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June 24, 2018, 07:45:09 PM

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Author Topic: Orcs of the Blood Phoenix Tribe (M looking for F characters)  (Read 287 times)

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Offline OroborosTopic starter

Orcs of the Blood Phoenix Tribe (M looking for F characters)
« on: September 11, 2015, 03:33:41 AM »
Greetings!  I'm looking for people interested in playing sexy women as they find themselves involved with a tribe of orcs, one way or another. 

The Blood Phoenix tribe is an unsolved riddle to the rest of the realm.  They are a tribe of moderate size and territory.  And yet, despite this seeming lack of world dominance, their warriors are known for their ferocity and for their skill in battle.  They fight with complete reckless abandon, committing whatever daring feats are required to overpower their enemies and damn the consequences.  Warriors of the tribe have been known to allow knights to skewer them on lances, just to disarm the rider and allow his fellow tribesman to yank them from their saddles.  They have unflinching morale, and experience has taught their foes that the shamans of the tribe are quite powerful as well.  Worst of all, for all their recklessness, there is a direction to their savagery that speaks to a skilled and disciplined leader guiding their forces.  All told, the rest of the kingdoms leave the orcs alone and hope they never become a threat that must be dealt with. 

There is a secret that makes the Blood Phoenix so very different from the rest of orcs.  The tribe has pacted itself to a very powerful totem spirit, one that grants them power and protection.  None outside the tribe have ever seen the Blood Phoenix, and even most of those within see it but once.  The Blood Phoenix is so named for it's most obvious and respected power.  Any pacted member of the tribe that is slain resurrects from death at midnight, healed and ready to fight again.  Once resurrected, the warrior is revived as they were physically when the pact was made, rendering those pledged immortal as well.  The first pacts were made a century ago, and with each passing year the tribe's warriors become more skilled, more wise, more cunning. 

As time went on, an unforeseen problem began to plague the Blood Phoenix tribe.  It was the warriors who pacted themselves to the spirit.  While there were a few, female orcish warriors were still few and far between.  As the warriors stayed young, their womenfolk aged and died.  Knowing it to be a problem, the shamans of the tribe consulted with the Blood Phoenix and reached a solution that would appease the spirit's need for bloodshed.  It blessed the tribe so that any male offspring fathered by the tribesman would be born a pure blood orc, and any female a pure example of the mother's race.  With this new blessing, the tribe then looked beyond it's own borders for women to breed with.  Their warriors raid nearby communities of humans, of elves, and other species to gather slaves and bear their sons.   

As I'm sure is obvious, I'm looking to play a story where women fall into the hands of these orc men and the orcs then use these women for their pleasure.  There are certainly several ways this could play out, but one thing I'm looking for in all of them is for the women to enjoy their fates, whether it is because they come to enjoy the vigorous ways of their captors or because it was something that appealed to them right from the start. 
  • Assault!  Whether a smaller raid on a town, or a full out assault on a nearby city, the Blood Phoenix tribe have lashed out at a nearby community.  Perhaps they've stormed the gates and are occupying the city, raping and pillaging before taking their desired prizes home for further use.  Maybe they've simply raided that roadside inn or that travelling caravan and made off with all the attractive women to be used at their leisure.  The orcs simply take what they want, and no is not an acceptable answer.
  • Adventuring gone wrong.  An adventuress or a group of adventurers decide that they want to get at the wealth of the Blood Phoenix tribe in the time honoured tradition of adventurers everywhere.  Only things go badly, and the lovely lady or ladies of the adventuring party find themselves the 'honoured guests' of the orcs.
  • Escaped criminals!  Whether wrongly accused or guilty of the crime, some lovely lady has need to escape civilization and all of their lawmen.  Maybe they were going to burn her at the stake, maybe execute her for imagined heresy.  Whatever the punishment, it was enough that she decided instead to travel into the lands of the Blood Phoenix tribe.  She probably knew, or thought she knew what she was getting into, but it beats torture and death, doesn't it?
  • Loves that orc meat!  Perhaps when she looked around at her marriage prospects, the life of an orc pleasure slave seemed like a positively attractive experience.  She dresses up in her finest and leaves home, wandering into orcish territory to surrender herself to the most hansome, or at least nearest, orc warrior she can find.
  • A special arrangement.  The village she's from lives quite close to Blood Phoenix territory.  Far too close to be safe.  So, the village negotiated with the tribe and has offered them sacrifices, women who will go with them without any fuss in exchange for their home being left in peace. 
  • For science!  A sage, a researcher, or perhaps a kingdom spy, opts to infiltrate the Blood Phoenix tribe by either appealing to join or allowing herself to get captured.  Sure enough, she's brought into the fold, but soon she finds that she'll be unable to leave, even if she wanted to.  And does she really want to?
  • . . . . your idea here!  In case it isn't obvious, I'm flexible on exactly why the women and the orcs have collided for some raunchy fun, so if you have an idea of your own, I'm more than happy to hear it.