold to.

So begins an adventure to escape the clutches of a criminal mad man desperate for his property, all the while still needing to take on work. Try as he might, the Captain is unable to keep his crew from resisting the temptation of the pleasures promised by the women… and he, too, has trouble with such resistance. They are more useful than just pleasure slaves, though. They do have a fighting spirit to them, and prove capable on a number of jobs and in a number of tight spots as they make their way to safety.

The ultimate quest, however, is to find whoever can remove those nanites or reprogram them, granting the women their freedom back.

Pleasures of a Dying Race

A sci-fi variant on the Silent Goddess. The youngest human alive is turning twenty-one. No one knows what has caused the stirility throughout the species or if there is even a cure available. Was it caused by life in space? Was there a contagion picked up? At some point couples across the galaxy struggled to have children. They had been born sterile and science could not help them. It seemed a rare form of disease, but more and more the human race was unable to breed.

Decades passed, and now the last human to have been birthed is becoming an official adult. Attempts to maintain human survival through cloning processes have all met in failure. Biological studies and sciences from centuries past seem to no longer apply, and no one can figure out why.

Which leaves a galaxy of humans raised with the sense of time running short. Many of them have taken to simple pleasures, others to daring adventures into the unknown. A happy face is put on, but inside everyone is crying. What more is there left to do in such a galaxy?, really, what more is there to do? Still working on giving this one a purpose.

My Struggle With Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is a weird genre for me. I should theoretically love it, but it’s not one I spend much time thinking about. When I do, I prefer it to have supernatural elements. You’d think I’d be super familiar with Shadowrun as a result, but I’ve only played the Xbox 360 multiplayer-only game that all Shadowrun fans hated.

The closest to a Cyberpunk setting I’ve developed is Helsing 2075 A.D., but I haven’t done much with it since. I think I’d much rather an alternate-reality Cyberpunk than explaining why these supernatural elements are prevalent, truth told.

Regardless, if you think we’d make a good pairing but are really craving a cyberpunk setting, feel free to try and toss some ideas about with me. I might just find a new craving I didn’t know I had.

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Re: Capone's Hidden Stash of Ideas
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Finally, the Visual Post

This post is the most likely to be updated from this point forward based on findings and cravings. While it is not a complete collection of characters I’d like playing or playing opposite of, it should give a sense of my tastes. If you’d ever like to just browse the full collections, you can view illustrated characters I’d like to play, illustrated ladies I’d like to play opposite of, and photos of ladies I’d like to play opposite of as full album collections. Sadly, there are not enough photos of males I’d like to write as to justify a gallery to link to.

Also note that the characters shown may not tie directly to any of the actual story ideas above.

Men of Fantasy

Women of Fantasy

Men of Sci-Fi

Women of Sci-Fi

Men of Modern/Supernatural

Women of Modern/Supernatural

Photos of Lads I’d Like to Write

Key Female Models I’d Like to Write Opposite Of
Vicki Li
Nicole Leigh
Taylor Steingold
Morgan Hultgren
Leecie Munster
Jessica Beppler
Erica Fett
Emily Aurelie
Denise Milani
Cortana Blue
Brittany Innocence
Anna Bell Peaks
Angela White
Adriana Alencar