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May 11, 2021, 05:25:24 pm

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Author Topic: [GURPS] Welcome to Einsteinium College (inspired by Persona 4 and Sailor Moon)  (Read 461 times)

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Offline SovelissTopic starter

There is one new college that opened recently, in Florida: the Einsteinium College. It is reputed for having the best professors, but also for having the weirdest and most quirky professors, fitting for the home state of the weirdest stuff you will likely see in America.. If you follow a history course, the teacher, Mr Brown, always comes to class dressed as a roman legionnaire and randomly says Latin words such as "Ave" or "Vale", as well as pronouncing every word like Latin was believed to be pronounced (no soft C, v pronounced w). The chemistry teacher, Ms Sky, on the other hand, believes to be a robot created for the purpose of teaching chemistry and always wears a fake antenna and clothes that make her look more "robot-y". The Psychiatry teacher, Mr Wolfgang is the youngest one, and speaks with a fake German accent while wearing a medic outfit, complete with an accurate reproduction of the Kritzkrieg, and always carries a tranquilizer rifle he disguised as the Needle gun. As you may have guessed, he is quite the gamer in his spare time. You have applied for it, maybe thinking that quirky teachers will make classes more interesting (which was the intent behind the experiment, and has proved to be very successful with many students), and you have been accepted. You will likely live in the dorms, which are comfortable but not really outlandish compared to the teachers (which may change as the art teacher decided to hang his painting and place his sculptures there in the future...). The cafeteria food is edible, cheap but not very good, and a host of cheap restaurants are to be found around it. As your first day will take place, you will have to meet two or three teachers... And then, you will stay a while after school for your own reasons... But destiny decided to play with you, as you have powers you were not aware of, and demon will plot around the world to invade it... Create a social network to build up an energy reserve and an array of additional powers, battle demons in your spare time, and join an international community of hunters and angels battling for the fate of the Earth (those hunters will be there to provide a justification to the question "why don't the demons decide to move their operations far from where the main characters live to avoid having their plots foiled all the times?").

50 points for normal, everyday abilities anyone can have if they find books or teachers.
25 points for school related skills or traits.
100 points worth of powers.
85 points of disadvantages allowed.

Characters subject to my approval
3 to 5 players.

Offline GardenoftheDead

Which edition of GURPS?

Offline SovelissTopic starter

4th since it's the most recent ones and has a wicked book about school settings. Teenage drama + Quirky professors + Demon hunting! (I choose a university so that characters could be of legal age)

Online TheHangedMan

I've never played GURPS before, but I am interested in the setting idea (Love love love the Persona  series, and anything to do with it). 

Offline TFcommando

4th since it's the most recent ones and has a wicked book about school settings. Teenage drama + Quirky professors + Demon hunting! (I choose a university so that characters could be of legal age)

Which one is that, Social Engineering: Back To School?  My first guess was Illuminati University, but that's a 3rd ed. book.

I do like GURPS and Sailor Moon, but I've never done anything Persona, so not sure if I'd fit.